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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 3, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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wildfires have erupted in northern california. thousands force toad evacuate and 0% con. > >>. > >> work crews don't clear san js clear san jose's largest homeless encampment. what happs encampment. what happens when the temperatures get too hot? e hot? the plans stoppages this wd > >> and nasa is poised to make a second attempt to launch it's new moon rocket > >> thank you so much for joining us. let's start with a quick
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check of our weather. >> to clarify headline in the first alert forecast and the story on this heat wave is, we haven't started yet. sunday, monday and tuesday but especially monday of all days and tuesday, think about that n that when we get into like the big plans for the holiday weekend. those are the days you will really have to be thinking about the heat. first here is today. it is hot today. it is not excessively hot but it is still hot. we will be around 100. san jose has to go to 90.t 90. it will be 94 in santa rosae santa rosa. we will keep the temperatures in the mid 80s. it is the next few days. especialy few days. especially here. the inland east bay valleys that is where this is an issue. for comparison, today is 99. it will take off. by monday we are at 110. by tuesday we are stile still close to that mark. by wednesday it is a little bette. but no means are we out of the . there is a lot to look at here.t is the main item. we will talk t your part of the bay area as wel
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as well because we all have to pay attention. back to you. > >> thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes a as wildfire rages in northern california. the mill fire broke out on friday. two people have been injured. the cause is stil is still under investigation and so far no progress on containm. the governor secure add federal grant to bolster the port needed to try to suppress the . a second fire near mill fire han has grown 1,400 acres overnightt overnight. that wildfire dubbed the mountain fire actually began burning around 6:00 p.m. on friday. it is burning in the town of gazelle. it is about 10 miles away from where the mill fire started. like the mill fie mill fire there has not been much progress towards containing it and the cause is
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still under investigation. > >> for our fourth straight day cal has called for a flex alert today. once again you are asked to conserve electricity between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. this evening. high fire danger is why some popular bay area attractions will be off limits this weekend. kpix5 reports from contra costa county. >> one thing they are doing is closing parks to reduce fire cane jer. firefighters also have an elaborate plan to make sure our area is covered just in case a fire ignites. >> watching what is happening up in wheat right now is a stark reminder of what could very well happen anywhere around california. >> the national weather service has issued an elevated fire rik fire risk with the extreme heat expected to arrive over labor day weekend. the california office of emergency services has also started pre-positionig started pre-positioning resources just in case the fire sparks in a high risk area. exa risk area. extra fire engines,
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water tenders and even emergency dispatchers are being sent to counties. >> it is kind of like a game ofs of chess in a sense. >> north bay has unfortunately dealt with raging wildfires ans and knows how important it is to get resource out quickly. the e quickly. the fire department alerted a crew friday that it may be called out to kwheet to help with fire fighting efforts. it is all part of a master mutual aid system. >> they are making sure they keep enough resources back in our own communities in the event something breaks out hery here locally we are covered. >> signs like these were visibln visible on trails to alert hikers about the park closures sunday and monday. >> they do a lot of clean up be if anything goes off, it will -- >> george is a volunteer firefir volunteer firefighter from out of the area and is concerned about the heat. the dry vegetan and what may be still to come
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this fire season. >> this year, for us so far has been better than the last two years. the fire season is not over. > >> not everyone is dreading the heat. businesses in half-moon bay are bracing for huge holidy crowds. max reports from half-moon bay. >> holiday weekends are pretty business you out here in half-moon bay. >> reporter: throw in the heat everywhere else in the bay area, it will be a good weekene on the coast. the coast will be one of the top places to beat the heat this weekend and some people got a head start on friday hitting the waves and the restaurants in half-moon bay. >> i head of the major weekend e major weekend we figure we will make it a day trip and beat tht and the crowds. >> reporter: people lined up at lunchtime. just a little tastef
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what the weekend will look like. >> it is a big deal. labor day tends to be one of our busier . >> reporter: we pretty much have the best weather around this weekend. >> reporter: dan says when it ir is super hot basically everywhere else in the bay ared area and beyond, people gladly e gladly make the trip over the hill to cool off at the coast. >> sacramento area from foothills, tracey, a lot of pee lot of people from the valley coming in and trying to escape the heat. it will be crowded in half-moon bay. >> reporter: he said they have planned ahead with staffing. >> certain things we will play it by ear. certain things we have already made plans for. sg for. staffing is always tricky and it is definitely something you have to think about ahead of time. we are ready for it. >> reporter: lewis ross man said the team is ready to roll. >> especially with the heat we are expecting to see a big
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crowd. highway 1 and 92 will br to bumper. >> reporter: i checked in with paul about this. there will be a pretty big temperature discry pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty big temperature discrepay pretty b between here ask some of the hottest parts of the bay area on labor day. some of those hot spots will be around 110 degrees. the high here in half-moon bay looking like somewhere around in the 70s. bk to you. >> -- while these city crews continue their work of clearint clearing out debris during the heat of the day, the city is actually pausing new camp clean ups when it gets too hot. the clearing of hundreds of encamps
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of encampments on spring street have been planned for a year. t year. it is happening now in the the middle of a heat wave. cityw wave. city crew scooping up the debris while the people who once lived here struggled to stay one step ahead of the bulldozers. by agreement the city will call off new camp evictions me time the temperate the temperature goes above 88 degrees. >> i think nobody wants to be out there. the workers or the . the unhoused. >> reporter: because of the heat, eviction cut off at about 1:00 p.m. giving people like damon extra time to pack up. he is not protesting. he hates it here. >> the best thank any of us cano can do is leave and the fact we are now being forced to is no fun but it needs to happen. >> reporter: he has lived here e here since april and calls it the last resort. >> this is -- >> reporter: he lives in a tarp and cardboard structure that got infested with rats. >> the rats moved this under me and they are foul creatures. i don't know who invented those . they should be fired. >> reporter: he has been sleeping on some salvaged car
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seats but just got into interim housing in a city running tiny home community in south san jose. >> it is not really home. >> reporter: he said the transition will be a struggle.r struggle. other camp residents are trying to squeeze out a few more weeks by moving their rvs into a more organized camp neae near some ball fields. >> we had to pull them, push them. hi people come help push. them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come help push . them. hi people come hel >> reporter: the city says it has housed 143 people from the spring street camps since lastr last october and is working to find and gain trust of others to move them into temporary our long term housing. back to you. you. >> hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pass through bay area airports this holiday weekend. the airport is expecting a half million passengers this weekend. everye
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weekend. everyone we spoke with seemed to be prepared for big crowds and are rolling with it. it. >> we did expect some busy lines for sure. >> it is not long. it is getting long. >> similar scenes are likely atr bay area airports. > >> happening today, snas' moon rocket has sprung another fuel. the problem developeded around the bottom of the rocket as fuelling began at the daybreakn daybreak in florida. engineers e florida. engineers are scrammino scramming to plug the leak as te as the count down continues towards an afternoon lift off. >> reporter: nasa will try gone day to take a giant leap towards sending astronauts back to the moon. on monday the spae the space agency called off it's test flight of a artemis 1 to do fuel leaks and a faulty
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engine sensor! right now the team has done a fantastic job g fantastic job getting this -- repairing all the issues and getting us into a safe configun safe configuration to proceed. >> we have learn sod many lessons in the last few days. >> reporter: he is the assistant deputy associate administrator for exploration. right now he s he is thinking all about the hard work that has gone into building the rocket but that will change at lift off. >> do you think about what happens once this gets off the ground? >> absolutely. we have to get oh it. we have to make sure we are doing all the right things. >> reporter: the rocket is nasa's most power to feel daten date. on top is the uncrewed capsule which will one day carry humans back to the moon. >> this is a test run. before you put humans on it, you stress it and you test it and u and you put loads on it that you wouldn't normally do with the a human. >> reporter: if there is another scrub, lift off moves to monda.
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for now artemis 1 is on the pad poised for it's maiden journeyk journey. back to you. > >>. >> if there are more delays, tht delays, the next chance for a lawn low temperature be on tuesday. after that the rocket would have to be rolled back into the vehicle assembly building for maintenance before next opportunity in late ch party is happening at the space crew science center.t begins at 10:30 this morning. ty morning. they will have a massive screen to view the event live. they are encouragig live. they are encouraging people to dress up in their nasa gear and make a celebration out of the launch. > >> well still come a high tech way to address health and equities in the hot weather. ad weather. and a new device being attached to cars that could lead to significant change. > >> and staying cool during a day full of i dos will be twice as hard this weekend. how venues are helping guests beat the heat. here is a live look outside before we need break. e will be right back.
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back. the time now is 7:15. san francisco has launched it's hen heat first urban heat watch. tht urban heat watch. that car will be driven through the city's dt city's different microclimates.e microclimates. the goal is to collect data such as temperatue as temperature and humidity. the researchers are trying to understand how heat is distribd
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is distributed across the city. >> as the car drives like 35 miles an hour, about, it is cycling air through past a sensor that is catching temperature, humidity, things like that. then what that data is able to be used for is you can put into it a model that can look across that polygon and across that space. what is the difference in variation of temperature? >> many of san francisco's most vulnerable communities are hit the hardest during heat waves.e data gathered from the sensor will be used to inform the city's response extreme tempers extreme temperatures moving for. > >> let's get ready for this heat wave coming our way. it is thee the headline in the and the first alert forecast. while toy forecast. while today is hot, the real focus here will be monday and tuesday. you can even include tomorrow in it. my it. monday and tuesday you will see why those are the two daysi days. i will go into a lot more detail on daytime highs for yor part of the bay coming up in a . if you look at the broad over
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view, it is not day. we will coloot of upper 90s for the inland valley and the east baye east bay. we will be right around 90 in san jose. over here let's take that 98 in concord for today and put it in perspective. sunday and wednesday are still hot as well. there is an issue here wh here with the duration of this.t is not that we only want to focus on monday and tuesday bee tuesday because you have to kind of think of this as a marathone marathon. we will be stuck in elevated heat for a while. it is the two days of excessive hot temperatures that could cause the most heat related issues with health. so here is the difference on some of the wording. who has a heat advisory? if you are near the y the bay shore you do. it is a lot more milder on the wordingt tells you be aware, temperaturel temperatures will be elevated. e elevated. there could be some heat related health impacts here. the temperatures here will not be as intense. that is the excessive heat warning. wah warning. watch the wording
7:18 am
change in the title. we shade the color on the map differently. it has a far more serious meaning to it. this is the national weather service's way of telling you this is going to happen. we you will be exposed to the kind of heat tht heat that can lead to heat related health issues. for this one notice san jose is included. for the advisory it s it was just the bay fore. it is not only san jose. it is everywhere else that is inlandn is inland. when you look at the wide view here, it is the entire inland community of the bay area. it is focused on the inland east bay. we are not there yet. let's get ready for saturday. here are some more numbers. upper 90s for most ofe of the inland east bay. we do he do have a few hundreds showing p showing up here already. when we get back over along the east bay shoreline, see the numbersy numbers stay around 80. we be in the mid 60s. mid 90s in the north bay. santa rosa is going to 94. we will see the numbers in the mid 90s for much
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of mendocino and lake county. s county. looks great out there now. feels pretty good, too. is too. it is already kind of warmf warm if you are inland. the numbers already in concord are 66. livermore is at 63. 63 in san jose. if you look at the ht at the heat risk map which thigh drives to show you visually thousand will change, you get into the shades of orange and purple, you are in a high degree of heat risk. here is today, here is tuesday. if we zoom in, you can see it is a lot of the south bay and inland east bay. you get shaded into the orange and purple here. you have got to start paying attention. san francisco, oakland and san jose, san jose your numbers go up to 99. 98 on tuesday. then it is back down around 90 for much of next week. that is a lot more manageable. it really is a far more manageable situation in the bay. anywhere inland is a y a tricky situation. the inland t inland east bay numbers we have already seen. look at the middle line. those are the
7:20 am
north bay valleys. another location that will have some intense heat. it is still hot h hot enough for you. then is a le a little bit of um improvement by the end of the week. >> we have the heat which can be dangerous in and of itself, fire danger and then the strain on the power grid. >> we have actually gotten off easy to this point, right? i think a lot of people got into it is not that bad here in summer anymore. let's get through the next six weeks. >> all right. time for fall. >> yeah. > >> all right. moving on. napa valley always a popular spot fr spot for weddings. there may be anxious brides and grooms therd there weekend but no cold feet anywhere in wine country. it is just too hot for cold feet. enh cold feet. enough feet talk. we caught up with an event planne. up with an event planner.
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>> reporter: anytime the photographers aren't looking at me, jacket off. make sure that i stay cool. and staying in the shade whenever we can. >> now the bride and groom actually brought fans for everybody. of course plenty of refreshments for their guests. > >> coming up, how an nfl team is showing support for a texas town that was the scene of a deadly school shooting. > >> sports is coming up after the break. joc peterson has more splash hits than giants have wins this week. did they snap the seven game skid last nightd night? good news there. > >> plus, the end of an era. sera an era. serena williams' career would end if she lost last night. did she lose? the biggest story
7:22 am
7:23 am
end of an era. serena williams
7:24 am
would retire from tennis after a loss in the u.s. open. did serena have one last epic matcn match in her? williams has been competing for the last 25 years. she lost the first set to isla and then battled back.d back. second set came down a tie breaker. strong forehand returm return from serena. claims the tie breaker we have a third set fans are fired up, so she is she. the match was a doozy. it lasted over three hours. serena slugged away five match pointse points. here was the sixth. end of the net, her last match point ever. he gets the honor of ending serena williams career. the pleasure it was all ours. >> any chance you will reconsider? >> i mean i'm -- literally playing my way into this and getting better. i should have started sooner this year. i don't -- i don't think so but
7:25 am
you never know. i don't know. >> so you are telling me there is a chance. speak of which there is a chance giants 1st baseman bell has seen his last days in san francisco. he is undergoing knee surgery. his sn surgery. his season is over. tht is over. that is back to back ss to back seasons where he will end on the injured list. we will see with him moving forward. > >> these were drawn by kids fighting cancer and displayed a it has player's pictures on the scoreboard. as for the game, te game, the giants had no issues with the phillies in town. joc and in the 2nd gets another one wet. how about that? second time he has done that this week. 7-0 giants at that pointn point. san francisco ends the seven game losing streak 13-1 winners. > >> a's at the orioles. oakland is in a jam. bases loaded. andt loaded. and that is trouble. ses is trouble. sends in two runs to
7:26 am
put the o's ahead 5-2. they dit 5-2. they didn't need the cushion winning it 5-2. a's have lost three in a row. > >> high school football first meeting between sarah since 2016. tide up in the final minutes. he is deep in it's own territory. marley picks it up.h up. sarah takes over. fans are fired up. the cheap shot for the win. padres take it. 24-21s it. 24-21 is the final. first time sierra has ever defeated them in football. > >> college football virginia teh virginia tech old dominion. coas old dominion. coaches got stuck in the press box elevator so the second half was delayed. as for the game, virginia tech has fallen off cliff, folks. they were a power not that long agow ago. now they will firing snaps all over the place that old dominion is returning to the house. a touchdown off the
7:27 am
turnover there. the monarchs stunt them 20-17. that does it for sports everyone. have a great rest of your day. > >> the houston texans will playe play tribute to uvalde. players and team officials have donated $400,000 to a memorial fund. te fund. the mass shooting in may killed 19 children and two teas two teachers at robb elementary school. > >> coming up, we have the late others an pair of wildfires that are burning out of control this morning north of bay area. > >> and a bay area woman is bringing attention our water ip is up supply. here is a live look outside. we will be right. look outside. we will be right . look outside. we will be right .
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and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today! welcome back. the time now 7:30. tina -- thank you so mucr much for joining us. >> focus of the first alert forecast today is the intense heat coming our way. today wile will be hot but the real story s story is how much hotter it gets over the next few days after this. let's start out with some perspective. here is today. 98 in concord. 90 in san jose. we will go to 94 in santa rosa. te
7:31 am
rosa. the temperatures will stay in a pretty manageable zone right along much of the immediate bay. we will be in te in the mid 80s. 98 in concord ad concord and watch how it changes over the next few days. tomorrw the number for those inland east bay valleys is already at 104.w when we get to monday and tuesday you see the differences difference. this is why we have an excessive heat warning. it doesn't turn off completely. we have a lot of things to look at. i will get everybody's daytime here's coming up. i will show you thousand progression plays out for yourt your part of the bay as well in just a few minutes. for now, back to you. > >> a large fast moving wildfire erupted in the town of wheat. t wheat. it started friday aftern. cal fire has dubbed it the mill fire. thousands have been evacd been evacuated and most disturbg most disturbing cal fire said sl
7:32 am
people have been hurt. >> reporter: i'm marley. i know that i'm standing along lincoln street right now, only becausei was able to look at the map on my phone but other than that, e that, the street signs out here are singled. you can't even make out what roads are where.u where. you can see these burned out vehicles over here and then if you look off in the distance you see some hot spots as welli can tell you this was once a neighborhood. all that was onca once a landmark is really burned to the ground. right now multiple homes out here. all that is left is behind some burned furniture and that is all we are able to see out here. at this point several nes several neighborhoods being told to evacuate. >> we came outside and we just saw a blaze. it went up and out. then it went out that way and just helicopters everywher. smoke, fire, heat.
7:33 am
>> reporter: we do know when we were driving out here highway 97 is closed at the highway 265 junction. that is about 6 mileh miles south of that there. that whole area impacted by out of all of this and shutdown. just -- >> the mountain fire also started friday afternoon. there has been little progress towars progress towards containing it.e cause is still under investigation. > >> we are in the middle of a deepening drought. water is precious and in increasingly short supply. the best way to save water is to not fake for it granted. justin andrews has the story of a woman who is raising awareness one step at .
7:34 am
awareness one step at a time. >> reporter: on june 28th nina packed up her visions, laced up her shoes and with her dog petey began an amazing journey. journey. >> i'm setting out on a very long walk. a 240 mile walk from my house here in oakland to thd waters of the river. >> reporter: her goal? to bring awareness to where water comes from at a time when it is threatened by severe drought and climate change. >> my mom and my brother made this flag for me. i am carrying it so people start asking the , the question, where does your wr your water come from? we need change right now in our water systems this california. it isy obvious. >> i think it is great what she is doing. >> reporter: she made her way up san francisco bay to the delta through the central valley and along there. 32 days after leaving home, tina arrived at her final destination, the high
7:35 am
land lakes near the summit. she threw off her pack and with petey sprinted across the met that. she arrived at the head waters overcome with emotion. >> i feel great. unbelievably. >> reporter: on hand to greet nina, her support team including her parents. >> she did it. i couldn't be moe proud of her. >> reporter: a film crew documented her journey. the movie will be used in public schools. >> maybe there will inspire them to get out and see the water s. or maybe when they turn the tap on they have a picture of high land lakes. >> reporter: all of our drinking water comes from mother naturet nature. it might not always be there to meet our demands. it is important to protect every source. >> that story is part of our one hour drought special that is called parched. california's climate crisis. it was a collaboration between our statn our station and other cbs stations this california. if you missed it, you can watch it it tonight at 7:00 here on kpix5 kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news
7:36 am
bay area. > >> cal iso is expecting extremee conditions. they want to prevent scenes like this. one year agoe ago the cal fire burning in el dorado national forest forced evacuations this south lake tahoe. this labor day weekend looks a lot different. crews want to keep that way. reportea keep that way. reporter laura has more. >> reporter: one year ago south lake was a ghost town as the cr the caldor fire burned towards . >> it was really sad. >> reporter: labor day weekend which brings tourism to tahoe was quiet after thousands were forced to evacuate. >> we heard the sirens coming. y were going door to door. we just stay any longer. >> reporter: she sat in traffic miles long. >> i got out in time. >> reporter: one of the last people to leave, former south
7:37 am
lake tahoe mayor tamara wallace. >> we got out about 30,000 people in four hours. zero loss of life. zero problems. it wasy life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. zero problems. it was reay life. ze a blessing. >> reporter: and one year later wallace is welcoming visitors back. the u.s. forest service and surrounding fire agencies are warning visitors to be call sthous holiday weekend. >> never, ever, ever outside of a legal campsite have a campfi. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow the fire restrict. always follow >> reporter: according to the u.s. forest service, california has seen 500 forest fires this. 98% of them were out within 24 hours. but with dry conditions and hot temperatures, that could change. >> just be aware you in a natiol a national forest. you need to know that your carelessness could cause us to lose everything. >> reporter: this year the smoke filled skies are clear again. d again. and those won't forget ty forget they are looking to put the caldor fire in the past. >> when you rem us they on what happened here one year ago,
7:38 am
what goes through your heart? >> i get a little upset. i thought there was no way i would ever walk back up to my house. >> u.s. forest service has south lake tahoe under level 1 restrictions which ins several regulations including no burning outside of designated campsites. > >> here is a live look another the launch pad at the kennedy space center. engineers detectd a leak that is in the rocket's tank while fuelling. they took a pause to troubleshoot the problem and if the fix works out, the unmanned test flight could blast off by mid afternoon. future missions will be aimed at establishing a constant human presence on the moon. the last time that nasa t nasa sent astronauts to the moos moon was 50 years ago. > >> some breaking news this morning. a pilot is threatening to crash his plane into a wal-mart store in mississippi.s mississippi. this is video of the plane flying over head. poe head. police say the has left
7:39 am
that area. wal-mart was evacuated and the faa said they are working with police to contact the pilot directly. > >> in the mar-a-lago search a federal judge still -- on fridy on friday the judge order tread lease of a list of items taken giving us more detail into what was inside of the boxes. cbs rs of the boxes. cbs reports from washington. >> reporter: the fbi collected 13,000 items when agents searched former president trump's mar-a-lago estate last month. the list from the justice department shows trump possessed 103 documents marked as classified. 27 mashgd top s, top secret, secret or confidential were found in his personal office. 76 more were in his storage room. they also found 48 folders marked as classified but were empty. that likely alarmed investigators ss investigators says former federal prosecutor scott. >> the government is under an
7:40 am
obligation to find out, where are those documents? who has sn those documents? >> reporter: the documents were mix in with everyday items. he said it is not surprising why e why those were taken as well. >> those were seizable under the warrant because they will show the conditions under which the classified information was being held. people say this was unprecedented, well it is also undprentsed for a president to take all this classified information and put them in a country club. >> reporter: a spokesman for thr the former president said the list shows the fbi search was not surgical calling it quote h a smash and grab. trump's son-iw grab. trump's son-in-law down played the situation. >> he was the president of the united states. he had the highest clearance in the world. >> reporter: the department of justice said that how the documents were stored will inform the government's investigation. back to you. > >> in a separate investigation g investigation involving the trup
7:41 am
the trump administration, former white house council pat and his deputy testified before a grand jury in washington on friday. e on friday. the justice department is investigating the january 6th insurrection. > >> this morning thousands of people lined up in moscow to say goodbye to former soviet l. he was given a public memorial service. he was a hero to had n had in the west for creating policies that dismantled communism in europe and brought the cold war to an end. he lived long enough to see almost all of his reforms in russia u. president putin was noticeably absent from the ceremony. > >> coming up, as the heat puts n -- > >> and an east bay mother and son join forces to serve people in downtown hayward who feel
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area and los angeles. the bill that newsom just signed gives pg&e the option of seeking a five year extension from federal regulators. the governr said the state needs it as a backstop for now as they move to more renewable energy sources. > >> headlining the first alert forecast is obviously the intense heat coming our way. so the first thing i want to do is just break down some of the important signs to look for. wr for. whether it is heat exhaustion or heatstroke because they are very big difference. i just want to do that first then we will get into the specific numbers. thee numbers. there is an important comparison here. if you notice you feel faint or dizzy, that is something to take immediate notice of. that is heat exhaustion. if you don't do enough to address that, it could turn into a throbbing
7:46 am
headache. that is far more serious. that someone of the first signs of heatstroke. we will go through the next list.e list. are you sweating a lot? tt lot? that is heat exhaustion. he exhaustion. have you stopped sweating? that is far more important. that is a sign of heatstroke. cool, pale, clammy skin? that is exhaustion. red, hot and dry skin, that is heatstroke. a rapid weak pulse or a very strong pulse, that is another difference between twou two. you can lose consciousness for you go into heatstroke. tht go into heatstroke. that is the point to call 911. any of thess these symptoms over here. but ideally you don't get there because you paid attention all of ove here and you have taken action. you gotten inside, gotten some air conditioning, gotten hydrated.e hydrated. here are the differen. it is just an advisory in the b. that is still something you wano want to pay close attention to.l to. all the areas here that are shaded in orange, the entire
7:47 am
bay shore, from sunday morning through monday night, there is the potential for heat related illnesses here. watch what haps here. watch what happens when we change the color ton map. thiss map. this is where we now have an excessive heat warning. that is a not higher in the wordinge wording. anytime they put that word warning into the title of an advisory like this, they will telling you this is going sy o yourself. san josee aware,, you included there this. it is also all of the inland valleyst valleys. it is going all the way until we get to really till we get to wednesday. here is how this plays out. inland valleys are 99 today. tomorrow is 104.y 104. by monday it is 110. that is the excessive heat warning category. by tuesday it is pretty much just as hot. those are the two days that are sign. this will be a marathon of heato of heat to get through. even though it is better by wednesday, it is still hot. the duration you could still have
7:48 am
issues by the time we get to w. upper 80s and low 90s for the south bay. we do have a few hundreds. not a lot yet. along the bay shoreline, far more manageable. low 90s for inlandd inland. mid 90s through sonoma and napa. we see another 100 there for clear lake. 7-day fot shows us, san francisco, oak lad oak land and san jose while hott hot at 99 and you do have a first alert weather day there to be aware. you have to be taking care of yourself in ters yourself in terms of the heat. e the heat. the real story shows p story shows up here when we look at the microclimates. this is where we looked at that bar graph off the top. it is those north bay valleys right here. t here. it gets a little better after that. >> so starting tomorrow, and thn and then for about three days tt
7:49 am
days that is the most intense part of this. >> good way to think about it. k set real intensity for those three days but just know it is going to be a longer stretch where you still want to be going easy on yourself if you can. >> all right. thank you. > >> an east bay mother and son are teachers by day and the ret the rest of the time outside ofe of the classroom. this dynamic o serves people in need. >> don't forget to get your food. >> reporter: she got inspired to serve the unsheltered while shs she was volunteering for a nonprofit that fights human trafficking. what she saw broke her heart. >> i just seen the desperation in their eyes and just when you hungry you have a look on your face of lobeliness and sadnesse time i was on the bus and uh heard clear as day feed my
7:50 am
sheep. feed my sheep. i was like okay, okay, lord. feed my sheep. >> reporter: so she started the program feed my sheep in 2014 along with her son. together they and about a dozen volunteers cook and serve free home cooked meals every tuesdag tuesday evening from 5:00 to 6:30 at new hope christian fellowship in hayward. >> it has been life changing. it has. just to see -- just the huge impact my mother and i have been able to have, just bg just by loving on people. >> reporter: about 130 guests a week arrive for the hot meals, free groceries, donated clothing and more. >> i'm in love with their loving kindness. they have ban blessig kindness. they have ban blessing to me. >> reporter: melissa is now clean. she has been coming to d to feed my sheep for years while while she worked on her recover. >> homeless and addiction, they were my come to place. they wee come to place. they were always here. >> reporter: the people they
7:51 am
serve are like family. some guests are dealing with mental illness. many feel forgotten bt forgotten but all are welcomed here. >> everyone has name. everyone s name. everyone has a story. soms story. sometimes you need be there and listen. >> we serve everybody. >> we have lafter and sillinesse and silliness. we are just ours. has always been in way. >> reporter: and the warm we relationships fostered inspires like christine. >> if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be coming back. they are awesome. >> reporter: for feed my sheep's weekly ministry to the unhouse, the unhoused, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to them. back to you. >> they also serve meals on holidays. they often host birthday parties for kids and even organized a wedding for ar a senior citizens who were living in their cars. if you
7:52 am
know a quiet community hero, nominate them for a bay area jefferson award. just provide s provide details in our online fm on our website > >>
7:53 am
you go by lots of titles. veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. the fires we have been watching this morning. fire crews have made some progress on containing the mill fire. they have got it 20% contained. > >> and 10 miles north the mountain fire grew quite a fwhit morning. it is up to 2,300 acres now. yesterday it was at roughly 1,400 acres. cot
7:54 am
1,400 acres. containment is at 5% > >> we have all lost ourselves in a book at some point. if we evr lost anything else one, the chas are one librarian in oakland had it. collecting them has been ths the librarian's passion projecte project. she said it is a unique way to catalog a slice of life in town. >> i like imagining where these came from. i kind of think of each thing as obviously being d being touched by a person and an a person who was at some point in oakland or at least in contt in contact with an oakland library book and so it just feels like this really interesting archive of our community. >> the main branch of the library has several displays you can check out. when you have got four legs to work
7:55 am
with, it makes sense you would be a star on the soccer team. y team. murphy certainly is. he is the team dog for the women's squad at uc davis. the head coach said that murphy takes his role very seriously. >> he has been like my absolutet absolute best friend. think about i've had three different jobs with him, three big movese moves. he has been my ride or d. > >> this sunday the food festival is back. the event caters to vegan food lovers and will feature over a dozen vendors along with speakers and musical performances bringing the community together in downtown. >> want you to come and be like, there is no way this is vegan.t is the whole point. >> we will have lots of vegan ice cream for you to try out. s out. lots of vegan soul food as well as other latin x flavors.
7:56 am
> >>
7:57 am
excessively hot. a lot of mid to upper 90s. mid 80s for muchf for much of the bay. when we look at the 7-day forecast,
7:58 am
that bottom line the san jose goes into the red on three days. your three first alert wr alert weather days will be sund, be sunday, monday and tuesday. d tuesday. oakland you will be near 90. you are also includedn that as well. as we look at the rest of the microclimates on here, this is really where the significant issue is. that top line is the inland valley. . > >> all right. thank you for watching station 5 news this morning. don't forget news continues all day. we will be here tomorrow morning at 6:00.y your saturday.
7:59 am
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