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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 5, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> and it is labor day. people might be going west. details coming up. >> and the heat is bring in peoe to places like pacifica and how businesses and local restaurants restaurants are benefiting. > >> the contra costa county city making last-minute changes to its summer concert because of the extreme heat. whiteout conds whiteout conditions at a popular popular event and the better because of this dust storm . >> first we are going to look at at the top stories and there isa is a flex alert again today because of the extreme heat running from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and their asking you not to use major appliances during this time and it is to reduce the strain on the power d power grid electricity demands
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will get close to the record set set in 2006. this week the state state will be sending more resources to lake mendocino and sonoma county. they will be ready to respond if anything else comes up. > >> parks in the east bay i takes taken precautions with a dozen perks closed to cut down on fire fire risk and the risk to people people suffering heat related illness. other perks closer to the bay will remain open come along with swimming pools and i was looking for a swimming pool this weekend so we just went to the bay. >> how was the traffic coming r coming over? i heard it was an l an ordeal. i went to the giants' game and after five days in or about talking about hydrating i got another sunburn.
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into the next couple days were still dealing with excessive heat. there is an alert in effect and a heat advisory. this this is today in the afternoon. it's supposed to be record-breag be record-breaking in certain areas and it is already close to to 70 degrees in concord . it will be a significant event throughout the southwest as the heat dome sits over us. the atmospheric pressure right now is just showing the heat dome settling its way in. this does not mean we still do not see triple digits we will see little little bit of a depth of temperatures into wednesday by then it ramps up thursday and fy and friday just to see a cooler weekend ahead of us for the
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weekend we will talk about this coming up. >> a lot of people are doing the the same thing and this is a look at current conditions on the bay bridge. you can see it is very quiet. yesterday this was the scene at the bay bridge where it was packed with people trying to get to the coast, which was cooler than everything inland and you said you got stuck in the traffic too, amanda. right now things are looking very good and very quiet on the major freeways. later on as people are heading e heading home from the three day weekend, we are going to see busy conditions. things are clear and not any major delays. things will be busy as you had d had westbound on highway 4. along the coast, everyone is trg is trying to beat the heat. even
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even out of san jose to the santa cruz mountains you will see people trying to get away from that as well. traffic is pretty quiet here in both direcs both directions. most of our bay bay area bridges are quiet for w for now. this is a live look at at the san mateo bridge. there is changes to public transit because of the holiday and i will have more on this coming up up and i know that caltrain and b.a.r.t. will be affected. ama? affected. amanda? >> thank you so much, gianna. > >> the heat today has a lot of people looking at adding some sunscreen to catch some waves. we have jocelyn moran and pacifa and pacifica. it is some good n. good news. >> reporter: definitely some good news for businesses that
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we can expect it to be busy today. especially for people who who have the day off. bay area beaches are way that people are escaping the heat. for me, pacifica is my way to go and this is the couple that was setting up a tent at ocean beach. they drove more than one hour from vacaville . >> this is awesome. it is reading great. i do not want toe to leave. >> reporter: this heat is bringing people to the beaches and even to the city, where it is cooler . businesses are not complaining. >> whenever busiest weekends in years with the heat wave. we really appreciate everyone coming out. the parking lot has been flooded, but has been good for our business.
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>> reporter: given the pandemic and how hard that has been, we know that this is something that that is very much welcomed. expect it to be busy. we saw this throughout the weekend. for now i will send it back to you, amanda. >> thank you so much, jocelyn. > >> the triple-digit temperatures will not only affect us but animals. >> especially with the pets. outside into the next couple of days you have to be very cautio. very cautious. kpix 5's devin fehely spoke with an expert. >> we got a call about a raccoon raccoon that was trembling and
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people thought it was sick. it wasn't sick it was just heat exposure. >> reporter: she runs this animal control business in santa santa cruz county and said animals just like us will struggle with the heat that we are going to be experiencing for for the next several days. >> we keep our homes cool, but there could be animals sharing the homes with us. there could be animals in the attic. becau professional before doing anything that could harm the anl the animal. it is likely you sherry home with the animal before the heat drove them out into the open. >> we are experiencing a heat wave and the attics get so hot. why is this animal here? >> reporter: it was just hot like so many of us. the critical critical difference is now she is working to put the raccoon
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out of the house and not put itn it down. devin fehely, kpix 5. > >> in the east bay the city of pleasant hill delayed the start of its summer concert. betty yu reports they had to wait into the evening cooled off . >> reporter: the music brought people to their feet. nevermind that it was 101 degrees on sunday evening in pleasant hill . people were moved by the beat. beat. >> drinking a lot of water and having fun and not paying attention to how hot it is .. >> reporter: people found shade and even brought their own fan and came prepared with coolers. >> it is one of the things we
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like to do, to come out to enjoy enjoy the outdoorshohas it been far ? >> it has been great. they still got the moves. >> reporter: some waited until it was cooler to take your pets for a walk . send it was the final summer concert and mayor michael harris said the city allowed people to bring more coverings to keep them in the shade. >> the turnout is grade. we have have a situations with 801,000 . 801,000 people. everybody likes to come to pleasant hill for these concerts. >> reporter: they said 300 made made it out to see the band. in pleasant hill, betty yu , kpix kpix 5 . >> that looked like fun. there l be cooling centers open across the bay area today. you can find
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find the nearest one to you by going to our website at . > >> a nasa astronauts that he is pleased to have a charter school named after him in stockton. jose hernandez had humble beginnings and is sharing his story with an audience. >> it gives him the license to see if he didn't why cannot i dt do it? >> hernandez served on the space space shuttle discovery back i9 in 2009 you can see the extended extended interview with him in the next half hour. absolutely amazing. i am so excited to seet see that. > >> still had this morning, stranded vehicles and strong winds with the popular event nearly derailed because of a dust storm. > >> coming up
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>> welcome back. it is 5:13 on this mondayauthities ve endefrom a contra costa counthe escaped the escaped the marsh creek detention facility sunday mornig sunday morning. authorities are looking for jorge
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garcia-escamilla and gerardo ramirez-vera and people all told to lock the doors of the homes and cars and report any suspicious activity. > >> families and local leaders are joining kaiser workers on the picket lines today for a labor day rally at oakland medical center. today marks the fourth week of the healthcare workers strike . > >> state fish and will limit officials are giving out $750,000 in grants. the office is distributing the grants for habitat restoration projects in or near the water. it comes from from penalties from oil spill violations. > >> justice scalia joins us now with a look at the forecast. we are still tracking hot temperatures.
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>> we are doing with record-breaking numbers. just looking at futurecast the heat still is still building its way into the higher elevations where where they daytime highs today are expected to be record-breakg be record-breaking in certain areas. it is 100 today in san jose but be record last time was was 99 degrees. it is 110 in concord and 109 in livermore. as we extend into this afternoon , we are going to be feeling the the heat and were already closeo close to 70 degrees just in concord. the heat is going to settle its way into day and last throughout this week. this is the heat risk map for this afternoon. it is into the sacramento valley in red and purple. this is not the time to be doing an afternoon barbecue with the friends and family. this is a good time to enjoy
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your air conditioning for the an the afternoon. it is going to be be a very warm afternoon for us, us, even along the coastline with san rafael getting up to 103. marin county is going to bg this heat all of the way into the sonoma area. notice how custards breaking apart just a little bit into thursday and friday ahead of the weekend. all all of the way into santa rosa this is a good time to prepare. if you are heading out this afternoon, make sure that you dg do bring sunscreen. plenty of people out there enjoying the ge the game and i know that you want to be out there but just take good care of yourself. the same trend even in the east bay.
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. take a look at these numbers. it is the low 90s by this weeked this weekend. if you can hold off, that is the prime time to do it. how is the traffic lookig traffic looking? >> it is looking quite right now now but yesterday it was bumper-to-bumper traffic for folks heading into pacifica and half moon bay. people are enjoyg are enjoying the last summer holiday weekend. this means people are coming home and you can expect busy conditions on the freeways. there is plenty of of golden gate bridge rounds if you are heading toward 580. highway 1 along the coast in the the north bay as well as pacifia as pacifica. interstate 5 will
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be busy for this coming home from the three-day weekend. right now things are fairly quit fairly quiet. we do not see any backups at the san mateo bridge. bridge. it is fairly quiet. there is a couple of oxidants to to look out for. there is a vehicle fire off to the side of the roadway stopping one lane for fire crews. keep that in mind. if you are getting ready to take 880 northbound at 29th avenue, there is a crash blocking the left lane. it is not impacting traffic too much along the nimitz freeway. at the the altamont pass into 580 into the altamont pass, things are pretty light today because of labor day. that is good news. travel times are pretty quiet. > >> still had white people in one one morgan hill neighborhood are are being told that they will be be forced out of their homes. >
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> good morning. welcome back. i i do want to mention we are
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heating up into the afternoon we we will see triple digits in the the inland areas. looking at the the model data, fairfield is the the first want to see it as well and livermore tied with 103 in those areas. it is 80 degrees in in san francisco. they daytime s daytime highs are forecasting 13 forecasting 103 in napa and it is going to be a very warm aften warm afternoon. take good care of yourself. if you are packing a lunch, make sure that you're adding lots of water and the sun the sunscreen without
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without a little dust. i've never been to burning man . this this huge dust storm covered black rock desert in nevada. this is where the burning man is is held in a happened on saturday . the festival said that it was experiencing whiteout conditions. they reported that when goes were measured at 35 miles per hour. it even blocked out the sun. look at that. you cannot even see anything. >> and i have family driving out out to have a suit this weekend and they got stuck in a sandstom a sandstorm. you just do not think that actually bones. >> the heat dome is not only affecting us in the bay area, but everyone in the southwest.
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with this crazy weather i would not be out of there by any means . >> with all of the wind it doesn't look fun at all. > >> baseball and hot dogs are one one of the most harmonious combinations until your hot dog falls out of the bun . >> his reaction. this fan in cho in chicago had a unfortunate mip unfortunate mishap. the tigers t tigers mascot swooped in to save save the day with a brand-new hot dog, just the way that he likes that. he says i am hungry. . that is really sweet. >> i loved it. we have all beene
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been there. it happens. >> do you guys believe in the five second rule? >> not at a baseball game. >> okay >> okay. mixed in with everything on the ground from eight days ago? > >> what would you do for an authentic major league baseball? baseball? these two guys wanted it bad enough they both jumped into the cold water and had a swimming race. this is when j.t. realmuto caught the fastball against carlos rodon .
5:26 am
>> as many people who just sit in the bay waiting for those balls to come into the water. >> >> i did not know that that was a thing. >> that was perfect yesterday. those seeds were burning. i went went to get water and came back. back. it was a fun game, but the the heat was on in the bay. >> the gines won, by the way. > >> we will speak with trent williams and the effort underway to help those impacted by the mill fire. what we are learning about the lives lost as a resulf the flames. > >> and the hot temperatures are
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>> welcome back. the heat wave is forcing officials to shut down dozens of parks in the bay area. there is concern triple digit temperatures could spark . spark wildfires. extreme heat warnings are also in sacramento. sacramento. state officials are suspending tailgating for the ce the college football game. in sacramento, sweeps on homeless encampments are on hold. a judge judge has reinstated a temporary temporary ban on sweeps through late september because of the lingering heat away. on the could say to push people out of shaded areas posed a health risk. > >> former president donald trump trump rallied supporters in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania come on saturday and it would his first speech since the raid of
5:30 am
his mar-a-lago estate. > >> the big story of the day is the weather . and the relief in sight any time soon? >> you know how i always call out to the weekend? this weekend weekend is when we will see it cooler. by no means is the heat wave done yet. it is going down into the southwest. today we are are dealing with record-breaking record-breaking numbers forecasted. even into the northy north bay. livermore will gate up to 110 and take a look at the the rest of your local areas. let's pinpoint fremont where it is 96 degrees this afternoon. as as we take a quick look at the hot sidewalk, if it is 95 and
5:31 am
concrete even asphalt can heat up to 140 for today is probably not the day to take the kids out. definitely not barefoot. this is the day to be indoors and enjoying the air conditioning and relaxing in the the early morning. by no means in these mid-portions of the day. it is going to be a scorcher for us in the east inland hills. >> do not forget the sunscreen. >> absolutely. >> if you do plan to go to the beaches, give yourself some extra time. it is very busy over over the weekend. right now traffic conditions are as follos as follows. because of the labor labor day holiday, a lot of people have the morning off. if
5:32 am
you are heading along highway 24 westbound right after fish ranch road, there is a vehicle r vehicle player. it is because of of a crash so plan for that near near 29th. look at all of this n this green. it is a pretty easye easy ride. that is probably a good idea because later on as people are heading home for the holiday, all of the major freeways are coming back to the bay with the busy conditions in and around the area. there will be some schedule changes and b.a.r.t. work at union station . . it was very busy near the coat the coast. this was the scene. look at all of those cars on sunday. traffic was so congestee congested the golden gate area
5:33 am
asked people to visit other beaches in the area. a lot of people tried to beat the heat. >> i do not blame them. it was rough. today could be a perfect day to explore some of the othes other areas. live from pacifica is jocelyn moran. >> reporter: this is a place that i came to growing up . there is really great restaurants nearby. this is something they are definitely wg definitely welcoming. it is a cooler place and the crowds are coming because of the hot temperatures. people want to escape the hot temperatures. yesterday at golden gate park they said they were all booked. >> that is one of the reasons we we are so busy. people want to be down by the water.
5:34 am
>> reporter: they said this had been one of the busiest weekends weekends . especially for people people who have labor day off. if you are planning on coming to to pacifica, be prepared. we definitely saw a lot of people around our area. just be prepared if you are going to places like pacifica, have patience with the long lines ofs of cars. >> pack your patience today. thank you so much, jocelyn. > >> gianna? >> reporter: marlee ginter reports from the hard-hit town of weed in siskiyou county . >> >> reporter: it did not take long for the mill fire to wreak
5:35 am
wreak havoc on the town of weed. weed. >> a lot of kids in the neighborhood were crying because because their parents were not there because they were at work. work. we were trying to calm down the kids. >> reporter: chaos and now tragedy. the county sheriff breaking the news to his community that two people were killed in the fire. >> some of you might have already heard of that or heard rumors of that. there is not an easy way of putting that. >> reporter: tough news for a tightknit town, scrambling to get ahead of the flames. the mill fire doubled in size in two two days, scorching for those in in acres , prompting firefighters to rush that way. >> we are always on heightened t heightened alert that we feel for our community. we will conte will continue to do what we do. >> reporter: they have just
5:36 am
removed their crews from the rum creek fire in oregon. >> what equipment does your team team have that can help? it just just continues to explode. >> we will have apparatus that will be able to directly fight the flames. >> reporter: they are sending engines that can pump and role to protect the structures and redirect the flames. up battling battling the larger martin fire, fire, also in siskiyou county . >> people know that we are struggling and they are here to help us. >> that was marlee ginter reporg ginter reporting. in the bay area, fire crews and santa rosa investigate a vegetation fire. it broke out sunday. they were able to knock it down quickly. no one was hurt. >> some near anderson reservoir are being told their homes must
5:37 am
be demolished. the local water agency is offering to buy those homes. >> reporter: for the people living in morgan hill, the ground is shifting under the feet and the local water districts that they have to get out. be feeling among the laborers is that what is causing causing this is no act of god. he is aware the ground is moving moving under the home he shares with his father. >> when you start noticing six inch cracks you say it is a little alarming. >> reporter: the house has slid 8 inches off of the foundation and the water supply has to be repaired every six months. the problem stems from where the house is located. it is over the the anderson reservoir. the
5:38 am
homes built in the 1950s and they believe is the draining of the lake has accelerated the movement. trevor things it goes back to the coyote creek flood because after that event the managers began drawing the water water level down. that is when things really started slipping. >> this is a man made catastrophe about their mismanagement. >> reporter: the offers or does does not dispute changes are contributing to the slippage. >> operating the reservoir in general, those things do impact movement. >> reporter: he said that is ey is exactly why the homes have to to go. there is not a practical way to stabilize the lake under the existing houses on hoot owl
5:39 am
way . >> they will have to evacuate and sell the properties. >> reporter: who do you sell the the house to if it has to be demolished? they said they will buy them all but that is where the dispute lies now. trevor said the appraiser valued his home and only $900,000 . >> we live on a lakefront home. if you are going to compensate s compensate us for a lakefront home you should compare it to another lakefront home. >> of and of the neighbors had taken the offer but if the agreement cannot be reached, they could force a sale under eminent domain. >> it is afforded to us under lw under law. this is tends to
5:40 am
bring apart feelings. >> reporter: so far the project has nearly doubled in cost and stands at $1.2 billion . the nes the neighbors are wondering why the district is only driving a hard bargain with them. john ramos, kpix 5. >> the water districts that one way or another the homes will need to be removed by sometime in 2024. > >> nasa astronaut who grew up in in stockton is returning to his roots to celebrate the naming of of a new charter school in his honor. marlee ginter shows us the man with experience host to encourage students to pursue their dreams. >> reporter: put him on stage and jose hernandez to share his his story. >> it gives them the license to see if he did it why cannot i do do it? >> reporter: jose hernandez was was a stockton native who went on to become a nasa astronaut
5:41 am
and it led to his name on his hometown's newest charter school. >> i am very humbled by the fact fact there naming a school after after me. >> reporter: jose hernandez served on the space shuttle discovery in august 2009. it was was to deliver equipment to the international space station. >> when i sat down on the rocket rocket i wasn't nervous. i said it takes thousands of people to make this mission possible, and i know a lot of those people. >> >> listening to him speak and the kids said there is a real astronaut here. just talking to them about if they could be an t an astronaut. >> reporter: the principal said the goal is to bring a school into the underserved community.
5:42 am
it is a dream we imagine as they they wait for the launch of the artemis moon rocket. >> reporter: you already accomplished so much. would you go to the moon? >> in a heartbeat. i am waiting for the phone to ring. >> having someone like that come come to visit you, that would be be inspiring for me. >> and what is so cool as english is their second language language as it was for him so he he is an incredible example and they see what they could do. that is really neat to see. >> i love that story. i'm so excited to see who else he goes to inspire. i like he is going to go back all of the time to visit the school. the northern
5:43 am
lights appeared over the weekend weekend in south dakota. this happens when the solar winds hit hit the upper atmosphere. there easier to see when you are in the surroundings guys that are dark and clear. > >> here is charlie walter with the red and gold report . >> reporter: will come to today's red and gold report. if if you are a first-year starting starting quarterback you have everything you could ask for. plenty of weapons to throw the ball to and your blindside is protected. trent williams's 14th 14th in the annual top 100 and is highest of any offensive lineman. when you are so good you can sometimes go unnoticed
5:44 am
julie tucker but the offensive linemen when they are playing bad. williams makes sure to stand down when not in uniform. >> i came in here with the jacket and it had a pink flamino pink flamingo on it. >> you have to have a little coe little confidence. look good, feel good, play good. >> will we see it again? >> no. i cannot give it to you twice. >> reporter: with the red and gold report, i am charlie walter walter . >> that is a stabilize him in your wardrobe. > >> ahead in your money watch headlines, a warning for parents parents with young kids. why these sandals
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in the future, everything will be powered by renewable energy. but it's not as easy as flipping a switch. it's a long road, requiring decades of time and trillions of dollars. but what if there was a better direction on the path to zero carbon emissions? an energy source that's available right now, that's affordable, plentiful, and environmentally friendly. there is. and it's propane. get the facts at >> parents might want to avoid one brand of sandals for their . their kids. a company called
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kolan are recalling these sandals sold on amazon. > >> the press of a sam's club membership is increasing for the the first time in nine years. starting october 17, it will be a jump from $45 up to $50 a yea. to ease the pain of the price ie price increase, you will get sam's club cash for the first yr first year. > >> let's take a look at weather with meteorologist jessica burch burch . i see numbers that are too high for my comfort level. i i felt it walking out this morng this morning. >> it is closer toward concord and we will start off with forecasted highs for today because they are
5:49 am
record-breaking. this is all associated with the heat still. let's take a look at what is hag is happening is it is making ity its way into the pacific northwest 17 over us building this e. i wanted to start off with a live look just at the golden gate bridge the high pressure drives us up also. . we are going to be dealing with record-breaking numbers toy numbers today. let's take a look look at current temperatures with 69 in concord . this is not is not only impacting the bay aa bay area. it is impacting the st the southwest with many of us
5:50 am
under an excessive heat warning. notice how the temperatures start to break apart. it is still going to be hot friday but but nothing compared to today. for the daytime highs it is thes the 90s. it is the 80s just near near san francisco. into the east inland hills this is where we will be dealing with the triple digit number. even into the north bay . we dipped down a a little bit into wednesday. it is just to cool off in time for the weekend. i know a lot of family and friends have come to the bay area to visit you still want to take good care of yourself and your loved ones. >> >> thank you so much, jessica. > >> right now on the road things are calm . this means a lot of
5:51 am
people are coming home from the holiday with busy conditions expected later on. 101 and 80 will be busier than usual conditions. if you are taking highway one two day, the beach traffic was very busy throughout throughout the weekend. even the the north bh out and about. highway 17 will be busy also. at at the bay bridge toll plaza it is very quiet. it is still a little slow. look at all of then the green on the roadway is. it
5:52 am
is looking really good. this will change later on. plan for that today as well. > >> coming up today
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bay area. many of us are also waking up to the 60s in the forecast. it is a long day is already. we have the heat advisory just for the bay area shoreline. as we extend into thn the afternoon, you're going to want to take good care of yoursf of yourself are dealing with record-breaking numbers and this this is the time to hydrate. into the next couple of days it is triple digits in the east inland hills. > >> many of us can relate to the work-at-home lifestyle. even if you haven't had this experience, , this new movie called "out of of office" will draw you in and and we spoke with dr. oscar nunez who told us why he wanted
5:56 am
wanted to work with ken jeong and the film . >> i wanted to work with him to get free medical advice. >> there was a lot of improv and and laughter as well pay "out of of office" is directed by paul lieberstein . i cannot wait to check it out. >> looking forward to it. > >> it is the longest strike by mental health workers and they are refusing to give up their fight . >> the inmates on the run this g this morning who escaped from a contra costa county jail. >
5:57 am
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>> good morning. it is 6:00 here here in the bay area. ar dointh the ssive at warning as the heat wave settles settles and thugho ca. > >> coming home from a three-day weekend, the traffic will be buy be busy. i will tell you the hot hot spots coming up. > >> we are expecting it to be anr busy day along bay area beaches. beaches. we are live from pacific out with how the businesses are welcoming it. > >> the labor day holi


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