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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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degrees is the all-time record for any day of the year in san . year in san jose. the national weather service has not confirm. service has not confirmed. 112 in concord. 114 at the sonoma cy airports. a record at that siteg at that site, breaking the recos that yesterday. we are watching this, which appears to have nothing to do with this heatwave. it is a tropical systm swirling away off the coast of . the coast of mexico. it is going going to track to the northwest. northwest. once the heatwave isr the heatwave is over, we will have to watch this because even though the center of the storm is going to curl away from the coast of california, it is closh it is close enough that some of the moisture associated with the the tropical system could sneak into the bay area and give us a threat of dry thunderstorms by y and monday. outside chance, proy lower than 20%. it is something we will have to monitor. the hee to monitor. the heatwave is coog
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the vegetation, the fire fields. . any lightning strikes would be be the last thing we need by early next week. i will have the the full seven-day forecast in w minutes. > >> taking a look at the currentr outages across the bay area, thousands spending the evening n the dark. and of course, in all the heat. the red area, those are folks without power. at last check, 32,000 customers are wit electricity. that includes almost 22,000 in the south bay and 7800 in the east bay. check out that east san jose area. may of these outages caused by the t caused by the heat. not part of the potential rolling blackouts we could see at any time now. joining us live is ahmed banafa from the calling of engineering . thank you so much for joining. how does the state determine whether these rolling blackouts are necessary? >> they go through >> they go through three phasese one has already started monday, which is telling people we are
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going to hit the capacity of thd capacity of the grid. phase twoh is, we will start taking out of the reserve. phase three, we expect any minute now, which ise rolling blackout. this is how they go to the decision. >> i know they don't make thoses lightly. it is frustrating whenu are sitting in the dark and you look across the street, and maybe your neighbor has power. what goes into the decision-making on who gets the power shut off and for how long? long? >> first of all, they look at something that will impact huma, for example, hospitals, elderlye places. something with nationaly with national security, nuclear. something to do with economic i. and then they look at the commel places. it is after 5:00. they roll it through the minimum dame through the minimum damage they
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can do. they have it for a certain period of time. it's easy to get back because you know where the power is off. >> we have been talking a lot at flex alerts. everyday for about a week, california is asked betn california is asked between conserve 9:00 p.m. what makes this so critical? >> a good question. many factors. number one, you start losing the solar power. it is ls sunny. also the wind starts goig down. this is another source foe power. then we have people goink home. they start firing at theis firing at their appliances, trying to do the laundry, dishwg do the laundry, dishwashing. suy . suddenly, you have a spike ofe a spike of use that is going to strain the system. they are trying to tell people, don't dos people, don't do this. wait until it is less strained. you can use it after 9:00. >> just to clarify, we are talking about major appliances,, about major appliances, ac,
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washer and drier, anything that uses a tremendous amount of po. amount of power. even turn off excess lights. >> absolutely. don't charge your your electrical car that time. 10 years ago, we wouldn't talk t that. >> thank you so much for joining joining us. great information. > >> for a look at whether your nd will be impacted, head to our website, > >> the heat forcing people to adjust their outdoor plans. justin moran caught up with a couple at the lafayette reservoir. >> reporter: lisa and david camd with sunscreen. and plenty of w. and plenty of water. it is their their first time at the lafayette reservoir. they drove from pittsburgh, another area eg scorching hot temperatures. they they got to lafayette around 9:00 a.m. by then, it was aroun0
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degrees. >> exercise and enjoy the outdos early. >> when i first moved here several decades ago, a typical e , a typical heatwave was three s was three days. then the cool air would come rushing in. this one is lasting much longer. >> reporter: allison is a professor in the department of meteorology at san san jose state. she says you hae to be prepared for weather events lasting longer than these . that means adjusting, like exercising in the morning or doing laundry earlier in the da. earlier in the day. >> release small changes you have to make at the moment.five five and 10 years from now, we might be having to make bigger . >> reporter: lisa and david are being careful when it comes to how much time they spend outdoo. >> if you get too hot, you can t a headache, heatstroke we know when it is time. > >> in albany, a restaurant ownes
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customers will have to pay before they eat after she was hit by dying and dasher's not ws and dasher's not what's, but twice. this is security video tg saturday. the owner says a group group of five women walked out and left a $200 tab. she says it it is the second time it is happened in one week. >> it was really frustrating. yh was really frustrating. yeah. ik . i think it's more so because we are such a small business. bs a small business. businesses are are trying to recover from covi. to recover from covid. it's reay hard when stuff like this happens because it takes away from what we try to do. >> she says she has gotten a lof support from paying customers after posting this video. > >> in santa clara county, a purt through cupertino netted a lot more than a stolen suv. deputiey the suspect ended up ditching
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the cadillac escalade and running on foot. he was eventually captured in the back. deputies say the man was carrying at least 50 stolen items, including credit cards and other items. he was on probation with a warrant for idy theft extract a deadly wild fire continues to burn out of control in southern california. we will take you to the fire lines for the latest. > >> apple expected to unveil his new iphones tomorrow morning. the changes we could see to the ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪
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project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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>> now, to our fire watch in son fire watch in southern california for the fairview fire fire has killed at least with the full in the riverside count. reporter michelle julie on the e to evacuate as the blaze burns t of control. >> right now, it is very windy. i hope they get the fire under . it's coming. >> reporter: more evacuations he been ordered as the fairview fire burns out of control for te second dray. active flames are chewing a brush near polly butte, where several homes burned monday. before noon, dark smoke appeared above a ranch where this couple cares for sevl dogs.
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>> the sheriff throughout the door saying, hey, time to get out of here. it's scary becausee it's scary because we did this in 2017. we lived through the liberty fires in marietta. we know what it is like. it is not. it is not nice. >> atlases a puppy. >> reporter: they got eight of e got eight of the golden retrievers and bulldogs on the property as a ranch owner looked looked for the mama who got scared and ran off. >> we did have one jump out. she's on the property. >> reporter: what is her name? >> her name is aria. >> reporter: aria is missing? the mexi is a golden retriever. >> reporter: evacuations remain in place. that family hope theie survived. >> it was really scary. we only took like five minutes. the firs minutes. the fire was right the. right there. >> reporter: several airplanes dropped water and
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retardant on the fire, which is still only 5% contained. >> we got a couple of the things the things working for us. the fires burning in an opposite din of yesterday, and that was towards the community of hemet. the fires burning now toward thy of ottawa. it has a lot of ground before he gets there. >> reporter: things look ominous ominous on the ridge above the h the ranch. the owner has been here less than a year. he did find his missing dog, aria, which was a good reason to smil. good reason to smile. > >> popular e-cigs maker, juul, will pay 400 million to dozens f states in a statement that follows a probe into the company's marketing and sales p. the federal investigation found juul to literally marketed its products to minors. > >> the tech world is buzzing
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over what apple might deliver al keynote event tomorrow. the company is expected to unveil hs iphone 14. this hint featured at sky, leading to speculation thae could be upgrades to photography. 14 is expected to be a bit eager, but slightly slr eager, but slightly slimmer, anf course, more expensive. the comy more expensive. the company may also talk about new apple watch. new apple watch models. >> you always come out with a new phone when i get a new phone. >> they want you to buy a new o. > >> nasa's telescope sending that that were incredible images. out look at the nebula. > >> coming up on the cbs evening news, our exclusive interview wh hillary clinton
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>> wow! check this out. we are
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getting beautiful new images frm nasa's jay. this is known as the tarantula nebula. it is part f the large cloud galaxy which isy galaxy which is only 161,000 lis from earth. only. researchers say they like studying this neba because it contains a lot of younger stars. > >> within the last minute, cal o last minute, cal iso updated its emergency alert to stage 3. rolling blackouts could start ay minute. >> first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen is here with an update on conditi. update on conditions. >> it is unfortunate >> it is unfortunate. you have to be ready for it. have some method to stay cool. have a bacp cool. have a backup source of c. source of cooling. dangerously
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hot on wednesday. near record ty for thursday. it will still be hot friday but gradually we will will slowly drop as we go through the weekend. back to near average end by monday of next week. we talked about the t domes. you have to think about it in three dimensions because the atmosphere does have depth. the troposphere is only about sx miles deep. amount of air sitting over the western u.s.. the atmosphere on top of us is compressing the air at ground level. there is thinking here od is thinking here overhead. the compression once the atmosphere. once the atmosphere of. it is already hot time of year in early september across most of the western u.s. adding additional source of heating on top of that boosts temperatures up. that is when we get extreme heat waves. it is also a stagnant air mass because the sg air trapping pollutants and smoe
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and smoke at ground level. theye reluctant to break down. we are stuck with this for several more several more days. the good news news is, the stagnant air mass t been bad. a measure of good ande air-quality. we will see unhealthy for sensitive groups at its worst . inland in the eat bay in santa clara tomorrow. didn't happened today. cross our our fingers that it doesn't get that tomorrow. be prepared for it if you have emphysema or seve have emphysema or severe asthma. asthma. here are the highs from. the highs from today. all of these location hit record highs. san jose at 109 is the all-timd is the all-time record for san e for san jose, it doesn't matter which day of the week. 140 degrees in santa rosa. 113 degrees in livermore. still 112 in fairfield. 100 degrees in sa. the temperature in san francisco
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francisco has dropped. it hit a high of 98, now down to 76. temperatures tonight will be a x of 60s and 70s. not much relief for even the coolest part of tht part of the night. temperatures will be only in the mid-70s alog the coast. that is the spot to be. low to mid 90s around the south end of the bay in the pen. 100 inland, in the santa clara . the santa clara valley. temperatures around 105 degreesd around 105 degrees inland. close close to 80 in san francisco. into the 80s for oakland and the the east bay with 10 skus reaching into the upper 90s and low 100s for most of the north bay. farther north, you will be close to 110 degrees in ukiah. that is an improvement over the7 over the 117 they ukiah top that that out today. we will extend the first alert through friday. upper 90s in san jose on fridaya gradual retreat back to near average temperatures by monday f next week. it seems like it is a
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a long way off because it is when you are still facing in the the east bay, 105, 111, and 108 over the next three days. > >> time for a check up what's a. check up what's ahead. we switch switch over to juliette goodrich. >> we are keeping an eye on thet of rolling blackouts. state officials have issued stage 3 alert. they could trigger outags they could trigger outages at ay minute. some people have already already lost power for two straight days that week eight the problems in perspective. the the changes california has made that kept it from being a lot we being a lot worse. also, we are going to take you to one of the hotspots today in contra costa . in contra costa county. we are talking 115 degrees. how people are getting creative to stay co. creative to stay cool. > >> coming up on the cbs news bay bay area and 10 minutes. see you you at 6:00. > >> charlie joining us for a look look at the day in sports. the
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giants are making some moves. >> aaron judge's bat is on the p of the wish list. they could use they could use some bullpen arms. they landed a guy named adam goldstein. he becomes the t he becomes the first master somr master sommelier for a sports franchise. his duties are, quote, collaborate with currentd former giants you have an intert in wine. don't pour one out yet. yet. baby the dodgers last night last night for the four straight straight win. their chances of making the postseason are up to. are up to 1%. >> you are telling me there's a. me there's a chance. >> before they lead of the somm, they added lewis brinson to thex brinson to the mix. have about e outfielder? two home runs againt the dodgers. lewis brinson was having a great year in aaa. loot the numbers for the sugar land
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space cowboys. very good numbers. however, he struggled in the big leagues throughout hs career. >> it has been a two-year proces been a two-year process of not caring what people think. i am e i belong. i belong in the big leagues. i truly believe that. m just going and having fun, bringing fun to the giants. > >> the braves bring a five-game winning streak to oakland tonight. they also bring matt holsen, his first game since the the a's traded him in march. > >> 1st avenue starting quarterbk trey lance and the 49ers are now now five days away from the season opener in chicago against against the bears. george kittls bears. george kittle knows treys big shoes to fill, and i am nott i am not just talking about jeny garoppolo. >> there is a huge spotlight on. huge spotlight on you. joe mont,
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steve young. a lot of really great quarterbacks that deal the that deal the role. this is a pt organization. football is easier easier when you have positive r. you have positive reinforcement. >> the keys are in his hand. time to write his own story. >> another great chapter. > >> still ahead -- >> the heat wave >> the heat wave posing a threao posing a threat to animals, andk animals, and livestock what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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>> the intense heat presenting s for california renters as they tie to protect their lives spot. their lives spot. >> devin fehely visit a cattle . cattle ranch. >> reporter: the gem was workinh triple digits, 97 degrees and coming by midmorning, when we mt with natalie and her husband clayton at their cattle ranch. >> when you and your heatwave, it is hard on domestic stock, wildlife. >> reporter: latent clayton fead clayton feared the temperature t be 115 degrees. it was going to be a long week. he and his wife wanted to check on the most vule on the most vulnerable members of the herd, expectant mothers and newborns house. >> they will give birth right in in the sunshine. unfortunately, a lot of times that does not turn out good for the cavs. >> reporter: we found about twon
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found about two dozen cows resting. the midday sun was scorching. >> the main thing they will or when i am checking the cattle ie respiration. how quick they are breathing. that would be your ft signal that they would be in any any sort of distress. >> reporter: our next stop, a watering hole, natural pond. the cows begin and and end today's here. the dogs t resist a midday dip. who could e them? at 2:00, it was 108 degre. the ranch has been in the familr 104 years, five generations and. five generations and counting. days like these can be as long as they are hot. >> if there is anything that has has to be done when it's reallyt like this, we take the approprie measures, and we start really, y early. we settled at 3:00 in th. 3:00 in the morning. >
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>> that is it for the news at 5. >> cbs news bay area begins with with juliette goodrich. > >> it is the hottest day of thet wave. rolling blackouts that come at any moment. had enough already so we can keep you upda. can keep you updated. triple dit temperatures strained local power lines, sparking fires and cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting electricity to thousand. cutting e >> we are seeing equipment stressed. >> we are tracking the latest threat of rolling blackouts. california's power reality check. all eyes on how the state state response to the unprecedented demand. we ask, ae we ready for more extreme heat ? more extreme heat offense? > >> sweltering at school. >> you worry about your kids with it that hot and you know they can't get out of it. >> how bay area classrooms are
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adjusting plans to keep student. to keep students comfortable. > >> this is cbs news bay area wih news bay area with juliette goo. > >> hang in there. we are going through the worst of the extreme extreme heat wave. it is the first alert day with temps passg 110 degrees in some inland spot. in some inland spots. cal iso jt updated the emergency power alert to go stage 3. pg&e has pt 525,000 customers on notice. let's get right to it. first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen standing by with where we are out right now and where e are headed. >> temperatures have started >> temperatures have started to break down a little bit for hot temperatures across the bay area. fell short of record terry in san francisco and oakland. some places shattered records. that's not all. take a look at the with the places that set all-tiec


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