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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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look at san jose. the south bal bay still dealing with with outs with outages from the scorching heat and bugs going to be another hot day today. good afternoon. we start with breakg with breaking news. dublin police searching for an alameda sheriff's deputy wanted for mu. chopper 5 was over a home in dublin. two people were found shot inside a home. they later died at the scene. witnesses identified the shooter as 24-year-old devin williams jr.e is a deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office. invess office. investigators now searcg now searching for williams jr. warning he is armed and dangerous. police saw williams jr. may be driving either a gry a gray 2007 vw jetta with california license plates or 2015 hyundai with california le
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california license plates as well. if anyone cease him or his vehicle, please call 911 and do h to our first alert weather day. the heat wave rolling on for another day. let's get tout first alert metrologist. >> but no mean social security this heat wave over yet. these are current temperatures rightw temperatures right now still in the 70s in the plane. things are a lot better along that coastline with that onshore flow. our east inland hills is where i'm keeping a close eye on it. it is dry as a bone out there. high pressure will do that for us. it heats us up and boy does it dry us up, too. ths too. this is a system that is starting to trend cooler. our t inland hills still sitting in the triple digits. once we head to saturday's forecast somethig forecast something very interesting is happening. we will see 80s up there very qui. we will talk more about that ina in a bit.
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> >> this just in, we are now learning why power was mistakenly cut to more than 1,000 customers in alameda. ala municipal power just tweeted they were told by the northerna northern california power agency to start load shedding during t night's power emergency. the outage lasted one hour. they said they did not call for power shut offs. here is a look at those power outage numbers around the bay area. at 9:00 p.m. last night about 57,000 customers were without power. t power. about an hour guy ago that number was down 6,300. remember that another fleck alert was issued for today. ofs today. officials are asking everyone to reduce power from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. demand for energy will rise as temperatures go up taking a lie a live look at the track of the
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statewide demand. you can see it is supposed to spike later on in the afternoon around 5:00 or 6:00. right now there are no capacity concerns like yesterday. > >> power outages can hit businesses hard. when the lighs the lights went out on monday in livermore, one coffee shop owner had to spring into action. >> reporter: meg work walked into the shop around 9:00 a.m. on tuesday ready to take inventory. >> they are normally like half s size. that is crazy. >> reporter: they had closed the day before at 5:00 in the afternoon but shortly after the power went out in parts of downtown livermore. the heat had -- she didn't realize till around 5:00 p.m. tuesday when she came in to open. when she day the power was out she lefts
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note on the door. >> you will have to recalibrate everything. >> reporter: among the items they are throwing out, milk. >> we have all of our milk in here. thankfully all of the almond milk and oat milk is shelf stable. >> reporter: and food. >> all of this cheese is like cy ruined. eggs, meat, ruined. >> reporter: she estimates they lose about $2,000 in just items they are tossing. >> a lot of smoothies going to drinks, ice teas, cold coffeesd lattes. it will suck. >> reporter: many of her regulars stopped by. although
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she couldn't make them coffee,e did take the chairs out for theo them to relax. and our customers, well, they are loya. back to you. > >> other businesses are dealing with the heat by adjusting hours. we caught up with grape harvesters in livermore. they were forced to start several hours earlier just so they could finish the job by noon be noon before those peak high temperatures and we spoke with one worker who agreed the heat is no joke. >> the heat does slow me down. t me down. it has taken me out a w a few days. just a while ago i was out for a wheel week because of the sun. it made me really sick. i was really hot.y hot. my whole body was terrible. terrible. > >> we will track the heat wave throughout the day and the week. just go to for the latest updates on outages, temperatures and where you canl
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can cool off. > >> to the coronavirus right nowa will receive 1 million doses of the new fda authorized updated boosters. they said 600,000 new covid boosters are already here and available to clinics and pharmacies throughout the state. the next 400,000 doses will come in the next few days. those eligible for the new dose need to be 12 years or older, have already completed your primary covid vaccine series. >> with covid-19 we are moving in the same direction where we believe that it will be important to have at least an annual booster that contains the most important and latest e latest available protection. >> the new boosters will have been strengthened to protect at protect against the original covid strains as well as improve protection against the new dominant strains. > >> the washington post with newn new information on what the documents or what was in the documents the fbi recovered
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from former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. skyler henrw with the latest. >> reptengn post is reporting that a document seized at mar-a-lago contained information on four nations nuclear capabilities. >> it could be anything from a foreign government's attempt to build a nuclear program or it's nuclear readiness now to wage r war. we don't know. >> reporter: cbs news has not verified the report but sources say this tune of information is highly classified and is called compartmented intelligence bece intelligence because it is only accessible on a need to know basis to a very few number of people such as the president ad president a limited number of ct of cabinet secretaries and thosy those directly running in operation. >> yet they were stored for 18 s at a beach club. >> reporter: experts tell cbs news it will be important to know whether the military defense intelligence is about an adversary or friendly
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nation. noting that intelligence gathering on our partners is done but it is cond but it is considered extremely sensitive. >> reporter: the office of the director of national intelligence is conducting a risk assessment to determine whether national security was harmed by keeping classified materials at mar-a-lago. they d the intelligence assessment can continue but said the departmet the department of justice review of the material for criminal investigative purposes must stop till a special master can review the documents to see what could fall under attorney client or executive privilege.r executive privilege. former attorney general bill barr slad general bill barr slammed the r. the ruling. >> reporter: the opinion i think was wrong and i think the government should appeal it. is it. it is deeply flawed in a nur of ways. they accused the washington post of working wite biden administration. skyler henry, cbs news, the white house. >
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>> lawyers for both the justicet justice department and trump have till friday to submit a list of names for that special master. > >> two bay area congresswomen are taking ton issue of gun vi. this is all part of the house democrats prevention day of ac. back in july the house passed an assault weapons ban. >> we need to pass the assault s assault weapons ban. i am mindful our neighbors who suffered a mass shooting a few years ago, we had a ban here ia in california and he went to nevada and picked up his assault weapon. we need a nationwide answer. >> congress had passed an assault weapons ban in 1994 but but it did expire in 2004. accog 2004. according to the u.s. dept u.s. department of health and --
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vrnlt. > >> apple rolling out it's lates. we will give you the
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and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to peop off theeets ao yes on 27. that breaking news out of dublin. the sheriff's deputy ad deputy accused of killing two people is now in custody. alama custody. alameda county sheriff ray kelly says 24-year-old devin williams jr. was arrested within the last half hour. we e told law enforcement received al just before 1:00 in the morning of a report of an armed
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intruder. he later called wanting to turn himself in. there was a third person insidt inside that home at the time of the shooting and alameda counts county sheriff's officials say that person is safe. > >> new at noon, one of the most anticipated tech events each year today. apple unveiled the new iphone 14 with four they models. the phones will have ar a longer battery life and better cameras and some of the new features include an always opinion display which can showe show live temperatures and other info on the lock screen without a huge strain on battery life.e battery life. the new phones will also have crash detection and emergency sos feature thats that connects directly to satellites. >> making products that are so personal and indispensable is what drives us to continue innovating, improving on what
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are best in class experiences. >> the iphone 14 base model starts at $799. you can preorder it starting on fridayg the presentation apple also showed off new airpods and an apple watch models including an apple watch ultra model that is international orange, the same color as the golden gate bridg. > >> let's take a live look at wall street right now. the dow is actually up right now 471 points. now trending at 31,600. 31,600. > >> the 49ers first game is five days away. charlie walter explains why george could be the key to tray lance's success in the red and gold report. >> the 49ers offense spent the last six weeks going against their defense in practice. if you didn't know t49ers defense should be really, really good.o really good. so george saying he is ready to face the chicago
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bears defense. i say it is more than fair. >> george just never has a bad day, does he? he will be packing positivity for the road trip this weekend as he does all he can to help trey lance settle in as the team's starting quarterback. >> playing quarterback for the r for the 49er social security a -- 49er socials is a difficult thing. there has been a lot of great quarterbacks to fill that role. this is a pretty prominent organization. it is difficult and football is easier when you have positive t positive reinforcement and having some fun. >> with the red and gold report, i'm charlie walter. > >> let's get the first letter metrologist jessica dealing wih dealing with that dangerous hean heat again but a little bit of good news. not as bad. >> as yesterday. but still bad by all means. you are right, ryan. as we extend into this afternoon, no longer are we
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breaking records like yesterday. let's talk about san francisco for example. 98 degrees yesterday. that is well above average. bit cautious as we head into this afternoon. ts afternoon. this is a very significant heat wave. it impad wave. it impacted our three day weekend ruining so many outdoor activities. now it is impacting our workweek. as we head into the rest of the days this week, we are still mostly dealing with upper 90s and triple digis triple digits at least off in those east inland hills where daytime highs into the a signiy are significantly hot. it cools off as we head along the coastt coast. that onshore flow givings giving us 70s which is a lot better than yesterday's 90s just near san francisco. i mean look at these numbers. this is like desert heat. i mean, in ay a way it is because as we take it hour by hour, phoenix is getting up to 104. we are seeig 104. we are seeing hotter condin hotter condition off in the inland areas than phoenix righ. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right.
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inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoenix right. inland areas than phoeni this area of high pressure has been en coming over us for quie some time. as we extend into the weekend we will see a significant cooling trend. lets trend. let's take a quick look at those numbers. heading intoe into the weekend we will get right back down to the low 70s for san francisco. that is treg is trending even cooler as a we head into next week. similar set up for our inland east bays by saturday. if you are curious as the why we are experiencing that, hurricane is forming south of us. this is hurricane kay. this is our update right . what will happen is we will get the left over clouds as they push north. that is why we areg are seeing cloudy conditions. we will take what we can get leern leer in the weather center. rigt weather center. right back overo you. > >> and a different way to grow grapes may help vineyards deal with climate change. we will take you to the napa valley vineyard tha
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tweaking his technique today at to climate change. >> i'm standing in one of the most unique vineyard in all of
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napa valley. the way they grow wine grapes here is not only providing some protection froms heat but it may be offering the industry a way to get double the crop on the same amount of land. >> by 2:00 p.m. it was 115 degrees in mark neil's rutherford vineyard. yesterday was even hotter at 118. neil has seen lot in his 56 years o. >> i have sty this one here is catching my attention because i think the last time i saw 118 was yesterday and the previous one was like -- i think it was 77 or 76 here in napa valley. >> neil began helping his dad grow grapes when he was only 8g the way he became something of k a maverick in the valley. in 194 valley. in 1984 he was the first grower to be certified organice organic. he also invent add system for lighting up his vineyard, pioneering the idea of harvesting grapes in the cool of the midnight hour. but it is his latest innovation that is drawing attention
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during this brutal heat wave. >> this vine is catching all of the sun rays. 100% of the sun rays and down here you can see what we have shading going oh over the fruit. >> the row shades the more -- protecting the white berries from sunburn and boosting their acid levels. neil began experimenting with the techniqe the technique 25 years ago and he still is the only one in napa valley doing it. but with vineyard land selling for half a million dollars per acre, tha acre, the idea is becoming appealing for another reason. >> we basically took 18 acre asks made 36 acres out of it. >> the stacked system doubles the amount of production on each acre producing two different varieties of grapes.e amount of water and labor is the same as a single row of vines.e vines. climate change is wreaking havoc on weather
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patterns and water supplies and neil thinks it is time napa valley begins thinking outside the box. >> we have to look we can do to continue our businesses here. t here. what are our resources going to be? >> in the valley change is hard to accept. change is coming. in fact it may already be here. ad here. and neil thinks it can no longer be ignored. >> i think we have to deal with. there is evidence in science we have to deal with it. i have to say if i stand here when it is 115 degrees, that i could say it is coming, right? >> back to you. > >> coming up, you will want to act fast. how you can have a taste of what i
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first alert weather day here in the bay area where daytime hig, daytime highs, they will not like yesterday but they are still scorching hot. 108 in fairfield to 105 in concord. once what he had into the weekend we will see partly cloudy skies and temperatures raging back to normal.
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> >> and live like a queen for a week. great britain's queen elizabeth has listed one of her homes on airbnb. the garden house is going for $216 a night with a seven night minimum. the minimum. there is four bedrooms, two full bathrooms. bookings ae bathrooms. bookings are slim though. there is only a few weeks available through the net the next two weeks. maybe a little tea and crumb pets for . >> we will see you back here at. see you back here at 3:00.
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