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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  September 7, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> not as ridiculously hot today
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today compared to yesterday, but but it's still hot. an extreme heat set them in the forecast again, i'm tracking that, comin. coming up. > >> we are watching our power situation after we got externally close to therolling blackouts. the demand for electricity today, and how much more our power grid can handle. > >> and bard riders are hoping they don't get a repeat of th good afternoon, everybody, i'm reed cowan. we made it through the hottest days of the week, but parts of the bay area, we know you're still roasting. we are hearing from you. it is a first alert weather wednesday because of it. dublin and inland inland spots are hovering around around the triple digits. you see on the left and right the difference in what the pictures are. and definitely it is one of of those days were colli so is g is conserving cal iso is asking to conserve energy. between
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4:00-9:00, all of us can conserve electricity. first alet first alert weather meteorologist, paul heggen, is tracking that today. > >> it is hot in the inland bay where temperatures hovered between 100-105 degrees. hotspots right now, 104 in fairfield and livermore. temperatures are well into the 90s in the santa clara valley, with a mix of 70s, 80s, 90s, around the bay. downtown san fr, san francisco, low 70s. the worst of the heat taking a break break today, but tomorrow, inland temperatures will step back up to the erougo will about 10 toaround 80 in r b r inand parts of the , so that excessive heat warning continues continues to:00 on thursday. this is the last really hot day that we are in for. friday is still going to be plenty warm
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even hot. in the coastal areas temperatures won't be quite as hot, but still after several consecutive days of hot weather just wears you down, so 85 to close to 100 degrees at the peninsula can wear you down. same advice, common stuff, limit limit your time outside, find some air-conditioning, and make sure you are staying hydrated. we will take a look at the weekend forecast in a few minut. few minutes. >> check on your neighbor, and check on your kids. > >> cal iso is urging all of us to conserve energy to prevent power outages. that's the flex alert we've been talking about here, he goes into effect, 4:00. effect, 4:00-9:00. and here's your headline, we barely dodged the block a bullet yesterday. officials say one key was all of of you got saved us. everyone rd everyone reduced electricity use use of a statewide emergency alert went out around 5:45.
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yesterday's peak demand of nearly 52,000 megawatts smashed the old september record. today it should be pretty close, projected mere 51,000 megawatts. >> had it not been for the efforts of literally millions os of californians just to turn down a light, or turn down a thermometer and not use a large appliance, then we would not be in the position we are today. >> governor gavin newsom there. three bay area cities mistakenly mistakenly cut power from some residents. officials blamed on a a miscommunication between cal iso and the northern california our agency. so where was it? alameda, and palo alto. let's start at the top. people in one zone had their power cut for about 30 minutes. in alameda, 1400 of you lost your power for an hour, and in palo alto, roughly 1700 of you lost power for about half an hour as well. sarah is asking the questions. and we are on it coming up on the news at 5:00. > >> the power failed in valley
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medical center in san jose. see all those dark windows there? the emergency room was closed to to patients because of the power power outage. some lights were n were on in the main hospital, and emergency backup was diverted to those portions of the building. we understand dese understand despite people out there in the dark that electricity was restored about 3:00 this morning. > >> the heat wave has been making making it hard for some of you to get home on b.a.r.t. . in a point of it follows that story from the newsroom. hi. >> the evening commute is about to start picking up, and everyby is hoping for a smoother ride than what we saw on b.a.r.t. yesterday. so far today, b.a.r.t. has told riders to expect slower trains again because of the heat wave. but we we are talking about delays of up to 10 minutes in some areas. areas. the temperatures have actually been ending the rails. similar problems on the w pleasanton lines, stopping betwn stopping between us until and
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concord, forcing riders to get off the train and wait in the heat mac space on buses. >> the heat can cause the rail to be manipulated and sightly shift. and that becomes very problematic. we run trains at ad a reduced speed to relieve that pressure so we can continue to do visual inspections. when we saw the kink in the rail we made made the call to go straight to where was. >> [ inaudible ] >> on my commute. so far, no word of major problems. free rides to cooling centers along its routes are ongoing. we have more information for you on our website, , reed. >
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>> a lot of businesses are getting hit with electricity and heat problems. kpix 5's jocelyn moran spoke to those in in livermore about how much food food ended up in the trash. >> make sure walked into a coffee shop, tuesday, ready to take inventory. >> no good. all of these would be small, so these proved in th. the freezer. they are normally like half this size. that's cra. that's crazy. >> they closed the day before at at 5:00 in the afternoon, but shortly after, the power went out in parts of downtown livermore. the heat had strained strained local power lines. meghan didn't realize until 5:00 until 5:00 a.m., tuesday, when she came to open. she asked if anyone walked by and noticed if the power was gone to text her. when she got a text, she got to
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work. >> have to wait for this to fil. fill up. going to have to recalibrate everything, wait for all the boilers to fill up. >> among the items being thrown out, milk. >> we have all our milk here. ty here. thankfully all the oat milk is shelfstable, but i will have to throw away all of that. >> and food. >> all this cheese is completely completely ruined. eggs. meat. . meat. ruined. she estimates to lose about $2000 in just items they are tossing. that doesn't include the business they lose as they get things working on ay a day when people want cold drinks. make iced lattes, smoot, lattes, smoothies, it's going to to suck, i'm going to lose a lot lot of money. although she couldn't make them coffee she dd she did take chairs out for them them to relax, and her customers customers are loyal. >> will you be back here tomorr? here tomorrow?
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>> oh yeah. it's not their fault. >> jocelyn moran, kpix 5. > >> city pools in san francisco are free, they are open this afternoon. a couple of them are closing within the hour, but we wanted to let you know a few pools will stay open past the 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. mark. we spoke spoke to one swimmer grateful to to cool off. >> when you just started it's cold, because you are not in thr the water. so you are just like in the hot sun. >> the pool is open after 4:00 p.m. today, balboa, garfield, and mlk. > >> we are tracking this heat wave throughout the week, go to for the latest updates updates on outages. see if your house is affected. in the effect effect a rolling blackout is called, also, places you can go to cool off and maybe meet a neighbor or two. > >> a sheriff's deputy, accused of murder. what we know on the deaths of a couple in dublin, an
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an investigation now underway. > >> plus, apple unveils its new products which have become essential in a lot of
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>> an alameda county sheriff deputy is accused of killing a dublin couple inside their home. home. chefs officials say 24-yed say 24-year-old devon williams junior came to a home on holbrook lane before 1:00 in the the morning and shot the couple living inside. and then headed toward the central valley.
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before noon, williams called the the dublin police chief to turn himself in. we understand he was was arrested. sheriff's officias sheriff's officials held a news conference earlier today were they said this was not a random situation at all. the suspect a partly knew the couple. they are are still investigating the, asking a lot of questions to try try and figure out a motive. >> as far as we know it was in the middle of the night, and that the home was quiet. and mr. mr. williams showed up and then began this of events. >> the couple's identity not yet yet released, but officials say they were visiting family members staying at the home who saw the violence there was also at least one child there who witnessed the violence as well. today would have been williams' one-year anniversary working with the alameda county sheriff's department. > >> an armored truck guard was shot and wounded at kaiser in san leandro. the guard had picked up money and was heading back to the truck when the suspect shot him, took the money, then took off. the victim victim was crushed to a local
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trauma hospital. the victim we understand, is in critical condition at this hour. officers officers were able to tell us parts of kaiser were on lockdown lockdown so they can collect evidence. kaiser disputes that, saying there is no lockdown, so we are asking a lot more questions on this one. it's unclear if anybody's been arres. been arrested. > >> the holiday is a stone's throw away and look at the timing. apple unveiled their new new air pods, a new iphone, a new watch lineup, at the company's first in-person event before the pandemic. these phones are filled with a lot of features you need, but others are saying they are trying to sell you peace of mind. take a look. >> three products he calls essential in our lives, the iphone, air pods, and apple watch. >> on their own, each is indust. is industry-leading. together, they provide a magical experience. >> the apple watch series and safety urvehicle crash detection and health
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options like cycle tracking. >> women's health is critically important. and we are proud to bring these new advanced tracking abilities to apple watch series 8. >> spatial audio and improved noise cancellation. apple saved its top-selling product for less. >> we are going big with iphone 14, and even bigger with iphone 14+. >> always on display, a camera chip upgraded, and out of this world assistance. >> emergency sos via satellite. >> these are all features that talk about not just the devices or the tech, but about the experiences and that peace of mind that these parts are looking to offer. >> the question is whether the price tag will keep inflation your customers away. apple is keeping the base model cost in line with last year's, qualifying trade-ins. but the 14 14 pro and pro max, an inch
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higher. >> particularly with the pro lie pro line really makes it propelg it propelling as an upgrade for. for folks. >> sustainability efforts using recycled parts and plans to be carbon neutral across its manufacturing supply chain by 2030. dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. >> thanks, dan. > >> so we talk about climate change a lot and the problems that come with climate issues. one grape grower in napa valley is actually adapting to it, and maybe instructing all of us. this is in rutherford where he has planted two vines along eac. each row. the cabernet are on te on the top that shade the kinds below so he gets two varieties, and they protect each other. for for the same amount of water and and labor as a single row of vines. pretty fascinating out t. out there. let's look at our forecast and with first alert chief meteorologist, paul heggen. we are down a bit but
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we are still hot. > >> temperatures aren't as insanely hot as what we saw labor day and yesterday, the heat had backed off today, because the heat dome temporarily weakened as this system is skirting by to the north. we will have to watch for some new fires to start there, unfortunately, in the heat dome will reassert itself as we head to the next 24 hours. tomorrow will be another exceptionally hot day. excessive heat warning continues through 8:00 p.m. around the bay and much of marin marin county, through 8:00 p.m. on thursday as well. even if you you have gotten through this heat wave to this point without ill effects, and you are otherwise a healthy person you may still expands heat related problems tomorrow. we have been dealing with this for several consecutive days. not to bed today, we've seen a mix of yellow and green dots throughout throughout the day on the map. the worst air quality has still
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been plenty of good air quality. [ inaudible ] previous three ds three days. possible that we are are going to reach that first. still going to be as it is parked on top of us.
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>> record high temperatures in san jose within a few degrees. it wouldn't take much more of a warm-up to break that record of 110. record-keeping goes back at 25 years. that's not as signifit as significant as the temperature by itself. we continue to monitor way out here here off the coast of mexico, of of the southern tip of california, the track, the forecast track takes it along the coast and then curves away further down to the south. that's close enough that it could be sending some moisture
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across california. the moisture will be confined to where they are facing a flooding threat. while we had hot temperatures near the ground, and the mid-lel the mid-level atmospheric moisture provided, but that tropical system, i don't think there's going to be much of that. and we won't have a strong strong trigger to get storms going. it's at least some good news further down the line. temperatures return close to average as we head to the weekend, and we might be below average by the middle of next week with temperatures only in the upper 70s at san jose tuesday and wednesday. that doesn't change the fact it will still be hot tomorrow and plenty plenty toasty on friday. but thd the weekend looks a whole lot better, and next weekend looks better than
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>> four days and counting until the 49ers take on their first season game. george kittle could could be the key to the successf success of trey lance. >> time for your wrinkled report report on everybody. the 49ers offense have spent the last six weeks going against their defense in practice. if you didn't know the 49ers defense should be really, really good. george kittle saying, he's ready ready to face the chicago bears defense. i would say it's more than fair. >> does not sound like fun? i'm
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tired of blocking nick bosa, my goodness! >> packing positivity for the road trip this weekend, as he does all he can to help trey lance settle in as the team's starting quarterback. >> plan quarterback for the san francisco 49ers is a huge deal, there's a spotlight on you that comes from the shoulders that we we are standing on. joe montana, montana, steve young. there have have been great quarterback to fill that role, and this is a pretty prominent organization. football is easier when you have have positive reinforcement and have some fun, so that's what i tried to do out there. >> i'm charlie walter with the wrinkled report. charlie, thank you so much. > >> riding circles around one country's president.
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>> coming up at 5:00, you know some of you have no other choice choice than to be out in the heat on a day like today, because you work outside. number number one we thank you for that. two, we will check in with with you in construction and see see how you're getting by, this week. that story and more with liz cook and ryan yamamoto. before we go at 3:00, though, here's the scene. this child dressed in a superman costume started circling on a bike aroud bike around the president here, who continued talking, and the child kept riding. local media says the 4-year-old is under the
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the foster care of the president's mother. good for you, young man. is it for kpix 5 5
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, as a heat wave threatens california's power grid, more than 57 million americans are under excessive heat warnings and advisories. an unpredictable wildfire threatens homes as more people evacuate. cbs' carter evans is there as firefighters battle the blaze around the clock. >> reporter: lots of hot spots on this fire right now. this one took off just a few minutes ago. >> o'donnell: nuclear secrets? cbs' robert costa has new reporting tonight on the classified documents seized from donald trump's florida home. and back to school postponed. teachers strike in seattle on the day kids were supposed to return to class. cbs' janet shamlian is there. >> reporter: teachers walking
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the picket line, and


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