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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> meet the volunteers collecting a bacd a backyard county to help out ll food banks. >> this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. > >> thanks for watching. the heat wave drags on. we are on dy seven of triple digits and you've got to feel for small business owners just getting power back on. we want to introduce you to meg sharp. shet the day throwing out food. >> all this cheese is completel. completely ruined. >> there you go. mega trying to get everything back up and runn. she guesses they will lose about lose about $2000 just in tossed food from the recent outages. it it is not over. places like dublin hit triple digits. close to that in san jose and san francisco still warm, but a lot more comfortable than it was whn it hit 90 degrees. another day. another flex alert. cal iso
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asking us to conserve until 9:0. rolling blackouts still a big possibility. we barely dodged them yesterday after demand hita record 52,000 megawatts. aring the part evening commute. riders riders are being told to expect slower trains because of this h. this heat. triple digit temps od temps overheated equipment yesterday and worked a small section of track between concorde and pleasant hill. whas that mean? that means delays. wilson walker was pressing for answers. we will check in with m now. hey, wilson. >> reporter: good evening, juli. i am at the concorde b.a.r.t. station. it is really quiet here. i was just talking with se who got off the train. they said said this is a rare sight to see to see this few people here. a lot of folks a little spooked by by what happened here yesterday. yesterday. >> i just missed it about an
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hour yesterday and thankfully, i thankfully, i didn't get stuck in that. >> reporter: equipped with a personal fan and a head start on on his afternoon commute, jason wasn't taking any chances after the shutdowns between concorde. he left work early. >> you don't want to get stuck on a lot of these trains when it's packed during those hours. >> reporter: there were two problems on tuesday. first, the track shifted in the heat and they couldn't singletrack the trains because switching systems switching systems had also overheated, thus the bus ridge. >> normally a-train would go 70 miles per hour over that area. we reduced the speed to 44. >> reporter: when temperatures h 100 degrees, b.a.r.t. slows the the speed in the area. that wasd after a june derailment happened happened due to tracks failing in the heat. improved air
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conditioning for the track equi. track equipment. >> how can you keep rail and track components cooler? >> reporter: heat waves are expected to become more common. bart is trying to improve its track monitoring but at a certain point, it gets two hot too fast. >> it's not a matter of the rai. it's the ambient temperature and temperature and how quickly it rises. we get asked quickly abot phoenix. one is its a light rai. light rail. phoenix is also used also used to extreme heat. there heat. there is a consistent amot of extreme heat. >> reporter: there is b.a.r.t.'s b.a.r.t.'s explanation. it's the fluctuation in temperature and the train on the track. if you slow it down, you might prevent some of the damage they are seeing like what they saw bk in june. also some air conditioning trouble yesterday. we heard about that. air conditg went down and some of the cars. b.a.r.t. says if that happens on your car, let them know. tell tell the conductor through the m
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the intercom or tweet it out. they can reset those air-conditioning units when they when they get to a station, pretty much on the fly. it's ov. let them know. they can get you some help. >> i want the intercom that says says reset. thank you. you've gt to love b.a.r.t.. they are like , look, we aren't phoenix, but it feels like it. >> it is metal fatigue. that is not something you want to drived drive high-speed trains over. the problem is the heat has been has been extreme for a long area area of time. > >> let's take a look at today's temperatures. it was still hot. 80 degrees in san francisco. hot hot enough when so many people don't have air conditioning. over 90 in oakland. over 100 foa rosa. for concorde and livermore, but everywhere fell short of record territory today, i don't think that's going to be be the case. good news,
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temperatures are beginning to bk off a little bit this evening. backing off still means it's ard it's around 100 degrees in east. 101 in fairfield. 100 and conco. and concorde. temperatures around 90 in the mid-bay. still 90s around san jose. our town feels fantastic and 70 degrees n the nose. high temperatures tomorrow taking another step up. this is the last exceptionallyt exceptionally hot day we have tl with. temperatures 10 to 15 degs 15 degrees around the bay. closer to 25 degrees above average further inland. we are flirting with record territory e again. those temperatures start backing off to a greater extent on friday and actual relief arrives this weekend. we'll talk talk about that in the full for. full forecast. >> i can't wait for you to say,s is below average, folks. > >> another test for our power grid. we are right at the peak of the day. current demand is at at 49,000 megawatts. pg&e has
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sent out those text warnings abt potential blackouts. it is those those text alerts being credited credited for actually helping us us avoid rolling outages yeste. some may area neighborhoods dide did see their power cut. thousas of homes in healdsburg, alameda, alameda, and palo alto lost power for up to an hour. it may have been all a big mistake. sarah tries to sort out this confusion over the power mixup. >> reporter: running a restaurat in the dark isn't just difficult, it's impossible. just just ask stephanie. >> we can't take any card. we don't have light inside. it's all dark. >> reporter: her alameda restaut had the power cut off during its dinner hour forcing them to close early. customers were told told it was part of a rolling b, but now it appears that was a mistake. >> crazy. we lost a lot of money. that's it. >> reporter: alameda along withg and palo alto began blackouts ag blackouts along the power crunch crunch leaving thousands without
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without power in the blazing heat. palo alto says that was a miscommunication and they simply simply asked utilities to be prepared. >> it was for a firming load ase as we communicated with other utilities in california at that time. we had not progressed to g outages. i don't know what happened this morning. we will be in touch and doubling down our communication. >> reporter: alameda municipal s as the northern california power power agency, a nonprofit that s several southern california utis california utilities, told it to it to begin load shedding opera. shedding operations. cal iso points to a mixup between dispatchers and those from the northercalirnia power agency that apparently led to some mixed messaging and the pr unnecessarily being shut off fo. for thousands. >> these situations happen very infrequently. there was a lot happening on the grid for everybody last night. we will de down on the communication and
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make sure it doesn't happen aga. happen again. >> reporter: we just heard back from northern california power agency who told us in a long statement that basically, yes, their dispatcher misunderstood. power was shut off by mistake. they also took the time to give themselves a pat on the back. they said because they did this, this, it may have actually helpd the state manage its load. not sure how the thousands of people people who had their power cut f would feel about that. >> appreciate that. > >> following another big story in the east bay. it's disturbin. it's disturbing. a dublin couple couple was shot inside their home. shot to death. officials say this man is an alameda county sheriff's deputy. his name is devin williams jr. he td himself in for the crime. williams worked primarily at the at the courthouse and the santa rita jail. he had only worked at the sheriff's department for one year. while sheriff's
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officials confirm he did know te victims, they won't say how. they say he came to their home just for 1:00 this morning and shot the husband and wife. he then fled to the central valleyn into custody near the town of kalinga after calling the police police chief himself to turn himself in. >> we heard from a person that was very disturbed and that was very in an emotional crisis. i k that it was a -- it was phenomenal work to get him to surrender. i really do. >> devin williams being brought back to the bay area. investigators have not revealed a motive. > >> still ahead, one family isn't isn't worried about power emergencies or rolling blackouts blackouts since they made the h to solar. how are they doing? >> >> it's great to be off the gri, essentially and being able to control what our energy needs at at any time. >> they tell us how they are not are not just saving on bills but but also giving back power.
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>> many of us are keeping an eye an eye out for power updates. they area homeowners who rely on on solar power are feeling some. some relief. shawn chitnis spoke spoke to a family who recently e that switch and they are not looking back. >> the flex alerts are going to continue. outages are going to continue. >> reporter: lynn and alan are t are not stressed out by this wes power emergency. >> it's great to be off the grid, essentially and being able able to control what our energys at any time. end this spring, the couple decided to go solar. >> our energy cost kept going up up and we realized that with solar we would not only be helpg the earth, our bills would go way down.
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>> reporter: along with solar panels, they have a storage battery so they can keep the eny produced during the day to power home at night. >> we were comfortable in the heat because we had air conditig we weren't paying for. it was w. >> reporter: they are among thes in the bay area who don't have to worry about losing power amie digit temperatures. they are sending power back to the grid during these flex alerts. >> it was an all hands on deck experience. any bit anyone can provide is helpful. >> reporter: the company has 200 customers in california who can sell energy back to pg&e. >> what my team is trying to do is provide customers with more opportunities to be engaged ande their batteries to support the grid. >> reporter: cal iso said 26% of 26% of the energy on the grid was from renewable energy.
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>> when we started seeing the outages, we said there has to be to be something we can do. it was so excited exciting to be able to do it. >> reporter: they were excited to conserve as much as they could and send energy back. shawn chitnis, kpix 5. > >> an armored truck guard was shot during a robbery outside te emergency room at kaiser and sa. san leandro. the guard had just picked up money and was on his way back to the truck. that is when a gunman shot him, took the the money, and took off. the guard is in critical condition. > >> the updated coronavirus booster shot is here. the first dose is given out at the fairgrounds. shots target the dominant dominant omicron strains of the virus. pfizer ise for those 12 and older and moderna for those to 18 and older. > >> underway right now. hosted by
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by san francisco police. they invite people living in chinatown to come on down to smith's square until 7:00 to met to meet local leaders and law e. law enforcement. > >> as this heatwave adds to the fire danger, tonight's news looks at a health risk for fire. for firefighters. >> reporter: good evening, juliette. we've got a lot of news after kpix news at 6:00, including the hidden dangers to firefighters. are they being exd to cancer-causing chemicals? tt and more. > >> hot temperatures today but one more day of extreme he
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>> let's get right to it. first alert weather. i was checking with paul and he says, it's
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just hot. it is. >> did you notice any change? >> no. i noticed no change and now you are telling me, tomorro, no change. >> today was actually cooler. cooler than yesterday. but yesterday was all-time hot. backing away from that doesn't give us much relief. we are in for one more day of extreme heat heat tomorrow. even hotter than today. the heat backed off a little bit. the heat dome weeked dome weekend as this system to r north helped. it also sent some dry thunderstorms to northern ca which we do not need. the heat dome strengthens and then it wil gradually lose its influence friday and over the weekend. excessive heat warning inland. heat advisory means anybody with with a health-related problem that may cause heat sensitivity may have issues tomorrow. if you if you are further inland, you y think, i will be fine tomorrow.
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heat is a cumulative threat. yoy have been fine but all of a sudden it overcomes you tomorrow. stay hydrated. commone stuff. air-quality not bad toda. a mix of mild and moderate ratings. they area air-quality t air-quality management -- reduce reduce the amount you are driving around to be safe. current temperatures anywhere fm 70 in san francisco to 100 degrees in concord. records are going to be threatened again tomorrow. temperatures dropping down into the 60s or 70s. a warmer than average start to the the day and in hot day overall. too hot for your pups to spend h time outside during the day. that is a little bit too warm. temperatures in -- are going to reach 90s. most temperatures inland going to be over 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. between 100 and 105 for most of the north bay. 110 degrees
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inland and the east bay. close to record territory. temperatures begin to back off on friday and then we are back to close to average temperatureo the weekend. may be a few degres few degrees above average. better than 20 to 30 degrees above normal. a couple days of w average temperatures in store fr us by tuesday and wednesday. hopefully those stick around for for as long as possible. we keep we keep an eye on the forecast in the long-term. there is potel for some of that moisture from e from hurricane k to sneak up on us. we are going to see some cl. southern california might see some flooding issues. a wild pa. wild pattern. >> i love the number 88. thanks. thanks. > >> how backyard gardens are helping feed families around the the bay area. we will be right . right back.
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>> you have probably felt a lot of sticker shock on your last tp last trip to the grocery store.s taking a toll on bay area families and food banks. what if what if you could help fight hunger with food from your own ? own garden? we are introduced to introduced to a team of voluntes and what they are doing. harvesting from bay area backyards. >> reporter: a growing movement. movement. people across the bay area are donating left over food
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food from their backyard to local food banks, using their gardening for good. money may nt may not grow on trees, but molly but molly found the next best thing. molly, who works part-time as a doctor, spends the rest of her week making the rounds in backyards like this o. this one. picking fruit from neighborhood trees. >> it is a pretty satisfying fe. satisfying feeling. oh, i got that one. >> reporter: molly is among 1000 1000 volunteers for an organization called the village harvest. a nonprofit tapping into one of silicon valley's hidden resources. >> a lot of homes in the area, y older homes, have citrus trees planted when these homes were b. they have grown into big, beautiful trees that produce a lot of fruit. >> it started 20 years ago when the founder, craig, noticed a
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growing need for fresh produce in a place known for its abundance of backyard fruit tre. fruit trees. >> 6.5 million pounds of fruit. too big a number to grasp. >> reporter: >> reporter: home gardens coulde could become a promising approach to food security as thl population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. a renewed sense of urgency as food prices soar and inflation has people struggling to make ends meet. today, they are harvesting the backyards of four different houses, including this one, owned by jeanette and gary. >> it's too much for us to keep up with. >> reporter: for molly, it's about helping those in need while connecting with nature. pe nature. people get into finding their spot. the final tally, a
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harvest of 750 pounds. the fruits of her labor. all of it going to food banks in the area. the area. kpix 5.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'd ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight as a heat wave threatens california's power grid, more than 57 million americans are under excessive heat warnings and advisories. an unpredictable wildfire threatens homes as more people evacuate. cbs' carter evans is there as firefighters battle the blaze around the clock. >> reporter: lots of hot spots on this fire right now. this one took off just a few minutes ago. >> o'donnell: nuclear secrets? s. >> o'don : nuclear secrets? cbs' robert costa has new reporting tonight on the clas cbs' robert costa has new reporting tonight on the classified documents seized from donald trump's florida home. and back to school postponed. teachers strike in seattle on the day kids were supposed to return to class. cbs' janet shamlian is there. >> reporter: teachers walking the picket line, and more than 50,000 seattle students home from school.


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