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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  September 7, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'd ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight as a heat wave threatens california's power grid, more than 57 million americans are under excessive heat warnings and advisories. an unpredictable wildfire threatens homes as more people evacuate. cbs' carter evans is there as firefighters battle the blaze around the clock. >> reporter: lots of hot spots on this fire right now. this one took off just a few minutes ago. >> o'donnell: nuclear secrets? s. >> o'don : nuclear secrets? cbs' robert costa has new reporting tonight on the clas cbs' robert costa has new reporting tonight on the classified documents seized from donald trump's florida home. and back to school postponed. teachers strike in seattle on the day kids were supposed to return to class. cbs' janet shamlian is there. >> reporter: teachers walking the picket line, and more than 50,000 seattle students home from school.
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>> o'donnell: deadly shark attack. a pennsylvania woman on a cruise killed while snorkeling in the bahamas. and the obamas return to the white house. >> let me thank my husband, first of all, for such spicy remarks. ( laughter ) this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west, and thank you for joining us on this wednesday night. onight, wildfires are leaving a trail of destruction amid record-breaking heat in the west. the california heat wave is stretching into its eighth straight day with seven states under warnings and advisories. the temperatures are record breaking. salt lake city and fresno, california, had their hottest september days ever. the brutal heat is straining california's power grid and power companies are pleading with the public to conserve
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energy. the governor there sending out rare text alerts to avoid rolling blackouts. the dry weather has caused more than a dozen wildfires to explode across the state. sheriff's deputies are goinge s. door to door to warn those who haven't evacuated. we have a lot of news to get to tonight, and cbs' carter evans will start us off again tonight from hemet, california. good evening, carter. >> reporter: good evening. take a look at this home to my left here. it looks like the owner tried to protect that motorcycle. investigators are now looking into the possibility that utility equipment owned by socal edison could have sparked this fire. meanwhile, the battle continues in triple-digit heat. another brutal day for california, withering heat and worsening wildfires, this one near hemet, now more than 7,000 acres and growing in all directions. >> unfortunately, it was clear that the fire was outpacing our ground and air resources. >> reporter: we're also learning more tonight about the two
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residents who died as flames roared into their neighborhood. >> it appears as though the two victims that were found inside the vehicle were trying to flee from the fire. we do believe that they were from the same family. >> reporter: the heat and the bone-dry brush present a constant threat. >> some of this heat right here. >> reporter: especially when it ignites. lots of hot spots in this fire. this one flared up a minute ago. these firefighters work for an insurance company. they were here. it looks like they've got it under control. otherwise, anything that isn't immediately doused and tamped down can spread and spiral out of control. in the southern california mountains, another wildfire exploded in size. >> sheriff's department. >> reporter: prompting mandatory evacuations. >> it seemed like it wasn't going to affect us, but it's getting closer. so a little concerned about that. >> reporter: all this as california's oppressive heat wave continues to shatter records. downtown sacramento on tuesday hit 116 degrees, its hottest day
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ever. demand on the state's power grid also hit an all-time high, prompting this emergency alert. it may have worked. state officials reported a significant drop in energy use. but the threat of rolling blackouts remains. in hemet, evacuees wonder what's next. you're essentially standing out here waiting with your fingers crossed. >> yeah, 100%. as long as there are hot spots out there still they're not letting us back. >> reporter: parts of california could experience this extreme heat through friday, that's when relief could finally come in the form of rain from a hurricane,fa no less, headed north from mexico., he norah. >> o'donnell: carter evans, thanks for being there for us. and that's not the only hurricane brewing. on the east coast, earl is expected to strengthen into the first major atlantic hurricane of the 2022 season. let's bring in meteorologist chris warren from our partners at the weather channel. hey there, chris. >> reporter: good evening,
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norah. as carter mentioned, cooler temperatures are on the way for parts of california. however, for now, it does remain dangerously hot, excessive heat warnings in effect with temperatures expected to get to record levels. so more record heat on the way for much of the week. also on the way, what eventually will be left of hurricane kay. it is a category 2 hurricane right now. it's continuing to move to the north. it will weaken, but what will be making its way into southern california will be the rain, the possibility for some flooding, not only is it possible, it looks like it is likely. and then the atlantic getting very busy, norah. no immediate landfalls on the way, even though there are two hurricanes out there, but getting close to the peak of hurricane season, there's a lot to watch in the coming days. >> o'donnell: chris, thank you. now to a new twist in the f.b.i. search of former president donald trump's florida home. "the washington post" reports that some of the classified material seized included nuclear intelligence on a foreign government.
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here's cbs' robert costa. >> reporter: almost one month after the seizure of documents at former president trump's florida home, many of them marked "classified," a new report from the "washington post" says f.b.i. agents found a document describing a foreign government's military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, with information about a foreign government's nuclear defense readiness. "the post" states some documents found at trump's home were so closely guarded that many senior national security officials did not have access to them. former acting c.i.a. director mike morell. if foreign nuclear information was at mar-a-lago, what's the risk? >> if that information was at mar-a-lago, it puts the sources and methods by which we collected that information at risk, and, therefore, we could lose that information that is so important to us. >> reporter: the paper's sources did not identify the foreign government in question, but
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other than the u.s., there are eight countries believed to have nuclear capabilities, including allies like france and the united kingdom. plus russia, china and north korea. more broadly, trump's handling of sensitive documents remains an ongoing investigation. >> our allies look at this, and our allies become concerned about whether the u.s. is handling their classified information in a secure way. it makes them think twice about whether to share sensitive information with us. >> reporter: today, trump's lawyer, chris kise, told cbs news that leaks continue with no respect for the probe or his client nor any regard for the real truth. according to former national security adviser john bolton, trump was known to sometimes ask intelligence briefers to keep documents. what exactly would trump say to intelligence officials? >> "this is very interesting. i'd like to keep it." >> reporter: meanwhile, trump's former white house chief strategist, steve bannon, is expected to surrender tomorrow to face new york state charges related to a fund-raising effort
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to build the wall along the southern border. he has called the anticipated indictment "phony."rder. he has called the norah. >> o'donnell: robert costa, thank you very much. well, in seattle, the start of the school year has turned into an extended summer vacation forr thousands of students as teachers walked off the job today and on to the picket lines. cbs' janet shamlian is there. >> reporter: seattle teachers on the picket line and more than 50,000 students not in class on what was to be the first day of school. >> it's a lot for people to scramble last minute. it's a lot on the normal school year. and, so, and we haven't had one of those in a while. so it's just-- it's just a lot for people right now. >> reporter: jennifer jerabek is looking after school children in her neighborhood while parents race to find child care after late-night negotiations failed to reach a deal between theo ren state's largest school district and its more than 6,000 educators. >> we understand the impact that
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that has on families. >> i wouldn't be here if what the district was proposing was not unconscionable. >> reporter: teachers want higher pay, smaller class sizes and mental health resources. the average teacher salary here starts at about $63,000. the cost of living in seattle is more than 50% higher than the national average. >> this is unprecedented, the level of trauma that we're seeing in our populations, and just the amount of work that we have to do now after coming back from the pandemic. >> reporter: nationwide, more than 280,000 public school teachers and staff left the workforce in the last two years, and studies show kids have fallen behind since the pandemic. >> i'm kind of sad because i was excited for my first day of school. >> reporter: tonight, parents p across the city wondering how long this will go. >> if i didn't have somewhat of a support system and didn't have child care lined up, you essentially have to quit your job. >> reporter: teachers are out picketing at schools like this
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one across the city tonight. and while the district says it did propose wage hikes, teachers say they are significantly smaller than they had asked for. negotiations are said to be ongoing, but this strike could go into a second day. norah. >> o'donnell: so tough for the kids. janet shamlian, thank you so much. we also have breaking news tonight. after an intense manhunt, the dangerous fugitive charged in that horrific mass stabbing in canada is now in custody. miles sanderson is accused of killing 10 people and wounding more than a dozen on sunday in an indigenous community and nearby town. he was captured today about 75 miles from the scene. sanderson's brother, also a suspect in sunday's attack, was found stabbed to death. all right tonight, the president of ukraine says his troops are making progress in their offensive against russian forces, retaking several towns in the east, and carrying out successful strikes in the south. but ukraine's top general says the war will likely drag into next year. there was more fighting today near ukraine's embattled nuclear
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power plant and officials say electricity gr all right, back here at home, there is a growing mystery surrounding the fatal stabbing of a veteran investigative reporter in las vegas. well, this afternoon, police served a search warrant in connection with the case. here is cbs' omar villafranca with the new details. >> reporter: longtime las vegas journalist jeff german was found stabbed to death outside of his home saturday morning. inestigators believe the 69- year-old had been in some sort of fight. >> we are exploring all possibilities in this investigation. >> reporter: early this afternoon, a shocking development in connection with the investigation. las vegas police confirm they executed a search warrant at the home of clark county public administrator robert tellis. one of german's most recent stories in the "las vegas journal" was about an alleged toxic work environment in tellis' public administrator's office, and an alleged inappropriate relationship he
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was having with a coworker, where the paper obtained video of tellis in the back of a car with a woman. in the midst of the series, r electia democrat, lost his bid just after german's death, police released pictures of a possible suspect, dressed in an orange vest, straw hat and gloves. investigators later asked the public to help find this red yukon denali, possibly tied to the killing, similar to this one seen here in the video. police won't confirm if tellis is a suspect, and the 45-year- old has not been charged with any crime. omar villafranca, cbs news. >> o'donnell: all right, coming up, an american woman killed in a shark attack in the bahamas. that story in 60 seconds. es to , what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild fran ses tia foe.
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rublev. >> o'donnell: new questions tonight, after an american family is mourning the loss of a 58 year old woman after she was killed by a shark while on vacation in the bahamas. here's cbs's lana zak.
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>> i need an iv and i need iv fluids right now. >> reporter: a dramatic scene in the bahamas after the family of caroline diplacido say they pulled her away from a bull shark attack. >> the e.m.s. personnel responded, and they confirmed no vital signs of life. >> reporter: the 58 year old pennsylvania woman had been snorkeling with her family in green key near rose island in the bahamas when she was attacked. she was sailing on this ship "harmony of the seas," as part of a 7-day royal caribbean cruise. they told cbs news this snorkeling excursion with a local company was not through the cruise line. local operators may not carry the same guarantees or insurance, says cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. and while cheaper, they may not have the same medical resources or safety checks. you take on additional risks if you are booking third party tour operators when you are on a cruise like this? >> most people don't ask the questions, are you insured to those operators.
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what is your level of insurance. and what is your liability what is your exposure. >> reporter: authorities have closed the beach indefinitely. another american tourist died in 2019 from a shark attack in that same area. lana zak, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: coming up next, how runners in memphis plan to honor a teacher who was abducted and murdered. and american tennis star frances tiafoe makes history again today at the u.s. open. merican tenniss tiafoe makes history today at the u.s. open. before breztri, i was stuck in the past. i still had bad days, [coughing] flare-ups, which kept me from doing what i love. my doctor said for my copd, it was time for breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. like no other copd medicine,
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>> o'donnell: bond was revoked today for the suspect accused of abducting and murdering a teacher in memphis, tennessee. the suspect was released early after serving time for a kidnapping, when he allegedly grabbed 34 year old eliza fletcher when she was out for a run on friday. newly released video shows him scrubbing his car shortly after she disappeared. hundreds are now planning to finish fletcher's run this friday. commuters in america's largest transit system are no longer required to wear masks on public transportation. new york city lifted ther required to requirement, citing steady covid rates and the availability of new booster shots. and big news tonight from the u.s. open, up and coming american tennis star frances tiafoe today became the first black man to reach a u.s. open semifinal since arthur ashe in 1972, and did it on the court named after ashe. tiafoe, the son of immigrants from sierra leone, will play his next match on friday.
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>> o'donnell: firefighters are facing not just raging wildfires and staffing shortages, but they're also battling so called "forever chemicals," a possible contributor to the high rate of cancer deaths among firefighters.ble contributor t cbs's mark strassmann reports on a new technology that aims to reduce the risk. >> reporter: for america's pfirefighters, the irony is jarring. chemical foam they've sprayed on fires for decades to protect us was a hidden threat to them. >> i looked at them, foam has carcinogens? >> reporter: in north carolina, chief gregory sharp showed us his department's stockpiled fire foam. >> some of this is probably 20 years old. >> reporter: five gallon buckets of foam concentrate laced with
6:53 pm
p-faf's, manmade chemicals, water repellent, virtually indestructible, and dangerous if inhaled or absorbed into the body. for all of us, the e.p.a.'s lifetime health advisory for two of the most common, less than one part per trillion. fire foam? >> it's 10 million parts per trillion. >> reporter: which is as high a as it gets in. >> in its pure form, absolutely. >> reporter: a science research nonprofit treating the stockpile, in a first commercial application, it is promising technology uses heat and pressure and an oxident to remove the threat and the p-faf carbon fluoride bond. >> ten seconds through our react it will break the c.f. bond. >> reporter: another first, the crews testing clean fire foam made of organics. green fire, the manufacturer, says it's nontoxic, p-faf's free. >> you can't eliminate the smoke, the flames.
6:54 pm
you can eliminate the p-fafs. >> i don't want to get cancer and i don't want my folks to get cancer. >> reporter: they're firefighters stamping out a threat in their own station. mark strassmann, cbs news, north carolina. >> o'donnell: that's really interesting. we'll be right back with a return visit to the white house for former president barack obama and michelle obama. d mich. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear.
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>> o'donnell: it was a reue whis president biden welcomed back barack and michelle obama for the unveiling of their official portraits. cbs' ed o'keefe is at the white house. >> barack and michelle, welcome home. >> reporter: it was homecoming day for the obamas as their official white house portraits were added to one of the most famous art collections in the world. the former president relished being back. >> thanks for letting us invite a few friends to the white house. we will try not to tear up the place. (laughter) >> reporter: former president donald trump never scheduled an unveiling for the obama portraits and the bidens waited until covid-19 eased. so the portrait of michelle obama was hidden in artist sharon sprung's brooklyn art studio for six years. >> i want to thank sharon sprung for capturing everything i love about michelle.
6:58 pm
her grace, her intelligence, and the fact that she's fine. (laughter) >> reporter: as for his portrait by robert mckurdy... >> you will note that he refused to hide any of my gray hairs, refused my request to make my ears smaller. (laughter) >> reporter: the former first lady took note of the historic moment. >> a girl like me, she was never supposed to be up there next to jacqueline kennedy and dolly madison. she was never supposed to live in this house. and she definitely wasn't supposed to serve as first lady. >> reporter: now their portraits will both live in this house. ed o'keefe, cbs news, the white house. >> o'donnell: and that is tonight's cbs evening news, and remember, if you can't watch us live, set your dvr so you can watch us later. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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