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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 9, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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connected tv. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new it's friday, september 9th, 2022. mbering qu one of the most beloved women in the world, queen elizabeth ii, has passed away at the age of 96. we have a look at her life and legacy including how a woman who wasn't born to be queen became the longest ruling monarch in british history. long may he reign. the queen's son, charles, has assumed power as king. we'll speak with his former communications director about what's next for the monarch. a world in mourning. countless tribute are pouring in for the queen from world leaders to music royalty. good morning, and good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green. this morning the world is paying tribute to queen elizabeth. britain's longest reigning monarch died yesterday at the age of 96. a formal announcement of her passing was posted on the gate of buckingham palace earlier in the day. members of the royal family raced to her bedside at balmoral castle, her summer residence, when her health took a turn for the worst. her oldest son, charles, immediately became king and is expected to address the nation today. in a statement he called his mother's death a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family. tina kraus is at windsor castle outside of london with more on all of this. tina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a quiet morning here at windsor after a night filled with tributes and tears over the death of queen elizabeth. her son, now king charles iii, will address a nation in mourning. outside london's buckingham
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palace, a large crowd sang britain's national anthem -- ♪ god save the queen ♪ across the nation people are looking back on the life and legacy of the queen's seven decades on the throne. >> we've all known just one queen. we've always looked up to her. >> reporter: after the news of her death at age 96, countless people from around the world turned out at the queen's including here in windsor. >> she led this country with great reverence and duty and respect and honor. and i just don't know if there will be another like her. >> reporter: queen elizabeth ruled through 15 prime ministers, from winston churchill to the newly elected liz truss. the queen's passing thursday at balmoral castle, her summer home in scotland, instantly elevated her son, charles, to the throne as king charles iii. in washington, president biden and the first lady paid their
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respects and signed a condolence book at the british embassy. new york city's empire state building was bathed in purple and silver light. in the coming days, her state funeral will be held at westminster abbey. today begins a period of national mourning lasting at least ten days, culminating with the final good-bye to the queen at her funeral. anne-marie? >> tina kraus at windsor castle. thank you so much. during her 70-year reign, queen elizabeth experienced many highs and lows, not only those that were taking place in the world around her but also in her own family. mark phillips looks back at the monarch's life. [ cheers ] >> reporter: for a woman who was not born to be queen, the public outpouring of affection for elizabeth during the celebration of her 70th year on the throne was a tribute to her and to how well she had done her job. elizabeth alexandra mary windsor, queen elizabeth ii,
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reinvented the british monarchy and may have saved it. elizabeth was already 10-years-old when another royal drama led to her becoming heir to the throne. in 1936, her uncle, edward viii, abdicated to marry wallace simpson, and the royal line shifted to her father, george vi, and so to her. the young princess elizabeth was already a public favorite. >> i'm sure that you are often thinking of the old country -- >> reporter: during the second world war, she had worked to raise the country's morale. >> to make the world of tomorr tter haperce. served as a volunteer to effort. her marriage to philip mountbatten, a member of the deposed greek royal family, gave a war-weary country something to celebrate. and the children the marriage
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produced, first charles and then ann, secured the future. elizabeth's coronation in 1953 was the first ever to be televised, and it began a reign with a singular purpose -- >> my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service. >> reporter: but the royal ride was sometimes bumpy. the stability and continuity the monarchy was supposed to provide began to look shaky as one by one the royal marriages broke down around her. her sister margaret's, her daughter ann's, her son andrew's, they all ended in awkward divorces. none was uglier than the breakup of prince charles and diana spencer. the long-public unraveling of the marriage of the heir to the throne seemed to shake the very household. and if that household ever came close to teetering, it was in the period following the shocking death of diana in that
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paris car crash. the national outpouring of grief seemed to highlight the emotional gap between the queen and her people. elizabeth did much to repair the damage with a single bow of the head to the passing coffin of a popular princess. there would be other challenges -- one of the most serious centering around the wife of one of diana's sons. when prince harry's biracial american wife meghan markle complained of mistreatment by palace officials, the couple renounced the royal life and moved to california. when elizabeth's husband, prince philip, died, she was left alone. in seven decades on the throne, elizabeth redefined the rchy, rema it for a modern, lee not st the queen of grea britain, she became in a way queen of the world. mark phillips, cbs news, london.
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so the question now is where does the monarchy go from here with charles on the throne. julian payne is head of communications. he's joining me now. good morning, and thanks for joining me. listen, before we talk about charles, i'm sure during your time with him working for him you had dealings with the queen. i'm curious about your thoughts on her passing. >> good morning. yes, during my time working with the king, i did spend time with the queen. this naturally is a very sad time for everybody in the uk and in the other realms around the world. i think for those of us who worked with her directly, there's just that extra tinge of our personal memories which are bound up in this extraordinary woman and adds a layer of sadness to what i think everybody is experiencing here in the uk. >> you know, one of the things that you hear over and over again when we talk about the monarchy and queen elizabeth in
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particular is continuity., do charles will make or will need to make to the british monarchy to maintain the level of affection that it has enjoyed with -- under queen elizabeth? >> it's a really good point. you said it yourself -- conte -- continuity is at the heart of a hereditary monmonarchy. this is a monarchy which has stretched back for 1,000 years and as the new king or queen takes over. in many ways as king charles begins his reign, he will be focused on providing people with that sense of continuity and stability. having said that, he's talked previously about the need for a slimmed down monarchy. we're in a different era now. it's a less differential era. we have to make sure it is a monarchy which is the right size
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for the world as we now live in. so i think those two things will be at the heart of it. but also, let's not forget this is a king who has been passionately campaigning for the environment and for opportunities for young people. and i fully expect some of those things to continue into his reign. >> yeah. i think that is actually a great point, that, you know, we -- we do know a lot more about this king and his political sort of positions on certain things that we didn't know about the queen. so it should be interesting moving forward. julian payne, thank you so much. >> thank you. so be sure to stay tuned. "cbs mornings" will have complete team coverage of the passing of queen elizabeth from a look at her life and legacy to what's next for the royal family. that is today on a special edition of "cbs mornings." and coming up, some of the day's other news now including steve bannon surrendering to prosecutors in new york.
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the world continues to mourn queen elizabeth's passing. president biden ordered flags at the white house to be lowered to half staff. there were similar scenes elsewhere in washington including at the u.s. capitol and the british embassy. the united nations paid its respects as the security council and general assembly held moments of silence in tribute to elizabeth. in other news now, steve bannon turned himself in on a fraud case, and federal officials are appealing a judge's ruling in the trump documents investigation. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports the justice department asked a federal judge to restore its access to classified documents seized at former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. earlier this week the judge approved trump's request to have a neutral special master review the material. that meant federal prosecutors had to put their review on hold. the doj is appearing the
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decision. it said that if the the judge does not grant its request by next thursday, it would ask a federal appeals court to do so. and "the new york times" says former trump adviser steve bannon surrendered to new york state prosecutors to face fraud and other charges. bannon pleaded not guilty after being led into a new york city courtroom yesterday in handcuffs. he's accused of defrauding donors who gave money to build a wall along the southern border. in 2020, he faced similar charges in federal court. then-president trump pardoned him and the federal charges were dismissed. still to come, music's royalty pays tribute to the queen. we'll show how celebrities are remembering elizabeth and hear from sir paul mccartney. mccartn. woman tc: my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. doctor tc: ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. man tc: my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. son tc: mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. song: a1c down with rybelsus® anncr vo: in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus®
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british musical royalty paid tribute to queen elizabeth. sir paul mccartney wrote on social media, "god bless queen elizabeth." earlier this year he spoke with gayle king for the queen's platinum jubilee. >> what will be her legacy do you think? >> i think longest reigning monarch will be one of them. i think beloved by her people will be another. and i think someone who was the glue in times of need. >> on instagram, sir elton john praised the queen for her grace, decency, and a genuine caring warmth. and sir mick jagger wrote that he remembers elizabeth as a beautiful young lady to the much beloved grandmother of the nation. in other news now, fewer americans are filing for unemployment benefits, and putting water on your cereal? kellogg's wants you to do that.
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matt pieper has the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: the stock market recovered from a midday stumble and ended higher. the dow gained 193. nasdaq up 70. s&p 500 taking in 26. the u.s. weekly jobless claims fell to a three-month low. the labor department says applications for unemployment aid for the week ending september 3rd fell to 222,000. hiring in the u.s. has been strong even as the country faces rising interest rates and weak economic growth. it was moms equal pay day yesterday, and the national women's law center says the pay gap is still there. it says working moms get 58 cents for every dollar dads earn and it's worse for black, native american, and latina moms. the center notes that many moms had to slide into part-time roles, too, as schools went remote. and just add water. no, not to your plant but to your cereal. yes, kellogg's says cold water
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forecast in some cities around
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the country. ♪ nature seemed to pay its own tribute to queen elizabeth just as the news of her death was being announced. a double rainbow was seen shining over parts of london. it covered buckingham palace, parliament, big ben, and windsor castle. well, show reigned over millions, but to a select group, queen elizabeth was mom. roxana saberi has more on her family life. ♪ >> reporter: she served as a monarch to millions and mother to four. her devotion to her family and country a model for her people. amanda foreman is a historian and author. >> queen elizabeth ii as a mother had unique challenges. she had to be away for many months at a time, yet she took her duties as a mother very seriously. >> reporter: she was often
4:52 am
called detached for leaving her children with nannies and sending them to boarding school. >> she loved her children. that was obvious. >> reporter: as her children grew, their lives often exploded on the front page of tabloids and tvs around the world. >> queen elizabeth had to walk a very difficult line, kind of a mediator between the public's expectations of her and her children and how her children were actually feeling. it was very difficult. >> reporter: and by her side, her husband of 74 years, the duke of edinborough. >> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. >> reporter: the marriage between queen elizabeth and the duke of edinborough is one of the great romances of the modern age. and in the last year of his life because of covid ironically, they were able to spend much more time together. and that was really a blessing. >> reporter: the queen's legacy will include leading her family and her country into a modern era. >> she showed that, yes, you can be a mother, you can be a wife, but you can still be a woman this a position of power and influence.
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trouble spot is coming. we havea traffic alert slowing things down. we will have details, coming up. > >> time for a look at this morning's top stories. the world world is remembering queen elizabeth, she died peacefully at her summer castle in scotlan. in scotland. crowds have been gathering outside of punk incoms income collis, today, the future king charles iii is expected to to deliver his first


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