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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. look from london. buckingham palace as the country transitions from 75 years of the reign of queen elizabeth. d elizabeth. good afternoon. >> in just the last few hours king charles iii made his first address after the death of his mother. people across the world morning the loss of the queen as her son takes on his role as the head of the royal family. s family. cbs news has more on his first speech as king and what happens next. >> king charles put aside his grief today to focus on business, meeting with britain's new prime minister lz
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truss. king charles iii paid tribute to his mother queen elizabeth in his first address as monarch. >> throughout her life her majesty the queen, my beloved mother, was an inspiration an example to me and to all of my family. >> reporter: the kro to s his natiofull >> i shall endeavor to serve yoh loyalty, respect and love. >> reporter: earlier he arrive add t buckingham palace. queen elizabeth ii was 96 years old when she died yesterday at ball at balmoral castle. across the u.k., gun salutes were fired friday. while the queen remains in scotland m are coming here to her primary residence to par pay their respects. they will leaving flowers, notes and
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looking back fondly on their queen. >> we knew this day would come but i think it just hit everybody like a bolt of lightning really. we feel as though we have lost our own grandmother. >> reporter: funeral details have not been announced. snoint -- there will be a fun lick --g in scotland before she is flown to london. a procession will escort her body to westminster nearby for the funeral. the coordination of queen charles iii is not expected for severa. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. is not expected for several mon. in windsor, i'm tina courthouse, now back to you. >> the british parliament opened a special session with a tribute to the queen earlier today. >> tributes to the queen are
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pouring in from around the globe. major landmarks put on different looks last night as h as church bells rang and flags lowered to half staff. presidet biden and the first lady stoppey stopped by the british embassy in d.c. to sign a book of condolences. he described the n the queen as a states woman of unmatched dignity. celebritieso took to their stages to pay their tributes. >> we viewed her as a mortal. >> soccer stadiums in england wl england will be empty as the premier league announced this will postpone matches this weekend in honor of the queen.n queen. biden said he will likely attend queen's funeral but details are still in the works. works. >> a stuffed animal plays a big role in her growing admirationr
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the queen. >> reporter: i looked at that picture and i went o my gosh, she looks just like my grandmother. >> like so many others, susan oliver feels connected in some way to the queen. >> she has had family problems d problems and she holds her head up and deals with them. i mean, she's been through a lot. she doesn't let it get her down. >> reporter: operating a gift shop comes with a myriad of challenges. the 80-year-old opened up her storeroom in 1977 selling antique bears. >> i took this bear. i dressed m in a safari suit. >> reporter: clarence would bring susan a little closer toe to the queen. >> everywhere i went, look what happened. people wanted their e taken with him. >> reporter: he turned her african safari into a book. the fourth is based on her trip to get bray britain which she seno sent to the queen. >> i got a letter from buckinghm
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palace. i was so excited. >> reporter: as you are walking through the store, it is like visiting different parts of the world. this section over here s dedicated to the queen. >> the queen wishes know write and thank you for the book whih the book which you have recently sent to her majesty. >> does she inspire you? >> yeah. look at this. she -- she is unbelievable. she makes people realize that they can endure anything. bad stuff happens, you make the best of it. and she said plenty of problems. she always makes thet makes the best of it. always. >> reporter: back to you. >> we have much more reaction to the queen's passing on other website > >> all right. let's get right over to first alert metrologist jessica. >> smoke from the mosquito fire alits. we are keeping a closee e
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keeping a close eye on that hern that here in the weather centere center. we are sitting aing in a moderate section. 10 day 100. w 100. tomorrow 86 degrees. things are cooling down significantly as we head into this weekend's forecast. 70s and 80s in sightr sight for us just in time for the art and wine festival over in mountain view. as we head into the next couple of days, we are getting right back downo down to average. daytime highs in the san francisco getting up to the upper 60s as early as next week. 100 in our inland east bay. quickly turns into 80s by tomorrow. 70s as we wrap wrap up next workweek and head into the weekend. > >> and taking a look at our top stories this afternoon, the mosquito fire burning between sacramento and lake tahoe. exte heat and tough terrain making
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that fight tough for fire crews. that fire is actually triggering a spare the air day for the bay area. >> and in alameda county sheriff deputy devin williams jr. is being charged with two counts f counts of murder. he is accused of shooting and killing a coupe a couple in dublin. details about what led to this couple being killed have not been released. williams is expected >> and another key deadline in the investigation of former president trump. the doj and trump's lawyers have until midnight tonight to submit potential cdates for the so called special master who will review the documents the fbi seized at trump's florida homes home. this all comes after the federal judge approved trump'ss approved trump's rekesquest. > >> a recent diversity report card shows lawyers in california are much more white than people they represent. kpx
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represent. kpix 5's justin andrews talked to an attorney t to an attorney about that issue. >> reporter: brandon banks walks us through the doors of his office. . >> the attorney found he is also -- while law is life, it is a y a lonely one. i just haven't seen a lot of black and brown people. that just -- there is definitely under representation definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn definitely under representationn the field. >> reporter: he has no problem talking about it. a recent report released by the state bar of california reveals the y the attorney pool is not reflective of the population. e population. the study shows hispanics and latinos make up 36% of the state's adult population and only 6% of the licensed attorneys. blacks are 6%f the adultatio and 2 ofhe attorney pool. asian-ams attorney pool. asian-americans have the most equity per the report. they are 16% of the sts
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the state's adult population and 14% of the attorneys. these disparities potentially have a negative impact on the state's justice system. >> how will we ever suggest this happen? especially for those wo need it the most? >> reporter: he is from the east bay. the ucla law school grad just took the bar in july. >> you learning a new language.t language. it is an incredibly rigorous program. this language is one that is being spoken pry by white folks. >> reporter: he said he was in a section of about 75 students. he was one of three students over color. he said the vast majority of folks determining the legal livelihood of minorities are not people of color. >> myself as a critical race study scholar from ucla, i see a dire and urgent need not just for more diverse representation attorneys but a diverse applicn of legal reasoning when it comes making determinations for peopls
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making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making determinations for peopls making d outcomes. >> reporter: now as a litigator he is determined to represent driving change. >> being a lawyer and practicing law was the only thing that felt right. >> that was justin andrews reporting. there morning he spe he spoke with the executive director of the state bar who said having the data is the fit the first step in increasing diversity. >> i think there are many steps that need to be taken and not just by the state bar but by other organizations as well. so when we think about the pipeline into the profession that pipeline begins early. tht early. that is where we really look to local bar association, our educational system to impact that early pipeline into law school. >> coming up next a major infrastructure project may brig may bring relief for businesses in san francisco's chinatown.
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> >> the latest on the central subway project that brought the nation's head
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits,
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not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. right. lets take live look at te live look at the big board on this friday. so far the dow jones is up about 439 points. e the new line yesterday and as'd
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wilson walker reports, after years of delays t finish line is well combed -- a welcomed st combed -- a welcomed sight for r owners. for henry's double a bakery and cafe, things are finally looking up. the moon fl moon festival is bringing in customers in a long time drag on business is winding down. >> it is eight years. >> eight years? >> eight years. >> the owner of yummy dim sum said central subway construction almost took his bs his business under. >> it really hinders the business because of all the noise and blockades. >> i want to recognize city staff, many who have worked tirelessly to plan and build this project and thank the comy the community for their patience
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during the many, many years of construction. >> city leaders and the transportation secretary acknowledged the delays, promising a new line that willg will bring transit improvements that will be worth the wait. >> one of my favorite things about transportation projects s projects is the good ones make skeptics into believers. seeing is believing. when you get benefit, it is something that everybody is glad for. >> for those who suffered through years of disruption optimism is growing as business owners start to envision some potential pay off just down the line. >> and the good thing is stationed connect to -- civic r civic center to union square. >> if the station opens soon, it would bring more business and help the business out a lot more. >> a number of speakers invoke a
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jep basis of genesis of what this whole process. all they said is construction is done in and an opening date is coming this fall. > >> let's get to first alert metrologist jessica burch. >> daytime highs are finally starting to cool down as we hed we head into the weekend. i know that is hard to believe when we are still seeing these triple digits off in the east inland hills. yesterday concord was sitting at 110. today 100. tomw 100. tomorrow 86 degrees. can you believe that? we are coolig are cooling down significant. i will we are right back down average this afternoon. somethg interest is going on in the atm. a lot of smoke pushing in from the mesquite fire closer to tahoe up in the upper level atmosphere settling down into the bay. we are sitting in a moderate section. we are keeping a close eye on this here in the weather center as
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we extend into the next couplef days. nonetheless temperatures are cooling down heading into this weekend. we have a lot ofs of events going on starting off with this afternoon alone. 69 degrees just in time for the celebrity golf classic. heading into this weekend, if you are heading out to the art and wine festival, these temperatures are beautiful. a great opportunity to celebrate the cooler weather with some art and some wine. 70s and 80s in sight. take a look what we are expecting. 60s in the forecaste the forecast. we will take it in san francisco. we are still dealing with triple digits thi. 86 by tomorrow. 70s in the forecast as we head into next week as well as the north bay.u bay. you saw all those clouds is forecast asfloen -- alone? that is due to the at hoss -- atmos.
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that will cool us and enhance relative humidity here in the atmosphere just in the bay area alone. so as that track startsg starts moving north, tropical storm kate will start to dissie start to dissipate but nonetheless we are still seeing a lot of clouds from this system heading into our weekend forecast. so long story short,a cooling trend, more clouds. we will take it here in the bay. r in the bay. for now right back over to you. > >> nfl football kicked off last night and the faithful are ready for the 49ers to take thd the field on sunday. >> we will hear from one of they the key parts of the defense on the rising from a mid round draft pick to a big time play . to a big time play maker.
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being a third round draft pickd pick fred is easily becoming onf one of the best line backers ine flil. rrt >> reporter: it is final for your red and gold report. the middle linebacker position is basically the quarterback and the defense. the lead and the 49er ers have a really good one in him. he is one of the captains of the 49ers defense.t is expected to be one of the best units in the league. anotr league. another defensive leader, yeah, the warriors draymond green. he was picked 35th. does warner do the same h same with being 70th? >> do i think that i could have
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been drafted higher? i guess. t the end of the day i would have never wanted to be drafted anywhere but here. when i came out from little byu, i was not who i am today. i'm super grateful. >> reporter: back to you. > >> our kpix 5's sports team is getting you ready for game day. day. > >> well t fictional character james bond is being honored in a maze of glory. >> we will take you to this mase this massive corn maze marking g a big bond anniversary. >> and today
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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off as we extend into our weeked extend into our weekend forecast. i know it is still warm for us this afternoon. ths will quickly change within the matter of the next couple of days. we are expecting upper 7, lower 80s. a beautiful forecastr forecast for us this weekend but really as we head into next workweek, too. daytime highs jumping from 100 in our ineast bay to 86 by tomorrow. >> this is a pretty corny way to
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celebrate james bond. >> well done. a suburban farm made a corn maze. this maze features over 10 miles of trails. wow. the first bond movie came out in 1962. the 2002 will also be on display for fans. do you have a favorite james bond? >>
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