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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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limited availability guy, and she had to get away from him. >> reporter: and he threatened her? >> yes, he did. always. > >> now at 11:00, a peninsula neighborhood reeling after a yog mother was beheaded in the street. tonight we hear disturbing revelations from family, friends, and the message victim apparently received befoe the attack. good evening, i'm aa nakano. but first, we have wild weather from a heat wave and wis to a tropical storm. this is one one of the most unusual and extreme weather california has seen in quite awhile. today marked the tenth straight day of day of flex alerts, which expired this evening. as we come we come out of a scorching heat wave, tropical storm kay bringing intense rain and 100 miles per hour winds to parts on
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california sparking concerns abt coastal flooding. and 11 major wildfires are spreading across california. one of them the balg mosquito fire in placer and el dorado counties. smoke from thee is drifting over the bay area and creating hazy conditions. check out the sunshine tonight. barely can make out the mountais in the backdrop. and here's what here's what it looked like whene sun was setting in san mateo. a lot of that haze in the upper atmosphere. closer to the mosquo fire, very thick smoke is blanketing el dorado county. its quadrupled in size to around 30,000 acres, and tonight over 5,000 are evacuated. >> reporter: as fire crews rushed in to fighe flame, fearful homeowners left h whatever they could. >> i'm terrified because everything i have is my home. i'm retired, disabled, so everything i ever worked for isp there. everything. >> i'm scared to death i'm going going to lose everything. everything i have in there, cars
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cars and motorcycles. i mean, that's my, that's my life's collection. >> reporter: firefighters had quite a battle on their hands overnight as the wind whipped the mosquito fire into the townf volcanoville. overnight flames scorched at least 5,000 acres, burning several homes in its pa. crews from san francisco, alameda county, and san jose have joined the effort to try and slow down the blaze, but the the difficult terrain and steep canyons are making it extremely difficult. residents knew fie thwas coming. >> i go through this every year, year, you know, so it's kind ofe maybe i've been gradually buildg up to this point. of course i've course i've been dreading it. >> reporter: this is the fight firefighters d to deal with. here on the ridge of forest hill, just a few hundred yards from the center of of town, crews were able to save save several homes by creating a creating a strong fire line around the property. the cause is under investigation, but the
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u.s. forest service did surround surround the base of a pg&e transmission pole with caution tape. there were no signs of da, but pg&e reports unspecified electrical activity at the time the fire started. the governor has secured money from fema to p with fire fighting efforts and declared a state of emergency ie area. > >> chief meteorologist paul hegn is tracking the smoke and temperatures. >> yes, we are looking at cooler cooler temperatures, but the one one thing that won't change is the amount of smoke in the air . the big picture, we'll zoom into we'll zoom into the sight of the sight of the fire, and you can is still a active fire fire this evening. but conditios aren't as bad as they were last, so at least some good news. they just a touch over 40%, though. that's still quite low for 11:0t night. the winds aren't that strong. only at 2 miles per hou.
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the gusts only up to 8 miles pe. hopefully the fire crews take advantage of the less unfavorable conditions to hopefully get some containment, at least on the fringes of the fire. our air quality dipped tot the moderate category across the across the bay area right now. that's where we are right now. the worse air quality is closer to the mosquito fire and back into the central valley. we stan the moderate category tomorrow. there will be smoke in the atmoe overhead, but not as much as ground level. we'll track that through the weekend and next wek coming up in a few minutes. temperatures tomorrow a whole dt story. we'll see 70s and 80s instead of the 80s, 90s, and los across the bay area. we'll filln the rest of the map as well in a a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. > >> tonight a community on the peninsula is mourning after a woman was beheaded. family, friends, and those that knew her and those that knew her spoke with our betty yu tonight. >> reporter: strangers and loved loved ones alike have been
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stopping by this makeshift memol where the young mother was killed. friends of the family say the beheading happened in ft of her children. they spelled her name in candles. friends identified the victim as karina castro. adrienne murray said she's close with the victim's mother. >> what a sweet girl. she didn't didn't deserve in this mess. she she had two little children struggling every day like the rest of us. and her boyfriend, um, wasn't bad looking. nice, i mean, they seemed like they got, but they didn't. >> reporter: she said karina wae her car when her boyfriend approached. it happened at magna avenue and laurel street thursday. >> she was putting them in the car and she raised her head and he cut her head off. and the chn saw everything. everything. >> reporter: the suspect has been arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of murder and
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identified as 33-year-old jose rafael solano. adrienne said he would constantly threaten the v. >> she has the texts on her phone that he was going to behead her if she didn't cancel the restraining order. >> reporter: karina's friends say they used to spend time with the couple. >> we all used to be mutual friends. >> we all hung out, our kids hung out. none of us would ever expect something like this, so e at a loss for words really. just words really. just can't even really speak right now. but yeah. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the woman was killed killed with a stabbing instrume, but the weapon hasn't been found. betty yu, kpix 5. > >> still ahead tonight, a break in the case of a homicide at a troubled bart station plaza. plus, strong swells and flood watches. new video in from southern california showing the impact of tropical storm kay. and later, why the niners are fg a federal lawsuit with a connecn
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to the atlanta falcons.
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>> new at 11:00, a 42-year-old man has been arrested in connecn with a fatal stabbing at a san francisco bart station plaza. according to bart police, on aut 28th, a man was stabbed during an argument right in front of te 24th street and mission bart station. the violence came just one week after community members members knocked down temporary fencing, blocking off the plaza. the plaza. bart put up the barricades to crack down on the sale of stolen goods and the drg market. > >> we're also learning a construction worker was killed
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by a roll away vehicle in the upscale peninsula city of hillb. police are calling it a tragic dent. > >> and more than seven months after alexis gabe vanished, her family picked up her car, the one police believe her boyfriend boyfriend dumped after killing . her family is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her remains. jones later died in a shoot out with police. > >> now to the storm watch, the remnants of tropical storm kay s kicking up more wild weather in southern california. long beach long beach is dealing with rougs and drenching rains. a big departure from the heat wave in san diego county. strong winds are downing trees and power lin. 109-mile per hour winds were
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recorded in the san diego mountains. >> we have our heavy equipment staffed up, and we also have the have the swift water rescue team rescue team staffed up. our hels are both 24 hours. >> this is all too much at oncey for this time of year here. >> there's a concern tonight about rains causing debris flows flows in burn scars and winds kicking up wildfires. > >> don't miss the big bright harvest moon tonight. it's called a harvest moon because it it happens close to the fall eqx when farmers often harvest thei. it's a nice sight to see instead instead of the orange haze that blanketed the bay area exactly o years ago today. >> can you believe that was two years ago? >> i remember it so vividly. >> yes, there was a little orange tint to the full moon ths evening as it first came up bece you're looking through more atm, so there was that haze today producing that same look. but once it got up higher in the sk, it looked like the normal moon. the haze isn't quite that thicks
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weekend and won't be. let's loot the big picture pattern. the het dome finally weakening. i can be bearer of good news to finish off the week. and there's the remnants of tropical storm kay w a post-tropical cyclone. southern california has seen a lot of rain, and that type of landscape can't absorb the moisture. they've had the extreme heat, then windy conditions, and now moisture. it it looks like that's going to avoid the bay area. we'll be on the fringes of the system with g clouds overhead, but in terms os or thunderstorms bringing a dryg threat, the odds are very low. e storm prediction center outlining the greatest probability of that staying farther off to the east and southeast throughout the weekend. well, it's not a zero percent chance. technically it'r than 20%, and that's really just really just us being extra
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cautious in case. saturday night night into sunday brings that very, very outside chance of a couple of dry lightning strikes. strikes. not a huge concern, just something we'll monitor tht the weekend along with the smoke. plenty of it in the atmosphere overhead, but we're g with this map the amount of smoke through the depth of the atmosphere, not just ground level. mosofs upre we rr. it starts to thin out a little bit on sunday. a trend that's going to be more noticeable heading into early next week as the on shore winds kick in quity. mode across the board for surface aiy tomorrow and sunday, same as to. it does improve monday and tuesday. more green dots on the map early next week. looking oue right now, the fog is back. thet time we've seen in in away. a harbinger of the cooling to come. even the warm spots checkg in at 73, concord and livermorer than we've seen for the 11:00 temperatures over the past sevel
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nights. mix of 50s and 60s on the map early tomorrow morning. still slightly above average, but we're in for near normal temperatures tomorrow. everyone within three degrees of normal.s down the peninsula, around the south end of the bay, and the santa clara valley. mostly in te middle portion of the 80s arounn jose. mid to upper 80s inland and the east bay, and the hottest spots just touching 90 . what a change from the triple digit heat we've had all week. temperatures in san tlno aroun7o to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay, and around 80 as you go north of the golden gate. comfortably warm tomorrow afternoon. still in the 90s for ukiah and clear lake saturday afternoon. temperatures a degree degree or two warmer inland sunday, but no extreme heat in the forecast. in fact, the opposite. we have a little three-day stretch of below average temperatures tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that means mid-60s in the city, around 70 for oakland, and mid
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to upper 70s for san jose, and n the warmest spots inland in thet bay will be barely above 80. that will feel refreshing aftere past ten days. > >> ahead in sports, does kyle sn think the weather in chicago will be a factor? and the american frances tiafoe had thew york crowd on their feet at the u.s. open. did hi
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>> the giant ares are honoring e victims of the 9/11 attacks ahed of the 21st anniversary this weekend. this 9/11 tribute went up right off the main gates of oracle park. flagsare hanging with names of nearly 3,000 people who were killed in the terror attacks. > >> meanwhile, the niners are facing a federal lawsuit over aa breach. according to the chronicle, an atlanta falcons employee filed the suit claiming filed the suit claiming the team the team exposed her social security number in a data breach. the suit claims the tean failed to notify her or the
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20,000 other potential victims. it was a result of a ransom ware a ransom ware attack for 49ers staff and staff and vendors at other vendors where the 49ers p. > >> for more on the 49ers this weekend on the field, that's tht on george kittle? >> yes, that's the big questionl the tight end play or not? the three-time pro bowler missed yer practice today due to the groin injury he suffered on monday. ar the rest of the team, trey lance lance and company completed ther final practice before travelingo chicago. that game kicks off at 10:00 a.m. local time. rain is expected throughout the game. add in the wind, expect it to be be extra sloppy on the highly cd soldier field playing surface. >> i never know if that will be an advantage or disadvantage. i don't know how the other team will be. there can be plus and minuses to both. sometimes the
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rain help, sometimes it hurts. s so many variables with rain that rain that i try not to make a big deal about it. you just sees going on in the game and see the the teams have been advantages r disadvantages and adjust as you go. > >> u.s. american semis, francese took on carlos alcaraz. he battled back to win the set ande tie breaker. fifth set, tiafoe serving. any magic left? no. alz takes the point and advances to the finals on sunday. that's whe casper ruud awaits. > >> left-handed hitters rejoice. the shift in major league basebl is dead. the infield shift will be banned starting next season.a pitch clock will also be added. pitchers have 15 seconds with te bases empty and 20 seconds with the runners on base. giants pitr
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carlos rodon did his job today.k out 11 at wrigley. second innins lone mistake. gomes, two-run sht into the bleachers. cubs up 2-0a up as the go ahead run. full co, and he goes in the dirt. brandon brandon hughes got him chasing. inning over and another loss for for the giants. just three hits in the game. they fall 4-2. it'r fifth straight loss. > >> to oakland, aj puck has been out standing the season. had a 3-0 lead entering the 9th. but the hit t throw, close, but ingle is safe. white sox tie it tie it up. and elvis does it again. two runs come into score. into score. what a homecoming for elvis andrus. not a great
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outing for puck giving up five earned runs in the 9th. sox victorious 5-3. > >> and earlier today draymong green joined the michigan state athletics hall of fame. he played there from 2008 to 2012. he was the national player of te year his senior season. he averd 16 points, 10 rebounds, a double rebounds, a double double that season. national player of the . yet somehow went 35th in the dr. every time had a chance to have him, and he winds up in golden state. >> and i'm sure the warriors are are glad he did. thanks, charli. > >> next, the road to coronation. coronati
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>> taking a live look at the palace, king charles iii has been waiting more than 70 years to ascend the throne. tomorrow he'll be officially proclaimed g in london in an ancient ceremon. ian lee on the promises the king
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promises the king is making to the people of great britain. >> god save the king! >> reporter: king charles iii and his wife the queen consort received a royal welcome outside outside the palace on friday ony after the death of queen elizabeth. >> the fact that they're out hee greeting people the day after his mother has passed away is pretty incredible. >> reporter: with a picture of his mother beside him, king charles addressed the nation, vowing to uphold the same level of public service that queen elh did over her 70 year reign. >> her dedication and devotion for sovereign never wavered through times of change and pro, through times of joy and celebr. >> reporter: the country is now in a ten-day mourning period. te queen's family will eventually be held at westminster abbey, her body buried here at windsor catholic next to her late
11:29 pm
husband prince phillip. >> to my darling mama, as you start your last great journey to last great journey to join my dare papa, i want simply to say: thank you. >> reporter: many followed the speech closely, packing pubs to watch. >> he's made a very good start,d i'm proud to call him our king. >> it was fabulous. it was very emotional, certainly at the endl tell you what was amazing, thisb here was silent listening to evy word he said. >> reporter: president biden said he has not spoken to the new king yet, but will be attending queen elizabeth's funeral. but before the queen is is finally laid to rest, she'll lie in state. we expect tens ofs of people to pay their respects to the longest serving monarch n british history. in england, ia, now back to you. >> as a new heir begins, people in the bay area are paying their their respects to queen elizabeth tonight. mourners werd
11:30 pm
to sign books of condolences, and among them were a pair of os visitors here when the news of e passing reached our shores. >> i think it's important for us to pay ous to someone who's been our queenr a long time. >> we've never seen a king, and, it's pretty surreal. >> the consulate and staff will collect well wishes from the public and preparing for what'so come next. we have much more on the queen's passing and bay area area reaction on our website, k. > >> up next, imagine getting caut in a dust storm while heading te club. the vegas strip almost dig in an instant.
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>> finally tonight, a dust storm finally tonight, a dust storm is vegas placed quite the damper on damper on a night out on the to. check this out. gusting winds in winds in arizona pushed into nea last night kicking up a dust stm suddenly. the dust storm also caused dozens of flight cancellations and paul, can we e tropical storm kay for kicking up the winds? >> yeah, and what a wild summer it's been for las vegas. they've they've had flooding problems we the flood waters coming down through the roof of the casino. and now a dust storm. have you ever been in a dust storm? >> i have not. >> it hurts. like getting sandblasted literally by the wind. >> they still made it to the
11:35 pm
club though. >> sure, it's vegas. >> just make it to the club and you'll be captioning sponsored by cbs >> congresswoman lauren boebert is facing backlash after implying that jesus could have defended himself from crucifixion if he had assault rifles. >> the little twitter trolls, they like to say, "oh, jesus didn't need an ar-15." "how many ar-15s do you think jesus would have had?" well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him. >> coming soon to broadway: lauren boebert's "jesus christ superstar."


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