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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> noi at 11:00, as the nation remembers the 9/11 attacks, 21 years later. we will introduce you to a man and his guide dog who survived the darkest days. >> we walked down safely. and if we did, people would get trampled. >> new details on the murder of 8-year-old sophia mason. why not one the four suspects tonight. >> san francisco is the heart and soul of queer america. >> and where hundreds of people lined up for the premiere of the
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first lbgt crown. and more on all of that coming up in a moment. here's a math. and just reported on piedmont, not far from oakland. . >> proximity is everything. a lot of people felt it, it was in the center of the high population center. at 2.9, that's a small earthquake. there's no reports of any damage from this. just to put a little perspective, the usgs takes reports. did you feel it? you could go on their website
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and they kind of plot it on a map. it's color coded. light shades of blue means it was felt lightly. i'll get out of the way. it's certainly up in the east bay hills. plenty in the city having felt this. this is notable because of its location. it's also notable, as it began in the most earthquake fault in the bay area. not the san andreas but the haywood. this is the fault that goes to the population center. it's the fault that's most overdue for the next significant earthquake. thankfully, this was not it. this has nothing to do with delaying it at all. it's hayward doing what it does. letting off a little steam. that covers one aspect of today's story. the other one is related to the fire. and take a look at the view from
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today in truckee, where this is the second day in a row now. truckee and the entire basin. and aqui. when it hits 300, it's hazardous. this is 600. and let me show you the air quality map. when you take a look at that, we're kind of getting easy. mosquito fire is putting out a lot of smoke. it's really piling in the sierra. we'll do it in the next few days. what it means at home, in terms of air quality in the next few days. it's a good story for us, in terms of cooling off the smoke and temperatures. and for now, i know you have more on the fire. >> thanks. the smoke is coming from the mosquito fire that continues to threaten thousands of homes, thankfully. no reports of homes being
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destroyed right now. latest numbers puts the fire at over 46,000 acres burned so far. the good news, they finally gotten some containment after being at zero all week long. and people staying in evacuation centers in laughlin and hoping for the best. >> distraught, scared, frightened. we don't know if we have a home. >> all i have to do, is hope and pray for everybody. >> and in the bay area, if you got caught up in traffic this afternoon, on 101 in san jose, this is why. crews were on the scene along highway 101 earlier. it burned about an acre. the chp had to close a lane, while san jose fire got things out under control. it's been 21 years since the september 11 attack. today, americans everywhere took
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time to remember the nearly thousands of lives lost. communities across the bay area, marked the anniversary, in memorials, moments of silence and the local people affected by the september 11 attacks. and survivors of the attacks, were joined by local firefighters, first responders and veterans coming together to remember the sacrifices made and share their experiences. >> we are survivors, must remain strong and vigilant. we will always remember that day, september 11th, 2001. god bless you. god bless america. >> daul limb has stories of three people in the bay area that experienced the attacks firsthand. a blind man who survived the trade center and two firefighters who responded in
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the aftermath. >> he turned his survival into a new york best seller, thunder dog. he and his dog flew down 75 flights of stairs to safety. >> we walked down the stairs safely. we didn't run. we didn't dare panic. if we did, people would get trampled. >> michael was working on the 74th floor. he had co-workers who didn't know who was going on but knew to get out. >> there are other times, when people started to panic. some would stop to have a group hug. >> they asked the team work and trust, where he guided him out of the tower. >> we have no idea what happened, until both towers fell. >> and on the opposite side of the country, a group, firefighters were called to help with search and rescue.
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multi-stories, steel structures, collapsed burned out. everything was destroyed. the smells and human composition. smells burning. the smoke. . >> and parts of the plane. and able to find -- and other people couldn't get into because of the equipment. >> they got through the grim discoveries. closure for the victim's families. all three men had different experiences of 9/11. and they hope the nation will heal of recent years of political division. . >> everybody was forming the same direction. there was not democrats or republicans. >> we need to remember and not let it happen again.
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>> number of deaths has grown significantly over the years, as survivors and first responders, succumb to 9/11 illnesses. . >> family of sophia mason, her real family, those who loved her are closer to securing justice. >> california's attorney, rob bonds are speaking about new arrests made in the murder of 8-year-old sophia mason from hayward. we first told you about this last night at 11:00, her mother's boyfriend that's in custody. today, >> duante jackson was the main suspect police are looking for, from this weekend. jackson helped them elude
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authorities in the last six months. and he's wanted for attempted murder. and they say she suffered under horrific conditions. >> there was evidence that sophia was the victim of continued physical abuse. as well as a closet inside the residents. >> and sophia's mother samantha, who is also in jail. she, too, faces second-degree mur and other charges. three yesterday in merced, each faced accessory to murder charges. they are accused of giving jackson shelter and transportation while he was in hiding. >> doubled the reward to find the missing 24-year-old's body. they are offering $100,000, leading to the recovery of her remains. and she was last seen on
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antioch, when authorities suspect, that her ex-boyfriend killed her in his home on that day. >> and two police officers injured after a suspected drunk driving hit them during a traffic stop. it happened in solano county. they stopped another car, when the suspect's -- and one officer had to be airlifted to the hospital with his injuries. he's expected to be in stable condition tonight. and one officer was treated for lesser injuries and has been released from the hospital. the driver of the car, was arrested for dui. >> historic nights, as the first gay romantic comedy by a major hollywood, wrapped around the block. and they spoke to the film stars about the significant forward for representation on the
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screen. >> and the stars, were resounding. san francisco held the first public screening in the u.s. and the crowd, enthusiastic welcome to actors. >> what was your first reaction, knowing you are part of history? >> you know, it's interesting when we sat down to write the movie, we never thought about being historic. we wanted to make a funny touching movie. then it turned out, there are historic statistics attached to it. it's very exciting. it's an honor. >> everybody is really excited and -- >> navigates the moderate dating world and runs into luke mcfarland's character, aaron. >> i know you want this to be a funny movie and something enjoyable. not just for gay people but straight people? >> absolutely. funny is funny. >> if every single time you went to a movie, if it was related to
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your world view -- >> and it's interesting. lgbqt folks grew up only seeing love stories. >> and some of san francisco's most favorite drag points. >> that gives us hope. it's kind of like a love story for the underdog. love is for everybody. it's hard sometimes to be a fabulous queen, right? >> we grew up with love cons and the gay character is always the side character. >> the line for a chance to see the main characters on the big screen stretched for several blocks. >> being here in san francisco, of course, premiering in the castro for the lbgtq community, what does it mean? >> i'm taking lots of plane rides. and i rewatched the documentary. i was so struck on how powerful
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the career movement is for the city and it's knit altogether with the city. it's an honor. >> in the castro, betty u, kpix spot. >> still ahead, the san francisco opera celebrating 100 years with the return of opera in the park. first, a deadly lone tradition helps deadly
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>> thousands of people stepping up for the east bay's largest street festival. and theol ty omu food and entertainment. the festival is an opportunity for them to embrace community and especially post pandemic, when many are rebuilding. there was also 60 new businesses representing at the festival. many of them replaced those who didn't make it through the past three years of pandemic struggles. >> and get to say hi to everybody and especially after covid, it's nice to say hi see what you have not seen for three years. >> organizers say, estimated 100,000 people showed up to the two day event. luckily, it was not too hot. so refreshing after what we saw earlier last week. >> with warmed a little. and today, cooling back down.
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the rest of the whole seven-day forecast, below average. it's working really well. 73 in concord and 71 in livermore. told you about the minor earthquake that happened in piedmont. it was no reports of any damage. you felt it, it was felt in the city. pretty mildly. if you're just tuning in, that's what that was, up to the 1031. the other issue is the smoke. look what the winds is going to do. for the most part, the smoke is going to be blown away. we have enough smoke just trapped within the marine layer here in the bay, that we're reading moderate. air quality advisory, watch what happens tomorrow. strong breeze, is going to take what we have left in terms of the smoke and get it out of here. we're looking at clear skies, that meets cooler air.
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it's really our saving grace. we will have clouds around tomorrow. tomorrow's probably going to look as complicated and the sky is to date. we will have a littleless haze. we're still going to feel the influence, moisture that's thrown in the state, for once was a tropical storm. it's giving us the ingredients to build thunderstorms in the area. half an inch much rain in the last 24 hours. you may have gotten a drop of rain in the bay. that's all what's it going to be. watch what happens. the moisture that was there from kay. even that dissipates. by the time we gets toward tuesday, even a little bit of humidity, that you may be feel in the air, that's going away, too. here's tomorrow morning. nothing new there. we warm back to the low to mid 80s. that's cooler than today. i'm specifically talking about
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the warmest spots. we're in the low 90s today that's where the pattern is going to say. san francisco, oakland and san jose, there's no change. even some mid 70s for san jose. by the time we go to thursday and friday. by the time we go to micro climates. low 80s, below average. for most of the 70 forecast. and that's pretty good. >> coming up, 50th anniversary of the bart train's first role. >> and then, we'll join 49ers fans as we celebrate the kick-off of the season at i
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gerdello square. >> and giants in the spotlight and the a's, spotted one of their own. >> what i will always be, oakland a and native of oakland. >> those four stories and more at game day, at 11:30.
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>> lots of pregame excitement, san francisco brewing company, where the 49ers hosted the first kick-off watch party of the season. all that excitement, and will let you know how things turned out. unfortunately, if you watched the game, things got south after the niners got pounced on with the chicago bears. dozens of fans, still enjoyed food, drinks and a bobble head giveaway. aaron dunn has the details, coming up after the newscast. download the kpix app. that gives you 24-7 access to cbs and the bay area and kpix newscast. you could also sign up
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>> bart turned 50 years old on this day, the bay area rapid transit system opened for service. when it first opened, it was considered revolutionary. it took place in the weekend, in lake merritt plaza. the ever evolving system still stands as a staple in the bay
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area, in honor. the bart fares will be 50 percent off. >> cal train running a new schedule, for people, transferring for new bart. it will reduce it from 5-15 minutes. it insures two train stops, every hour, during peak times. this is to keep up with the demand of people heading back to the office. we'll be right back.
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>> join thousands of daily viewers all over the country, streaming kpix. expect the news news you trust on any device, anytime, anywhere. cbs news bay area brings you closer to the big stories. first alert weather weather and breaking news, as it as it happens, on the cbs news app and pluto tv. download today to stream cbs news bay area, 32 32 million streams and counting. >> opera and classical music echoing through the golden gate >> opera and classical music, eg through golden gate park way. thousands relaxed and picnicked at opera in the rk. th returned after a pandemic break. . that concert also marked the 100th anniversary of the san fro
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opera. > >> a new horror movie and blockbuster are disrupting the weekend box office. david daniel daniel takes a look at what else what else rounded out the top f. top five. >> my family was taken. inside zone the league of super pets fell to fifth place, taking into $.8 million. "top gun maverick" went to number four. through $.3 million put "bullet train" in third place. and this film, the first in a trilogy, launching india's first cinematic universe was in secon, second place, for $4.4 million. the fright flick "barbarian," easily took the word weekend crown, grossing $10 million. > >> thank you for watching. game day is next. you can find news and weather updates always on
11:33 pm have a good one.
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>> this is the casino matrix game day on kpix 5. > >> the september 11th addition, a lot of content, tonight. thank thank you for joining us. they lead off, the bay area team that
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that moves the needle the most. seven point favors to work overe bears. chicago's response? seven seven point favorite this! look at these conditions! oh man. both had to play in this, though. george kittle, saudi int in street clothes, with an inju. first quarter. samuel had it knocked loose, by jaylen johnson. the bears, football. chicago gave it right back. take take a look. justin fields, third and seven, first career interception for the second year year safety. defensive five first half negative plays, trey lance point he'd like to have this back. he missed tyler kroft, just over it.


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