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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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disturbing details revealed. > >> not backing down. californiam workers mark their third week of of a 24-hour vigil outside the state capital. how some bay area area residents are showing support on a workers rights bill. > >> and a week ago a major heat . but this week, below average co. we'll talk more about that, coming up in your full forecast. forecast. > >> and we'll introduce you to ts 9-year-old bull riding pro. > >> the uk's goodbye to queen elh ii is now officially underway. g charles iii addressed parliamen. he is now traveling to scotlande the queen's coffin will be moved be moved from her royal
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residence to the city of edinbu. > >> back at home. five guantanamo guantanamo bay prisoners charged prisoners charged in the september 11th attacks could soon get plea deals. the potential plea deals could take the death penalty off the table and leave the guantanamo bay detention camp open indefinitel. > >> a judge has paused the review the review of the documents seid in the search of the mar a lago. she wants to appoint a mast tory filter out information first. te justice department says it needs it needs to see the documents now as a matter of security. trp has until later this morning to weigh in. > >> and here to weigh in on our r is jessica burch. a lot cooler this morning. >> oh my goodness. i can't get r the fact seven days ago we were dealing with record breaking numbers. today actually right
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around average. tomorrow well below average. by tomorrow's dae highs, we are only dealing with mid-70s. it is going to continue continue to look like that as we we wrap-up the week. let's talk about something more important. > >> there is still smoke pushingn over the bay area just from the mosquito fire, giving us mostlye conditions in our air quality. s are changing into this week. the this week. the smoke is going to to start pushing off into the east as the wind is coming offshore. here in the bay area, we'll start seeing the air quality really improve. > >> nonetheless, one more thing,t night we dealt with the earthque just north of piedmont. a lot of of us went to sleep feeling this this and as we woke up this morning we haven't seen an aftek yet but we are keeping a close eye on that. and we are monitoring that here in the weather center as well. > >> how are the roads out there ?
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>> we are going to start off wih something happening today. cal train is running a new schedule transferring from bart. it will reduce the wait from 15 to 5-minute. this is trying to cope cope with the rising demand of e heading back into the office? we going to look at your reasonable your reasonable doubt ways now.e are going to start off with the altemonte pass looking already y for our supper commuters. it ist a 35 manufacture minute drive fm the 205 to 680. >> and 7 minutes from the macarr maze into san francisco. so far smooth. > >> the san mateo bridge is 12-ms from 880 to 201. not too bad
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right new. amanda? > >> thank you, jocelyn. > >> some people in the bay area e waking up to smoke. the latest numbers from cal fire put it at more than 46,000 acres burned. e is some good news here. containt is now up to 10%. people staying staying at evacuation centers in in rockland, just east of sacramento, are just hoping for the best. >> distraught, scared, frighten, we don't know if we even have a home and i'm scared to death i'm i'm going to lose everything. >> all we do is hope and pray eg goes okay for everybody. > >> we have been keeping a close eye on air quality. the fire continues to burn. but amanda, back here in the bay area, a heat wave actually just, san jose fire battalion chief robert chief robert colbert son said the heat wave will make fires that spark up harder to fight. >> you are going to see an incre the size and scope of fires. yoe
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going to see an increase of the drawdown fire resources to handle the emergencies. it is a broad impact across the fire service. > >> according to the u.s. drought u.s. drought monitor, the bay area remains in a severe droughh can cause longer and more intense fire season. jocelyn? >> reporter: a live look at ours capital in sacramento where under hot temperatures protected hot temperatures protected by pop up tents, farm workers and supporters aren't backing down m asking for better workplace protects of the the vigils wille ongoing until the governor decides whether or not to sign l into law that would make voting and union eltis fo rm worke d ensure they are are free from intimidation and . farm workers groups from san fr, los angeles and fresno are
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expected to join the group's vigil tomorrow. >> until the governor signs the. it is standing in the way of ths who have the right to organize and to vote. > >> and governor newsom vetoed ar bill last year and said he willo this bill too. his communications director said he wants to sign it but can't suppt a mail in process. > >> president biden weighed in sg the farm worker bill. he said in in a state with many farm workes we owe them a path to make a free and fair choice to make a . > >> jocelyn, speaking of mr. bid, he was at the pentagon to pay tribute to the lives lost in the the nine lam research attacks. and first lady jill biden was ia to honor the memory of the pass.
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it has been 21 years since the r 11th attacks. americans everywhere took time yesterday to remember the nearly 3000 lives lost. we have the stories of three people from the bay area who experienced the attack. >> reporter: michael hinge son d his story of survival into a book thunder dog. >> there were a lot of people oe stairs. we walked down the stairs safely. we didn't run and and we didn't dare panic. if we did people would get trampled. >> reporter: michael was workinn the 78th floor of the world trae center. he and co-workers didn'w what was going on, but knew to t out. >> there were a few other timese started to panic and some of us would stop and have a group hug. a group hug. >> reporter: through teamwork ad trust his guide dog guided him out of the tower to safety. >> we had no idea what happenedl after both towers fell.
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>> reporter: on the opposite sie of the country, a group of menlo of menlo park firefighters wered to help with search and rescue.k and harold knew quickly it was more about recovery. the massive recovery. the massive amount of debris they saw. >> it was like something out ofr stl structures collapsed, steel burned out. everything was destroyed. the smells of burning burning flesh, the smoke. >> we were able to find body pa. a lot of parts of the plane. some areas we could find with or equipment. >> reporter: although all threen had different experiences with 9/11, on this 21st anniversary, they hope the nation will heal from recent years of political division. >> i want people to remember ash what happened after september 11th as what happened on the
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day. that is, we became very unified as a nation. >> everybody was kind of pulline same direction. there really wasn't democrats or republicans. or republicans. >> we need to remember this andt let it happen again. we seem to forget things pretty quick. >> reporter: kpix 5. > >> and the number of deaths attd to the attacks has grown significantly over the years aze vivers and first responders succumb to 9/11-related illnesses. those illnesses are believed to have killed more people than were killed in the l attacks. > >> governor newsom officially dd september 11th patriot day as a way to honor all the first responders and everyone else who who died that day saying quote, let us pay tribute to coit and recommit to the american values, opportunity and freedom our nation stands for. > >> and the heyward executive ait held its annual open house event event sunday. it is a comeback
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after a nearly two year pandemic pandemic break. the event had helicopters and planes on full display. including two of the rt military aircraft from world wa. everyone who showed up there wee even treated to rides in historc planes. >> you see them in old movies ad stuff like that. but you really don't grasp what this thing is, until you are in person. until you have the opportunity to see it up close. >> hey, i didn't know this unti. but the heyward airport holds ts event each year as a salute to the veterans and first responde. sounds like an amazing event ana lot of really cool, historic ait there. >> and you hadn't heard about id i hadn't either. that definitely definitely seems like something to check out. >> my dad delycheck it out.ext esvery ry > >> absolutely. >
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11. g announceme in the the south bay, aimed at protecting residents during the fire season. > >> plus developments in the murr of an want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. the chef's chicken sandwiches at panera,
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> >> the family of swimmingia masn are now closer to securing just.
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>> after a month-long manhunt nw arrests in the murder of sophia mason. the 8-year-old's body was was found last march inside a central california home. her mother's boyfriend, donte jacks, identified as the main suspect, was taken into custody saturdaye others are suspected of helping jackson elude authorities. >> there was evidence sophia wae victim of continuous abuse. she was forced to live in a shed in the backyard, as well as a clost inside the residence. > >> jackson is set to be arraignd tomorrow on charges of second degree murder, and willful harm and injury to a child. sophia's mother, sa >> amanda, let's look at your or bay area stories. the family of a missing oakland woman is doubling the award to find her body. police believe she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, ml jones, in his home that day. al'
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family is now offering $100,000 for information leading to the recovery of her remains. > >> and two men are in custody, d of stealing thousands of dollarn fragrances from ulta beauty stores. they led officers on a h speed chase before they were ca. it is a second time in less thaa month the stores were hit by a p of thieves. > >> and a new high-tech tool maye joining firefighting efforts in santa clara county. today superr cindy chavez will discuss funding in the central fire protection district andplan that will include the use of drones. > >> that is a look at your bay aa beat this morning. let's check weather and traffic. jessica. >> i know that heat wave last w. >> reporter: do we even need tok about it? first things first. dd you feel it last night? that
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earthquake just north of piedmo. a 2.9 on the scale but nonethel, a lot of us woke up to that just just around 10:30. since then there hasn't been any aftershoc. but one thing i want to mentions we head into the upper level at, we are still not dealing with the best air quality at the surface level. we are seeing that smoke plume start to push off into the east. it wasn't doing that last night or the day day before. winds are starting to change directions and i'm about to tell you why, in just a a second. it also impacts our weather for the better. as we ed into this afternoon, we are dealing with 80s in the hills. o more triple-digits in sight. 60g our coastline, 80s up in santa rosa today. the reason? it has to do with the jet stream and what is going on in the atmosph. so low prep is starting to pushs way in from the north. that is a a polar air mass pushing its way mass pushing its way in from the the north. that is going to chae the directions of the winds all
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week long. let's talk about those winds. along the coastline coastline it is calm. the marine calm. the marine layer is thick this morning. as we head into the afternoon, winds will start, gusting, anywhere up to 30 miler hour as we head into the 5:00 h, 20 miles per hour winds expected expected off in the hills. as we hills. as we look at the marine layer, it is officially back. hh pressure usually dries us up. so us up. so last week, we didn't see it at all. high pressure is gone now. we are seeing cooler s this week as the pressure pushes as the pressure pushes in from the north. like i just mentioned, low pressure pushing in from the north is going to cool us off significantly. throt the rest of this week, we are still dealing with 60s and le 70s in san francisco. but as wed off anywhere from the north bayo the inland east bay, today we are just seeing 80s, which is great. by tomorrow we jump abou0 degrees in the cooling directiod it lasts as we head into the work week and even into the weekend. i know it is monday and
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and i'm already talking about the weekend. 70s in sight for us for us just by saturday and sunday. now over to you, jocelyn. >> i'm always thinking about th, too. > >> we are going to start off wih how things are looking first. sr commuters are picking up at the altemonte pass. a 45 manufacturn drive from 205 to 680. the san ma thai tow bridge is about a 1e drive from 880 to 201. looking live at our 880, clear drive out out there, moving smoothly in both directions this morning. we morning. we are also going to give you a look at the bay bridge here. it is about a 7-mie drive from the macarthur maze into san francisco. metering lights are still off. a smooth drive into the city and we are going to look at the golden gate cam, about 19 minutes from 37 to to the golden gate bridge. so as
5:19 am
as you can see there, not lookig bad at all. amanda? > >> it is 5:18 on this monday mo. britain entering another day of. ahead a live report with the fil goodbye to queen elizabeth ii. > >> and we'll introduce you to ts 9-year-old bull riding
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> >> let's get a quick check of yr monday morning. a week ago i was was holding back tears of the the heat wave was extreme. but now this week we are actually sitting below average. i'll take take that any day. from the coast to the bay we are dealing with 60s. 80s along our east inland hills as well as the north bay as we head into for yo noon, we are just jumping to ths near napa and santa rosa. all the way in the afternoon, east inland hills light up in the 80s, 60s along the coast with 70s all the way into the south bay. > >> that is a beautiful forecastr us for that lunch time. we willp you updated here in the weather center. but for now, i'm going to send it right over to you. > >> we know what that means. it is time now for the morning mixe are going to start off with the story about a little guy who mas this obstacle course look not s.
5:23 am
> >> zombie is a russell terrier.u can see him run this tricky obse course here with impeccable speed and balance, even showing off his memory of where his favorite toy is. looks like someone has a future in dog shows. these videos are the reason why i get distracted on social media for like far too long. i'll be scrolling and see those and spend like 4 minutes y watching. >> i'm looking at my dog like wt are you doing? >> like yeah, my dog hunter, het do that either. > >> moving on, a new mexico bullg champ is turning horns and get this, at just 9 years of age. >> i like dangerous sports. >> meet parker hooks, a lovingtn boy who won the youth bull rides
5:24 am
finals, making him world champion. he started riding smaller bulls, eventually winnig a nice buckle. but he is not allowed to wear it to school because his mom said so. >> his mom is we are going to kp that thing nice. going up on the the shelf. congratulations to him. >> yeah, 9 years old. >> scary stuff. >> just at 9. that is incredible. >> we just went to the livermor, because it is finally back after after the pandemic. and watching watching them go on those thing, scary. >> imagine starting as a kid dog that, too. his back is going to have a lot of pain as he gets o. > >> this is my favorite story ofe morning. grab your sea legs or fishtail and get ready for disney's latest live action remake. >> part of that world. > >> did you guys just get chillse
5:25 am
i did? >> i was literally about to say. when she says that i get chillsd just become arial was a favorite a favorite princess. a new trailer just dropped. it stars e berry, and so many more in the star-studded cast. "the little mermaid" is scheduled to be reld may 26th of next year. we have some time to wait. but that teaser, i can't wait to watch. >> and i love it is all the sons that we love and remember. >> we grew up with. >> they announced a lot of new s this weekend. a lot to look ford to there. >> "the little mermaid." i can'. >> and i know a lot of people he talked about this. but growing up and watching these movies with princesses. a lot of times you didn't see representation, so the fact halle berry is
5:26 am
playing it, that is great. > >> how a bay area coffee shop'sn and creativity on social media kept the business alive during the pandemic. > >> plus a recap on the extra wet extra wet game. coming your projects done right
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new all-day diner deals starting at $5.99. 10 deal-icious meals. only at denny's. ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ whoa... [john cena sniffs] how do they get these things to smell so good? ♪hefty, hefty...♪ ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. > >> today is a national day of s. americans everywhere yesterday k time to remember the nearly 3000 nearly 3000 lives lost. locally, lost. locally, survivors of thes were joined by local firefighte, first responders and veterans, all coming together in danville to remember the sacrifices made
5:29 am
that day. > >> well time is running out to t a nationwide strike by freight railroad workers. a 60 day coolg off period imposed by the white house set to expire this week several major issues remain unsettled. a trade group estimas a strike cost the economy as much as $2 billion a day. > >> and look at this. you are looking at the youngest number one in the history of the assocn of team professionals. carlos alvarez of spain defeated casper spain defeated casper rude of norway in the u.s. open final sunday. this match took over three hours to play in new yorkl valves thrilling the crowd withs speed and stunning shot making.s to him. > >> but also stunning is the fact the fact that we are not in a heat wave any more. i am just fine with it. >> amanda, last week was terrib. >> i went to the midwest over te
5:30 am
weekend and i was looking forwad to the weather in the midwest. i the midwest. i don't think i have ever said that in my life. >> we are in the bay though. it is beautiful here. most of the time. but don't get me wrong, every once in a while a major heat wave pushes through and bod it happen last week for us. last us. last week at this time i wag a record breaking number. now we we are sitting right around ave, even below average as we head io the next couple of days. > >> we are going to talk about t. you can expect 80s up in the his this afternoon. 60s from the coast all the way to the heart of the bay, even 70s off near napa. > >> by the way, did you feel it t night, a 2.9 magnitude earthquae just barely negotiate of piedmot shook a lot of us. now as we extend into the next company of hours, we are keeping a close eye on aftershock. but we talk about the atmosphere actually, g gears a little bit now. we are still sitting in a moderate
5:31 am
section waking up this morning for air quality index. this should start changing. the reason i say that is the winds are starting to push in from offshore. > >> we are keeping a close eye in eye in the weather center and wl talk more about this cooling trd coming up in your full forecastr now, jocelyn, how are the roads? >> reporter: hey jess. not too busy on this monday morning. we we are going to start off with the san mateo bridge. it is about 12 minutes from 880 to 201. not too bad this morning s. we are also going to look at thn gate bridge, not looking bad there at all. about a 19-minute drive from state route 37 over to the golden gate bridge. finay let's look at the bay bridge,
5:32 am
not bad at all here. about 7 mis from the macarthur maze into sa. metering lights are still off. p that in mind as you head out the the door. > >> now firefighters have limited have limited containment against against a wildfire in the sierra. cal fire says the fire west of lake tahoe is 10% contained. more from cbs reporter as destroyed martinez. >> reporter: crews with the service battling wildfires in northern california made some progress over the weekend, under under improving weather conditi. they are working around the clok alongside firefighters as the mosquito fire continues to grows say the fire has burned through more than 46,000 acres. >> not one home was damaged or t fire. they have been fighting at of different fires all night. ty are working 24-hour shifts. > >> more than 11,000 residents he been forced to leave their home.
5:33 am
and the flames still threaten ce to of thousand structures. critl infrastructure and wildlife. >> 14 years i have never seen ag like it. >> reporter: nearby residents le donald garner are spending their are spending their nights sleeping at an american red cross evacuation center. > >> another man forced to flee te fire returned home only to find an opportunist had robbed him. >> as i walked in and look downe hallway, toe my wife has a very large standing about four r five foot tall jewelry box. it was wide open -u in the southern to extinguish the massive firsts have scorched 28,000 acres. but firefighters expect to have thie fully contained today. as destrd
5:34 am
martinez, cbs news. > >> former president jimmy carter jimmy carter north that leaves 18 wildfires burning in oregon and washington. > >> happening today, public views in scotland and england for the late queen elizabeth ii. officis are expecting a large turnout wh wait times lasting for hours. a cbs reporter ian lee joins us le from windsor in england with more on this. i'm sure a lot of people coming together right no. >> reporter: yeah, amanda, you , king charles iii is up in scotld right now. he arrived in edinburgh just awhile ago and he he is going to be leading this procession of the queen's coffim the palace the official palace in edinburgh to saint giles cathedral where scotland will ge its final farewell to queen elizabeth ii. >> reporter: britain's long gooe is now officially underway. suny
5:35 am
a hearse carried the queen's coffin from the scottish country scottish country home where she died to edinburgh, scotland's capital. the 6-hour journey was marked by huge crowds that lined that lined the road for a glimpse of the hearse. >> spontaneous applause began jt as the cortege had left. >> reporter: elizabeth's son, te new king charles iii will lead e procession, which will con include with a private service., members of the public will be ae to pay respects in person. queen person. queen elizabeth ii is expected to lie at rest in scotland for about 24 hours. her hours. her coffin will then be flown to london for an extendedc viewing. >> reporter: king charles iii vd to conhis mother's dedication to to the nation. >> she set an example of selfles duty, which, with god's help,
5:36 am
and your counsel, i am resolved faithfully to follow. >> reporter: the death of the us longest reigning monarch has prd an outpouring of grief across the country. for most of her subjects the 96-year-old was the the only monarch they had ever . >> she will be solely missed. nt only by her family but i think . >> reporter: there has been a lt of concern and speculation onlie over what will happen to the queen's core guys. they are repy going to remain together and in the care of her family. the bbc says the dogs will be jointly ad by her son prince andrew and his and his ex-wife, sarah ferguson. ferguson. >> king charles iii will be addg the scottish parliament today. d later tonight there will be the vigil of the princes, where the queen's children will stand guad
5:37 am
around her coffin. >> and ian we know the queen's l is one week from today. a lot h. a lot of people coming togethero pay respects, honor her legacy she leaves behind. what are some some of the security plans for the amount of people that are going to be in all of this all week long? >> reporter: there is going to e a lot of security. this has been been planned for quite awhile. e know the heads of state and ther partners are invited, and they e asked to fly commercial, although president biden and tht lady, they will be attending. i doubt they will be flying on ang other than air force one. but once they get to london, helicos and also official vehicles are banned from central london during the funeral. so they wile transporting all dignitaries on bus. again they say that is fory reasons. amanda? >> thank you so much for that r, ian.
5:38 am
> >> and back here in the bay are, coffee shop in china town known to its art says business is browing once again. owners said they are grateful for their customers on instagram and tiktk who unknowingly became their saviors during the pandemic. >> reporter: what if you could t your day with a little color? ad then add some sprinkles to your life? what you'll get is more than just your average morning.d what you'll get is a work of heart. that work courtesy of carl tube by, co-owner of home china town ters in san
5:39 am
neighborhood who understands the the patience it takes all to create a perfect cup. >> it takes about three months o get really comfortable. before , you are just like hoping for the the best. and praying. >> reporter: prayers answered fr social media influencers like tally sue, who come here for boh the drinks and the photos. >> reporter: are you afraid to k it because you'll lose the art? >> no. the art is the fun part of it. a surprise. >> a surprise for this, they fod customers on social media of kept business brewing. >> it helped out, people saw usn instagram and especially tiktoke didn't even know about it. they tell us we saw your coffee shop
5:40 am
on tiktok. we want to make it fun. >> that cool coffee art right t. > >> it was a rough season open ad a rough night e be doe inss in this morning's red and gold . >> reporter: i didn't know i wod turn into a chief meteorologist today for kpix 5. you can see the shop on the field, it was ugly. but both teams had to weather the storms and it was the chicago bears who benefited0 winners, due to some untimely penalties and of course the tur. >> intercepted by eddie jacksond many mistakes. >> he kept his head high as he d
5:41 am
into the locker room, knowing he he has a lot to fix. >> frustrated with myself a lite bit. i'm better than that. >> i hate to make excuses. but it is hard to throw the ball whn you know, you are running around running around in puddles. >> we have an amazing team. we are going to get back to work, clean up what we need to clean up and you know, keep it going.i think we are going to have a spl year. you know a little hiccup in the road but nothing is stopping us. >> with the red and gold reportm charlie walter. > >> yeah rough knit. but charlie touched on it a bit. this weather was something else. the bears did take the victory. butt a lot of people are talking about is how this rain came down. especially in the fourth . the field was soaked with puddls and standing water. the rain was was so heavy the game was often difficult to make out on the broadcast, even resorting to a graphic overlay of the yard mars wiped out by heavy rain. we did hear some of the players talk about it. how it was hard to
5:42 am
throw the ball and catch the be. watching the game, i was like is pouring. >> that does not sound fun. >> absolutely not. i really liked that chief meteorologist.t was a good way to start. > >> ahead on our money watch hea. a credit card company that joind the list making it easier to track gun sales. > >> and coming up today on the dw
5:43 am
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visa, mastercard and american es will add a new entity. until now now gun shops were categorized s specialty or durable goods sellers. this code is for businesses that primarily sell firearm. the card networks say they will implement it while protectling consumer privates. > >> gas prices have fallen 25% fm june's record highs. janet yellen says fuel costs could spike again this winner as the u scales back buying russian oil.e move is necessary to cut off fug
5:46 am
for russia's war in ukraine. no and higher human genome sciences genome sciences from oil and ga. > >> let's get a look at our weatr fast now. you are still keeping an eye on that earthquake we sat night. >> i know you are off in the eat bay. are you a heavy sleeper? >> i slept through it. >> this one didn't wake me up. that pushed its way in just norh of piedmont last night around 10:00. i am not sure if you woke woke up to it at home as we extend into this morning, let's take our eyes to the sky now. tt is what we keep a close eye on when it come to the air quality index. right now we are having an air quality problem from theo
5:47 am
fire. the winds are starting to change direction for us. into this work week a pacific breeze pushing in, giving us more clear clear air. it will turn green into the afternoon. let's look at the wind gusts though. as we extend into the 5:00 hour, notie how the whole map lights up. ard 30 miles per hour wind gusts exd near san francisco this afternoon. lighter conditions near napa. so last week around this time, we were forecasting daytime highs record breaking a, right? well today that is not the case. and high pressure was the big reason why we were dealing with regard breaking numbers. the high pressure also dries us up. look at this. the e layer is back. due to the fact that the huge heat dome is officially gone. we are seeing that layer last for us just a little bit along the coastline into the noon hour, but it will clear for us in this afternoon, where daytime highs are sitting in the 80s. like i said, last wk
5:48 am
it was record breaking numbers.w we are just seeing 80s. by tomorrow those are going to be 70s, actually as low pressure ps its way in from the north america. look at this. this is our model showing cooler air pushing in from the north of tht is the big reason why we are seeing an onshore flow giving us us more clear air heading into this work week. it is mostly 60s 60s and 70s for san francisco, as it always is, right? as we look at our microclimates. 85 today. 897 in the north bay. we iumnd to the mid-70s. by tomorrow cooldown even more inty cool conditions for tuesday andy and we wrap-up the week in the 70s. i'll take it. any day on the board i'll take 70s over those triple-digits. we'll keep you updated on that here in the weather center. jocelyn, how are are the roads? >> reporter: i'll take 70s any y as well. not too bad this monday monday morning with the exceptin for our super commuters. it is l busy at the altemonte pass. a 4e
5:49 am
drive from 205 to 680. a look at at the san mateo bridge, thingse starting to get busy there. it is about 12 minutes from 880 to. a live look at this nimitz freey moving smoothly in both directis this morning. for people using public transit, nothing to on wy about as of right now. everythig is looking on time. and anotherk at our bay bridge. you are lookg at about a 9-minute drive from the macarthur maze into san fra. metering lights are still off. l update you, when those turn on, amanda? > >> a war hero and philanthropist philanthropist celebrated his 1h birthday this weekend. kpix was there to ask him about his long life and what he has done so
5:50 am
far. [ music ] [ music ] [ musc ] [ music ] >> reporter: a swing back and wl wisher celebrating this man, albert, and his 107th birthday.e still has the groove. and a lot of energy. he only gave up driving three years ago. >> that was a terrible thing iny life, i gave up my porsche. i had a black porsche. oh, my, that puppy was a great, great a. >> reporter: mentally sharp, hey and relatively mobile. he startd using the walker this year. i asked about his secret to longe. >> well first it was martinis. y helped. but i have been just lu. >> reporter: lucky he says, bece he survived world war ii. he flw 35 combat missions over germanye
5:51 am
santa rosa resident is known to be the oldest living veteran in sonoma county. but his service doesn't end with the military. e served on boards of local colles and hospitals for decades. leads say the lifelong philanthropist helped raise millions of dollars dollars for charities. he had a lot of connections since he wasa stockbroker and final i retired in his 90s. >> his entire life is about sere to the community. and he is fund he is just a really goodman. >> reporter: his niece, carol, s she out lived his younger sybils younger sybils and his wife of more than six decades. she passed away 20 years. he turned 107 on monday, but family and fs decided to celebrate this weekend at the veterans memorial at the veterans memorial building. >> i'm just flattered. it is so nice. >> what a better. it is 5:51.
5:52 am
> >> coming up, we chat withdrew y more on what to expect for her new season of the show that pres tonight. >> yes, mornings, gayle king any bring yoe biggest ad of the day. "cbs mornings" stars at 7:00. > >> live outside at the bridge. c moving well out there
5:53 am
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daytime highs today are signifiy cooler than they have been this past week. i mean last week during this time, we were talkig about a major heat wave. a heat dome sitting over us. well things are a lot calmer for us this afternoon. > >> winds will still kick up pusg in from the pacific, but that is is good for us. it is going to r up our air quality index. we are are getting fresh air from the ocean, compared to winds pushing to winds pushing in from the east where we are still dealing with that mosquito fire. the afn highs are right around average.l keep you updated. for now, over to you, amanda. > >> the drew barry more show is k with the latest season. drew is kicking it off. guests for this season return and they include dr's ex-boyfriend, justin lg.lkm
5:56 am
on the show and what it means fr her. >> relationships are sort of ate forefront of our existence. i think there is an interesting wy to navigate them. that is part of the conversation. how do we n each other and be able to get along and have sort of a respecd peaceful energy between us? >> they are in the past for the. you can watch the season 3 stare at 9:30 this morning. definitely morning. definitely looking forward to her new season and all the interviews she has in s. > >> it is 5:56. you are looking at what could be the country's t net zero carbon emissions hotele look at how they did it no plus the bay area tradition returns the festival back on the streets the streets of berkeley and albany after a pandemic hiatus. > >> and cal train trying to dealh
5:57 am
the rising demand of people heag back to the office. the new schedule reducing wait times. > >> and here is a live look outse before we head
5:58 am
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dollars. > >> right now at 6:00, we are leg more about the murder of an 8-year-old girl from heyward. te man now in custody for the death the death and why he is not the only one in jail. > >> it was a day of remembrance s the country to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> it was like something out ofr of the worlds. multi-story steel steel structures clapsed, burne. > >> we hear from three people frm the bay area who experienced the the attacks firsthand. > >> and here in the bay area, tes are


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