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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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> >> now at 11:00, a belong wildfe belong wildfire choking the air across northern california. the conditions expected tomorrow tt tomorrow that could make the flames even harder to control. > >> and why the family of a young mother beheaded on the peninsua the peninsula is afraid the suspect could walk free. >> that corner is usually packe. >> we're trying our very best ts to address the concerns of the . the concerns of the public. a.k.a. the people. >> and some locals say one easty east bay bar is so popular it iy it is actually a nuance. now the chef is firing back tonight. gd back tonight. good evening, i'm kenny choy. temperatures are dropping, but fire crews are having a difficult time getting handles on the second largest wildfire of the season. we sawy
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saw hazy sunsets tonight across the bay area. it isn't as bad as this weekend's, but you can still blame smoke from the mosquito fire for our hazy skies. that fire has now burned nearly 49,000 acres in placer and el dorado counties. tonight the fire is 16% contained. thas 16% contained. that's up from 10% earlier today. > >> despite some rain today and y and dry fuels causing the mosquito fire, they're exploding. some parts of el dorado county. in fact one sheriff deputy had a close call while trying to pull off a rescue. >> reporter: a sheriff deputy rd deputy raced through waging flames and thick smoke to save an elderly couple and their two dogs trapped by the mosquito fire in volcano point. at one point the deputy had to stop because flames were actually touching the vehicle. the smoke blew the winds away and the deputies reached the victim inside. scorching through tensf thousands of acres and more tha0
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than 11,000 people from their homes. >> distraught, scared, frighten. we don't know if we will have a. >> you can hope and pray everytg pray everything will be okay. >> reporter: the fire burning ot burning out of control making the sky apocalyptic across northern california. dark calms of smoke reaching thousands of feet in the air. >> firefighters have been workig been working a lot of different fires all night, working 24 hour shifts. >> rough terrain is only one ch. extreme heat and dry conditionse conditions have spread flames faster and hotter. >> this part could go in any di. >> reporter: this firefighter ce firefighter came out to help battle the flames. he says fuel is so dry it takes next to nothing for them to burn. > >> first alert meteorologist dan meteorologist darren peck is in for paul. darren, you've been following the air quality. are we expecting more smoke? what about the conditions for those firefighters? >> air quality here should get r get better and for the last
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couple of days the conditions for the firefighters have been really unique. i want to show you why as you take a look. its look. it's about 12 miles i away. everything else, all of the clouds, there was rain falling in the sierra today. ts today. there's leftovers still from what was once a tropical storm adding some humidity. the humidity. these are unique conditions that are likely more helpful than not. it's quieting the behavior of the fire a little bit. we didn't see the huge pyrocumulus clouds. let's show you that live view. lake tahoe, it's progressive, whichd not gottenaggressive today. thee is still a lot of smoke coming
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off the fire. not nearly as much. most importantly for us, the winds are taking it the other way. we're going to start pulling in more of the onshore flow of the lower elevations. t elevations. it will help things tomorrow. we don't even have an air quality advisory here tomorrow. even though we're mostly moderate today, now, things should even go into the good category perhaps within the next 36 hours, very different story. grass valley got in the data and it all settled on that. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast and cooler temperatures in jusa just a bit. for now back to you. you. >> thank you. > >> a team of doctors will detere will determine if the man accused of beheading the young mother is fit to stand trial. d trial. 33-year-old jose rafael solano landaeta made his first court hearing today. appointing doctors to assess his mental c. the family of victim karina caso karina castro walked out of cout in tears today. >> they're very worried. does
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this had mean there's a chant he could go free. >> landaeta is accused of beheag accused of beheading castro wita with a samurai sword outside her apartment last week. the two have a child together. the d.a. says he may have violated a restraining order sev times bee the attack. . >> every single piece could bece a lethal case. unfortunately this woman, karina castro, suffered brutally. >> the man charged in the murdef murder of an 8-year-old girl isd is expected to appear in court . her body was found last march ie march inside a central california home. her mother's boyfriend, donte jackson, was arrested on saturday. police calling him the main suspect. e
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main suspect. three others were arrested for allegedly helping jackson hide from authorities for the past six months. >> there was evidence showing sa showing sophia was the victim os of continuous physical abuse. ds abuse. detectives learned sophia was forced to live in a shed in the backyard as well as a clost inside the residence. >> reporter: jackson is set to e to be arraigned on murder. > >> tomorrow a new report is expd is expected to show inflation eased up a bit last month with gas prices dropping. travel costs falling and supply chains improving. how much to raise interest rates next week. > >> claiming a wildly successfult bay bar is just too popular. now the chef is firing back tonigh. > >> and from a tropical storm tod to mud slides, the wild weathert weather that left dozens trapped in southern california. > >> and local animal rescues aret just packed to the brim with dogs and cats these days. theye
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overwhelmed with squirrels. why
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> >> in oakland a popular wine bah wine bar with crowds offcuts hers is getting complaints fros from neighbors tonight. they say it's too loud and packed with e with people on the sidewalks. kx the sidewalks. kpix 5 betty yu spoke with the residents who sy they're fed up. . >> reporter: on a monday eveniny table at snail bar in oakland i. bar in oakland is full. and this is the way it is every night of the week according to neighbor. >> that whole corner is usually. there's no place for them to goe to go while they're waiting except for the corner. the street has drunk people standig people standing in the street, g in the street. so it is not jus. is not just noise. it's public
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safety. >> reporter: douger has lived os on this road for 15 years. >> as a business, your rights dt do not supersede being here. yoe here. you're here to work and g. >> reporter: carlos says ever se ever since about a year ago, het he hasn't been able to find par. on top of that. >> it's super packed and sometis and sometimes we just need to ay to actually move out of this. i mean walk on the streets just e streets just because it's packed. >> reporter: we met with owner s owner andres servado on how he'g he's trying to address complaints. he soundproofed the ceiling and changed speakers. e speakers. he limited the outdoor dining space. signs in the area urge customers to be respectful. center it's a main street. this is -- from the beginning we said we would be a wine bar. we never lied and said we would be a library or something or a cafe. we don't even have a curfew. like our
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lease says we can go on until 12:00 or all night if we wanted to. >> reporter: gerardo believes te believes the majority of the people in the neighborhood doesn't find his restaurant to be problematic. >> we're trying to address the s the concerns of the public, a.k.a. two people. you know, i've done my very best to limit the sound. there's no music outside that's audible. >> reporter: gerardo has applier applied for permits to legally expand outdoor seating and plans to add a parklette. neigs say the activity continues well past the 9:00 p.m. closing time. this was the scene on monday. in oakland betty yu kpx 5. . >> the owner says he received to received two code violations related to heat lamps and outdoor capacity. > >> in l.a. county a mud slide tg slide trapping two dozen vehicles outside of santa clarita. this is the scene dowe
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forcing helicopter crews to putm to put them to safety. tropical storm kay brought drenching rains and debris flows. > >> first meteorologist darren pk darren peck joins us now. darre, now. darren, will the temperatures get cooler? >> they will. in fact kenny, tomorrow is kind of a big day because it's the first day since we had the big historic heat wave of last week where many of those warmest inland locations are going back to the 70s. concord, livermore, santa rosa. 70s, upper 70s tomorrow.t tomorrow. about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than you were today. today was pretty nice ie mid-80s. and that's a part of the reason why. taking a look at the top, you can see the clouds have started to come back in over the city. pulling the marine layer, always good sign if you want to be cooler.e be cooler. the temperatures in the low to mid-60s with a little bit of rain out there on first alert doppler. not a whole lot showing on here, it's
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been picking up on the possibiy the possibility of a few showere showers there marching its way from solano county to the foothills. don't be too surprised if you get a drop of rain in solano county. i don't think we'll see that anywhere e that anywhere else in the rest of the bay area. okay, if you take a look at morning lows upper 50s to start the day. dae day. daytime highs tomorrow, let's just take a moment to eny this. welcome back. we earned it after the week that we had last week. mid-70s. san jose 75 degrees tomorrow. union city doesn't get out of the 60s. it will be 69. but this is where we really needed it. concord 77 tomorrow. livermore, it's going to be 74 degrees tomorrow for the daytime high. if we come bk high. if we come back in and check in the numbers on the east bay shore of the peninsula, it will be 74 in san leandro, santa rosa 77. roaner park 73. and mendocino and laky even down into the low 80s. so
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this tells us this was more thn more than just an onshore flow h onshore flow through the bay. yu bay. you can get down into the upper 70s in lake mendocino county. we have obliterated tht obliterated that record setting dome of high pressure that has been warming us up so much. we are replacing it with a much k, much kinder, gentler setup of te atmosphere. now look there are system ises out here in the pacific. a clockwise spin. futt a clockwise spin. futurecast will see that and wants to bring in a little bit of rain towards the coast. it won't get here. but the fact that's eveng to approach the coast also tells tells us that we have really changed the setup in the atmosphere. so we don't have that impressive high pressure.e pressure. we will start clearint clearing out the leftovers. we e will have a decent little cloud shower around it. if you look at the seven-day forecast, we don't feel the influence from that. we'll start reducing the. no major offshore wind events as at this point. that is the most important part of any fire weather concerns. we're not
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seeing any of those coming our way yet and we are fast approaching the time of the yer the year where those will starto make headlines, but there are ne are none in the next seven dayso days. so pretty calm, quiet, >> straight ahead in sports, had sports, hard work and numbers paid off for a san francisco giant. the prognosis is in when the 49er star running back here. let's just put it this way, he's going to be next man up now. > >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. msnbc host alex wagner want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations
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> >> vern glenn joins us with thet the latest for the niners, not all good, veteran. >> yes, they got their treatmen, treatment today, they got feedback from sunday's loss. sg loss. speaking of loss, the tead team announced elijah mitchell is expected to miss eight weekr weeks after spraining his mcl is in sunday's defeat at chicago. s chicago. this comes after missing six games last season
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with various injuries. the rookies are the next backups on the now. wilson found jerry jeudy cg jeudy completing the 67-year-olg 67-year-old scoring play that tied the game, throwing for 340 yards. now the quarterback geno smith is qb one now in seattle and he did not disappoint the home folks. just before the half. in the final minute, denver down by one, pulling win pulling wilson on fourth and five for the 65 yard field goal
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attempt. and seattle beat wilson and denver 17-16. the seahawks come to levi stadium on sunday. > >> baseball the giants have sigd have signed infielder wilmer flores to a two year contract . it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $13 milli. it's reportedly worth $ flores has tied a career high with 18 home runs this season. > >> hot chocolate? a lot of whippok good to me at me at oracle park. you know what else looks good? alex cobb shutting down the defending world series champion atlanta.k atlanta. struck out nine in seven shutout innings, leaving with a 3-0 lead. look at the exchange here between gabe kapler and jack patel after atlanta cut the lead to one. ay from the cameras. he apologizedr the game. . > >> scott alexander to fly out wh
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out with a tieing run on third,g third, winning their third straight game final 3-2. back to the 49ers, bay off tomorrow and wednesday the game plan gets laid in for seattle coming in. >> they still need that win fore for the 49ers. >> beats the momentum. > >> coming up a big fail for jeff bezos blue origin. the same type of rocket that send billionaires to the edge of spe of space
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yes on 27.
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> >> general motors is expanding m expanding from san francisco to arizona in texas. the gm bought the self-driving car start-ups
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six years ago, operating in the bay area. crews started to charge for self-driving car rides in the city. the company will be making their debut within the next 90 days. > >> now to the big fail for jeffs jeff bezos blue origin. the same rocket used to send people to the space of edge crashed today. the rocket was barely io barely into a minute from its flight. splitting the capsule away from the rocket. parachuts rocket. parachutes deployed and made it safely back to earth, but the rocket, which usually lands upright crashed instead. > >> we'll need to wait longer toe to see nasa launch the artemis one moon rocket. last month's launch attempt was scrubbed due to fuel leaks and engine
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troubles. > >> squirrels falling from the sky. why they are overwhelmed h rodents.
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> >> death valley is one of the ht the hottest and driest places oh on earth until very recently. after the remnants of hurricany hurricane kay brought flash flooding to the national park, forcing rangers to close roadse roads. quite the scene. > >> here in the bay area wildlife rescuers are dealing with an unusual problem following the brutal heat wave. john ramos
11:32 pm
explains why baby squirrels arg are falling from the sky. >> reporter: last week when it s 110 degrees in the bay area, a y area, a shady tree was a welcom. at one point it got so hot thatt that it created a different kind of storm fordlife care hospita. that's when it started raining . the local wildlife has a chanceo oeek at silicon valley, things started to get a little crazy. >> this past monday we had 14 ss 14 squares come in. people were lined up to get in when we opened. >> when that happened you realid you realized uh-oh, we're in fog for something now? >> it's a title wave, yeah. >> reporter: the center is inund is inundated with juvenile squis juvenile squirrels all found lying under trees by the publi. they believe the babies were trg were trying to get comfortable and fell out of their nests. >> we have actually about 203 i.
11:33 pm
we had 34 come in over the week. >> here they've got all 250 vols 250 volunteers pulling shifts to do hand feedings four times a day. and the young ones new to the hospital was surprised by e behaviors of the supposedly wil. >> some are docile like you wout you wouldn't think that. they will just lay there and happily get fed when they're younger, but it's been really interestig really interesting just because you see them all over your yards and they always run from. but these don't run from you. >> exactly. >> they know they have a good tg good thing here and some are milking it for all they can get. squirrels normally spend their first four months in a nest. but this one with its eyes still closed is probably only about six weeks old. and some of them have come in with concussions from their fall ouf the trees. . >> and so they come in with a hd
11:34 pm
a head swelling. if it's mild, we treat them with anti-inflamy with anti-inflammatory medicines, give them fluids, and they will pretty much be bk be back to normal. >> reporter: there is no way tot to get them back up to their nest, but the staff says when they're old enough to be released, they should have no problem reverting to their wild ways. one thing though, please don't try to care for one yourself. laura hopkins says well meaning people may be tempted to feed baby squirrels from information they get online. >> do note are lie on the inter. it will tell you wacky things, e things, please call us for more. >> reporter: in san jose john rs jose john ramos kpix 5. >> reporter: they can always use use more volunteers and donatio. there is a link on our website.s website. thanks for watching. te watching. the late show is up next with stephen colbert and the news will continue streaming on bay aread
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night everyone. captioning sponsored by cbs >> congresswoman lauren boebert is facing backlash after implying that jesus could have defended himself from crucifixion if he had assault rifles. >> the little twitter trolls, they like to say, "oh, jesus didn't need an ar-15." "how many ar-15s do you think jesus would have had?" well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him. >> coming soon to broadway: lauren boebert's "jesus christ superstar."


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