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tv   KPIX 5 News at 9am  CBS  September 14, 2022 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> after an earthquake rocks the rocks the north bay, we are speaking to california officials officials about preparing for the big one. > >> also this morning, we are fog the clear out of oakland's wood street camp. >> i was concernd that they wt 30% of my gross. i got a shared room with not even myn badoon is at the 24th mission bart. > >> and inflation on everybody'sd but do you know all the steps that go into that stat? we hear from the people checking real prices all across the country.
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>> first we will start with the morning's top stories. the quake quake that struck santa roas. is followed by a 3.9 after shock. t take a look at the damage inside damage inside this home on slater street. the jolt damaged a wall and smashed up glass ware ware in the kitchen. >> i had to grab ahold of the r frame for our -- between our kitchen and dining room. it was jolting so bad and glass is like like shattering. >> i was terrified. >> it was not like the 89 quak. this was a jolt where we have cs in our ceiling. rviceshe is going to break down the ever more important lessons on being prepared. we
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need to be prepared for those es in california. > >> racing against time, san fras laguna honda nursing home is siting progress in applying for recertification by november 15th. the hospital and rehab center lost certification in april after state inspectors deemed it in a state of substandard care. they lost funding and were given orders to to shut down and transfer patie, many of whom are fragile and poor having nowhere else to go. > >> let's check on the weather ad we have been talking about how much of a change of season its been. we went from summer to fall. >> exactly. >> like that. >> and you know what's kind of funny is the fall is here in thy area. it's not really fall. as we extend in to the next couple days we will feel a significant cooling trend. that is not to say that this is fall like weather just yet. we are still dealing with that marine layer along the golden gate bridge. hd off in to the east inland hillss
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mostly sunny near concord and oakland. partly cloudy near santa rosa. 60s from the coast in to the bay. a beautiful day for us really. as we head in to the next couple day this is a very similar pattern. 60s along the coast and the bay. 70s, maybe 80s in the inland areas but we have some rain in the forecast heading in to the weekd and that's all due to a big change on the way. we will talk about that and how that can impact your local area. taking at i look at future cast that will start tapering off in to the afternoon. we will see sunny sunny sky from the north bay in to the south bay. we will have more on that coming up. > >> the queen's coffin has arrive has arrive from westminister fog a historic procession from the palace. she will lie in state until her funeral on monday. wih more than a million people exped to pay respects. we are live in
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london to break down the latestn what's going on there. >> reporter: hi. right now i'm actually seeing live pictures of of people. the first people actually to walk past the queen's coffin. they are starting right now. this is going to be a viewing that's going to happen over the next four days as the queen lies in state. i just go back to that -- -- that procession that we saw.e was military precision with hundreds of troops as the queen r ode on that gun carriage folld by the king and his siblings and and his sons prince william ande harry. the queen left the palace the palace for the last time today in a historic procession toward westminister hall. the new king led the journey behinde
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horse drawn gun karen with carriage. masses lined the streets to honor the 70 year re ign of the queen. the queen's coffin draped with the royal flag and crown she wore for her. some cammed for days to be amone first to pass her coffin. >> she has that magic about he. more than monarchy. she is an icon. >> seems like the right thing o do. being british and that was my queen. >> reporter: her state funeral l be held here at westminister abby. it's also where she married the love of her life, te late prince phillip and it's also where she was crowned queen. >> this is the end of a remarke era and farewell to a remarkabl. >> reporter: a choir sang as pat of the service for her arrival in westminister hall as many as a million people are expected to to wait in a miles long line to
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say their farewell to their queen. those people could be waiting up to 30 hours. the interesting thing though about this whole ceremony is the histy behind it. there are different , symbols that date back hundreds of years. the beef eater who are are guarding the coff in date back to the late 1400's and were were formed by king henry the 7th. just gives a look at how much history, the weight of it that is bearing down on this whole process. >> a lot of weight but also a t of tradition. we talked about how many are expected to be in london to see the queen. you hae been there this whole time. what whole time. what have you been seeing with how long the lines ? how long people have been waiting and the conditions theye waiting in? >> reporter: people have been cg out since monday to catch a look. even though the government
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government said they shouldn't be doing that. they can't contain the excitement as they are just how much the queen means to people. they are lining lining up. that line is miles long. like i said people are going to expect to wait up to 30 30 hours but the government said said don't bring anything to sit sit on because they want to keep keep that line moving because as as you said they expect up to a million people to walk past this this coffin and they are expecting to turn away people. s just how many they think will ce out to pay their respects to this monarch. >> and there are people all ovr the world say paying their resp. thank you so much. > >> back here in the bay area ase said a 4.4 quake hit near santa rosa but it was felt across the bay area. it's a reminder we need to be prepared. join us is jose, from the california department of earthquake services. thank you for joining us. >> joining us.
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>> thank you for having me. >> we know it's important to he an emergency plan in place. whad we do with that? >> sure. you know there's a lot lot of things you can do right now to really prepare for the next disaster whether that be a earthquake or wildfire. somethig we want to make sure to inform everybody. the first thing you want to do is receive the alerts. the best way to receive the alert, an earthquake early warning would be to download thy shake app. it's the first state sponsored earthquake warning app app in the country that can deliver you life saving seconds as we saw with the most recent . >> and it's easy to get confusd with -- even to panic when a quake happens. so what should you do when it first hits and then what should you do right after and who do we need to be thinking about in our home? >> when the earthquake arrivesd
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you feel shaking the best thing you can for urselfnd ur you are onto your hands and ere knees if you can crawl over toa table. sturdy table. you know get underneath and of course hold on. hold onto either the table itself, be able to reach it or to yourself or a loved on. take action when you know theres shaking or you know that shakinl you know that shaking will arrive. it increasing your chances for not injuring yourself and for living through the event. >> i know there's confusion whn it comes to when a quake happens quake happens are you supposed to go under a table or into a doorway? clarify that. >> yeah. that guidance is actually out dated from when homes were built with adobe. rit
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now we don't expect that our homes will collapse in middle of of a quake. they are pretty strg due to the improvement in the building codes. we want to make sure we tell people to drop, cover and hold on. the safest place is under a sturdy table in in case any type of either cabinets or frames were to fall on you during the shaking. >> got it. thank you so much for that information and helping and helping us prepare for hopefully not e e any time soon. we appreciate you. > >> vendors cleared out. how a crack down on vendors has changd the san francisco plaza.
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i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding
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for places like this and help people get off the streets. eeto hava place to call home. prop 27 will help provide more funding support prop 27. >> in oakland the work continues work continues to clear the massive wood street camp. it stretches along interstate 880.l tran is moving 200 people out. e
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city said that ha of them have accepted help either in a sheltr or a place for their rv. the move doesn't come easy for somey are looking for their next place next place to live. >> she found me a spot in -- im concerned that they want 30% of my gross. i got a shared om with not even my own bathroom and that's a lot for that. i don't know. it doesn't feel liks a great fit but what can i do? m stuck there for the time being. >> cal trans said this work wil continue in two week phases and will wrap up before november. > >> this morning will be day twof the crack down on street vendort permits. the city has been tellg them for months to get their permits in order. all of this is is designed to curb the sale of stolen goods at mission bart plaz. they didn't need to do much. they say the plaza was
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basically empty yesterday morning but for one vendor who packed up and left. this after months of outreach urging them to have paperwork in order. patl officers say it's going well so far. >> the community feedback has n very positive. especially from our elderly folks that have moby issues. they are able to move around the bart plaza without a problem. >> the officers said that it'le a learning curve to figure out which goods are real and which are stolen. > >> now the law passed in june ao bans vending in the un plaza. ts a look at that story. > >> now here is jessica. >> we have rain in the forecass early as sunday. let's talk abot that right now.
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really helped in to the next coe days and in to the weekend we are see that weekend split in half. if you have outdoor plan itself looks like saturday is the day to do anything outside.e we head into sunday it'll be a y set up.
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right there in full force. notie how it works in pressure and it coastline into saturday and potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into monday. we need potentially into mo this rain in the bay area. of course we always talk about the drought monitor and it gets updd frequently. any rain is good for for us. especially after a crazy crazy hot week like last week where we were dealing triple digits and record breaking temperatures. this is looks nice nice for us. > >> inflation is not only impactg the price at the pump. we hear from people checking real prices the country.
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>> the monthly inflation reports prices in most sectors still high. it is the stat we are all paying at tension to these daysg the number takes a lot of work.
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>> reporter: casey isn't at the grocery store to shop but is seh for something very specific. >> i'm looking toker a five oue can of fish. >> reporter: one of 475 economic 475 economic assistants with tho of lorwho fan out across the country every month checking month checking prices. >> now i will move on to the nt item. >> how precise to thpenny? >> reoerinthe consumer price ina month lie inflation rate used fr everything from social security payments to salaries. she oversees price programs for the philadelphia region. >> i expect most think there ie computer someplace that's just like whirl around and spitting out a number. this is very real. real. >> reporter: they track prices r 100,000 goods and services. eveg from canned fish to cars. rents, fish to cars. rents, to repair
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work. >> we price tele communicatione price tuition, anything you than think about we are pricing it. >> reporter: they have been doig this for 16 years and a day on the job means making calls to a gas station. >> price per gallon. >> reporter: and stopping by a e shop. thank you. >> reporter: we can't show you e stores or products because they are protected by law. the data collectors are precise. >> have you thought about goinn the price is right? >> no. i can't believe you asked me that question. >> reporter: taking the guessint of the price that really matters news central new jersey. > >> in a red and gold report a dg start to the season for the nin. one name stood out. >> i hope everybody is ready tk and. >> teaching food education thrh crafting relevant meals is medicine day. we are learning te important lessons happening in e kitchen.
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>> asy tontouwhat went wrong with the 49ers. how about some of the positives? we spotlight one of sunday's stand out preformers in this morning'd
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and gold report. >> reporter: time for the red ad gold report. it's seahawk week for the 49ers. seattle was the only team in the nfc west to win win their opening game. sunday was a day to forget for san francisco. there was one player to be excited about the safety who had his first career interception and led with 11 tackles. he made a name for him. >> i will have you say the name i can't pronounce it. i mean this guy was all over the fieldu watch the way he played up agait the run. you saw him in the secondary. he had the interception. you saw him against the screen. how he beats beats blocks. i love the way he played the football and that's my game ball. >> reporter: with the red and gd report, i'm vern glenn. >> say that name three times f. thank you vern for that report.
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> >> that's all for the news at 90 but sh r more locaheadlines including weather head us our streaming our streaming service cbs news bay area because coming up at 9:30 the latest on the fight ana look at the damage.
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the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27.
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there's only one choice. [cheering, applause] you're all in the shot. thank you for doing this with me! thank you, thank you, thank you! welcome, everybody. as you can see, we're not at the news desk right now. that's because we have a very special show for you. i'd like to call today's interview a conversation with a bad girl and a mean baby. and if you're curious about why i said that and what that means, stick around. to kick things off, here is our love letter to today's special guest. it's the incredible selma blair. selma blair-- where do i begin? this michigan-born actress rose to fame with roles in cult classics like cruel intentions, legally blonde, and fan favorites, the sweetest thing, and guillermo del toro's hellboy. time named her person of the year in 2017.
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she's also grammy-nominated for her narration of anne frank:


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