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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 15, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tragic overdose of a girl foundd found dead in a california high school bathroom. > >> and we had a relatively tame wildfire season, but not out of the woods just yet. > >> good evening, i am ryan yama. ryan yamamoto. cruise across california are dealing with 14 active wildfires, with the biggest threat from the mosquito mosquito fire. firefighters could get help with rain expected to arrive this weekend. joining us now is chief john with cal fire. thank you for joining us. we are seeing cooler cooler temperatures, but we are coming off a record-breaking heat wave. what are you saying in terms of conditions and specy and specifically those fire fuels? >> we are looking forward to the the change in the weather with that rain. it will give a lot of of benefit for california. it will dampen the fire danger, but but we are still in fire season. season. we have a few more months to go where we have the potential and a lot of times
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after we have storm systems that that come through, high-pressure high-pressure sets up and we hae those events. we are looking forward to the rain, but the danger still presents itself. >> >> thankfully the bay area has t seen a huge fire this year, but some of the bigger ones of come later. most notably the wine country wildfire. could the rain rain put an early into this fire fire season? >> we are hoping so. what we want to see is the pattern continuing every 10 days or so. that is what we will see as a season-ending event, but until then we have that potential and we remain prepared for large scaled incidents and large ones as well. >> california's network of wildfire cameras continues to expand and improve. how much of a difference do you think they e made this season? >> it's amazing. we are able to get realize on fires, so we aree are able to access where that is is at, make the appropriate response, and hone in on where
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the fire is at and get first responders real-time information information on what they can do to prevent that fire from becoming along incident. we keep keep 95% of our fires at 10 acres or less and cameras are a big part of that. >> chief, one last question. is the rain a double-edged sword with the danger of mudslides and and saturation in the burn scar? scar areas? >> absolutely. i was at the fairview fire last weekend we had the potential for fighting fire on one side and mudslides on the other, so it is a double-edged sword. especially in areas affected by wildfire in in the past few years. they have have a higher potential for mudslides because of vegetation that has been removed. we look forward to the rain. it also presents another danger, so there is always something. >> think you very much. cal fire, always good information, so thanks for joining us. start california has lifted its covid-19 vaccination requirement
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requirement for teachers and st. and staff. mandatory weekly testing for unvaccinated teachers has also been lifted. health officials say the decision was made because most californians have been vaccinat, been vaccinated, decreasing the likelihood of serious illness or or death. currently, 80% of residents age 12 or older have been vaccinated against covid-1. against covid-19. > >> san francisco community leaders celebrated the opening of the newly renovated castro mission health center. the clinic has welcomed the community for more than 50 years. >> i am so proud of san francisco. always, time and time time again, we put our money where our mouth is. we invest in in things we know are important. important. >> the renovated centers include new nurses stations and upgraded patient information rooms. > >> a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection to
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tuesday's overdose death of a student at a los angeles area high school. officials say the team faces charges of manslaughter for allegedly selling pills laced with fentanyl to to bernstein high school students, one of whom overdosed and died. another 16-year-old boy was arrested for for allegedly peddling the drug to a third student at nearby lexington park. >> if you prey on our children, it will not end well for you and and anyone involved in the distribution and manufacture of this, those enabling the deals, this will not end well for you. >> officials say they were able to track the suspect weekly, due due to the fact that the surviving student was able to iy to identify who they purchased the drugs from. > >> buses caring migrants arrivet arrived at vice president kamala kamala harris's home at the naval observatory in d.c. and dozens more arrived on charter flights to massachusetts as part part of what former governors called a relocation program.
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>> reporter: asylum-seekers carg asylum-seekers carrying what little belongings they have arrived outside the vice presids vice presidents residence in washington, to the surprise of volunteers. >> i think it is really messed up. these are human beings. they they have been on their own for 30 days. >> reporter: instead of union station, texas republican governor greg abbott bust the migrants there over what he calls the biden administration's administration's inaction at the the southern border. >> there is a legal way of doing doing this. republican governors governors interfering in the prs the process and using migrants as political ponds is shameful. >> reporter: this woman, who arrived in d.c. thursday with her husband, says her journey from venezuela to the u.s. took a month and a half. >> to save the mother, to come together to work to have the chance to help her mother. >> reporter: volunteers on
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martha's vineyard also found themselves scrambling to help about 50 migrants flown here without warning wednesday on the the order of florida's republican governor. >> a sanctuary state. what would would be the best would be for biden to do his job and secure the border. >> reporter: some of the migrants say they were told they they would be given housing and. and jobs. enraging venezuelan activists in florida. >> we demand him to stop using our pain, our suffering, and our our desperation for his political gain. >> reporter: massachusetts governor charlie baker, a more moderate republican, says his an his administration will continue continue to support local officials as they address an ongoing humanitarian crisis. christina hager, cbs news, martha vineyard. > >> since this spring, republican republican governors in texas and arizona have taken several thousand migrants and asylum-seekers to new york, chicago, and washington, d.c., all cities of democratic mayors.
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mayors. > >> a live look at the state capitol where we finally got good news on long promised inflation checks for californians. > >> and the used car market is cooling off, but not all car buyers have reason to celebrate. celebrate. > >> and coming up on cbs news bay bay area with juliette goodrich, goodrich, clearing out oakland's largest homeless camp. camp. the question remains what will the people doing their do next? >> reporter: there are plenty of of people living here, so the outreach continues. we will take take you along with those going th
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment,
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better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> americans are getting reliefm relief from skyhigh gas prices, except in california. accordingo aaa, the national average now stands at $3.70. but it is a different story in california. the statewide average stands at $5.34 per gallon, an increase from a month ago. the price of used cars is also beginning to drop and that is news that both buyers and dealers have been waiting for for a long time. >> reporter: jody came to this
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delray beach car dealership looking for the best trade-in value for his pickup truck. >> i was trying to stay ahead of of the wave and get the most i could get for the trade before the bottom falls out. >> reporter: while the bottom is is far off, prices for used vehicles are finally starting to to decline. down almost to 0.5% from july to august. >> people want to feel they are not overpaying for something that is a necessity. >> reporter: he is ceo of the ed ed morris automotive group. he says he expects used-car prices will continue to drop and that is good for the dealership and the customer. >> when we can buy the vehicle cheaper, the customer can purchase it cheaper. >> reporter: inventory is sticking around longer, too, as rising interest rates cause some some consumers to pump the brakes. >> at the height, as soon as you you had a vehicle come in, you would have three or four people waiting to look at that vehicle to buy it. cars would not sit
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for more than a couple days, at. at most. >> reporter: even as used-car prices are starting to pull back, the same is not true for new cars. data from the bureau of labor statistics shows new vehicle prices were up 10.1% in august over last year. >> on the new car side, there is is still a supply-chain issue related to the availability of semi conductors. >> reporter: they expect higher interest rates could drive down car prices, eventually. cbs news, delray beach, florida. > >> a live look at the state capital, with the state of california finally sending out the inflation relief checks announced by governor newsom six six months ago. those range fro0 from 200 to $250. the state estimates it will give out a total of $9.5 million. > >> still ahead, a stunning announcement from the owner of . of patagonia. why he is giving up his entire stake in the outdoor gear company. >
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>> and steph curry is earning quite the payday. the details are coming up in sports. plus another tennis superstar is nearing the end. come back, roger. that and more, after the. the break. > >> coming up, republican governors send planes and buses of migrants to martha's vineyard vineyard and i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets.
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it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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>> let's give you a live look at look at the white house this evening. president biden is preparing to meet with the families of wnba star brittney . brittney griner. and former u.s. u.s. marine paul whelan, both of of whom remain behind bars in russia. this will be the first time he has met in person in the the white house says the president wants to reassure the families that their loved ones are still a priority. griner wad was sentenced to nine years in
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prison on drug charges in february. we lynn was serving a 16 year sentence for espionage. > >> the founder of outdoor gear company, patagonia, is giving ay giving away his $3 billion company and directing all profits to fighting the environmental crisis. patagonia posted a letter on its website promising to transfer ownership of the company to a nonprofit organization to help fight climate change. > >> first alert meteorologist darren peck is here. you are cautious and then you were optimistic. are you confident now about rain? >> just as confident as we have been. it has not changed, but i want to put it in perspective. this will be beneficial rain. widespread rain, but beneficial rain. the kind of rain we can handle, but it won't be just a few light showers. see where it says one inch? sunday to monday, an inch of rain does not mean we will get an inch everywhere.
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in the inland valley, tri-valley, around san jose, yoy you probably won't get that much. but you could get half an inch of rain and maybe even close to that. the totals we get will likely be at or near record rainfall totals for mid to late september. those are not not going to be blockbuster numbers, but they will still be good numbers. we can handle this, but there are a couple of thgs to keep in mind sunday. wet roadways, probably the main impact. maybe even some of the gutters that have not been cleared out all summer. you get minor ponding of water that way. way. there will be the potential potential for brief downpours. t downpours. that is more likely toward the second half of the s, the season, like on monday when we get to the center of the cold cold core of this system. you could also get isolated thunderstorms and gusty wind. those three things likely come in on monday. sunday is when we get the more widespread rain that delivers the bulk of what
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we will get. you can see the system developing already in alaska. alaska is going to experience this in a far more significant way. a lot of the energy is coming from what once was a typhoon on the other side of the pacific. as i am sure you you are not surprised, we will not experience it in any way shape or form, but we will get the energy directed across the c the pacific and that is what it will look like by sunday. a closer inspection shows the second model, there are minor differences in timing. as you would expect to see in these models. but they are both focusd both focused on sunday. one has an earlier and one has it later. later. this is now sunday aftern sunday afternoon when we start to see widespread rain move over over pretty much all of norther. northern california. then we get get into monday and it becomes more on-again and off-again and. and spotty. we cannot get too caught up in the details at this this point of really trying to say when does the rain turn off? off? when will it stop? how much
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much will we get and exactly wh? exactly where? you saw how far way the system is, so we can't get those specifics. but being within three days and having the the consistency of the storm showing up the same way, we can say that confidence is high and we will get widespread rain out of this. sunday into monday. we might've showers left over on tuesday and as we look across the rest of the forecast, we will be done by the second half of the weekend even start warming up by then. back to you. you. > >> time for a check on what is ahead at six. we switch over to juliette goodrich. >> whether you take b.a.r.t. drive, you may have noticed the the commute is crowded this week week and there are new numbers to back that up. is there a sign sign of a san francisco rebound? rebound? we check with the neighborhood barbershop about the pickup in business and why they were a downtown may never be the same. > >> plus, one weekend of cleanup at oakland's largest homeless camp. there are still plenty ofe
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of people staying at wood street. we go along with the group on the ground, trying to figure out the next move. the news at 6:00, coming up in 10 minutes. let's headed over to charlie for sports. > >> sundays against seattle have not been fun, whatsoever. 15-2 against the 49ers since 2014. this time is different. it is te first time since christmas eve, 2011. with wilson in denver, it is geno smith under center for seattle. the journeyman looked good monday night against the broncos. a stat line of 23-28 p. 23-28 passing. two touchdowns through the air. we know he has no russell wilson, but the 49ers 49ers defense knows he can play. >> he has been causing a lot ofs of problems for a lot of years. a little different and play style, but he is definitely going to be a challenge. >> he has been a good
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quarterback, for longer than i have been alive, it feels like. just watching the game and watching the film. >> the timelines don't match up. you have been alive longer than than that. time for your daily george kittle update. the tight end remained out of practice with that groin injury that kept kept him out of last sunday's game against the chicago bears. first serena williams retired from tennis and now another legend is calling it a career. roger federer announced he is retiring after next week's labor labor cup in london. the 41-year-old has not played since since 2021 because of knee issues. he ranks third all-time behind his rivals rafael nadal and of course, novak djokovic. golf now. pga tour season teeing teeing off at the silverado for the championship. robbie shelton shelton on the par three 11th. check this out. up in the air.
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bounces up, hits the flag right. right there. tax it in for bertie. later on 11, the defending champ for bertie. roles abandon the former cal bears currently five shots under. two shots behind the lea. the leader. life continues to get better and better for steph curry. according to the rolling stone, get this. the warrior star is close to signing a lifetime agreement with under a. under armour. the deal is worth $1 billion. that is close to michael jordan and lebron james apparel deal with nike. i tell you what, $1 billion, not bad for steph curry. he already has what feels like a lifetime contract with the warriors and now this. >> i think steph curry is set for life. >> is living the dream. just test to when that golf championship in tahoe and he has has done it all. >
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>> still ahead at 5:00, a packed packed house as a puerto rican music superstar puts on a show. my fans say it is about more than just the music. > >> he is true to his language, true to his people. he is just unapologetically bad bunny.
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>> from the bay bridge to this. chopper 5 spotted this huge line line wrapping around the coliseum for the bad bunny concert last night. jocelyn moran was part of the crowd and gives us a look and explains why he means so much to his fans. >> reporter: there were cheers and fireworks. there was dancin. was dancing. people with their hands up, enjoying the night. dl brought tickets for him and his. his sister. >> during the pandemic, i was going through a lot. especially, especially, we were in the hous. the house. he dropped two albums albums and i could really relate. i love how he yells for people from puerto rico. >> reporter: many other fans feel the same. it was a packed house at the coliseum. there is no question bad bunny is breaking barriers. he won artist artist of the year at the vma's and became the first non-englist non-english act to win a vma for
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for artist of the year. >> is true to his roots, true to to his language, true to his pe. he has unapologetically bad bunny and i think that makes him him not only likable, but accessible and approachable to . to people. >> reporter: he teaches at san diego state. he says people can expect a course on bad bunny to be taught at the university in 2023. he says for latinos it is also about representation. >> the latino community wants to to see ourselves represented. we we rarely see ourselves on tele, on television, media. especially especially english-speaking spaces. to see bad bunny win awards and perform on awards shows traditionally reserved for for only english-speaking people, i think gives us an oppy an opportunity to see ourselves in here ourselves. >> reporter: that is what it felt like wednesday night in oa. in oakland. pride in where we come from. it was about the musc the music and people enjoying the night with friends and fami. and family. >
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>> that is it for the news at 5. at 5:00. cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich starts now. > >> you are seeing it on your commute. more packed trains and a longer slog than ever to work. work. we have new numbers on downtown san francisco's recovery and what it means for the workers who rely on all of that traffic to make their livi. >> it started picking up two or three weeks ago. >> it is the barbershop barometer of the financial district recovery. >> definitely more people walking in and walking around. >> new numbers giving hope to businesses like this, desperate for foot traffic. but is it enough to survive? >> i would like to bring in more more barbers, because i can't have four people sitting here with nothing to do. > >> billboard battle. governor newsom takes on his gop rivals with a provocative ad campaign touting abortion access in cali. in california. the politics and the real impact of the strategy.
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>> the idea that california can potentially, at least for now, be somewhat of an abortion safe haven is really important. > >> this tuesday sound like a god moving day? >> and there are plenty of peope still living in oakland's larget homeless camp. we take you alonh a group on the ground it would , trying to make sure campers knoy have options. >> it is so traumatizing for pe, for people, being down here. > >> this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. > >> hello, we are starting with encouraging signs. encouraging signs of life in downtown san francisco. it has been a tough three years of empty streets and and vacant offices. in fact, a recent uc berkeley report found the financial district has been the slowest to bounce back out f 62 north american cities. but we we are seeing some hard numbers to show you this week that show the bay area commute is getting busier on public transit and on our bridges. so what does that


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