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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 16, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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the street from drug dealers to prostitution to using the alleyr a bathroom. >> sitting on a block to the south, pizza places one attraction to this part of san francisco. live music is key to the experience of sky bridge on stevenson. the event is in its third year. >> it is clear the neighborhood is in need of love and attention. >> reporter: the festival lasts five weeks on thursday nights. y expect 100 people. >> i feel extremely hopeful. tht has taken hold of a lot of
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people's hearts. every part of e city is worthy of the same attention and advocacy. >> events like this will only bring more beautification and s. and safety. >> reporter: the sky bridge has become a landmark. lanterns hele a unique space while organizations work to add more art and renovate nearby streets. streets. >> we can really turn things around, regardless of reputation reputation and history. >> reporter: the hurdles the case only motivate them to keep going and appreciate the work being done. >> it is a beautiful part of town. the heart of san francisco. that deserves a lot more attention. it can only get
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better if everybody participate. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. > >> the mosquito fire, tearing to tearing to the sierra nevada foothills is the state's largest state's largest wildfire of the year. and upcoming storm could e a big impact. tonight, the firen placer and el dorado counties has grown to more than 67,000 acres with 20% containment. the humidity helps to slow growth and hold lines of the advancing fire. this afternoon, on unauthd drone flying over account firebe and el dorado county briefly halted operations. storm could complicate the fight. >> after the systems, high prese sets up. we are looking forwardo the rain picked but the rain -- danger present itself. >> is producing smoke tens of thousands of feet soaring up. ig air quality. experts say smoke
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from western wildfires is traveg higher than ever, especially in the sierra. strike across the bay from the southlake to the diablo range in san francisco. darren peck is tracking air quay and what could scrub the skies. > >> the rain coming our way on s. on sunday and monday, we expect widespread beneficial rain. as much is one inch in places likee of the major population centerse city could come with an inch ovr that period. there will be brief be brief downpours. it will get windy on saturday. before the rain we will see the strong wind wind pick up. if you look at the the timing, clearly sunday and monday with a few leftover shows going into tuesday. watch the screen. right there. that is the is the wind on saturday. that wl be the first element. it is then
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that will make headlines. we tie that out in much more detail. > >> also knew, multiple people are recovering in oakland after a shooting in the crash. officers but police tape arounde car at the scene tonight on intl boulevard and 42nd avenue. just after 6:00, police found multipy people shot and an injured peden that had been hit by a car. that that governor newsom is taking the fight for abortion rights across state lines, launching al billboard campaign. he is pushing for a criminal investigation. into the busing f migrants from florida to martha's vineyard. >> reporter: these are the new . governor newsom is paying to put to put up where abortion is
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banned or severely restricted. e billboard, sending a clear message that california is the place where women enjoy reproductive freedom. >> in the forefront of voters, s reproductive rights. >> freedom is under attack. >> reporter: he prepared this out in florida about abortion rs over the holiday. governor abbott of texas and rhonda santos of florida are among newsom's most frequent targets. >> people say why are you pickig a fight with desantis and abbote at what you focus on your november opponent? to fight, i should pick on someone my own s. i want to talk about the issues. the issues. i'm going to pick on on someone who is a bully themselves. >> reporter: the billboards coma few days after the note announced the launch of the website to help direct women ind outside of california to
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abortion resources. newsom alsod in thursday on the issue of gop governors busing and flying immigrants from the southern bor to states and that he is led by democrats. governor newsom senta letter to the attorney general asking for an investigation, calling the actions morally reprehensible and may also be legal. letter comes is 48 asylum-seekers, mainly from vena landed in martha's vineyard abod two planes from texas. the flights were actually organized by florida's republican governo, rhonda santos. officials on thed of martha's vineyard said theres almost no notice of the arrivals. the migrants didn't kw where they were going. they tole there was a work opportunity. we going to a city but ended up staying here. the local steppedp to help those that were left here. meanwhile governor desantis defended the flights, d through $12 million tax funded .
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funded initiative. >> if you would like to read the read the full letter to the juse department is posted on > >> a grocery trip since multiple since multiple people to the ho. a car plowing into a bay area trader joe's. a south bay city that is about to get families hs of dollars for free. uber hit with a data breach. what we now know about
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>> a child is among four peopleg after a car careened into a trar joe's in castro valley. the toya avalon ended up 50 feet inside e store on redwood road south of e bart station. some of the injurd were hit by the car and others by flying debris. chopper 5 spotted people being wheeled out out to ambulances. all are exped to be okay. the car still works. still works. firefighters were able to back it out. the chp said the driver was elderly and accelerated into the store frome parking lot. they do not believe not believe it was intentional r that anyone had to do with drugs drugs or alcohol. starting tomorrow, low-income families can apply to receive $500 per mh for two years. to qualify, incoe
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must not exceed 30% of the loca. you must have at least one chilr one on the way. applications will be open through said timbe. timber 25th. > >> a live look across the bay a. we are getting a dose of major weather whiplash, days after a brutal heat wave. a storm is rog into the bay area. we know it is it is coming. it is matter of hw much and when. it down. we now get specific on at least where the -- to answer the questions. how much will be getting when? sunday morning wod be the earliest. let's go over o the large window that has all the pretty pictures and satellite imagery. the storm isl in alaska. see the big mess of clouds? that is how far it is. watch it get better organized over 36 hours and then it quails quails itself up. there is one
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thing to look at. that moistureg into the pacific. this is goingo have the elements of an atmospheric river. it will be ae from one week to immoderate. those are beneficial. if you are you are weak or moderate, this is a 1-2. is getting an added boost in terms of the amount of moisture has to work with. if wt it back to future cast, here is the timing. that is sunday morning. that is when we likely see the beginning. the best of e rain will come through the middle of the day on sunday. thg you have to like, it stayed consisted and timing. that can give at least a bit more confid. it doesn't mean it will stay fi.
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we might see the timing change.e still have three days to go. that has been the story all day. day. then we have scattered showers staying with us. certainly going to monday maybe tuesday. it all depends how lone center stalls. and we look at o account the whole 2.5 day period. with the most noticeable most noticeable amount of this coming on sunday. we are not gog to get an inch of rain in san francisco. if we added up, we will come away with close to 1 . 1 inch. we will also end up witf an inch of rain. you can see where the color is deep or bad,t is the forecast model trying toe where the best plume of moisture moisture associated with the atmospheric river river will be pointed. that is where it has been. it would make sense. nothg
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happened since till sunday. the sky will look pretty. taken higs to the 80s. in the seven day, sunday, monday and tuesday. we e warm-up out about. charlie tu. > >> it is a game of the year. par doesn't mean anything. that is y we play the games. we have the answer to how round one between these powers went. another tennis legend, calling it a career. these stories and more, next. >>
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>> the weather may be seattle le when the 49ers take on the seahs in the home opener on sunday. fr fans there will be a lot to takm besides the game. we are talking we are talking about the food. e stadium is partnering with local local restaurants so you can get
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can get a burger from superduper from superduper and donuts fromo and ice cream from cream and sugar. it looks good. you will o find everything from kazen soul food to asian fusion. > >> we put a lot of energy, time and planning into what we do. > >> it is the gold rush pizza frm tony g, talked with red and gol. gold peppers. then you are reado go. >> don't forget, levi does it well. they have candy c. candy counters. what is not great is the not so fun fact. this time however, they will noe russell wilson pickett is the ft time he will not be under center under center since 2011. amazon
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founder, jeff bezos in the housr the game. in the third quarter, justin herbert. what a beautifu. even better. that is mike williams. elion business. in the in the fourth quarter, the chies tied it up. looking for points.u have points all right. just ther way. it is devin watson. the chs go up 24-17 with the touchdown. later, fans were holding their breath. herbert takes a hard-hit. slow to get up. holdig his ribs. he did return and thrh a laid-back tour cover touchdown. the chiefs still really good is the consensus. winning 27-24. > >> first it was serena williamst retired from tennis and now another of the greats is callint
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a career. he is retiring after the cup in london. he has not pd since wimbledon because of knee issues. federer ranks third of all time with 20 grand slam titles. that is behind only his his rivals rafael -- another chk of its. the best team in the american league, the astros hosting the eighth. oakland have oakland have them loaded. garcia, lines the first pitch io left field. two runs across the. the plate. ds, hammers the hangr to left. it is a tie game no mo. three run shot gives us the final score. that will be 5-2, in favor of houston. only 18 games remain in the season. the season teeing off at silverado r the championship. robbie shelton shelton shot on the are 311.
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check this out. off the stick gives him an easy putt. later, rolling in the birdie putt. is y 500. two shots behind. becky had and her aces are one win away fm the championship. the sun had other plans. alyssa thompson the the steel. taking the contact. u can count it. it is a big night for thomas. how about the firste in wnba history. towels were waving. i would say they have life. they win 105-76. game 4 ig up sunday. don't forget the sea, right around the corner. it fees like it has been just a couple of months. that's what happens n you win a championship. >
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>> coming up, the cowboy and clean. the friendship she had with a
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>> uber is investigating a hack into the computer network. the wall street journal reported that they resorted to shutting n their internal messaging systeme
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report said someone sent a messe to employees claiming to be res. be responsible. > >> tomorrow the new iphone is hitting stores. apple is releasing the iphone 14 pro and promax. it has a more powerful camera and the fastest chip avae for smart phones. some people cd it is just not different enough. enough. > >> a live look at the queen as she lies and stated westminster hall. mourners waited in the miles long queue to file past the coffin of queen elizabeth. >> i flew in this morning and im going home tomorrow. you wouldnt see this at home. for anybody. e national pride. >> that will also be on full diy on monday during the funeral at westminster abby. it is the same the same place as her 1953 coron
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and also where she married prince philip in 1947. > >> queen elizabeth may have livd have lived in -- but she felt at felt at home in the stables. thn led to an unlikely friendship with the california cowboy decades ago. monty roberts becae the queens horseman. is known fr revolutionizing horse training by using a silent language of kindness. he said the queen treated him like a younger brother. >> i would call her her majesty. majesty. the friendship was deep. >> handwritten letters and annual christmas greetings framed their three decade relationship. he will attend his his friend's funeral on monday. > >> up next, lots of fanfare.
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on the next "turning point", right here on this station.
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>> the consulate general of mexo performed -- today in san francisco at city hall. tomorros mexican independence day, marking the beginning of mexicos fight for freedom from spain. maryland embry enjoyed -- mayor london breed joined in. >> san francisco's history and heritage is rooted in that. spey the land where we stand was once once part of mexico. so many places that continue to keep the keep the vibrancy of the community alive and well.
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>> people in san jose are also celebrating with dancing, music, music, food and low riders. people also enjoy the parade. it parade. it doesn't stop there. e celebrations are expected tomor. expected tomorrow. > >> thank you for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next. the news continue streaming on cbs news bay area.e a great night. (upbeat music) - hi everyone, and welcome to legal help center. this is where we have professionals standing by to answer your questions regarding personal injury. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, like a car accident or a slip and fall, we can help.


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