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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it has become clear that this it has become clear that this neighborhood is in need of a little bit love and attention. > >> on kpix5 news at 6:00, a sano neighborhood trying to fight misconceptions. the hope to change things and try to draw more people back to the city. > >> i know a lot of us can relat. it is a struggle dealing with sy rocketing grocery prices. we look at the factors leading to the surge. > >> we have rain in the forecastr us heading into this weekend. ls to talk about regarding your local area. we'll have more on that in your full forecast. > >> let's start with a live lookt san francisco this morning. we are expecting some rain this we. we have been talking about thisr
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several days. i didn't believe it was going to happen because it is september. i am pretty pumped about it. >> last week we were talking abt record breaking numbers. this week we are talking about rain.i would take this week over any or day of this year. we need to talk about precautions. into this weekend because it's quick moving, it will take people by surprise if they're not prepared. we are expecting wet roads, an inch of rain on average throughout the day area is expected this weekend. we can can see isolated thunderstorms as early as monday. it looks like instability is happening on on monday's forecast. sunday and and into monday, that's the big change for us. i want to show you on the euro model. this is circulating into our coastline as early as sunday morning. this sunday morning. this is what we are waking up to and heading into the afternoon sunday. satuy is still a dry day. this is a big system pushing in. notice we we are seeing moderate pockets of rain as early as monday and even heading into afternoon. ths
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along the coastline and into east inland hills. any outdoor plans that you have, maybe push them to saturday. we are still dealing with dry conditions saturday morning. once we head into sunday, a different forecast. we'll talk more about this coming up in a bit. >> let's get another look at trc this friday morning. we are going to start at the altamont pass. there is a crash on 580 west near grant line road. it looks like tow service is on sce so it could be clearing out soon. it's a 46 minute drive toward the city. if you can, gie yourself extra time as you are g out the door. let's look at the bay bridge, metering lights have have turned on so you will see more cars on the road way, 11 minute drive from the maze to highway 101. let's look at the san mateo bridge, starting to se traffic building there but it is is not looking too bad. 12 minute drive from 880 to 101.
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> >> time for a look at top stori. governor newsom heading to solao to sign new climate action laws, laws, lawmakers approving $54 billion to back the aggressive agenda including spending for clean energy and drought measures with new restrictions on oil and gas drilling. there is a mandate to reduce carbon dioxide. governor newsom calling calling on attorney general merrick garland to investigate actions by governors of texas ad florida. the two republicans have been sending migrants to democratic states to protest the the biden administration's immigration policies. newsom said people are being shipped across the country to be used as as political props with intent of humiliating and dehumanizing them. greg abbott of texas and florida ron desantis say there e too many migrants coming across the border into their states. a
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large group from venezuela was t to martha's vineyard in massach. they had no idea where they werd when they got on the plane. > >> the mosquito fire is the stas largest of the year. that upcoming storm that jessica hasn telling us about could have a big impact on the fire's path. e fire in placer and eldorado hasn to more than 67,000. it's 20% contained. humidity did help slow growth and hold lines of te advancing fire. now this storm on the way could actually complicate the fire fight. > >> in the bay area, it's been ae for san francisco neighborhoods to fight perception that certain certain areas just aren't safe to visit. vendors along a stretch of stephenson street in the soma neighborhood are trying trying to draw more people back into the city. a big challenge s cleaning up the area.
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>> reporter: it's a busy night.s are eager to enjoy fresh pies fresh out of the oven. >> a lot of unwanted activity hg on the streets from drug dealers dealers to prostitution to using to using the alley as a bathroom. >> reporter: sitting on a blocky to itself, the pizza place is one attraction to this part of san francisco. live music is key key to the experience of sky bridge on stephenson. the outdoor event is in its third year, launched after pandemic to to bring the community together. community together. >> it's become clear that this d is in need of a little bit love and attention. >> the festival lasts five weekg people to come on thursday nigh. some evenings, they expect 100 e will fill the street. >> i think i feel extremely hop. it is clear that this event hasn hold of a lot of people's heart.
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>> reporter: the initiative cons as parts of is of san franciscos is of san francisco is busy aga. >> every part deserves what we . >> events like this will bring e beautification and safety to the the neighborhood. >> reporter: lanterns help creae a unique space while organizatis work to add more art and renovation project rate nearby streets. >> with the help of everybody, e can turn things around regardles of its reputation, regardless of its reputation, regardless of its history. >> reporter: for the team, the s only motivate them to keep going going and appreciate the work done by the community. >> this is a beautiful part of , the heart of san francisco which francisco which deserves a lot
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more attention. it can only get better if everybody participates. > >> over the past year, you havey noticed grocery prices jumping most since 1979. eggs are up 4. margarine and flour up 33%. supy chain issues as well as high energy labor and transportation costs have caused the prices to rise. those are all the things that go into other things. so basically all it's food. >> i think everybody has notice. we have done a couple stories at the prices. a lot of people are really affected by this. >> and not knowing how high it l go. with no end in sight it's cy becoming a political issue as well.
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> >> a new viola davis movie hittg theaters. > >> a block party returns to the. we'll break it down in liam's l. >> watch on kpcw44 cable 12 andg service cbs news bay area. we'le live at 7:00 and 8:00 with the latest headlines and your first alert forecast. watch
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>> bay area beat, san franciscos could be facing a possible fourplex plan show down, two months after mayor breed rejected a fourplex plan over concerns on the impact of housig production. lawmakers may be ready to pitch a new proposal that calls for one ordinance to eliminate single family zoning d a second could pave the way forr
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flexes in all city neighborhood. > >> city's vice mayor kaplan makg bid for wnba. she's announcing plans to introduce resolution tuesday calling for the league to bring a team to oakland. the commission is hoping to pick a city or two by the end of the yr with plans to have the team in place in two years. that would be welcome news for sports fans in oakland missing a pro team. t now we have the a's. if they're playing on sunday, i am not sure. could be a rain out. >> goodness gracious, we have at of rain in the forecast as we extend into sunday. do you haver plans this weekend? >> they're influx. >> you probably need to reschede if they're sunday and if they're and if they're outdoor events. e have a lot of rain into the next the next couple days. let's get straight into it. into this weekend's forecast, it's going to be split in half. saturday is is a breezy cool day, temperatus
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below average. we are seeing partly cloudy conditions like we we are dealing with this morning. daytime highs are close close to below average at the coastline. once we extend to the the weekend, you are in for a treat, especially your lawns. i am sure a lot of us will need ts as we head into sunday and even monday. rain chances are increasing as an area of low pressure dives in from the nort. this is pushing in from the gulf alaska. it is cool, a lot of instability in the system. to add to that, it is going to brig much needed rain, a quarter to half inch in east inland hills.s we look at water vapor into this into this weekend, it streamlines directly to our coastline. this system picked a trajectory and it is san francisco in a nutshell. look at at this into saturday and into sunday, it starts working in a counterclockwise direction. the front leading edge of it means we will see winds push from the
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south. it will be a gusty set uy and by sunday, even monday, that's when it makes its debut.t looks like monday we will see lg activity with the system. becaue of how unstable the system is in in the atmosphere, we are expecting that monday. even into into tuesday and wednesday we'll wednesday we'll see it start tag off, clearing up and we are left left with highs around average again. we might see scattered showers in the north bay lingering into tuesday's forecast. we'll keep a close eye eye on models and keep you updated in the weather center. >> thanks. > >> let's look at your traffic. s are not looking bad but we willo back and look at the altamont pass. chp is reporting no serious injuries. one lane is blocked with more slower speedsy to give yourself extra time when time when you hit the roads bece it is about a 42 minute drive. w to the crash near 14th avenue on on 580, that's cleared out. we'l
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give you a live look at the bay bridge, metering lights have turned on. you will start to see see the build up. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. mass transit, no delays. t if you are watching the giants and dodgers, it's an option to take mass transit. > >> time for a segment that we lk forward to all week. we are talg about liam's list. what do you have? >> so much. good morning lovely ladies. good morning friends at home. first, a movie making history not just for the all black cast but also for the epic epic direction. > >> from the moment she appears n the screen rising from tall gra,
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viola davis owns. it is every bit as majestic and monumental as it implies. the move eye could give welcome boost to other objects that have struggle have struggle in terms of majoro backing. davis triumphs as does the supporting cast. woman king is playing in bay area theaters. theaters. > >> to kill a mocking bird, a si, a crime against god. i asked why? >> friends, to kill a mocking b, golden gate theater in san frano adapted for the stage, it pullsu in and has you hanging on every word. it stands the test of time time and is as relevant today as today as it was when written in the 1960s civil rights era. too old for you, ladies. a stellar
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cast by richard thomas, finch. s is so good, all richly deservedt minute a five minute standing ovation. mocking bird runs through october 9. > >> what are you eating here? >> we're having shrimp. >> bonjour, taste of paris. your paris. your favorite city, anneg a pastry in the morning, glass of wine on the patio, celebrating a meal with a loved one or friends, designed for locals and visitors alike, some of the locals last night were
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enjoying the new menu. > >> finally joycelyn i know thiss what you are about. it's about the bruise. shroders back with the annual block party on front street in san francisco for octt starting today at 3:00 p.m. thel have games, german games, live c and more. oktoberfest. final farewell monday to queen elizabh ii. i have a full list of where you can watch the funeral. you can follow me on my facebook and my facebook and instagram pagess been 12 long days. brits are cueing up and i will be watching watching with fellow friends mo. >> where will you be watching? >> so many choices. this sounds bizarre but i will probably pick
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will probably pick one of my favorite pubs. a last nod, i will probably have a pint in hand. >> it's a funeral but it's a cen of life. >> it's a celebration of life, d to the longest running monarch f 70 years. a chance to say thank you and a chance to welcome the king. >> thanks for joining us. > >> meanwhile, coming up next, bg the spirit of whitney houston to to theaters. the trailer just released. plus. > >> a huge surprise for want a permanent solution to homelessness?
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>> you know what that means. hay friday. by the way, we made it to friday. time for the morning mix. don't you want to dance? we to dance? we are getting our first look, trailer for whitney houston's upcoming biopic. >> i want to dance with somebodl follow the life. fans can catch the film when it hits theaters.s produced by clyde davis, person who signed whitney houston to her first recording contract. ts will be on my list for sure in december. around christmas, a lot of people are watching movies. >> i am wondering if she sings r
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own songs. we'll have to find out. that will be major shoes t. >> the mack that we are seeing s following careers. like we talked about the elvis one. >> he sung his original, austin. it will be interesting. > >> cardi b making headlines fory after surprising her old middle school with a kind donation. she she made a surprise visit to hed middle school in the bronx. she decided to donate $100,000 to the school that she says truly e her who she is today. she hopes this can help students stay out of the street or away from a troubled home. >> forget the money. those kids are going crazy about her appearance. >> i would be going crazy too.
6:25 am
>> i am curious why she picked r middle school instead of high sl or elementary. what made her go? her go? >> i think there is something sy formative about middle school. s this awkward transitional time that can make you or break you. >> the fact that she said she'sg to see if this can keep kids out out of the street. maybe the school had an influence for heri love to see it. $100,000. >> that will help a lot. > >> does a five star rating meane got the best restaurant. a viral viral tiktok has us questioning. us questioning. >> easiest way to find authentid is to go on yelp and look for rs with exactly three and a half stars. that's the sweet spot foc chinese food. >> exactly three and a half. he says to find the most authentic
6:26 am
chinese, you have to look at the at the spot with three and a half. stars. at one of these places, you may be ignored by your waiter but he says the food food will taste better. the cultural expectations for servie are different. >> it makes sense. on a yelp review, it's bad service or a dish is too spicy this. person will give one or two stars. but those are things you wouldn't mind if gog to try it out. >> i am going to test the theor. not 3.4 stars. 3.5. > >> 6:27. combating a rise in hate crimes and attacks in the bay area. the new tool to hopefy make a differs in san francisco. san francisco. > >> a live look at the uk, britas new
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>> on kpix5 news at 6:00, a livk at san francisco, we are expecting rain this weekend. ths is the first widespread rain of the season. i am pretty excited about it here with first alert t jessica burch with a closer loo. it looks like the big day is su.
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>> exactly. this is impacting our coast and everyone across the board, even into east inland inland hills where we have been needing relief in one way or another. the forecast is beautiful. we were below average average all week after last week's heat wave. now we are seeing rain. we'll take every drop. we are expecting 80s in et inland hills, 60s in san francio where it is gloomy and cool. thk we have a lot of atmospheric moisture, wait until sunday and monday. into the next couple days, we are expecting a major rain event in the bay area. it is part of this area of low pree circulating into our coastline as we head into sunday morning.s is an all day event really. suny morning into sunday afternoon. y monday we are seeing heavier pos impacting that coastline. a little bit instability in the ae means we can see a lightning strike or two, hear a little bit bit thunder activity. but that's
6:31 am
that's just monday alone. as wek at rain totals with the system, it's still up in the air because because that is still formulatig in the pacific. it can strengthen into the next couple days. what we are looking at is a quarter inch to half inch on . > >> let's take a look at the roas this friday morning. we have a crash near altamont pass on west west bound 580 near grant line road. it looks like things are still in the process of getting that cleared out. if you are a super commuter, give yourself extra time. it's a 39 minute drive from 205 to 680. a live look at the san mateo bridge, cars are starting to pile up but but it is not bad. 13 month its from 880 to highway 101. golden gate bridge, not many cars now.s 20 minutes from state route 37
6:32 am
to the bridge. main travel times times are not bad for your friday morning commute, 37 minutes from highway 160 to i-8. > >> 6:32. time for a look at the top stories. multiple people recovering in oakland after a shooting and a crash. officers put police tape around that car on international boulevard and 42nd avenue. after 6:00 last night police found multiple people shot and injured pedestrian who had been hit by a a car. each of the people are in in stable condition. > >> a child is among at least for recovering after a car slammed into a castro valley trader joe's. the toyota avalon ended about 50 feet from the store. se people were hit by the car and others by flying debris. chopper flying debris. chopper 5 spotted
6:33 am
spotted people being wheeled to ambulances but all are expected to be okay. on a positive note, the car still worked so firefighters were able to back it out. the driver was elderly d accelerated into the store frome parking lot. investigators don't don't believe it was intentional intentional nor had anything to do with drugs or alcohol. > >> families of two americans hed prisoner in russia will meet separately with president biden today. brittney griner was arrested in football on drug charges and is appealing a nine year prison sentence. u.s. marine veteran paul whelan has d over two years of his 16 year sentence for espionage charges that he denies. the white house said it had made a substantial proposal to get them home but no no sign of any break through there. > >> living in fear in recent att. $5million donation could provids peace of mind in chinatown. bety
6:34 am
yu on the new tool putting publc and personal safety at people's finger tips. >> reporter: citizen is arming s of asian americans with tools tp keep them safe and they're doint at no cost to the user. >> i have had a few close encous and feel very unsafe when i am alone. that's why i have been d. >> reporter: josephine works inn where parking is scarce and walking a few blocks makes her anxious. >> i feel very scared. i carry a scared. i carry a defense pen. >> reporter: she has one more tl thanks tocitizen. it provides realtime alerts. the premium version is $20 a month and offers additional features
6:35 am
including live safety agents via via video or text who can escale to emergency services or track the location. >> that made me feel better. i have this on my phone that's ace at any time. with the press of a a button, someone can be my witness. >> reporter: josephine is one ol people who learned to use the pm version. >> a third of the bay area usese citizen app. a third of the bay area is also asian. that's why it made perfect sense for us to be part of the solution. >> reporter: good water collecte stepped up to cover 20,000 free premium subscriptions worth $5 million. josephine said she's had a few close calls with potential attackers and the violence has been too much to bear. >> all these things, you know, e it very difficult for all of use
6:36 am
have experienced something like this or know someone who has. ts needs to stop. as a community, we all need to come together. > >> a live look at london where s are waiting in line to pay respects to the late queen elizh today. movement of the line will will come to a halt as king charles and three siblings will hold a brief vigil. british officials are preparing for major logistical and security measures to make sure everything sure everything goes smoothly ig the state funeral monday. cbs reporter ian lee is joining us live from london. tell us what e mood is there. >> reporter: the mood is sombers people wait in line to go to wer hall to pay their respects. new people to the line was stopped earlier this morning because it
6:37 am
was at capacity. it was five miles. people at the end were waiting 14 hours so authorities put a halt on that, stopping nee from joining. we're keeping an eye on updates for when people will be able to join it. that shows you how much people want to pay their respects. it's been been another very busy day for king charles. king charles iii arrived in wales for first visit visit as monarch. he and queen consort are attending a prayer service and heading to the parl. the outpouring of love and respt for the late monarch measured in in miles as tens of thousands from around the world wait hours hours to see the queen's coffin. queen's coffin. >> she was an amazing woman ande heart and soul of the country. >> she was my age when she becae queen. can i only imagine how much she had to learn and sacrifice for that. >> reporter: the line grew so lg
6:38 am
it was paused at least six hours six hours as it reached capacity. the final farewell for farewell for the longest britain britain monarch will be the first funeral since prime minisr churchill in 1965. security is tightening. police teams and antiterror squads are preparing for the biggest security challenge the country has ever seen. the list includes president biden, french president macron, prime ministers of australia and new zealand. we are learning that the queen had a special requestt she wants her grandsons, princem and harry, to walk side by side behind her coffin as it moves from westminster hall to abby. t will be on the same as used for
6:39 am
her father's funeral king george king george the 6th. > >> an unrelated incident but wed a couple police officers were stabbed. i am sure that is adding to the security concerns here. >> reporter: that's right. that took place about a mile from he. what we are learning is the pole saw someone who had a knife. thy engaged the person and the persn stabbed the officers. these aret life threatening injuries and they were able to apprehend the person. we are told that over 30 over 30 people have been arrestd in the lead up to the funeral. e do not know the charges but thee are thousands of police officers police officers from around the country in london now, even soldiers, 1500 on stand by, in case anything were to happen. >> ian lee live in london, than. > >> about 20 minutes before 7:00, before 7:00, 49ers getting ready ready for the seahawks sunday. e
6:40 am
new quarterback at the helm in seattle in this morning's red ad gold report. >> it looks like it will be a wt one. we are keeping a close eye on it. > >> the dow is down significantly is down significantly this friday morning about 300 pointse break, let's look at what's coming up on cbs mornings. > >> good morning. so good to see. ahead, the queen's death could d some countries to break ties with monarchy. we'll look at thd relationship of the so called rs and what future might hold. > >> 48 hours is back for the 35th season.looking into the murder trial of a former equestrian that hinged on an incident defense. > >> talking with mum ford and sus about the secret that inspired his debut solo
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the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes!
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prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27.
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>> welcome back. time for a look look at your money watch reports start with another live look at the big board. dow is down about about 350 points. california set set to become first state to bar bar online companies from profiling children or using personal info in a way that can harm them. it requires tech firms to follow age appropriate design code principles aimed at keeping kids safe. companies will have to submit a data protection impact assessment before offering new online services, products, or features attractive to children. > >> a live look at the apple stoe in walnut creek this morning. oe
6:45 am
of the places where new iphone models are hitting shelves today. you can sea a little ling because apple is releasing the new iphone 14 pro and pro max. t has a more powerful camera and fastest chip available for smart for smart phones. you see it through the window. i wonder if there are fingerprints of people of people who were pressed up at drooling of their iphone 14. i l cherish the last few moments that i am up to date on technoly with my iphone 13. here is what some of the people in line have to say. >> i don't need even use iphones for a friend. >> okay. you are doing it for a friend. you are a good friend. >> i am very good friend. >> you have heard about this, ss people pay people to save theirt in line. the iphone 14 starts a. that's a look at your money wath
6:46 am
report. >> how much would i have to payu for you to stand in line? >> you know, i would want the pe myself if i was going to put in the elbow grease and wait in line. maybe she'll get one for herself too. who knows. > >> the big story this weekend wl be the rain. >> completely. it is interesting interesting with the system. i m talking about rain on the weeked but it's really just one day of the weekend. if you have outdoor outdoor plans, don't rule them completely out. saturday is a great day to get some exercise, go on that run. it will be wind. if you look closer to the marinr along coastline, it will be a by set up. it will look a lot like this. this is a live look from our mark hopkins hotel cam wherc moisture is already high but into the weekend that system will streamline into san franci. we will talk about that in a se. let's start with daytime highs s afternoon. still a beautiful day day in the east inland areas geg
6:47 am
into the 80s, 70s along east ba. this weekend the big change is n the way. we are expecting an inch on average throughout the bay area. this is a very big storm. even though we need the rain and we are excited we need to be cautious heading outdoorsy on sunday. drive extra slow. tae good care of yourself and your loved ones. enjoy that book on sunday. monday it is still sticking around a little bit longer. tuesday, light drizzle.s area of low pressure is big and pushing in from the gulf of ala. so it will be cool and a lot ofy in the atmosphere too. as we extend sunday into monday, notie it sits in the bay area. we are seeing heavier pockets of rain expected monday. what does that mean? we might see lightning activity as the system is not
6:48 am
stable. let's look at rainfall totals extending from sunday into monday, we are getting close to around an inch of rain on average. this is a big system system pushing in. it will taper taper off by tuesday and then we we are left with below average temperatures. a beautiful forecast as we head into the weekend, we need this rain. mony will be a little fotraf is on the roads. we'll start with the crash on the altamont pass. expect roads to start opeg again. there may be debris on the roads. be careful as you ar. it is about a 40 minute drive td the city. there is a new crash reported near ninth and brandon. watch for that if you are in th. a live look at the bay bridge. g lights are on, turned on an hour
6:49 am
hour ago. you can see that towas the toll plaza. it's about 18 minutes from highway 4 to macarthur maze. mass transit, everything is on time. if you are heading to the giants condug dodgers game it is a good option option to take bart or caltrains hope the giants beat the dodgers the dodgers this weekend. > >> we are starting to see encoug signs of life in downtown san francisco. it's been a tough three years of empty streets ant offices. a recent report found that the financial district hasn slowest to bounce back out of 6h american cities. we are seeing hard mbw the bay area commute is getting busier on public transit and our bridges. what does that mean for for downtown shops that have been banking on foot traffic con
6:50 am
with a named with a neighborhoo. >> doesn't necessarily mean than businesses like this barbershop will get the boost they need to bring them back to prepandemic levels. >> bankers, lawyers, tech peopl. >> reporter: the financial distt barbershop used to see a line out the door. >> it's just now starting to bee a few more people on the street, the street, few more in offices and in here. but not busy like before. >> they went from nine barbers o three after covid hit. they reduced days open. for them, the the more people downtown, the better. >> it's been slow in picking upt it is gradually getting better. >> reporter: if you have noticea more crowded commute on bart, yu are on to something. wednesday bart saw nearly 182,000 riders,
6:51 am
second highest since march 2020r people are taking the train and more are opting to drive. >> traffic is back to where it s if not higher volumes for certan hours on the day. during the morning rush there are more cars cars than there were prepandemi. >> new data shows more people ae returning to work in the city but experts say bustling downton we once knew may have evolved for good. >> things aren't as consistent.e will see a lot of people on wed. tuesday, thursday, but especialy wednesday. not a lot of people coming downtown monday and friday. that was sara donchey. e owners say they're hoping for me people to return to the classro. > >> you have word on a special c. >> yes. peeking of downtown coming to life there was a celebration by city hall yesterday. el greeto
6:52 am
celebration. today is mexican independence day. more on the tradition and talented dancers putting their pride on display. >> reporter: even in her wildess luna garcia couldn't have imagid this moment. >> it's like something big thate are very honored to do. >> reporter: born to mexican im, luna grew up in east oakland where life wasn't always easy. >> it was kind of hard. we struggled with money problems gg up. >> reporter: her saving grace ws her mother rosie who somehow als kept a roof over their heads and over their heads and plenty food food on the table which is why five years ago luna decided to honor her mother by joining a traditional mexican dance group. group. >> it represents my family, my , where they come from. >> reporter: this year they've n
6:53 am
investigated to perform at selected to perform at a traditl shout that marks the beginning of mexico's independence. for the first time in decades san francisco consul general of mexo will give the shout from the balcony of city hall with mayor london breed as the guest of honor. for months now, luna has been rehearsing ten hours a week. this is their biggest pere yet, and the pressure is on. >> i feel like a whole differen. i think i will be more confidenn myself when it comes to that mo. >> reporter: carlos m onoreno jr says this is a dream come true. >> it celebrates mexican indepe. it's exciting for everyone. >> reporter: for luna, it's abot honoring her mother and maybe
6:54 am
even inspiring others. >> i want to make my people hap. oh if she's doing that, i want o do the same. >> what she's doing is followinr dream, going to college next moh to become a nurse. all of that while celebrating mexico's independence by sweeping the audiences off their feet. >> i love that story. > >> in red and gold, 49ers are sg against seahawks and the new quarterback. russell wilson is out and gino smith is in. charle walter has more. > >> how is it going? sunday will be the first time 49ers will face seahawks without russell wilson since christmas eve 2011h wilson in denver it's smith undr center for seattle. the nine
6:55 am
year journey man looked good monday night against the bronco. 23 and 28, two touchdowns passi. i don't think 49ers defense sous like there will be much of a drop off from wilson to smith. >> russell is a great player, hs been causing a lot of problems for plenty years. gino too will deputies plan knitly be a challenge as well. >> obviously russ did his thingr longer than i have even been ale it feels like. i have a lot of respect for gino. >> with the red and gold reporti am charlie walter. > >> five minutes before 7:00. jut entering the workforce, at 7:00 why gen-z is
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>> welcome back. as we head into into the weekend we have issued two first alert weather days sunday and monday and potentially tuesday too. we have have major rain on the way. this way. this is the system starting starting the clock sunday notict pushes from the coastline to the the heart of the bay. by monday it sticks around with heavier pockets of rain expected, maybe even a little bit lightning activity. total rainfall, over a a half inch closer to an inch near the cos line. enjoy the rain. we need it. of course it can pose threats near the mosquito fire. >> there is the mud slide issued the first rain, the roads are always really slick when the oil when the oil starts to come from from the pavement. we'll be
7:00 am
aware of that. watch after thist ♪ d hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's "eye opener." it's your world in 90 seconds. republicans send migrants to blue states to make a point. democrats say these people being sent north are political pawns. >> instead of working with us on solutions, republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. the u.s. gives more military aid to ukraine where president zelenskyy says new mass graves have been uncovered.


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