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tv   KPIX 5 News at 9am  CBS  September 16, 2022 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> happening now get out those . we are preparing for what coulde could be a wet weekend. democrats pushing back against a a republican campaign and why governor newsom is taking his agenda across state lines and the response from president biden. >> what they are doing is simplg simply wrong. >> and the political move the president is calling a stunt. the new king in britain is on the move again and we have the preparations for the state funeral of queen elizabeth ii and we are looking at the mosquito fire. hispanic heritage month is kicking off ad we have a interview. first let's
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let's talk about this rain on the way. >> it is going to be different from what we have been used to. last week temperatures were at all time highs and now we have rain in the forecast. this is going to be a very fast-moving m fast-moving system. we need to prepare properly. the roads are going to be slick with all of the moisture pushing it. for now , we are still dealing with dry conditions today. it is the 60s this afternoon and a beautiful t beautiful forecast to get some fresh air for the weekend is really split in half. we are doing with about one inch of rain on average throughout the
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bay area. model data starts to increase tuesday numbers also but we will talk about this in just a little bit. it is lookine looking impressive. >> it is going to be refreshing. . > >> starting with the fire in eldorado county, it is grown up to 70,000 acres. this is twice the size of san francisco. right right now it is only 20% contained. cal fire said the humidity did help to slow its growth. the news about the incoming storm is not all positive. officials say it could could actually complicate the ft the firefight. >> after we have the storm syst, a high pressure sets up. we are looking forward to the rain, but
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but the danger still presents as. >> the mosquito fire is creating creating smoke in the air, impacting your quality. next was was a smoke from the western wildfires has been traveling higher than ever. > >> governor newsom is challenging some red states on abortion with a billboard campaign. one said, texas doesn't own your body. you do. they direct people to a taxpayer-funded website that has has resources for women seeking reproductive care in california. california. governor newsom is in solano county to sign new climate action laws. the state will spend $50 billion to fight climate change with funding from clean energy and drought protections. the governor has also been pushing for a criminal criminal investigation into the busing of migrants from florida to martha's vineyard. they are
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trying to prove a point. bradley point. bradley blackburn has th. the latest. >> reporter: two planes landed n martha's vineyard, karen dozens of migrants who came to the united states seeking a better life. one of them told reportere did not know you would and appe. and appear. they told me there was a work opportunity come he . he said. the flight was arranged arranged by florida governor ros ron desantis. >> every community in america should be sharing in the burden. . it should not fall on red st. >> reporter: they are intensifying their effort to move migrants to sanctuary
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cities. texas governor greg abbott has already taken 10,002 new york , chicago, and washington, d.c. yesterday 100 more were dropped off near the residence of the vice president. president. workers scrambled top to help. >> we just got word the bus woud be here. >> reporter: last night resident biden called it a political stunt. >> republicans are playing politics with human beings, usig them as props. what they're doing is wrong. >> reporter: the white house said officials got no warning at the transport . at the southern border, migrant apprehensions will surpass 2 million this fiscal year. bradley blackburn, cbs news, new york. > >> the families of those prisoners held in russia will meet separately today with president biden. brittney griner
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griner is appealing a nine year sentence and paul whelan has served two years of his sentence sentence for espionage charges . . the white house said they hade a substantial proposal to get them home but there is not a sight that there is a breakthroh a breakthrough. > >> people are lining up again to to see queen elizabeth ii as she as she lies in state. the line was put on pause this morning because so many people showed u. showed up. cbs reporter in the joins us with more details on the ceremonies. the line has been crazy with people waiting up to 14 hours. >> reporter: that is right but we are keeping an eye on it. it looks like they extended the pae the pause even further. at one
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point it was five miles long. it it was a 14 hour waiting time. people still had a smile on their face. today king charles is on the last stop of his tour and he is in wales . cheering crowds welcomed king charles iii for his first visit to wales as wales as a monarch and he met with well-wishers. the new king has made a stop in all four nations of the uk. with the queen consort at his side, kings king charles took part in a prayer service for his mother. >> for all the years of her reign, the land of wales could not have been closer to my mother's heart . >> reporter: for those waiting to get inside , the latest so
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long officials temporarily stopped people from joining it. officials say the wait time reached 14 hours but those in the queue said the experiences worth it . >> all of these people coming into stand patiently and quietly in the queue. it is amazing . >> reporter: outside windsor castle police were information. information. securities getting stepped up ahead of the barrel on monday. she will be buried i. george's chapel next to prince p prince philip. >> reporter: we know the queen had a special request. she wants wants her grandsons to walk side walk side-by-side behind her con her coffin later tonight king charles and his siblings will hold a vigil. tomorrow the grann
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the grandchildren will have their own vigil. >> among those waiting in line to honor queen elizabeth ii is david beckham. he said he joined joined the line at around 2:00 and grab a huge fan of the family and had to pay tribute. store coming up after this breae are celebrating sp
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>> taking a look at san francisco city hall, it is in blue and white to celebrate thy the anniversary of independence from spain. the celebration started earlier in the day with crowds gathering to honor hispanic heritage month. for the the first time in decades, the consul general gave the shout from the balcony of the san
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francisco city hall with mayor london breed nearby. >> the contribution that stems from our community. san franciss history and heritage is rooted in that. specifically the land where we stand was once a part of mexico. so many places continued to keep it alive and well in the city. >> today marks the beginning of the fight for freedom from spain . as the principal conductor of the nashville symphony, they have collaborated with some of the most talented artists making making his debut at the san francisco symphony and enrico
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lopez-yanez is joining us this morning. >> it is great to be here . >> i was the concert? book it was fantastic. it was lovely to see the audience so many people of different backgrounds and its great. you see people outside of of their element feeling welcomd feeling welcomed in a place they they would not normally see themselves but really to feel ae at home was just fantastic. >> did you get into this conducting? >> both of my parents are musics are musicians. i grew up in musc and started off by learning thet the trumpet. as i developed and would tell, i decided that i had had an interest in conducting and i started my education in cg in conducting.
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>> and how did this collaboration with the symphony? symphony, bell? >> often times in december they have annual concerts and it is finding a way to incorporate what the symphony does best. it was just such a heartwarming experience to see someone who has never worked with the orchestra before coming to gathr to gather. it was really so beal so beautiful. >> definitely. what is your mese your message to others were hoping to make it in the symphoy the symphony? book i would encourage you to pursue the thing that you are passionate at passionate about. there is a
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hunger for people of all backgrs and all experiences to come and collaborate in different art forms to highlight the variety that we have here in this county this country. >> good luck in your next endear next endeavor. >> let's talk more about the wer the weather. believe it or not, this is happening. >> exactly but we were talking about record-breaking numbers last week. we will take what we can take. the drought monitor monday tuday but we are st is ny keeping an eye on all of the mo. the models. it is circulating
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its way into the heart of the by the bay and it will stick around around just offshore and continuing the band of rain. into monday it will be heavier. it is allowing rain totals to gt up to one inch of rain and how can we prepare now? if you're heading out to the roads even sunday or monday, get ready to go to work and you are going to want to be prepared. with this in mind, we expect thunderstorm activity on monday with the gusty conditions throughout thed the weekend. let's take a look at what we can expect for the weekend and next week. by saturday and sunday there is a definitive line. let's talk
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about this. if you have any activities come saturday is your your day to do it. after this rain event, it is going to clear clear up into next week. > >> if you were not hungry for bt for breakfast, the next story might make you. a look at some of the new foodop ayho er of the 49ers. > >> before the lenders are preparing to face a new quarterback. we have details ahd details ahead in the red and gold
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i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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>> tonight the giants will host the last pregame concert of the. the year. performing at 5:00 is fito reinoso. they will be a lot lot to take in the sand again we we are talking about the food there partnering with local ress local restaurants. you can get
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ice cream and also find everything from soul food and the churro waffle. >> we cannot control what happens on the field, but we can can plan what we do in the stadium . >> the shops at his favorite is the gold rush pizza . this morng this morning in the red and gold gold report, the 49ers are facing a new quarterback geno smith who has taken over for russell wilson . >> reporter: it is time for your your red and gold report accent accent is the first time the 49ers will face the seahawks without russell wilson since 21 since 2011. with russell wilson russell wilson in denver it is o
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smith for seattle and he looked looked good monday night against against the broncos and had two touchdowns bouncing. >> russell wilson is a great player geno smith is a great quarterback too . a little different in their play style. >> he did his thing. a lot of respect for geno smith . >> reporter: with the red and gold report, and charlie walter . > >> the unusual spot coming up that was just named
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>> this is pretty wild. yelp red its list of the top places to eat and the number one restaurant will surprise you . it is just about highway 101. it it is an unassuming storefront attached to a gas station and
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they serve everything from yourl your traditional spacey and not traditional blueberry cobbler. yelp named it the number one restaurant in the bay area get a a surprising it is in a gas stan gas station. that will do it for for us at 9:00. for those who will stay with us here on kpix 5, this is what is coming up next on "the drew barrymore show" for more local headlinesn us on ostream in service right now cbs news bay area. the tub commute into san francisco is getting busier. are businesses feeling a bump? we ill
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m so excited. we're kicking off our first ever segment of drewber with none other than idris and sabrina elba. it doesn't get better than that. [music playing] [cheering, applause] love you. i love you more. you smell so good. ross: do i? oh. [applause] all right, everybody. ross mathews. hi, drew. are you living all of your fall fantasy this premiere week? i am. and i'm loving this autumnal number on you. it is autumnal. ross: it is. and it's-- ross: do it-- let's show it off if you got it. it's so soft, too. you know, some suits are very boxy.
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ross: yeah, yeah. this one's just drapey and yummy.


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