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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the hill to several houses. we know that for structures in total burned and those flames got incredibly intense. firefighters called for for alarms. there were 80 firefighters here trying to battle this. they had to call for help from other fire departments to get this covered, covered, but they tackled this one as fast as they could. one firefighter did have heat related issues than they were taken to the hospital. they said said the wind was not bad. this fire moved very fast and burned these homes, some of them severely. we spoke with a woman who was not sure whether or not her house was okay or not. this is what she had to say. >> they called me and told me something was going on, so i came, i came right away. >> reporter: and you don't know what the condition of the houses? >> no, we don't know the condition at this time. at reporter: what is your birine
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>> that we will go over there and it won't be there, that is the biggest fear, for sure. >> i was at work and my daughter daughter called and told me there was a fire and i immediately got my things and got on the freeway and i called her from pleasanton. i was in disbelief. it was a really difficult drive. >> reporter: so we apologize for for some of the technical difficulties, but a lot of people were out here, very anxious to see if their houses were okay. we do know that at least for burned. there is an incredible amount of work for firefighters to do. they have a lot of overhaul to do. one of the other problems related to this, 7000 people without power right now. pg&e is out here trying to restore that. the red cross is helping people displaced by the fire. but a lot lot of cleanup to do and an investigation into how this started, and investigation that has not been answered yet. >> doing double duty for us, anchoring the breaking news coverage and now covering live in the field, so, sara, thank
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you very much. >> this is video from the citizen app showing the flames on the freeway. we will stay on top of the situation and bring you any new developments as they they happen. > >> also breaking news, a car crash in san jose at tully and senter road prompting a closure. closure. three people have beed been transplanted to the hospital and the crash may haven have been the result of a suspect fleeing police. kenny choi has the details. >> reporter: three people hospid people hospitalized after a two-car crash. this happened att 12:45 this afternoon at the tully and senter road intersection. you can see a smashed up van and a car off the roadway. severe damage to that vehicle as well. here is what we know at this hour. authorities tell us they received a call from the santa clara county fairgrounds about a a trespasser. however, the suspect fled when deputies arri. deputies arrived. a short time
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later, the violent crash. again, again, three are in the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. details are still unfolding about the suspect and what led to the call from the santa clara clara county fairgrounds. we are are keeping a close eye on this and we will give you updates if there are further developments. > >> we are following another breaking story, this one in ant. in antioch. these are live pictures over the scene of a car car that went into a house. this this is sycamore drive. you can see the front of the red car, smashed into the corner of the home. a second car stopped on the curb. not clear exactly what what happened. we are told three three people were hurt. > >> a tragedy outside a south bay school. a driver struck and killed a third-grader who was walking to school this morning. the boys caretaker was also struck while they were both in the crosswalk. kpix 5's da lin has more from san jose. >> reporter: family and friends gathering at this intersection where a little boy was sitting killed in a crosswalk. this is t is just a block away from castlemont elementary. his famiy
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his family identified the little little boy as 8-year-old jacob. he was a third-grader at castle. at castlemont. family members cried and hugged during a small gathering at the scene. the boys boys father told me he is too hn too heartbroken to speak on camera, but said jacob is a fun-loving kid. >> i have a 6-year-old who goes to school. i just can't imagine the pain of the family. they just sent their little baby to school and he is not coming bac. coming back. >> reporter: arcadia garcia and many neighbors have long worried worried about this intersection with no stop signs. >> we were crossing right in the the middle and the car went this this way. it was like a big truck, so we went this way. >> reporter: police are investigating what caused the driver of this 2022 black mercedes crossover to hit 8-year-old jacob and his 44-year-old nanny in the crossw. the crosswalk. police say the nanny is expected to survive her her injuries. we confirmed a local tax attorney was the driv.
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the driver. she and her mom were were making a turn from castlemont avenue onto driftwooe driftwood drive when the crash occurred. >> we don't believe alcohol or drugs are a factor in the colli. the collision. the driver did remain at the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: police say she wasg was driving between 20 and 30 miles per hour. the speed limit is 25. the crash happened around around 8:00 in front of a lot of of parents and kids walking the castlemont elementary. >> i heard screaming going on. help. when i run this way around around the building, i came out and i saw the little boy laying. laying down. laying down in blood. >> reporter: san jose police say say jacob is the 26th pedestrian pedestrian killed this year. last year they say car crashes killed 18 pedestrians. >> i just keep the family in my prayers, because it is going to be a hard time for them. >> reporter: it is unclear if the driver will face charges. san jose police say once they
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finish their investigation they will forward their information to the d.a.s office. in san jos, san jose, i am da lin, kpix 5. >> our hearts are with the family and san jose police are pointing to a safety issue. they they say they used to have 40 traffic enforcement cops. that is now down to just 14. > >> turning to the weather and a live look outside as we end the work week. now we are waiting for the first significant rain of the season. first alert meteorologist darren peck has been tracking the weather and joins us live. how is that rain coming? >> it is still on track. so little has changed in this forecast for the last 2 1/2 days. it is nice to see that and and it also gives us a high degree of confidence. widespread widespread beneficial rain is coming sunday and monday. both days, equally, but they will have different characteristics. sunday should be steady rain. monday is when we could encountr could encounter brief downpours and maybe an isolated thunderstorm mixed in. gusty wi. gusty wind. there will be plenty
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plenty of time sunday and monday monday when it is not raining. more time when it is not raining raining then when it is, but there will be enough rain that it is going to add up. that is where the storm is now and just to show you how that mass of rain is going to get better orgd better organized and have such great game. it is going to be sitting right off the coast as we approach the early predawn hours of sunday. that is when we we will get some of the steady rain where everyone gets in on the act. the first part of sundy of sunday and then it will be on-again and off-again showers. we are not even going to time that out specifically, because once you get to the second half of sunday and monday it will be hit and miss. on-again off-again. if your plans for sunday, i will have more detail on this forecast. the 49ers are playing sunday. there is so much much else going on, because it is weakened. i will have the first alert forecast coming up. back to you. > >> new at 5:00, four people including two children are
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recovering after a balcony collapse in daly city. emergency emergency crews were called just just after 1:00 p.m. two adults and two children were standing on the balcony of a single-family home when it suddenly gave way. all four were were rushed to the hospital. no word yet on the extent of their. their injuries. > >> a live look at san francisco where hundreds rallied at the hall of justice. protesters say the san francisco superior court court is violating people's right to a speedy trial. they held a mock trial on the steps outside the court, calling atten calling attention to the criminal trial backlog that expanded during the pandemic. currently hundreds of people are are in custody at county jails awaiting their court date. more than 450 of these cases are past past their trial deadline. >> courts are not enforcing trial deadlines. our clients are are trapped pretrial, in jail, by a system that violates their rights, jeopardizes their healt, their health, and separates them them from their family and comm. and communities.
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>> san francisco's public defenders filed motions for the release of about a dozen clients whose cases are past trial deadlines. they are also looking looking to have some cases dismissed altogether. a spokesperson from the san francisco superior court said he mment on ecsay e cour coitted to sending all cases to trial in a timely manner. > >> let's give you a live look outside from london, where mourners are lined up for miles to say goodbye to queen elizabeth earlier today. a powerful moment inside westminster hall as the queen's four children gathered around her coffin in tribute. cbs reporter danya bacchus joins us live from london with more. >> reporter: ryan, the tributes for the queen have been enormous enormous all week, but today was was one of the busiest days we have seen in london, with a line line to get into westminster hall so great that officials at one point had to stop it for sis six hours and even that did not deter visitors. ngs and
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hithe blingsstood r mother's si the royal for paying tribute to queen elizabeth the second as she lies in state. that moment of reflection followed a busy day for the new king. on his first visit to wales as monarch, monarch, trumpets welcomed he and his wife to a service of remembrance for the queen. and at the welsh parliament, legisls parliament, legislators offered condolences. >> the land of whales could not be closer to my mother's heart. >> reporter: in london, the natl the national morning goes on. even soccer star david beckham was willing to stick it out. >> we all want to be here together. we all want to experience something where we celebrate the amazing life of our queen. >> reporter: from this point it is about a five hour wait into
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westminster hall, but for those just joining the line they say can take a full 24 hours to get inside. >> this is camaraderie. you have have made new friends. >> exactly. >> when you get inside, there is is no words to describe it. you, she was regal throughout her li. her life. regal in her death. >> >> reporter: on saturday, the queen's eight grandchildren will will stand vigil beside her coffin. prince william at the head and prince harry at the front. at the queen's request, the brothers will again walk side-by-side on monday, following her coffin to the fun. the funeral. and as we get closer to monday's funeral, we expect to see a ramped up security presence. london police police say the celebration of life is going to be one of the t the biggest security operations they have had, even bigger than when they hosted the 2012 olympics. >> danya bacchus, live in london, thank you very much. > >> still ahead on kpix 5, and
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intense backlash of the migrants migrants were sent to massachusetts without notice. we we will have governor newsom's pointed words for his counterpart in florida. second as of today california has new laws aimed at fighting climate change. details, straight ahead. > >> and it is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. world. we will introduce yo
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> and alert for evening commuters. trouble on b.a.r.t.
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in downtown oakland. this is because of police activity. there was a report of a person on the tracks. this is impactins impacting trains in both directions. a major impact and we will keep you posted on this one. > >> today florida's governor faces more criticism for sending migrants to martha's vineyard without notice. now those migrants are on the move once again, this time to a military base. reporter beth geronimo has has the latest developments. >> reporter: venezuelan migrants, some as young as foury four, voluntarily boarded buses on martha's vineyard, headed to a shelter on joint base cape co. cape cod. >> i hope they feel well. they are in my heart forever. >> reporter: florida's republican governor ron desantis desantis sent the asylum-seekers wednesday, demanding president biden do more to secure the border. >> they went from texas to
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florida to martha's vineyard. there will also be buses and there will likely be more fligh. more flights. >> reporter: in a fiery presser from orlando friday, faith and immigrant leaders fired back, calling the move a cruel political stunt. >> the united states is supposed supposed to be a sanctuary country. >> governor, you need to repent. repent. >> reporter: the governor of massachusetts is 125 members of the national guard will help with the relief effort on cape cod where migrants will be given given food, clothing, and medical care. resident stepped up to help the migrants, many of of whom telling translators they they made the journey for a better life. >> he left a son and a family. >> reporter: the migrants were misled about where they were hed were headed and promised work. >> these are the tactics we see from smugglers in places like mexico and guatemala. >> reporter: the white house isg is calling on republicans to support president biden's immigration reform package to
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help migrants legally enter the u.s. beth germano, cbs news, cape cod. >> today governor newsom once again lashed out at governor ron desantis. >> what ron desantis is doing is is a disgrace. it's almost mons. almost monstrous. he has kids. i i have kids. you saw those young young girls with backpacks, no older than his children, my children, being used as political ponds. now he is using using it to fund raise, to raise raise money. it's disgraceful. >> yesterday, newsom sent a letter to the justice department department urging them to investigate the actions of the governors of florida and texas. > >> newsom signed a sweeping set of climate bills. the legislation aims to drastically drastically cut the oil and gas use over the next two decades and the goal, 95% reduction and use of fossil fuels, 60% cut in air pollution, along with creating 4 million jobs. it is also putting dollars into the ec the electric vehicle industry.
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they were part of a last-minute climate push during the legislative session last month. with that we check in with first first alert chief meteorologist darren peck and some relief is on the way. >> you promoted me. paul is going to be back on monday. it's it's going to be raining both days, sunday and monday. we are close enough now to the system where we can start putting specific rainfall numbers on specific parts of the bay. let's let's get into that story and i will show you how much you can t can expect for your part of the bay from the system. first the big picture. look at the storm in the gulf of alaska. watch how how much organization it gets by by sunday. now, that is sunday in the predawn hours. that is 2:00 a.m. you can see that beautiful shape to it. before i bring it on sure and show you how it will behave, we need to look at it for a moment to understand why it will be a good good rainmaker. it will probably probably break records for
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september, which is not that hard to do, but it is still notable because it is a good rainmaker. here is why. watch the trailing edge of rain. if we we look in the system, this is being fueled by a moderate atmoc moderate atmospheric river. they they put those on a scale of 1 to 5. this is a 2 and that means means it is good, because it is weak to moderate. more on the moderate side and these are the systems with the concentration of water vapor that can deliver beneficial rain. that is why the the title on this is widespread, widespread, beneficial rain, which is really the point i am driving home as much as i can on on this. it will be more widespread, beneficial, then pr. then problematic. here is sunday sunday morning. 4:00 a.m., we notice the rain coming in the north bay. this leading edge of it here is the part of the system where the rain will be the most consistent. where it will be the most widespread. everyone is getting something around the same time, the first
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half of sunday. sunday afternoon afternoon it then turns to on-again off-again showers. there will be more time from the the second half of sunday through monday where it is not raining. even when it is, but it it could rain at any point, because it will be on-again, off-again showers. by monday we are closer to the center of them the system and those are the showers that could come in the form of an isolated thunderstor. isolated thunderstorm. so what do the specific rainfall totals look like now? i have not done this until today, but now we are are 48 hours. that is sunday and and monday combined. same story for santa rosa. notice how the s the numbers get lower as you go inland and as you go south. this this is classic. north bay getting the lions share of the rain, as all good storms tend to to do. when you look at the totals, this is not bad for the south bay. maybe half an inch of of rain for the tri-valley.
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these numbers are not going to come exactly on that mark, but it is worth starting to look at the specifics on this, because we have enough resolution in the the models to do it. we might as as well start showing you the current thinking. if the models go down we will let you know. sunday and monday are our two first alert days. for those reasons we put in the headlines at the top of the newscast, where it is going to be an occasional downpour on monday. it will be widespread enough rain that it should not be too much of a problem to drive, but that might be the number one impact. roads. the landscape will absorb this rain like a sponge, but the water runs off the same whether you are in a drought or not. >> and the oil comes to the top. top. >> the roads will be slick because we have not had rain for for a while and a lot of gutters gutters are clogged with leaves and stuff, because it has not rained. the localized ponding of of water. > >> still ahead, the artist to help design apple's iconic logo also lives in the bay area. how he says he draws his inspiratio
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inion frs in mexico. in mexico. >> it instantly as to say, that is an apple. >
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>> as we celebrate hispanic heritage month today we want to
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introduce you to one of the people responsible for a logo recognized around the world, the the apple logo. mary lee spoke with the artist about how his mexican heritage shape to he is. is today. >> reporter: we are at one of the buildings and apple and everywhere you look you see the apple logo. we sat down with tht the artist who drew this iconic logo. he is also a proud immigrant from mexico city. walking into carlos perez david's art studio in san jose is like entering his own personal museum. >> instantly it has to say that is an apple. >> reporter: this legendary logo is his most famous work of art. art. carlos drew the logo when he was a young art director with with the marketing firm, regis mckenna, in the 1970s. before computer graphics existed, the artists themselves had to draw everything by hand. it was carlos's final sketch that
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became the iconic apple logo. >> >> to actually draw that, free , free hand, with french curves and circle templates in t-square's, but it is perfect. >> reporter: while he has been honored by his peers and commun, and community, even inducted into the mexican american hall of fame, most people have no idea one of the most recognized logos in the world was drawn by the very hand of carlos. he believes that is because latinos latinos have often lived in the shadows and artists have never been perceived as professionals, professionals, but art is his passion, his calling. carlos has has dedicated his life to his c. his craft. he says the pride hes he has in his accomplishments is is connected to those who believed in him, like his aunts. aunts. carlos brought us here to to the mexican heritage plaza, where he worked closely with talented art students in san jo. san jose. hoping to inspire the
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next generation to imagine the possibilities and dream, just like his family did for him. carlos is the mural represents the heritage of their bloodline from the spanish culture and the the indigenous culture, with the the middle panel depicting the blending of both. carlos is incredibly proud of this mural. he says this is his culture andg and working with the next generation to not only teach th, teach them, but to take pride in in their history. he says this s this is the fabric of who they are. at the mexican heritage plaza in san jose, mary lee, kpix 5. > >> still ahead era 5:00, much-needed rain taking aim at the fight against the biggest fire so far this year. > >> because of tradition day >> while >> while britain says goodbyetoix heles
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no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> you're watching 5 news news t 530. > >> right now on kpix 5, a live look a grace cathedral where a special event was just announced in honor of queen elizabeth ii. > >> president biden meets with the families of two americans in in prison in russia. the latest on the efforts to bring them ho. them home.


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