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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  September 20, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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t, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . > >> three deadly shootings in oakland, all within an hour of each other. how police say the timing had them scrabbling. >
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>> once again, storm clouds on the horizon. a beautiful look from salesforce howard. i'm tracking the first alert weather alert weather showers are it to san francisco comes alive, the influx of people, something called dream force. good afternoon, everybody, i'm reed cowan. we can tell you right now, three people are dead from separate shootings that happen 45 minutes apart. the first one, one, around 7:45 last night near near the oakland islamic center on telegraph avenue in the pill hill neighborhood. oakland police say it was a drive-by. two men, 27 years old, 59 years old, both died at the scene. a 19-year-old also took a bullet but drove himself to the hospital. then later at the very very same scene a suspected drunk driver hit a parked police police car that was investigating there, sending two two officers go to the hospital, hospital, but they are expected to be okay. closer to 8:30 a woman was shot and killed.
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police are responding to le shtings overnight. >> >> it enormous strength that we try to manage our resources as properly as we can, can, but you need the appropriae the appropriate number of officers on every scene to make sure they are safe. >> these shootings bring oakland oakland to 90 homicides so far this year low compared to 97 at the same time last year. > >> right now, oakland police art the scene of yet another possible shooting. this is a live look at 14th and broadway, we are still looking to get mor. more details. you can see a huge huge police presence, a lot of police tape up an investigation going on. we are also there asking questions. we will bring you updates as you come in. > >> and a live look at dream force, the largest in-person convention before the pandemic. it kicked off today. salesforce is hosting three days of tech
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conferences, including speakers like legend, magic johnson, matthew mcconnaughhay, and u2 ld singer, bono. it's expected to bring a much-needed boost to our our economy. >> $40 million is the projected impact. if you happen an uber and they forget we are connected connected to the event they have have so much gratitude and say thank you, because it's inspiring to see how allies this this area is now. >> there are some safety concerardream force. a t of the at their are sharing your dream force pictures online, and we are watching too. we would love to see yours too. to help us see them when you publish, use the #kpix. > >> clouds today, and a spot of . of showers. here is chief
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meteorologist, paul heggen. >> storm clouds are trying to build from the salesforce tower at the top of the half hour, it is very scattered, but there are is developing, and a more substantial area of rain father off the coast. for the most part, we are talking about scattered showers, mainly in the the higher elevations of the north bay, valleys have been remaining asleep dry so far. that will remain the case as we head through the rest of this afternoon and evening. shower directly over vallejo, scattered scattered showers down the peninsula, and one shower right over the bay at the moment. is lifting to the north and they ridge in the next 20 to 30 minu. 30 minutes. everything in motion motion you can see, we have been been come for most of the day. showers have been popping up as we warm up in the afternoon. this area of substantial rain will not look that impressive once it's coming towards the co. the coast. at least through the first half of tomorrow, we will have more on that thing up in a few minutes. > >> san francisco school board will reconsider a decision to add two muslim holidays to its .
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its calendar. under a vote last month schools would be shut down shut down on those holidays. but but for now the decision is placed on hold. the district saw saw kind of a backlash and threat of discrimination lawsuit. > >> as we celebrate hispanic heritage month there is a serious health concern affecting affecting the latino community. we are talking, of course, about about the much-reported monkeyp. as kpix 5 reports, communication communication has been slow to reach the community. now, they bear the brunt of the cases. >> the beauty of the mexican culture is alive and well in the the bay area. the music. the da. the dance. the food and togetherness bring happiness and and a sense of community. but for many, the joy belies a serious community concern, the struggle for healthy quality. >> >> there have been disparities r disparities for centuries, and
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this is created by systems, you know, systems of oppression, racism, determination. >> you are going to have-turn here. mike rodrigo garcia is anc an artistic director, cofounder of a silicon valley lgbtq class support group and health worker. worker. he says the next health crisis came to the service during covid is now raging again again with monkeypox. >> there is some tension in the community. some anxiety of who has it, and who do i know who has it? am i going to be safe tr safe together and a front office office birthday party? >> there are 156 confirmed cases cases of monkeypox in santa clara county the latin next community make up 55% of the
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cases, and about 80% of those infected are gay and bisexual m. similar trends are found throughout the u.s. and other countries. >> all of these sociocultural fs that put somebody at risk is it. it. >> i don't think there is enougc awareness that has reached the population needs to be reached. >> dr. anne is the medical director at the community-based gardener family health services, services, in san jose. she says poverty often crowds living conditions and deficient monkeyx deficient monkeypox messaging tg to spanish-speaking people are all factors. >> i think the information going going on has primarily been in english. needs to reach the hispanic population, all the ethnic populations, not just hispanic. but unfortunately it is the hispanic population that
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is being affected the most. >> in >> in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> to get information in spanish where it needs to get his what they are working on. > >> hurricane fiona picks up strength as it barrels across the caribbean. you can see it there, it's a monster. it slammed into islands as a category three storm. the dominican republic took a direct direct hit yesterday, and on su, it had puerto rico than 30 inches of rain, unleashing floods that swept bridges and h. and homes. about 80% of puerto rico, right now, is in the dark and still no electricity, nothig electricity, nothing like heat to a home is working. and crews are still scrambling to repair the island's fragile power grid that hurricane maria destroyed five years ago. so we can't tell tell you the american red cross are making plans to get to
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puerto rico for making the humanitarian aid happen. here is is kpix 5 's sara donchey. >> is telling me no electricity, no electricity, a lot of river runoff, no water. the power plas power plants are turned off. >> images of destruction and catastrophic flooding in puerto rico are heart wrenching. and all too familiar. >> not again. you know? this is, is, they are still trying to recover from maria. the island has been rocked with unrelentinn unrelenting rain over hurricane fiona. almost 5 years to the day day after hurricane maria left some of the island without power power for months, puerto ricans in the bay area have been trying trying to reach loved ones on the island who are once again in in the dark. >> i talked to my family, and they are like trees are down, there's a lot of water. the rain, the wind, it's been really
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really hard on them, because they have been without water almost four hours. >> but the distance hasn't stopped people here from jumping jumping into action. >> i call this my uniform, eyewear this most of the time during maria. here i am putting it on, again. so today was a very difficult day for us. >> maria is from puerto rico and and runs the civic club of san jose-porto rico. they have volunteered to help in the wake of the hurricane and are raising raising money for things like a desperately-need a generator for for an orphanage on the island after theirs stopped working during the storm. >> we are cbs 5 help them replace it. it's not an easy task. it's about $20,000 to get it replaced, but the children average from 6 months to 8 year. years old. and it's imperative that they get this generator fixed. >> generators have been a lifeline amid a storm that has d has crippled the power grid. weather 1.3 million people about
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about the entire island are witt are without power, monday morning. >> that was sara donchey report. donchey reporting. the puerto rican civic club of san jose has has a long list you to githem t donate to wrigley to puerto ric. puerto rico. a lot of organizations, here in the bay area, made of good people, working hard to help, and they are doing the same thing once a. once again. got a list of organizations stepping up to help puerto rico in the face of hurricane fiona, go to our website, go to the link top stories. > >> still ahead, a new east bay toy shop owner has a new plea for parents. why she is leaning on you to help stop something surge stealing. > >> was he was the nfl's highest-paid quarterback. jimmy g.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> let's go to alameda now, where a toy store owner is trying to get the word out about about a problem she describes as as something called surge stealing. she says groups of up to a dozen teenagers anytime come in to the store on park st. park street. they then move merchandise around, load up their bags and then take off. she says they think it seems to be a fun way to get away with shoplifting without no apparent loss or damage. >> it makes it so i have to have have more staff on hand. the employee cost alone are tremendous, let alone the last e
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last merchandise, the hours ands that i had to spend going over the surveillance cameras. >> that is helen, the owner there. she has now posted a message to alameda parents teaching kids to act responsibl. act responsibly. authorities have investigated thefts over the past two months. > >> september is hunger action month, and the san francisco marin food bank is offering extra incentive for those in ne. in need. case in point on webster street, volunteers back food for hundreds of households every week. there are about 250 food pantries total in san francisco and marin county. dave dave is one of the volunteers, he has been helping at food bank bank since the start of the pandemic. >> people tend to volunteer at the food bank's are really good people. they are very social and and enjoy speaking to them. >> that >> that is our community in action. if you wish to help out,
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out, the food bank is matching all donations through the end of of the month. its goal is to serve more than 200,000 of our neighbors each week. > >> let's check on your money now. a rough day, once again on wall street. and my sounding like a broken record at 3:00? the dow fell over 300 points, nasdaq down about 110. s&p 500 fell at about 44. some investors investors are looking a whole lot closer tomorrow's fed meeting, where they are expected expected to raise interest rates rates by another third quarters of a percentage point. we will let you know what happens when it happens tomorrow. > >> let's talk 49ers news now. we we know jimmy g. took a pay cut to return to the team. but now with trey lance out he's about to make some of that money back. back. here is kpix 5 's vernon n vernon glenn. >> time now for the red and gold gold report. and where did the 49ers go from here? denver. more more complicated than that. it s
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it happens if 1028, if anybody can take on the star quarterback quarterback role is cbs 5 nam. >> this is the reason you buy . buy insurance. jimmy is kind ofr of our insurance policy. >> and premiums are about to go. go up. jimmy garoppolo set to n to earn an extra $250,000 per ge per game and another $100 grand. . >> how much of the practicalitys you right now? >> now that you say it it feels good. [ laughter ] not thinking about that stuff out there. you are in the game, you are flowing flowing with the game trying to get guys ready. it is in that mode. but it's always positive. spent with the red and gold report, i'm vernon glenn. >
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>> don't forget to nominate your your favorite 49ers super fan. scan the qr code right there on your screen, follow the link to recognize a member of the faithful, and we will be celebrating super fans all season long. > >> time for a look at our forecast with first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen. >> the sun is unsettled, just a few showers nothing to be worried about, but any outdoor plans this evening? have an indoor alternative just in case. case. that perhaps, you were telling me about that, yesterday. one more unsettled day, wednesday, during the firsf first half, the system will be moving straight to our north, then that will be it for our shower chances. it will lift farther east. then, a progressively warm pattern takes takes over thursday and friday. let's focus on the showers. the most widespread rain is offshore. this will not look impressive as it makes its way closer to the coast, but it's nice to see it out there. we are are tracking scattered showers over the north bay, and right over much of san francisco at
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the moment, including the shower shower over the bay. all activity is lifting from south to north. the forecast models tend to struggle with an environment like this. it is unstable enough that a scattered scattered shower will be possible at any point through about midday on wednesday, even though the forecast models aren't showing much in terms of the shower activity, again, be flexible with outdoor plans fort lenoand arrmupa degreeght now santa rosa and san francisco. in san jose, it's not r lafull igabfoem but . night algh mperates tomorrow, a couple degrees below average around the the bay. one more day of five or or six subnormal temperatures further inland, mostly in the
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70s and 60s along the coast. low low to mid 70s down the peninsula and south end of the bay with upper 70s and the santa santa clara valley, about 75 in san jose. upper 70s to around 8s inland and the east bay, but the the warmest spots, around 80. not bad for summertime forecast. forecast. near 70 at san francisco, low 70s for oakland most inland parts, and for the north, temperatures are actually actually going to go down, because you still have a chance of scattered showers for mendocino and lake counties. in terms of the warm-up, it will settle in the six to 10 day outlook, which takes us through september, it shows a significat a significant chance of above-normal temperatures, not just for the bay area, but all of california and the western u.s. so enjoy the pleasant readings we have out there toda. there today. we will return to closer to normal temperatures on on thursday. then the heat settles in this weekend. close
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to 80 in oakland, saturday and sunday, into the 80s for san jo, and lower 90s inland and the east bay for a few days. it's not what we had, but it's still toasty for the last weekend in september. > >> japan town closet getting soe getting some much-needed help from the state. new details on a a renovation project, coming up. > >> we want to invite you to join join us every weekday for our new live newscast at 7:00 and 8:00 on kbcw. find us on pluto tv and
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>> so take a look at this. a major renovation in san francisco's japan 10 getting a huge boost with $6 million in state funding. the peace is a project has been threatened by unexpected costs. the extra funding is expected to keep it on track. geysers say it is important to fix a peace plaza because of its historical significance. >> it has been neglected and has has been a source of challenges for decades. >> they also say the project is to make amends for world war ii and the urban renewal movement of the 60s and '70s. > >> how the hollywood sign is
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>> coming up at 5:00 we are usually pretty excited about rain around here. free water, but too much of it is bad for farmers. we will head to the strawberry fields to see how they are affected. > >> though 45-foot hollywood sign sign is getting ready for its close-up it will get a pressure washing and makeover as part of its 100th year anniversary. the original sign used to read hollywood land. it was an advertisement for real estate
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development until '49. i've never hiked up there. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.a . firefir pmer fest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters,
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the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, deadly hurricane fiona strengthens into a category 3 storm, leaving a path of destruction and more than a million without power. the powerful storm slams into turks and caicos after devastating puerto rico. cbs's david begnaud toured the damage. >> i am beginning to feel weak. the process has been very hard. but i have to stay strong. >> o'donnell: plus the forecast, could the storm become a category 4 hurricane? apartment explosion rocks chicago. fire crews respond after the blast rips through a four-story building. cbs's adrian airpd is on the ground -- adriana diaz is on the ground talking to neighbors. >> and my bed sh


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