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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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could get a job, you can get a n so easily. it just hurts my heat to see so much violence for no reason. > >> right now, police say they do do not have a suspect descripti. have a suspect description. >> again, asking anybody who may have anye footage, who may have seen anytg may have seen anything, been a , to please contact our department. > >> a city council meeting resumd after a time, but the city halls sealed off. this is the 91st homicide in oakland this year compared to 100 by this time in 2021. > >> this afternoon's shooting follows yet another violent nigt in oakland. you can see on this map that police responded to the different shootings. a crash ing an oakland police suv and a bren at a cvs pharmacy, all in the span of about six hours. max daw six hours. max darrow on the coy now reeling in the wake of one f
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those shootings. >> reporter: at least 10 bullet holes are visible in the windowf the cafe at 31st and telegraph in oakland. this is where two men were shot and killed him in the evening in the third injured injured after wrapping up their sunset prayer. >> all of a sudden, life can che , life can change in an instant. instant. >> reporter: he says the two men men who died were respectable mn died were respectable men who became the latest victims of senseless gun violence in oakla. gun violence in oakland. >> he did >> he did the pilgrimage to mec. very helpful. he would bring fls every friday to get to the parishioners as they leave the . very nice and very gentle individual. >> reporter: 60 to 70 individual individual were at the mosque for sunset prayer ready to break break their fast when shots ran. oakland police believe there wee multiple shooters in a car that fired at a crowd of people outse
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of those two businesses on tele. >> at this time, we are uncertain of the motive and or investigative all possible leads. >> reporter: when asked if they were investigating this attack as a hate crime -- >> right now, we are investigating all angles of this this crime. this incident is vey tragic, shocking. we are taking nothing off the table. we are investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating every possible sco investigating ev that may have resulted in his t crime. >> reporter: abdul lives next door to where the shooting happens. >> scary. but he hopes nearby se he hopes nearby surveillance cameras will help police to thee police to the people responsible. >> find out who did this crime.a next stoplight. camera over the. camera over there. over there, . over there, too. >> reporter: members of the community, shaken and shocked. >> senseless. innocent people. >> reporter: max darrow, kpix 5.
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kpix 5. >> another shooting in oakland left one person dead along the 0 block of east 20th street. thou was found shot in the chest on e 2600 block of international boulevard. no word on her condition. about 16 minutes aftr that, a driver t-boned an oakland police suv that had been been set up for a perimeter around another crime scene. twos were hurt. just before 2:00 a.m., police were called to a cvs on the 2900 block of broadway after someone drove bad after someone drove band into the front of the store and apparently tried to break into n atm. we will stay on top of all these investigations, bring youy details as they become availabl. > >> let's turn to the weather. sl a few lingering showers. first t chief meteorologist paul heggen is checking the latest traces of of our wet weather. we have our cuts out, saving every last drop. >> we will take every drop we cn
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get. some people, this interfers with harvest time. for most of us, just bonus september rainfall. there are a few showers, even a thunderstorm. eastern solano county, edging into for easter napa county. a few sprinkles in napa. most of the rain is pa and fairfield, right over 680 at the peak of rush hour. here is a thunderstorm. that is over alameda county for the most for the most part, drifting further to the north. a few spotty showers elsewhere in contra costa county. let's zoom in for a closer look. a couple of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. it is possible this is dropping small hail wrong 580 at at the peak of rush hour. very y rain. few and far between. most of it is dry. showers and storms storms are out there are moving from south to north. here is what the storm looks like as we look towards it from dublin looking towards livermore. we cl these scary looking clouds. thas
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the extent of the damage we are looking at in terms of the threat. cloud to ground lightni, cloud to ground lightning, justt one thunderstorm. unsettled wear unsettled weather possible. we will track it on futurecast a fw minutes. t'take a live looka the board of supervisors no voting whether to approve a controversial surveillance poli. is approved, the bill would allw the police to have real-time access to private security cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstas cameras under special circumstae and be allowed to use video ase use video as evidence. right now, police can only ask for video footage if there's an ongg case. people who oppose the bily oppose the bill say it will get police too much access and power to tap into cameras. sponsors of the measure say there would be several roles for live monitg and an annual accounting of how any wives these are used. >> advocacy groups rallied against the new city policy which could lead to some juvenie offenders being charged as aduls
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being charged as adults. it onls . it only applies to 16 and 17-s to 16 and 17-year-olds and only for specific crimes like murderd sexual assault. >>an alternative to incarceratin of young people is simply compassion, love, and community. community. youth have this uniqe ability to change and grow, buty need their basic needs met and t be criminalized for surviving. >> we reached out to the interi. she said the review team will sk input from both defense and thes family before presenting any recommendations and/or opinions. opinions. each case will be addd individually based on the facts and the law. > >> a toy stoner owner in alamea is trying to get the word out about a problem she calls surge stealing. she says up to a dozen she says up to a dozen teenagerl come into her store on park strt and then move merchandise around load up their bags and leave. >> it's making it so that i have to have staff on hand. just the employes
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alone are tremendous, let alone lost merchandise, the hours and and hours that i have to spend going over the surveillance cam. over the surveillance cameras. >> alameda police confirmed they have inved thefts at the store over the lat two months. > >> a powerplant fire in monterey in monterey county shutting dowy 1. pg&e said one of the tesla k batteries caught fire. no reports of any injuries or powe. or power the meantim, the highway is still shutdown. chp hasn't said when the road will reopen. people in the area the area are being asked to stay stay inside, shut windows, intel ventilation systems. pg&e said e fire caused more than $50,000 i. > >> a special master appointed ir president trump's mar-a-lago cae held his first public hearing t. the judge told both sides he, quote, follows orders and does
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what he is told. already the for president's legal team is pushig back on a request for more info. natalie brand has more from washington. >> reporter: federal judge raymond dearie met with lawyers for former president trump and the department of justice tuesday for the first time as hs his role as special master revig documents seized from trump's mo estate. ahead of the conference, trump's team filed , pushing backon the special masts request for details regarding hs claim that he had declassify sed materials. they say doing so cod harm their defense of the former their defense of the former president is indicted. judge e suggested he will schedule a >> >> if he is unwilling to do it, i would think the judge was sibley say, okay, we are going to assume that the documents that they are classified or cla.
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>> the court order gives them until november 30th to review the more than 11,000 records and and determine if any of the materials are protected by attoy are protected by attorney-client -client or executive privilege. it also instructs him to prioritize documents marked of classified. u.s. government lawyers have urged him to hire y vendor to scan the seized documents in order to streamline review process. as a special mar as a special master's work begins, the doj has appealed thg by a florida federal judge to pe its review of documents with classified markings, saying it s markings, saying it harms its i. in a filing in the 11th circuit court of appeals, the former prt appeals, the former president's team are good for continuing the on the government's review and call the appointment of the spel master, quote, appropriate and . monday night, former president donald trump returned home to mar-a-lago for the first time since last man's fbi search. hes greeted by groups of supporters. supporters. natalie brand, cbs news, washington.
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> >> still ahead, gap is laying off workers in its bay area home home town. details on today's announcement. > >> when california workers win e theft judgments, most still dont get paid.
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>> a layup announcement from san san francisco bay's global clothing giant, gap. the company
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company is letting go 500 emplos letting go 500 employees in san, new york, and asia. gap is struggling with health. you posted a loss of $49 million over three months in july. old y in july. old navy, which is a bn burke app, has been especially t has been especially hard-hit. > >> we have been investigating employers essentially stealing m their workers and failing to pay to pay wage theft judgments. >> julie watts spoke with most s spoke with most lawmakers and te business community. >> reporter: from car washes to, retail to restaurants, californs restaurants, californians file tens of thousands of wage theft violations the year. our data as found it takes over a year on average to get a wage that tearing decision from the labors office. and worse, even after workers win a judgment against r bosses, most still don't get paid. >> the enforcement should be focused on the bad actors who
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are intentionally stealing wagem employees. >> reporter: jennifer, ceo the california chamber of commerce,s the business immunity wants to the bad actors held accountable. accountable. in an interview, se insisted not all wage theft violations are intentional. >> we have the most complex empt laws in the country. >> reporter: she says those who misinterpretd love should replay employees but be penalized. the data shows many bosses simply don't pay. >> there are mechanisms and tools that the labor commissioner has to me sure the judgments are paid. >> reporter: it appears the labr commissioner can't keep up. her office denied repeated intervies from us. in an email said last r they collected $2.8 million in e claims o■n ehalf f 11 workers. e that to the 50.5 million owed o0 judgments last year alone. the r commissioner can order a busines can order a business to stop opg
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to stop operating if it doesn'ty workers, though it's not clear how often they do. a program in santa clara county threatening r clara county threatening similar enforcement is having great su. great success. you guys have 100% compliance. >> that is correct. >> reporter: the search the labor commissioner's list of und commissioner's list of unpaid judgments for businesses that sell food in the county. and they threatened to pull the food the food permit unless they pay up. while santa clara county youth program focuses on food, e were told it could be expanded statewide to pull a variety of businesses. state senator agrees. >> we had to take responsibility for trying to pass laws that have her teeth in them. in the reality, there is a counter inf. is a counter influence. >> reporter: both prolabor lawmakers vice pushback. how long could be
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until we have a statewide program that has penalties for businesses? >> let's be realistic. >> let's be realistic. in this building, it is going hard. >> reporter: the chamber insists chamber insists they want that s they want that actors held accountable. >> would you be opposed to some legislation similar to what santa clara county is doing statewide? she said there shoult be duplicative enforcement. >> the labor decision, the righo decision, the right to appeal hs been exhausted. it is a final judgment. those should be paid. >> reporter: is it something tht cal chamber would consider drafting? >> that is something we can look look into. >> reporter: we will be following up with lawmakers as e continue investigating wage thet failures, successes, and possible solutions. you can folw our continuing coverage at cbs . cbs >
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>> we are still talking about r. still talking about rain. >> the air is nice. clean and crisp and getting cooler in the. cooler in the mornings. >> the rain >> the rain has been helping. air quality remains good even ar the rain moves out. scattered ss few and far between. not a guar. between. not a guarantee. far from a guarantee it is going to rain on you. still spotty showers and a thunder storm. let's take a look at what you can expect over the next several several days. showers still possible tonight and at least the first half of the day tomorrow. by the time we get this time on wednesday, the last last of the rain will be in thew mirror. a dry and progressively warmer pattern taking over thursday and friday. is going to to be on the hot side inland. not a return to the ridiculous t that we have for the first week of september, labor day week, but is going to be noticeable, y inland for saturday and sunday. if you look at the entirety of the bay area, most of us aren'tg any rain. most of us have fluffs
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fluffy clouds. we do have that e thunderstorm after the east and north east of livermore, dropping a few cloud-to-ground g strikes. when their ultimate dropping heavy rain on 580. traffic is going to be messier than user. it is usually pretty messy to begin with. a few spoty showers. that is the pattern we will stay in. the more substantl in. the more substantial rain falling apart before it is a chance to approach the coast. te forecast models struggle becauss very disperse. no one particulat no one particular spot that we are most likely to see those scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. in general and parts of the east bay and the north bay, best chances as we head to the middle middle of the day tomorrow. you can look and see those clouds really billowing up in the atmo. up in the atmosphere. that is a thunderstorm near livermore and altamonte. 67 degrees for
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downtown san francisco. temperatures well below normal. we will drop down into the mid to upper 50s. another day a below average temperatures tomorrow. only a couple of degrs below normal around the bay. a mix of low 60s and low 70s. mids and low 70s. mid-70s for the noh bay. mostly upper 70s inland and and east bay with the warmest spots reaching up to around 80 s to around 80 degrees. that is what a change if we get the end of the work week. we will have a a couple of days to get used to it. near average temperatures thursday. slightly above normaln friday. we will be a good 5 to s above average around the saturdy and sunday. that meets 70s and n francisco. near 80 degrees in o. 10 degrees further inland. a few few days in a row where you are back in the low 90s inland in the east bay. no triple-digit temperatures in the forecast. no no record-sitting temperatures n the forecast. no stupid heat in the forecast. it will be kind of
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kind of hot for the first weekend in august. autumn. >> it may officially start, but don't youk it really starts around halloween. >> around here, yes. within a wk of halloween. >> we have our own seasons. >> we do. it's fun. >> it makes your job interesting. > >> volunteers jump into action after migrants make an unexpectd arrival in northern california. how the city ended up in california's capital. > >> the dream force conference is is
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions.
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and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> let's take a live look at san san jose where the mayor joined leaders to kick off the campaign campaign for proposition 30. it aims to tax the rich to help fight climate change. >> we are seeing climate change devastate our forests with wild. with wildfires. it's devastatinr air. it's devastating our water as we seek drought continue to exacerbate by the impacts of climate change. >> the november ballot initiatie ballot initiative claims to use the money to make electric vehicles more affordable will, d more affordable will, fund initiatives. gavin newsom opposes prop 30. he argues property is a deceptive scheme to funnel state income taxes solely to benefit their company. >
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>> a texas sheriff investigating over whether lawse broken. along the southern bordr along the southern border, ages have detained more than 2 million undocumented immigrantss year. at this rate, the country is on track to break previous annual records. in el paso, texas, where more than a thousad our crossing essay, the city hat up welcome centers to provide them some resources. here in northern california, three migrants arrived in sacramento after a confusing journey. they crossed the border arriving into into micro center in san antonio, texas, where someone ge them plane tickets to sacramento . upon wendy, the game to catholic charity and were told o go to a local food bank. >> they walked from the sacramento airport to the sacrao airport to the sacramento food bank with no shoes. >> that is a 27-mile walk. volunteers trying to help. they
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say one of the migrants wanted to go to new york. the other two two are looking to travel to ut. the documents given to them said said california. > >> still ahead, dozens of people people now facing fraud chargesd facing fraud charges connected to the pandemic. how they allegy stole money met for covid really. > >> hurricane fiona after leaving for ricoh in the dark. the latt the dark. the latest. > >> northern california farmers e facing issues with the weather. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪
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( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> there's a lot of water. the n of water. the rain. the wind. >> bay area residents with ties to pueo rico are jumping into action ine aftermath of hurricane fiona. > >> the beds announced dozens of of charges of what they are calling the largest pandemic sce the largest pandemic scheme today. > >> a live look at san francisco where the streets are bustling h visitors. good evening. i'm elih cook. >> i am ryan yamamoto. san fras first largest tech conference taking over the center. salesfoe . salesforce celebrating the 20th anniversary of the event. s of the event. organizers say as many as 40,000 people may take part this week. people we spoke
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to said they are glad the event is back in person. >> we have a lot of people who k like to think i've been trying to connect with their people in one place to come together and really just celebrate the work. >> so far, it's been really cool. >> lenny kravitz singing behind. singing behind us. >> joe, thanks for joining us. the return of dream force is a major step in the recovery of te tourism industry. how is the rey going? how does the convention like this one help? >> dream force is a huge convention. it reallys . it really has a massive impact on our economy. this week alone , we expect over 40,000 delegates coming into san franc, staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, going to museums and things like that that have d that have a profound impact. even more so, he tells the world
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world that san francisco is reopening, that we are recoveri, and we are welcoming visitors around the world to come here. >> i am curious. the pandemic and the explosion of remote meeg technology has in some cases red in some cases reduced the need to travel for conventions like s one. what is the messages to confess businesses it is still worth coming in person? >> what's interesting, dream force will be showcasing a lot f their sessions to a worldwide audience. they will also be doing a lot of this hybrid mode. . 40,000 people are coming to san francisco because they reale francisco because they realize the value of in-person meetings and events. there is nothing like the ability to network and meet somebody between meetings or walking down the hallways and and business deals are learn soe new techniques. that in-person g is significant. after that pandc after that pandemic, after 2 1/s of being isolated, people are


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