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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 21, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> we are warming up as we head into the first day of fall. > >> later in your morning mix, sea otters are super smooth cute. a server off the coast of california catching some waves.
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> >> crews have been fighting a huge fire overnight. this is in san leandro and we have just led one of those firefighters were sent to the hospital. the injuries are described as minor. you can see firefighters have that truck and have been spraying water. we are also hearing that this is a cannabisw cannabis grow facility near 138 in washington. the fire first reported before 10:00 last nighd at least 50 firefighters have been out there battling the flames. they say dealing with te types of fires can be tricky for tricky for firefighters. often , often times, these growth facilities have a bunch of security measures and that makes makes it difficult for them to get in and out. no word on the . we will give you updates as we get them. > >> the board of supervisors voted to expand police access te
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to private surveillance cameras. . a one year program that will w will allow officers to monitor live feeds under certain circumstances. a life-threatening emergency or ongoing criminal investigation. > >> jury selection begins today n the corruption trial of lori smith accused of seven corruptin related ask including costly general mismanagement and tradig and trading concealed carry permits for reelection donations. this is not a criminal trial. it is a civil pg that could end up removing her from office before her term exps term expires. she has already said she is not going to run again. > >> be aware, you might be seeing seeing some raindrops on your windshield, this morning. > >> light drizzle in that area ow pressure breaks apart. happy last day of summer as we extend.
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this area of low pressure has brought some much-needed rain fr the bay area and it is starting to dissipate. it had a little more strength this morning. let's take a look at the bay area because the center of that area of low pressure could not k a more perfect place. we need this and we extend all the way o the afternoon hours. this is going to start breaking apart. light drizzle in the forecast. a forecast. napa waking up with some, this morning. heavier pockets of rain and as we exten, like rain in the forecast. it will clear up and we will see partly cloudy skies for the rest rest of the day where daytime highs are expected to hit the 60s and 70s. let's talk about the rest of the week in just a bit. > >> let's get you updated with how things are looking at the san mateo bridge. we told you about that little accident involving a pedestrian. the left
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left lane is open but the rightd center lanes remain blocked as crews are trying to clear what is going on. you can see that cars are starting to move eastbd move eastbound but still, slow . slow traffic. if you are thinking of an alternative, you can try the dumbarton bridge. over to the altamont pass, you can see there is a 78 and at dre at drive from 205 to 680. just the normal traffic but also the right lane is blocked due to a vehicle fire westbound at grant line road. a 78 and at drive and a high wind advisory. let's give you a live look at the bay bridge. you are starting to see traffic building up. we during s during lights turned on about 12 12 minutes ago. justin? > >> oakland leaders are sounding the alarm after a violent 18-hour stretch. four people
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shot and killed and 5 others were wounded . katie nelson. 's back bang, bang, bang! that is why i ran this way. >> reporter: he was trying to catch the bus around 2:15 tuesday afternoon wn he heard gunshots. one person was killed and another injured during the shooting. >> the loss of life is just tra. just tragic. >> reporter: officers are not able to do any proactive leasing because they are barely keeping keeping up with the number of 911 calls coming in. >> 680 cops, 2000 calls a day. >> reporter: during a tuesday press conference, officers acknowledged that during the investigation, many like threat calls went unanswered simply because there were not enough officers on the streets. >> there were a lot of calls
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coming in related to violence. we had multiple homicide scenes and shootings as well as people calling for crimes in progress. >> reporter: they are authorized authorized to have 736 officers but currently have 681 which are are not enough. >> it is absolutely impactful. >> reporter: oakland police have have not announced any arrest in arrest in the crime wave that started about 24 hours ago and they have not released any motives saying it is still too early in the investigations. katie nielsen, kpix 5 . >> all of a sudden, our lives have changed in an instant. it doesn't make any sense to happen happen to him innocent people. >> the oakland islamic center, e muslim community is still
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reeling. more than 60 people had had finished prayers when bullets were flying outside. >> find out who did this crime. the camera at the stoplight, they have a camera over there. >> so far, no arrests. > >> it is heartbreaking but we ao have to talk about this. one group is trying to make the community a better place. this one of hope from oakland and it involves two women with just tw. two ropes. >> reporter: on the corner, another.
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are quite skilled, others are jumping in for the first time. they call themselves jam squad 510. it is a new crew created last year. >> i want to teach girls and guys how to do that. that was something that we did growing u. growing up. we lost that sport in oakland. when we bring it back, let's bring it back in a y meaningful way by building cult. building culture. >> reporter: the key purpose actually has nothing to do with jumping rope. it touches on a more serious tone. >> i am here to help de-escalat, aggression, violence and alcoho. and alcoholism. it is reducing the drugs in their system. there there is nothing we can do to stop people from doing what they
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they do. >> reporter: she knows she cannot stop anyone from drinking drinking or doing drugs but she hopes to find a way before it is is too late. >> we are so busy criticizing them for what they do instead of of finding a legitimate way to help them in that moment. i don't want to see you in jail when i can prevent that by your jump roping for a couple of hous and sober up instead of driving. >> reporter: she has been double double touching since they were little girls in oakland. >> the positive impact it is having on our youth, on our community, on the adults and -- >> reporter: every single friday friday and saturday, ariel and malika turned the ropes all through the night. >> you feel good because you
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have a double dutch family over. over here. >> reporter: finding a sense of. of family. simply jumping rope and some even put down the drinks and picked up some new t. new tricks. >> she was trying to do her pop-ups going up and down and then she would try again multiple times. now she is happ. is happy. >> reporter: spending a few hours here, you can easily see e connection of the positivity. it it was infectious. and it was hd was hard to not get caught up in in all of the fun. >> they are helping each other. you are doing whole body coordination, networking with pe with people and accomplishing goals that you never thought yo. you would.
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>> amanda has got some skills! d to cover that story. >> can you double dutch? >> i did but i don't think i wod be so good. >> we need to find two jump rops jump ropes and bring it to the . the studio. >> i started to say, we got to warm it up a little. > >> union members taking their me their message to the san francio school board. their demands ovea over a month-long problem. >> you can watch us at 7:00 on our sister station and our streaming service. cbs news bay. we are live all the way throughe morning with your latest local s headlines and your first alert
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forecast. you can watch our strm our stream whenever, wherever. and on california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> it is 6:14. union members stormed the san francisco schood meeting demanding the district fix a month-long payroll product . >> fix it now, properly, fairly and making sure there are no more mistakes. stop a new systed in january has been full of iss. of issues. hundreds of checks were wrong or missing altogethe. the district voted to fix the system but that could take mont. take months. >> just too many issues. people not being paid properly. insurance been canceled.
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>> the issue is not on last nights agenda but a district spokesperson tells us they are working to resolve pharaoh's payroll issues and added it is their number one priority to mae sure employees are paid accurately and on time. > >> we have and opening day extension. the big day will be november 19th. the soft launch will feature free rides but tras will only serve the four new stations during this time. the full opening is set to be sometime in january ahead of the of the chinese new year. > >> let's talk about connections. that rain is not wanting to di. to disconnect. i saw it this mo. this morning. >> that area of low pressure is. is lingering. in all reality, let's talk about the science.
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this area is dissipating pushing pushing its way offshore. this has impacted a lot of us for our for our morning commute. mostly off to the sacramento valley, heavier pockets of rain. even napa and sonoma county got rain this morning. closer to antioch, antioch, we had some heavier st. heavier storms. heavy pockets of of rain just along the coastlin. the coastline. we are seeing it still linger. let's take a lookt what we are heading into over the next couple of hours. light, light, scattered showers into the late afternoon hours and then we clear up as we extend into thursday, friday and into the weekend forecast. i should also mention that area of low pressure brought in cooler temp. cooler temperatures. for us, we are sitting below average. for the next 14 days, we are sitting sitting above average. the temperature outlook heading into into the month of our over. we
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are warming up. that area oflo pressuis kicked out of the way replaced by high pressue high pressure. this warms us up and also dries us up. relative humidity will drop over the next next couple of days and we will take a look at that. 70s and tht the forecast and anywhere from the santa clara valley all the y into the tri-valley area. a beautiful forecast. this isreat is great walking weather and the the last day of summer. take a look at what we are expecting along the coastline. 60s for us, for us, today. those 60s quickly quickly turn into the 80s. we will keep you updated. > >> let's take a look at what is going on. you are starting to see more cars moving east bound. this is because of a crash involving a pedestrian. the left left lane is open but the right and center lanes remain blocked
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going eastbound on the san mateo san mateo bridge. keep that in d in mind. if you do want to take an alternative, the dumbarton bridge is an option. we will keep you updated with this acci. this accident. let's take a loot the 205 at 580. you can already see traffic is building this wednesday morning and as you arg into the altamont pass, and 81 -minute drive from 205 to 680 because of a big rig fire. there there is a high wind advisory in in this area. let's take a live look at the bay bridge where metering lights were turned on about half an hour ago. we are already seeing a lot of backup. 18 minutes into the city. > >> basketball season is almost e almost here and a lot of us are looking forward to it. meow for
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morning mix. we are halfway thrh the week and do you know what has else is exciting? we are helping to prepare for the fanty draft nine. i am drafting as many players as possible. so les see where espn is ranking them. steph curry. andrew wiggins is t 68. jordon poole at 71 and klayn is right at 95. these are always always changing so you have got to be sure to check back to see
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where everyone stands. i am putg am putting steph curry at numbe. number one. i know td was at number four. steph curry just won a championship. >> give him his flowers. >> don't forget, the first season, the regular-season game is against the lakers. it is going to be a good one. > >> the strictly bluegrass three-day concert returns to san san francisco's golden gate part the end of the month and fans cn fans can find the final lineup online. >> i have heard that song. >> drive-by truckers and marvin
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williams are some of the latest additions to the lineup and they they will join a roster of country music icons. the festival will run september 30th 30th through october the second. i don't listen to country music music very often but i do know that song. >> that is pop, you guys! see, i i feel old and you guys always mention the singers and i have no idea who they are. now i finally know something. it is just normal pop music. >> i wasn't the only one who thought it was country music. > >> we are learning, this morning. in the morning mix. we are learning! > >> we have got to talk about se. sea otters. he found himself
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confronted not by a sharp by a temperamental sea otter. >> whoa! no way. >> erickson says he left his board unattended for one minutet enough time for a sea otter to steal it. >> it climbed on and made itself itself at home. >> reporter: were you actually ? actually scared? >> a little bit. it looks cute but you know how dangerous it cn be. >> he tried splashing water to get it to leave. it didn't work and each time he tried to get hs board to shore, the otter would lunge at him. another surfer mad surfer managed to shove the board free. you think they are really cute but i have heard these horror stories with sea os sea otters and i have seen vides of them scaring people off the beach. maybe just let them be.
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>> just let it go! [ laughter ] > >> president biden speaking at the un, today. a live report for for day two of the general assembly. > >> the most impacted and climate climate change are black and brown people. > >> and artist addressing the issues
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>> right now on kpix 5 news at 6:30, president biden is said tr his address at the united nations during day two of the general assembly. the administration says the president will describe his visn for the us foreign policy and is expected to have a heavy focus on the war in ukraine. bradley black iron is live at the un with more. >> reporter: >> we expect the president to arrive any minute and his focusn ukraine is important because its it comes as russia is renewing its threats and as there is a growing fatigue among some in the international community. tht the president wants to shore up support for ukraine as they makt progress on the battlefield.
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president biden arrived s at the the un general assembly. the president's annual speech before world leaders is expected to or a firm rebuke of russia for its war on ukraine, europe's biggest biggest conflict since world war war ii. this comes as russian officials announced plans to become a trickle integral parts of ukraine. >> this underpins the international system and lies at at the heart of the united nations charter. >> reporter: vladimir putin announcing a partial mobilization of citizens in the reserve of russia as moscow loses ground. he also warned the the west that it is not a bluff that russia would use all of the the means at its disposal to prt to protect its territory. the ukrainian president will also address the assembly, today, the today, the only world leader approved to do so virtually. administration officials say president biden will make a
6:32 am
significant announcement about efforts to fight global food insecurity as well as detailed report of how the u.s. has dy he so-cled leaderpt and n ane of lega found the world. thrl isis the in-person general assembly in three years because of the pandemic. president biden will be meeting some of these world leaders face-to-face for the first time. >> what is the white house saying about that both in the russian -controlled territories of ukraine? >> reporter: they were asked about it yesterday and anticipated this and said this is a sham referendum conducted by the russians. they said thatt
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is going to be u.s. policy to refuse to recognize any territory as anything other that of ukraine, justin. but we will have to see if president biden is more specific, today. >> we will be watching later this morning. > >> you are also taking a look at at some other top stories. >> i want to circle back to that that fire in san leandro where one firefighter was injured and others continue to battle it. it it started last night and they are unseen. this is on 139th ann and washingtonatbelievto beriju operation. a fire reported just before 10:00 and at least 50 firefighters have been out there out there battling the flames. , a cannabis grow facility in
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dealing with those types of fires can be very tricky because because they often have extra sy measures, making it difficult to to get in and out of the building. no word on the cause and we will keep an eye on it and give you updates. > >> hurricane fiona strengthening strengthening as it moves toward toward bermuda, later this week. fiona responsible for several deaths in puerto rico and the dn republic. nearly 3 feet of rain leading to raging floodwaters and storm cutting off power to most of the islands and it is going to be several days before the full extent of that damage is even known. > >> time to get a check on the weather and traffic beginning wh jessica burch and some sprinkles sprinkles out there, this morni. this morning. > >> that area is starting to dis. to dissipate. hurricane fiona is is still circulating closer to a to bermuda. it is a category 4 but tracking, pushing closer to nova scotia as it starts to dis.
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u have loved onea n mind if dark, cloudy and gloomy. that area of low pressure is finally starting to dissipate and today is the last day we will see these scattered showers in the forecast all throughout the bay. bay area. also in the north bay, bay, we saw some drizzle. santa rosa as well as sonoma county. we extend all the way into wint. into winter. they are seeing those light, drizzly conditions. even along the coastline, a slight drizzle sticking around even longer. it is going to taper off and we will talk about talk about that is coming up. > >> we got to give you another update at the san mateo bridge. this is because of a fatal crash crash involving a pedestrian ead
6:36 am
pedestrian eastbound. those hea, those headlines, you can see that people are starting to make to make their way going eastbound on the bridge. the left lane is open but the rightd center lanes remain blocked. if you look on the other direction, direction, you can start to seee brake lights and that heavy traffic. another option if you want to take it is the dumbarton dumbarton bridge. let's go over to the altamonte pass. the fired fire westbound, it is about an 5 minute drive from 205 over two 680. we do have that right lane. lane blocked. keep in mind there there is a high wind advisory. let's give you a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and you are starting to see a lot of traffic. a 24 minute drive from the maze intoe city. >> we are talking about hispanie month with packages this month.
6:37 am
we are going to tell the story of one artist in east oakland. she is trying to create change o her heart. >> reporter: she is taking us into her sanctuary where she can can express herself. something she has been envisioning since she was a child, growing up in east oakland. >> i grew up in the era of the war on drugs. i witnessed a lot of violence and i recognized that my community was being neg. being neglected. >> reporter: her art reflects experiences including growing up in the neighborhood. >> i started noticing that peope that people were sick or in my . my neighborhood. factories in ed
6:38 am
oakland around that time. >> reporter: she creates what se wants to see. you will find a lot of color. a lot of green. recently, she collaborated with the warriors. trees were planted and she created a mural based on what the students wanted to e to see. >> it is a testament to how we can bring together the ideas of nature and art in order to address climate because the mosd most impacted in climate change are black and brown people. >> one of her most popular pieces from a monarch butterfly. . >> what if we were to celebrate the beauty of migration, the fact that migration is a natura. natural thing. because they lovh other and migrants migrate because of love whether it is toward themselves and the desiro have a better life or family
6:39 am
members who they want to be reunited with. >> reporter: migration is beaut. is beautiful. comes the hope that people will understand the key issues in the u.s.. >> art and culture informs how we see the world. it informs how how we relate to each other because the way we run our polil systems are informed. >> reporter: as you walk, you will find animals, symbols, col. symbols, color. >> my goal is to honor all of these creatures. in the piece, i i collaborate with local leaders leaders to imagine what a bold statement could look like and i really love that we included the the name of what this land used to be called. >> reporter: the arch comes from
6:40 am
comes from years of uplift thing thing experience and it is also inspired by what latinos hold onto, what they value deeply. >> this is my father, this is m. my brother. > >> coming from a family of perun of peruvian immigrants and she was talking about how you don't see a lot of women of color creating art so she wants to be an example to others >> what an incredible woman. >> it is just about 20 minutes before 7:00. can videogames actually improve your health? wl
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>> welcome back. it is time for a look at your money watch repo. watch report. the federal reserve widely expected to raise raise interest rates by as much as three quarters of a percentage point at the central banks meeting today. all eyes on eyes on the market and that woud be the third rate hike of that size, in a row. a delicate balance, wall street will be looking at the statements for clues about the prospect for more rate hikes down the road. there is a look at your money watch report. > >> can the latest videogame craze help your kids? experts say yes. that is our focused wednesday. jennifer jolly joining us with the story. good morning, jan.
6:45 am
>> reporter: you have likely heard of this game called pokcmn called pokcmon go. the same comy same company behind that one, nintendo has now created a new . new game. it has been played off off and on. you earn new characters and rewards the more you walk, jog or skip. i spoke with the founder and ceo who also helped create pokc and before that, had a hand in . in google. why this is such a critical focus for him, right n. >> part of it comes as a parentg parent, struggling. outdoor activities with my kids. it is not that i am against computers or electronics. obviously, i goo programming as a kid and part ot was three games. i think there
6:46 am
can be a lot of good stuff came from electronics. >> as a parent, raising kids in the bay area, he says human beings are best when virtual worlds that we create leave people outside into the rural real-world. >> being outside is a huge bonus bonus but they are still attached to the screen. devils . devils advocate. and could that dangerous? >> reporter: the app tells you to pay attention to the real world around you and it is super super tempting to see the characters overlaid in augmented augmented reality with your rea. your real-world. plant those vil needkeep yoin flowers, completen innt of your itmorelike a pedom launch and go. it is engineered
6:47 am
to get people outside, exploring that real world around them in real life. >> talking about that fun stuff in terms of characters and evolution and progression, you level up and you can unlock eve. unlock everything. it is all very satisfying. you can take those qualities and combine them them with steps and running andg outside, visiting certain place. certain places. >> also recently launching new . new features. you team up with family and friends no matter where they are in the world to compete and complete different , score new achievements and you can post those results on socia. social media. and they just added a wheelchair feature. >> we are hearing about the mete more and more often. it is like
6:48 am
this merging of the digital and real-life world. >> reporter: that is exactly it and they will continue to blend in these news ways. we will sees continue to evolve as classes continue to trudge ahead into the mainstream. once again, an g glimpse into the future being invented right now, right here in the bay area. > >> you can read more about her deep dive into this topic. it is is her upcoming column. as well as outlining the pros and cons. > >> let's take a look outside and and we are still dealing with drizzly conditions as that area of low pressure breaks apart. this is finally happening for us, this morning. as we zoom in, we woke up with some scattered
6:49 am
showers and heavier pockets of . of rain. some of us woke up to t pitter patter on our roofs. along the coastline, we have been seeing it all morning long. taking a look at futurecast, we we will see it clear up. light, scattered showers but as we head we head into the thursday forecast, by friday and into th, it is sunshine from here on out. as we extend into the next coue of days, 8 to 14 days, we will be sitting above average. this is our temperature outlook showg outlook showing all of california pretty much sitting above average as high pressure starts to settle in. high pressure will warm us up. as we take a look at daytime highs, enjoy it while you have it. 60s along the coastline and that gets replaced by 70s as early as
6:50 am
as tomorrow. 80s as early as sa. as saturday. saturday will be a toasty day. it may come as a surprise because we are dealingh the rain and as we wrap up the n of summer heading into paul, you you would think we would be cooling down but we are warming up. 70s to the 80s and from thes into the 90s. this is the trend as we are heading into the beginning of fall. > >> let's keep you updated at the the san mateo bridge. there was a fatal crash involving a pedes. a pedestrian. the left lane is n and that is where you are seeins come through but the right and center lanes remain blocked. we will continue to update you with with that crash. you could try the dunbarton bridge and we will we will keep you updated. let's also take a look at the bay bridge. there is a crash on thet hand shoulder, that is blocked at exit 34. keep that in mind.
6:51 am
let's take a live look at the toll plaza. metering lanes turned on a little more than an hour ago. about a 24 minute drive into the city. let's take a look at the 25 heading into the altamonte pass and you are g are seeing bumper to bumper tra. bumper traffic. once we go intoe altamonte pass, there is a high wind advisory. and 87 minute drive from 205 to 680 and that is in part because the right lane is blocked due to a big ri. rig fire. keep that in mind if e heading into that direction. > >> trey lance wasn't the only 4r injured on sunday. they also lost another running back. we have the latest in this morning's red and gold report. >> time for your red and gold r. gold report. marla an was added to the roster because tae davis price is sidelined with a high
6:52 am
ankle sprain. jeff wilson jr can can expect another heavy worklod sunday night in denver. he had 84 yards on 18 carries last suny last sunday and got some good advice from his dad while making making the most of his opportun. his opportunity. >> we got a little sand. now is the time. that is good stuff. >> >> you came up with a good one. i like that. >> if i throw that on my wife. nitt! with the red and gold rep, i am vern glenn. > >> stefan curry, a.k.a., the ba! the baby!
6:53 am
>> listen to that voice. that in is erin "showtime" taylor. the team invited the former inmate to announce the game last year. just recently, he had a homecoming of sorts when he retd he returned to the prison as a guest announcer. and vern glenn has the story. >> reporter: san quentin. unfortunately, it is a praise tt praise that showtime knows all too well. >> it has been a long time. 23 . 23 months. >> reporter: taylor was locked p for 26 years. the last 10 were . were here. so he saw plenty of familiar faces when he returns. >> reporter: what is it like seeing him again? >> it is amazing.
6:54 am
>> reporter: this time, taylor was just a visitor, part of the guest list in the annual game against the san quentin warrior. quentin warriors. reclaim his role that first caught golden state's attention. whstt's go! the ball was tipped. oh! and it hit the three-pointer. get that trash out of here! >> i am going through happiness, happiness, joy, sadness, anxiety. this is the first time i have been back the way i camen through the front door. >> reporter: >> reporter: he was released in. in 2020. the warriors announced he is to announce the game. >> when you heat up the building, we have got to pull you down, do you know what i am saying?
6:55 am
>> reporter: after all he has been through, last friday's gams game was just as special to sho. to showtime. >> these are my brothers. they made me who i am so i owe them. and i owe the system because the the system up to me get better. > >> before we go to break, you can watch us right after our 6:00 a.m. newscast. we are moving over to k cw 44, cable 12 12 and our streaming service in the bay area. we will be live al morning long with the latest headlines and your first alert weather forecast. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> let's get another check on your roadways. we will go back to the san mateo bridge with tht
6:59 am
with that fatal crash. the left lane is open but the right and r lanes are blocked and you can see that the cars are starting to come through. we are also looking at a crash at the bay b. bay bridge. the right shoulder is blocked due to a crash westbound and if we take a look at the toll plaza, already a lot lot of traffic, there. 22 minutes into the city. > >> let's take a live look at that doppler. light drizzle to the north of us for napa county and sonoma county. coming in, heavy pockets of rain and it ha. has dissipated. like, scattered showers on the coast. this will start dissipating leaving us wih partly cloudy skies, 60s and 70s. a beautiful forecast for the last day of summer. > >>


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