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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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> >> now on kpix 5, a fifth persot dead this week in oakland as city leaders call for action. > >> good afternoon, aim elizabeth aim elizabeth cook. > >> this latest killing taking pe overnight in east oaklandment the east bay times reports the man was shot last night while d. authorities found him in crst avenuand y y he wsh isthe fifth homicidean just this year. > >> and this latest shooting, hig what has become a violent week
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in oakland. there were four deadly shootings earlier this week in an 18-hour period, including one just outside of city hall. homicides this year in the city are only slightly behind 2021. the deadliest year in oakland in 15 years. > >> right now, one oakland city r is calling for outside help to boost police response. >> that it is an emergency. we d all the assistance we can get if if i need to call the state dept for the national guard, well that is what i've got it do. >> reporter: the company memberd us he reached out to the chp. te sheriff's office and even bart police to organize a more coordd response to crime. > >> another string of break-ins n okay happened's little saigon nd this week adding to the city's crime concerns. business owners are growing tired, scared and frustrated. kpix 5's max darrow has their story. >> reporter: this was the sceney monday morning at internationala
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in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. business owners cleaning up after their stores were broken into once again. sue video shows three cars drive up, up, several people get out and moments later, they begin to brk >> thr . but her spot aunomat.ho was hit. she said she used to stay open until 9:00 p.m. but now she goes home before sundown sundown because she doesn't feel feel safe and because she has lost business. >> many business owners here iny london's little saigon's neighbd at international plaza are just growing frustrated. they are tired. the latest string of break-ins wasn't the first times has happened numerous times in just a matter of weeks. >> reporter: the hair salon ownr tells us last month people broko her shop through the roof. we tried to speak with several buss owners in the plaza, but they didn't want to tell the same
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story they have told over and over again. peter tang owns the. >> i'm so upset because of this. >> reporter: he says crime herey ramped up last year and has only only gotten worse since then. he worse since then. he says the police response time has been troubling. >> we call them but their respoe so late it makes it worse. >> reporter: during a news confe on tuesday, deputy chief james beard said the department is understaffed. >> currently our staffing is at. we have moment tip al cadms. going through right now. one set now. one set to graduate in oct, so that is a bright light we arg forward for the help. >> reporter: tang would like toe a better response from o p.d. bt in the meantime. >> i'm going to put more securi, and then i plan to put more security over here.
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>> reporter: in oakland, max da, kpix 5. > >> jessica the weather is pretty weather is pretty nice. >> it feels like summer. even th today is the first day of fallful kind of funny how that works. earlier this week we wery dealing with more pacific northwest weather. it was beautiful. we got a lot of rain associated with that huge area of low pressure. now we are starting to clear up as we wrap-up this week and head intoe weekend. today is the first day of fall and it feels like it to. of course, here in the by, we ae seeing a lot of sunshine from the coast, all the way up into highs are on the rise. ytim > >> a small heat wave is starting is starting to push its way in as high pressure ridges its way all throughout california. our temperature outlook for the next the next 8 to 14 days is actually showing well above temperatures. we are going to be be seeing it really fast. especy in the inland areas, where mostly sitting in the 80s. once we head into the went, we are experiencing mid even upper 90s in certain spots. > >> here's the temperature outlo.
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this expands all the way up to r 5. we'll talk more about that it a little bit. > >> jessica, thank you. > >> new video into the newsroom f a car in san jose that crashed into a town home. police say this happened just before 2:00 s morning nor the center road. no one was hurt, but nine people ae now displaced out of their home. > >> police later found the driver found the driver and booked them booked them on dui charges. > >> let's look at the big board t now. it has kind of been all over the place this morning. not is up now. after the dow ended down more than 500 points. > >> stocks fell yesterday after e federal reserve raised short-tem interest rates yet again. it is meant to fight inflation, but it inflation, but it is also making making things harder for you if you need to borrow some money. l schlesinger now has more on the impact on loan rates. > >> the latest rate move from the from the federal reserve pushes
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the benchmark short-term lienine to a range of 3 to 3.75. a big jump from february when the rats 0 to point 25%. and the centralk is not stopping anytime soon. te rate hikes have clear winners and losers. savers are the big winners, as they finally can earn more interest on checking, savings, cds, money market accounts and government bonds. > >> conversely, borrowers are the borrowers are the losers of the fed's action. the average credit credit card interest rate is month loan rate for a used car was around 4.5% at the begig of the year. now it is more than than 5.5% and even though the fed does not directly control longer term mortgage rates, those rates have jumped to over 6%. double what they were a yea. >> to put that into perspectivet
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year a 30-year fixed rate loan for $300,000 would have a monthy payment of $1242 in principle and interest. with the current rate that monthly payment jumps to more than $1800. the fed is y to keep pushing up rates which will continue to make borrowing money more expensive. in new york, jill schlesinger. > >> now to san mateo county commy college district where students and elected officials urged the governor to sign a free college pill of the the bill would allow allow districts to use existing local revenue to offer fee waivs to more students in need. it pls to help out 4000 more stunts ine county, in addition to the 2000 already receiving aid right newd advocates argue it would not be at the further cost to the state the state or local taxpayers. > >> we want students to focus onr education, not focus on the job they are going to get, part-time
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to get, part-time or how they are going to get food on the ta. >> reporter: state says his teas this bill before, but failed. ts effort is lacer focused on san mateo county. > >> a bay area business turning a turning a family recipe into a success story. >> i really appreciate the tedis work. because that is where the gold is. that is where the magic magic is. >> the connection to a home in o that comes from these. > >> and all eyes on jimmy g this. how his teammates are respondino him back
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> >> jimmy g will make his first t this season, sunday night in de. one of his biggest weapons may be back in the lineup. vern glenn has more on our red and gold report. >> time now for the red and golt highlighted by a tight end you w well. >> george kittle back isn't they story. wednesday was also the first practice with jimmy garoppolo back as the starting . when trey license out now on ind reserve. garoppolo has once agan taking command was offense. >> i don't want to downplay, that was our guy. we wish he wal out here. but it has been a god. grand, it has been like two day.
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so what we have experienced so . >> it is the same guy every dayo matter what's happened over the last five or six years since he has been here, you know exactly what you are going to get from him. >> with the red and gold reportm vern glenn. > >> and you have the chance to re your favorite 49ers fan. get your cell phone outright now, scan that q r code on your scren to nominate members of the faithful. > >> all season longwell's be high be high lighting these super fa. > >> and we are celebrating his sc heritage month with more of a summertime tradition. one bay area woman turned her family recipes into a business to help her ride out the pandemic. heres jocelyn moran. >> reporter: pop cycles, freshl. growing up in a latino househol,
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he called them. >> i really appreciate the tedis work because that is where the gold is. that is where the magi. >> she walks into the kitchen. y put on their aprons and they get get to work. they have personalized orders to make. >> she cuts the papaya. these will be vegan. nancy is maher b years new. but for like many, the pandemic hit her hard and things are finally beginning to pick up again. >> people are just calling and e are just trying to catch up. and up. and we are like oh, this isg real. >> the ingredients that make thm special? fresh grew i think it is unique because it is not unique. >> but the inspiration comes frm family. >> we would have these big parts at the end we would all love to
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make these on the ice. like thee molds that you have at home skew skew and the valley behind them, them, tradition, memories. >> the papaya reminds me of my d and everybody eating this in the the morning for breakfast. but i i will eat the chocolate. you start crying. lick if you are mexican and you have had the chocolate and you grew up spending your holidays sitting d with the family drinking and you you have this, you'll start crying. >> they remind her of her child. >> >> especially during the summer. >> and it comes with signs,ing t comes with everything that n sod with me. and took them to my family they were gone almost since stanley. a reminder of home, something that brings family together, jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >
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>> speaking of summer, it feelse summer outside, but the problem, it is autumn. > >> exactly. it is almost like that story we just shared. that heat wave is packing on as we head into the next couple of da. it is not that bad in reality. t we are going to warm up as we head into this weekend. 90s in sight for us just in the eastland hills. we might even see upper 90s. no triple-digits for now. often the low, low eastland valley areas. we'll talk about that in just a secon. but high pressure is starting te its way in. the jet stream is wl north of us right now, and that is the big reason we have been g clear skies all day long here ie bay area. > >> don't worry. that marine lyre lyre will make its way back tonight, filling the bay in the late evening hours. just along the coastline and into the bay, nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing
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nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme. not pushing nothing too extreme into the east hills. they are warming up, into the upper 80s from fairfield all the way down to antioch. a beautiful forecast forecast for us today. if you get the ton to head out for your your lunch break, get out on a nice stroll, maybe take the kids take the kids out or the bike out. now as we extend all the wy along our coastline, we are deag with 60s and 70s this afternoons will be a very, very warm weeked in the grand scheme of things. l above average temperatures for us down into santa clara valley where we are sitting in the upper 90s expected all the way from inland east bay, all the way into those valleys. we'll wp and cooldown a little bit. headg into the next work week. partly cloudy skies. but nonetheless, it is autumn. it is kind of ironic that we are talking about about summer-like temperatures. >> it is really weird out here,u start to see the leaves change.t it is like 80 degrees outside. t is odd. >> but we know it is coming arod halloween you get to bust out the boots.
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>> perfect. thanks for that warning. > >> coming up. a woman uses her personal and painful experience with race says imto help black business owners. see how this week's jefferson award winner is is offering a jump start to success. > >> and general us every weekdayr our new live newscast at 7:00 ad 8:00 on our sister station kbc w. you can find us on pluto tv l 397
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> >> even before the pandemic, u.. census numbers show 8 out of 10 black-owned businesses failed ie first year and a half. nearly 6 in 10 black entrepreneurs call their businesses at risk or dis. sharon chin introduces us to ths week's jefferson award winner who aims to turn those numbers around. > >> andrea baker was a college st from jamaica, studying hotel and and restaurant administration at at cornell university. while in
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florida with friends, she applied for waitressing job. >> the woman immediately pullede thing off the window and said n, the position has been filled. >> reporter: sensing something t right, one of her white friends then applied for the same job and she went in and she got the. >> like five minutes later. >> reporter: it was andrea's fit taste of racism. >> i sat on the sidewalk and cr. because it seemed so wild. >> reporter: it still stings, ds later. >> what i decided then was that i would become an entrepreneur.d i would have a place where black where black folks could apply and get a job. >> reporter: andrea turned her g time consulting business into a nonprofit in 2019 in the hunters the hunters point shipyard inton
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empowers and supports several small business owners each year who are black, indigenous and of of color. quan nearby sha uses the nonprofit's free commercialn space to make her popular dessert. thanks to andrea, she d her homemade pudding hobby intoa business that has a spot at they building. >> it feels amazing. it is likeu know, a dream come true. >> reporter: the free incubatorg program helps entrepreneurs get permits and grants, grow their online presence and sell their products through pop ups and events. >> andrea lives and breathes to. >> reporter: gumbo social callsa a life sign. he says the food hub she created with other partners kept them in business during the pandemic, delivering food boxes to those in need. >> such a leader. even if it is not her field of expertise, shes how to find someone to help supt new that area. so it is almost
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like having another mini business partner. >> reporter: who is stirring ups just as she had hoped. >> we are here to spore those d. >> reporter: so, for empoweringd entrepreneurs with free business business development training, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to andrea baker. > >> andrea is currently on the bd of the shipyard trust for the arts and bay view merchants ass. > >> you can nominate your local o for a jefferson award online at > >> here's a story you and your s may want to bring up with the boss. the success of a 4-day work week now coming
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> >> a legendary home grown rock d is back on the road again. comig up we'll hear from a founding member of the doobie brothers who still calls the bay area home. > >> let's check in one more timeh first alert meteorologist jess burch. > >> this is perfect weather to gt out and enjoy the outdoors. we are still going to be able to ey it, it is just going to be a little warmer. we are expecting warmer temperatures on the way, close to triple-digits off in then land eastbound area. just make sure you are hydrating proy and wearing sunscreen. > >> how would you like this beaul
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day to be your friday? well an ongoing experiment is finding good news for people pushing fot 4-day work week that study in te uk is tracking more than 3300 employees. at 86%, 86% of businesses say they will likely keep the shorter work week. 44% of companies say they are doing better financially and 46% say productivity is also up. > >> are you listening,
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[ dramatic music ] >> brooke: enough is enough. you really need to keep your daughter out of my marriage. >> taylor: okay. brooke. whatever it is that you think steffy did, i'm sure there's-- >> brooke: “whatever it is i think she did.” i know what she did, taylor. she crossed the line. she wouldn't let me talk to my own husband. she is being very immature and quite disrespectful-- >> taylor: okay, don't-- don't do that. >> brooke: she is coming between ridge and me and i won't allow it. ♪♪♪ >> paris: hey. is everything okay between you and steffy? i just passed her in the hallway and she seems pretty upset. >> hope: uh... no, it's-- it's okay. it will be fine. >> paris: i-- i wasn't


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