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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 5pm  CBS  September 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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wouldn't you be? a lot of people people have been standing here not knowing when their train is going to come. not to mention, it is so hot on the b.a.r.t. platform. this is some video ofe platform a few minutes ago. very very crowded. a lot of people waiting. b.a.r.t. currently has 34 of his 55 trains running. there's no red and green line s. and green line service. this is video earlier. this was this morning, and to give you some anxiety probably. dozens of people stuck in the trans bay te the trans bay tube in the dark. they could knock it off the train. b.a.r.t. said it happened because of an electricl because of an electrical problem problem that took a segment of the track out of service. b.a.r.t. hasn't recovered sinc. hasn't recovered since. it has led to major delays, translations, people forced to t up and switch trains. here some reaction. >> upset. anger. because it did make a lot of sense. it's
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b.a.r.t.. it happens every once in a while. >> we can control it. once that happen, i was anxiety, pacing back and forth, cussing up a storm and i handed everything. but the b.a.r.t. operators , they did a great job is forthcoming is down everything. >> reporter: really frustrating. . we haom b.a.r.t. officials earlier. thee a news conference. this is what what they had to say about the problem. >> right now, crews are workingn the trackway that they are methodically going through a cht going through a checklist. and by the process of elimination, are working to diagnose and fix this problem. the problem that occurred this morning is not bed morning is not believed to be related to the problems we had in the trans bay tube on sunday. on sunday. that was more of a mechanical problem. this was anl issue. >> reporter: problems, problems, problems, and more problems. there has been shuttle service running to help people out. ac t ac transit immunity have been
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stepping in. the problem is that that this will get resolved untl service stops tonight because the trains have to be completeld to be completely cleared from the tube for b.a.r.t. workers to to be able to address this. a nightmare. they are saying if you can avoid taking it's night, night, do that. >> thanks. a lot of frustrations , and on a friday. > >> breaking news. minutes a low we learned that cal fire crews e cal fire crews have stopped a 1e stopped a 15-acre vegetation fie in petaluma. it broke out along old adobe road near corona roade smoke was visible from 101. firefighters networking to be five the containment lines. > >> breaking news,a shooting in d involving a brinks armored trucs to have left at least one person dead. police are still oe scene this evening. anne makoves us in the newsroom with the latt details. >> it is almost like this was the result of a shootout between
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between a worker from brinks security, and somebody approachd them, possibly an armed robbery. robbery. this with the scene from chopper 5 after 2:00 p.m. this is outside the napa auto ps napa auto parts. the yellow tarp the yellow tarp we saw next to e brinks truck over the victim. pe now confirm he was shot to death. police also say two other other people showed up at a nearby hospital with injuries ao from being shot. we reached outo brinks, and they concerns there was an incident involving a brinks crew, and that they are g with law enforcement. that is all they said at this point. less than two weeks ago, an armored truck guard was shot inn leandro outside the kaiser medical center. also, broad dayt center. also, broad daylight. he he ended up dying in the hospital the next day. that guard had just made a pickup whn he was confronted by a robber who grabbed his bag of money and money and took off. no arrests have been made in that case. there's no indication that the o
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are related, but that is going to be part of the investigation. investigation. ryan? > >> if you feel like you're go-ts station has gotten expensive, yu are not alone. max darrow joinss with that story. >> reporter: over the last montr so, gas prices in the bay area have slowly started to creep up. to creep up again. we are getting to the point where manys are starting to feel it. >> quite a bit more. >> reporter: maryland park estimates she pait $10 more to fill apartheid on friday that she did a month ago. ago. she says gas prices seem to to be going up quickly. >> we went up since yesterday, y a lot. a station i normally go to in san mateo, it's really ch, was $5.19 yesterday. they were , but their sign said $5.49. did you think we were past this point? >> i was hoping.
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>> reporter: here is what the ae cost for a dollar of a gallon of of regular gas looks like. betwn $5.55 and $5.83 a gallon. here's here's what it looked like a month ago, between $5.27 and $5.51 a gallon. >> i wish it would go back down. >> reporter: sodas he. >> right now -- >> reporter: john trainer is a spokesperson for aaa. he says te are numerous factors likely affecting gas prices. >> one, we have a hurricane. whatever hurricane season comesn hurricane season comes in, prices tend to go up. the same time in california, we have whas called euler finally turned over over system. this is when oil refineries are taking a flight for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maintenance. other refineris for maint have been expected maintenance. supply is not keeping up with demands. >> reporter: he hopes prices stabilize or reverse soon.
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>> it makes me think twice before i drive. >> reporter: right now, an average price for a gallon of gas is about $2.00 more than the national average. in redwood city, max darrow, kpix 5. > >> wall street ending a dismal k ending a dismal week with another day of steep losses. the the dow fell 486 points to close close at its lowest point since0 lowest point since 2020. the s&p s&p also close at its lowest role of the year, and the nasdaq nasdaq was down almost 200. the drop comes on the heels of somee projections of unemployment nexr of unemployment next year analysts say between 1 million and 2 million americans could face layoffs. fed chair jerome powell acknowledged that with a decision to hike interest rates. rates. we will get a better idea idea of the state of the economy economy when the next monthly js report comes out in early october. > >> new numbers show the impact of the pandemic on american businesses. according to harvars
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economic tracker, there are 37% fewer businesses opening the u.. that is compared to january of 2020. it's even worse in california where there are 39% r businesses. but that's not the case for one barbershop in san francisco's mission district. it only survived but found a way to to grow despite the challenges. >> reporter: armed with a pair of clippers, chad gabriel goes o work determined to find the pert shape. >> also, the prasanna, to make e the haircut fits their style. >> >> reporter: along with working as a partner, he is also a dog d also a dog dad to the french bu. to the french bulldog. he could careless about hair and would rr just watch the world walk by. and what if you could step intoe past? >> bringing back a lot of memor. a lot of memories.
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>> reporter: this is what you wd see. four years ago when his journey took place through thisr place through this door, where e , where inside this empty room, he became a barber and a first-e business owner. >> a little emotional. >> a little emotional. it's goo. it's good. i feel like i have made peace with this place. >> reporter: finding peace withh finding peace with both the good good times and tough times. you had to shut down for a little bit, right? >> i had to sit there for several months. >> reporter: instead of failure, failure, he learned how to surv. he learned how to grow. >> i didn't want to dwell too much on the fact that there were were setbacks due to the pandemic. all i wanted to do was was progress forward. >> reporter: fast-forward to present day. you are now looking now looking at his brand-new bap at his brand-new barbershop he calls steel and strand. it's it's in the mission district and and is three times larger than the first. >> a few of my friends didn't en survive the pandemic. to be ablo
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expand during covid, it's amazi. , it's amazing. >> reporter: amazing >> reporter: amazing, just likee haircuts. how do you like it? >> it's perfect. exactly how i wanted it. vote just like how chad gabl continues to shape his own futu. even his dog patiently can't wat to see what the world brings ne. the world brings next. >> so cute. >> so cute. track let's give you you a live look outside. we areg up as we end the work week. let's check in with first alertf meteorologist aaron peck. >> i think the franchy is stayig the franchy is staying put in te doorway. we warmed up today by t up today by about 7 or 8 degrees degrees from yesterday. tomorrow tomorrow is going to be the warmest day. you will notice the the temperatures are a bit warmr are a bit warmer for the first part of your weekend. it's already 90 in concord. 72 in sao 72 in san francisco. that is a
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significant cooldown. we already hit haiti in the city. it happd right around noon today. we gota little bit of an onshore breezen the afternoon. look how much warmer reword than yesterday. better than 5 or 6 degrees tomorrow from where we are today. when we do that, we are looking at daytime highs in thed 90s. san jose is going to 92. we we will likely hit 82 in the city. i will show you the cooldown for the rest of the seven-day forecast after this ia bit. back to you. > >> still ahead on kpix 5, hurricane fiona now taking aimt canada. the latest on the storm leaving a long trail of destruction in its wake. > >> a new push to reduce fire fuels and tahoe is not getting a warm reception by people livin. by people living nearby. >> we have three 60-degree views of the whe bay area. > >> a spectacular scene for a wedding as more than a dozen couples tied the knot in one of the bay area's highest peaks.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> right now, canadians racing for hurricane fiona as a contins fiona as a continues to move noh after pummeling bermuda. michael michael george has the latest on on the storm's path of destruct. storm's path of destruction. >> reporter: >> reporter: hurricane fiona bible bermuda, knocking out power to much of the island. ahead of the storm, people
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hunkered down. >> my patio doors are already bd up. back at the height of the storm, wind gusts reached as high as 103 miles per hour. officials with bermuda's weathee said bermuda appears to have esd appears to have escaped the worst. the same can't be said for puerto rico, with the massie rico, with the massive cleanup effort coming along. nearly a million homes and businesses remain without power friday when when it, dame days after fiona caused flooding. basic goods and food items were distributed to the hardest hit areas. fiona continue to track north. nova s, boat owners secure their vessel, while others stock up on food. >> we got a missing all tied down. i have everything prepare. i have everything prepared. i have my candles. batteries. >> reporter: with 8 inches of rain expected to fall, fiona is shaping up to be one of the more more severe storms in canada's
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history. michael george, cbs nes michael george, cbs news, new y. , new york. >> vienna is expected to get nova scotia first and move on to to other parts of eastern canada over the weekend. > >> people living along pioneer l in south lake tahoe say they ard about recent vegetation removal. forest crews are working to thin out potential fire fuel. they say it also makes it easier easier for fire crews to accesse area when fires to break out. while some of the people we spoke to said they understand why it's being done, they are ao worried about the impact it will will have on their beloved trai. on their beloved trails. >> to me, it's just a different. i love the trees. i also love te sunlight. also, i want to be sa. want to be safe. >> it's really a catch 22. the . for service as they understand the work may impact the impact f the forest. they say new that station growth will happen in a few years. > >> talk about a spectacular
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setting to get married. look ate backdrop. today, 16 couples said their i do's at the summit of mount diablo. it is 3800 feet as peak. as you can see, gorgeous, broad valleys. >> it was beautiful. we have the beautiful. we have three 60-degree views of the whole ba. >> that particular couple plan o particular couple plan to to ride their bikes down after the. down after the ceremony. i would would how that worked with the dress? this is part of the contra costa county destination wedding program. talk about a destination. i want to see them on the bikes. do you have the veil? on the back, does it say t married? >> they had 10 canyons. >> i am thinking about the pict. >> we have to follow what. > >> it was a little warmer today. even up on the mountain, you would have felt that today. youy
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felt it in the city where we hit hit 80. that is a demarcation l. is a demarcation line. it starts starts to feel warm. there is ng warm. there is nothing that resemble the marine layer today. layer today. we might see that come back on sunday. if it was 80 here, it was warmer than that that inland. these other right w numbers. these reflect on the de highs. in san francisco, when yu hit haiti, that was 4 1/2 hours ago, right before noon, actually. than an onshore breeze breeze kicked in. it is now in the 70s in the city. most of these other locations have beeng up. they didn't electronic drop four hours ago. but the city di. but the city did. that is the microclimate. here's a look ahead of the cooldown. if we arg if we are sitting at this point, point, a little above average, e are going to see these two mergers come down by next week. for the most part, we will be dg a lot of average. but that is next week. here is tomorrow. i wanted you to see first how far above average we are going to be be tomorrow. for san jose, you
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are going to be 12 degrees above above average. that means 92 for for the daytime high. 80 is the average there for this time of year. look at concord at 95. you you are going to be a good 11 degrees above average. for oakl, above average. for oakland, 84, about my degrees above average. it comes down a little bit on s. little bit on saturday. let's look at these numbers. that meas sunnydale, you're going to be 9. going to be 91. redwood city will go to 89. hayward hits 85. it will be in the mid-90s for inland contra costa and alameday costa and alameda county up and down 680 in 580. along the bay shore, 85 in san leandro. 91 in santa rosa. 95 in ukiah. we were were talking about the hurricane that is about to impact canadat when, i think, is going to be a significant story for canada. the next one developing is going going to be a significant storyr this country by early next week. week. it doesn't even have a name yet. right now, just
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tropical depression nine. this is going to intensify rapidly. right now, the truck is a very concerning one by about tuesday as it had stored the west coastf florida. at this point, potentially, category 2 or high. that's going to become a big story over the next few days. right here at home, our story ia cool down after the warm up saturday and sunday. the two mergers do come down. by the time we get into the middle of t week, you are looking at motor d 80s for daytime highs in san jose. for the microclimate, we will get you to the mid 80s for the warmest inland east bay valleys. low 80s for the note bay valleys. guys, back to you. > >> an ominous warning from irans warning from iran's army's prots continued to rage. > >> covid numbers are starting t, but now, flu season
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>> california's attorney general sending a very clear message to to everyone working in the state 's criminal justice system. they they are not to cooperate with other states seeking to criminalize reproductive care. b onto issue the directive today o all california das, police chief, and shares. quote, everyone deserves access to a
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safe and legal abortion. if they they so choose, my office will o everything in its power to fight fight back against those trying to strip individuals of power over their own bodies and futurs own bodies and futures. elsewhere to the, president biden valves to veto a proposed nationwide ban on abortions aftr 15 weeks if republicans take col of congress after midterm elect. after midterm elections. >> the senior citizen or from north carolina has proposed to e abortion. >> house minority leader kevin y visited pennsylvania to layout e republican agenda if the gop does take back congress. mccarthy did not make any mention of abortion and said emg the economy and public safety. e also challenged president biden. biden. >> i present challenge the president to join with us. let'o across the country, and let's de what his policies have been to america and our plan for a new .
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> >> iran's army issued a warning. . it comes in response to widesd in response to widespread protest to the death of a womand by the morality police. she wasd police. she was arrested for wearing a headscarf in an improper way. activists said she she was beaten and police custody and died on friday. iranian media reports that at least 17 people have died in tht died in the unrest. > >> a protest was held at the ste capital in sacramento in soliday with counterparts in iran. some say iranians are risking it all to make their voices heard. >> we are trying to support iranians,e in iran. they are hopeless. they they have no help from anywhere. empty hands in the streets getting killed. their kids are g
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in jail. they are being prosecuted for no reason. > >> russia has organized a referm today in parts of ukraine that it is captured. the question is whether those territories shouly join russia. but of course, this course, this is an illegal voter international law. the u.s. going as far as to call it a sham a and that the outcome is predetermined by the kremlin. with leaders of all g-7 countris of all g-7 countries re-signing a statement calling on the people in the russian occupied territories to reject the refer. to reject the referendum. >> when that's complete, we can expect president putin the claim any ukrainian effort to reclaim the. the land. >> this comes days after putin announced a draft to get 300,000 300,000 more troops into the fit troops into the fight, which was was met with antiwar demonstrats met with antiwar demonstrations and thousands of men trying to e the country rather than being called up. moscow denies there is a large-scale exodus, but
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there are traffic jams at border at border checkpoints. > >> still ahead at 5:00 -- >> this is actually not that much about natural gas. >> california leading the way to way to eliminate the use of natl gas why some business owners say say they may not survive the transition. > >> new booster shots were supposed to be a critical tool in the fight against covid. is working out as planned? one of our experts ways in. > >> we focus on family during ths hispanic heritage month. we will will introduce you to a special woman whose life was emblematic of the latino experience in they area. > >> the sports team is getting you ready for the 49ers test one road against the denver nuggets. jimmy g.'s first start this se. start this season. the red and d reports night. denver broncos, d
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>> you are watching kpix 5 newst 5:30. > >> right now on kpix 5, in the bay area artists are breathing a whole lot easier today after r victory in the battle with the . battle with the neighborhood. >> california's >> california's decision to phase out natural gas could puma modulation wide push. he was pug back? > >> we love details on the final chapter of the man who founded the notorious hells angels bike. good evening. i am ryan
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yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. > >> we are heading into what many many are expecting to be rough flu season. joining us now live, dr. peter from ucsf. the doctos in. always fascinated to see where you do these interviews front. it always looks so calm d peaceful. we are talking about something that is kind of scary. i appreciate that. >> my pleasure. it's important to be home and peaceful throughout all of this. >> let's talk about the flu. evy is saying it's going to be rough rough flu season. we kind of escaped it because everybody has has heather masks on avoiding covid. now the masks are often e have the flu. what are you seeing or hearing? do you agreeh the sentiment that it could be bad? >> yes. there are three reasons we are a little worried. the first is, as you pointed out, l, people are taking the masks off. off. they are getting in largers getting in larger groups. they are traveling. the second reaso, we haven't ha


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