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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition Saturday 6am  CBS  September 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area s, this is kpix 5 news. >
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>> upset and angry because it did not make a lot of sense. >> a commuter nightmare, part riders stuck for more than an . an hour. > >> a violent week in oakland capped off with an fbi investig. fbi investigation. a brinks truck targeted in broad daylight daylight and an innocent bystander shot. > >> gas prices are once again su. again surging. the explanation and what to expect, moving forward. > >> today is saturday, september. i am max darrow. devon is off, . off, today. > >> it is going to be a warm one. this is the warmest day of the seven-day forecast. we have been have been under a warming trend over the last few days but today today is the day when it will top out with numbers in the mid. the mid-90s. temperatures are gt are great, typical to be down into the mid-50s. it is a cool 6
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cool 56 in livermore but if we look at the daytime highs, that number on the left is for conco. for concord. it will be in the mid-90s. you can see san mateo and san francisco lined up. oakland is 84. i will show you how the numbers cooldown in youe your complete first alert forect alert forecast. > >> this morning, art service is back to normal after disruptions after disruptions on friday. an electrical problem shut down thk the track leaving a san francisco bound train stuck. this led to quite an ordeal fore passengers on board. >> reporter: this was the scene inside the disabled train just after 7:00 friday morning. a couple of hundred people in the dark for about an hour and a half. many of them frightened and frustrated. >> it did not make a lot of sen.
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of sense. >> things that we cannot contro, cannot control, i was pacing back and forth, cussing up a storm in my head and everything but the bart operators did a grt job as far as calming us down and everything. >> reporter: bart had trains running , causing a ripple effe. ripple effect. only 34 out of the usual 55, shutting down the red and green lines. platforms were packed and some of the pass that were able to get off faced delays of 30 minutes. >> there's a lot of disruptions on this train network. it happens a lot of the time. >> it is gary. >> reporter: bart since friday'e was a mechanical problem. the spokesperson says a portion of the track that failed was last
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updated in 2015. >> we will be going back and log at everything that took place this morning. and we certainly understand that many people had an unpleasant and uncomfortablee uncomfortable experience. >> the train eventually went back to oakland. bart says an electrical overcurrent caused the circuit breaker to trip along the line. > >> the fbi is teaming up with oakland police to investigate a deadly shooting during an attempted robbery of a brinks armored truck. one person was k. was killed. two others were hur. were hurt. a brinks employee and a bystander. we are told they will be okay. this marks the fifth homicide this week. >> it has been a tough week in the city of oakland. we have seen several homicides, this week. we ask the community to ce to continue to bring forth
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information and help us solve these crimes. >> police have not said the person who died was a suspect that they are looking for a white car with several people inside. > >> oakland police warning people people to keep their guard up at at the atms. they have seen atm customers targeted usually right right after they complete their. their transaction. > >> gas prices are going up, oncn once again, in the bay area and many can rumors are starting to take notice. maryland park estis park estimates she just paid $10 $10 more to fill up her tank on friday than she did a month ago and she says gas prices seem to be going up quickly. >> the station i normally go to is really cheap, $5.19 yesterda. $5.19 yesterday. today, they were closed.
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>> reporter: and some gas stations are in the six dollar range. here is what the average cost looks like in san francisco, oakland, san jose and and vallejo . between $5.55 and $5.83 a gallon. here is what it looked like a month ago. >> i wish it would go back down. down. >> reporter: sodas israel. john trainor is a spokesperson for aaa and says there are numerous actors in play near and far that that are likely affecting gas p. gas prices. >> whenever hurricane season comes in, that can have an effet an effect and prices can go up. at the same time in california, we have what is called an oil refinery turnover. oil refineries taking off-line. other refineries have had an expect did. >
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>> even better yet, it could reverse, soon. right now, the ae price in california is about two two dollars more than the national average. [ cheering & applause ] > >> wall street ended a dismal week with another day of steep losses. on friday, the dow jones jones failed to close at its lot point since 2020. the s&p also closed at its lowest level of the year and the nasdaq was down down almost 200 points. the drop drop comes on the heels of some dire predictions on unemployment unemployment for next year. anas year. analysts say between one and 2 million americans could raise layoffs. the decision to e to hike interest rates could be a factor. > >> we will likely get a better
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idea of the condition of the economy when the next monthly jobs report comes out early in october. > >> the numbers show the impact of the pandemic on american bus. there are now 37% your business is open in the united states compared to january of 2020 and in california, 39%. that is note case for one barbershop in san francisco's mission district who who not only survived but found a way to grow despite the challenges and the heart break. ryan yamamoto has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: armed with a pair of clippers, chad gabriel goes to work. determined to find the perfect shape. >> also the persona to make sure sure the haircut fits the style. . >> reporter: and along with working as a barber, he is alsoa dog dad to the french bulldog who could care less about hair
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and would rather watch the world world walk by. and what if you could step into the past? >> ringing back a lot of memories. >> reporter: this is what you would see. four years ago when his journey took place through this door where inside his empty empty room, he became a barber and a first-time business owner. >> a little emotional. it feels. feels good. >> reporter: finding peace withh the good times and the tough ti. tough times. but instead of fai, of failure, he learned how to s. to survive. he learned how to g. to grow. >> there were set out to the pandemic. all i wanted to do was was progress forward. >> reporter: >> reporter: fast forward to present day and you're looking t his brand-new barbershop he calls steel and strand. it sits
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in the mission district and it s three times larger than the fir. the first. >> to be able to expand during the pandemic, it is amazing. >> reporter: amazing just like the haircuts. >> andy, how do you like it? >> it is perfect. it is exactly how i wanted it. >> reporter: he continues to shape his own future. even lucci patiently cannot wait to see what the world brings next. rya, ryan yamamoto, kpix 5 news . > >> hundreds of students and their supporters took a global climate > >> to bay area streets. chopper 5 flew over an anti-coal demonstration in oakland, yesterday. the young activists call themselves the youth version of apocalypse. a similar
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similar climate > >> happened on the peninsula at palo alto where a mix of students and other concerned citizens demanded that elected officials take decisive action o action to fight the ongoing effects of climate change. >> what i hope is that they understand how important this is is to and it motivates them to take the urgent actions. >> i really hope people understd that when we say take it seriously, we really mean it. > >> good news from the fire lines lines up in the sierras. the mosquito fire is now 60% contained. it has burned at least 78 buildings and has scorched an area of more than twice the size of oakland. > >> coming up, fiona is no longer longer a hurricane but it is still unleashing strong winds and heavy rain as it makes landfall in canada. > >> the blue angels are thrilling
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crowds this weekend in souther. southern california. they are coming to the bay area, next month. > >> here is a live look outside for we headed to break.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:14 on this saturday morning. > >> remnants of hurricane fiona
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made landfall in eastern canadar being downgraded to a tropical . tropical cyclone. fiona could bring hurricane strength winds, drenching rains and large waves. more than 10,000 people are affected by outages in the area. the area. bradley blackburn. >> reporter: these are the 50 foot waves inside the eye of the the storm captured by a drone on on friday as fiona moved north. in nova scotia, canadians braced for eight inches of rain and more than 100 mile an hour whens when. forecasters say it could be one of the strongest storms in canada's history. >> we will see extreme when associated with fiona. >> reporter: >> reporter: fiona hit as a category four but leaving littl. little damage. cleanup was already underway. the storm is d is blamed for at least seven deaths for its nearly week-long.
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-long journey. nearly half of the island is without power and nearly all without water. preps are underway. forecasters say id strengthen into a major hurricane with models show it passing over next week. the national hurricane center says it could arrive in the florida keys by next tuesday. brightly k brightly black, cbs news, new york. > >> it could bring heavy rains, flash flooding and mudslides to jamaica. > >> here at home, we are dealing with a little bit of a warm-up. darren, what is going on? > >> the story that we just heardt heard about ian, they said it could be in the florida keys by three days. there is fiona and t
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is the storm falling apart. we don't have a whole lot of time to focus on that one. tropical storm ian is going to intensify. intensify rapidly. it is going to go from a tropical storm into into a hurricane over the next 24 to 36 hours and we will see t see it pass over western cuba by by monday and by the time we have gotten to wednesday morning, the latest forecasts has the potential for a category a category three hurricane right right off the coast from tampa. or in that vicinity. we will not not get specific about the locations. you cannot pick up the place several days before hand but all of florida is in te in the cone and it is going to unfold quickly. meanwhile, we
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have got a warm-up that has been been going on in the last few d. few days. you probably noticed today already feels kind of war. of warm. the next few days will be even warmer. san francisco is is at 60. mid to upper 50s that before i show you the daytime highs, i just wanted to first ld first lead with the perspectivef perspective of how far above average we are for daytime high. daytime highs. 10 to 12 degrees warmer than average and that means we will be looking at 92 r san jose. low 90s for much of the south bay. 93 in morgan hil. morgan hill. union city, 86. the the numbers for the east bay will be in the mid-90s and thats that is going to be the warmest numbers on the grantor. as we
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come back into the east bay sho, bay shoreline, most numbers are in the 80s. it will be 82 in the the city, today. 93, sonoma. as we work our way up, we are looking at the mid-90s. we do pull down for next week. let's watch the progression. as we go toward tuesday into wednesday, those colors start to shake down. we will see a little bit f the marine layer tomorrow but iy i merrily, what we are looking at is the cooldown thanks to a stronger onshore breeze and you see it play out probably most noticeably in san jose. the low 90s, today. tomorrow, upper 80s. it gets much better by the middle of next week. 80s for sa. san jose. microclimates will be
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in the mid-90s, today. we cool back down to the mid-80s by nex. next week. > >> we have the first official weekend of fall. how typical is it to see the upper 90s? >> it is very typical. if you are in a range where you are only 10 degrees above average, t is warm but you are supposed to swing around either end of that average mark and by 10 degrees, you could expect warm-ups like this to happen throughout fall. you should not stay here long and remember, 10 degrees cooler. > >> the blue angels are returning returning to san diego. the mirr the miramar airshow is back in action for the first time in ney 3 years. the show features performances from the most cutting edge aircrafts and top pilots. on the ground, dozens ot
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of aircraft both new and old to see at close range. >> you see stuff on tv but to get out here and touch it cool. >> blue angels will be showcasing a new aircraft at this year's event and the precision ball hours will be inn in action. mark your calendars. two weekends from now, october seventh, eighth and ninth. > >> last night was a crazy night in sports and i have got a lot to show you. a tennis legend last run and the warrior decides decides to come back for one last season. albert pool halls. just how close is the machine.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. must be magic. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. >> injury news for the 49ers. i.
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49ers. injuries. eric armstead hasn't precht just all week wita foot injury. he is questionable. is questionable. the good news, george kittle will make his season debut this weekend. the people's tidying miss the first two games with a groin injury but kyle shanahan says there will be no restrictions against the broncos. 85, healthy and rey to go. >> pretty happy, i would say. a breath of fresh air, honestly. i i love our performance staff, they do a fantastic job. but i would be okay with not seeing them for the rest of the season. season. >> reporter: he will return for his 19th and final nba season. > >> limited to just 31 games but on the floor, he brings a valuable asset in the form of the veteran leadership. the
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38-year-old has been a part of all four warriors championships. . > >> the end of an era. roger fedr roger federer played his final match, yesterday. the matchpoint matchpoint against the americand american and socks smashes the return and that will do it. the final doubles match and final match in general for the 20 time time grand slam champion. goodbye for the second time this this month. > >> the giants diamondbacks fired fired up to catch the home run ball. the game is tied, 2-2. j.d. davis on the way to the left field wall. bottom of the , the ninth, the safe. davis steps steps on the bag, save number 25 25 for duval. the giants win, 6-5. they have won 5 in a row .
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> >> look who is back, chris basst chris bassitt makes his return. the fifth inning, the mets had him loaded for eduardo escobar. the left field snakes over. grand slam to open up the flood. the floodgates. 7-0 and the metd go on to win, 9-2. > >> third inning, 699. when away from becoming the fourth all-time at 700. next at that, . that, albert. did he do it? leftfield, deep and that is a very expensive souvenir. he joins babe ruth, hank aaron and barry bonds as the only sluggero hit that many homeruns and he hits it in a cardinals uniform in dodger stadium. he does it
6:27 am
two weeks before retirement. that is stuff you cannot script and we will see it in the 30 for for 30 someday down the road. > >> coming up, they have been a lifeline for businesses but san francisco restaurants may have to make some costly changes to e to those outdoor park let's. > >> a study in contrast says president biden makes midterm elections in november
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>> live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . > >> the time is 6:30 on this saturday morning. i am max darr. max darrow. > >> let's get a quick check of the weather. expect we have a warm saturday coming our way, the warmest day in the seven-da. seven-day forecast. 10 to 12 des above average. a real pretty vi. pretty view. the sun is coming up in 30 minutes right before 7:00 a.m., actually. it is 56 in in the tri-valley. just to show you what happens for today, mids mid 90s for those warmest inlan.
6:31 am
inland spots. mid 80s for the b. the bay. the beach, mid-70s. we will look at everyone's numbers in the complete forecast. > >> san francisco restaurants are are facing some tough choices at choices about whether to keep the parklets so popular. that is is because they will soon have to comply with new roles, the city's new shared spaces program officially taking affect next-day role. we spoke to restaurant owners about the changes they would have to maked whether it is worth the cost. >> >> reporter: there is a lot of g of calculating and not just common sense. this restaurant has plenty but across the stree, the street, calling this a lifeline to their business. >> we would like to keep it. we just have to make sure that it makes financial sense. we are
6:32 am
definitely a neighborhood bar. >> reporter: in the mission district, they reopened last summer after closing for one year and three month. >> we were in the dark and did not know what was going to happen. >> reporter: this parkway gets plenty of use. >> it has given us more seating and it helps our volume, for su. for sure. >> reporter: right now, it takes takes a two parking spaces and they may chop it in half. >> it invites a lot more foot traffic. >> reporter: application downline is november the first. $3000 for taking up the first pg spot and $1500 for each additional spot. there is also a a $2000 license fee per year. there are 1162 parklets and 200
6:33 am
have applied to keep the parking parking or build a new one. idt indian cuisine is about to dismantle its parklet. he says city fees are expensive and it is stressful to constantly paint paint over graffiti. >> the homeless people are coming and throwing trash and digging the lights. >> reporter: they are looking at looking at the stress calculator stress calculator to make sure it is worth it. >> we will probably do it the first year and check in after t. after that. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5 news . > >> cities across the they are dealing with the dilemma of what what to do with parklets. just this week, campbell voted to hod off on any plans for a permanent permanent parklet system. and
6:34 am
oakland says it has issued more than 140 permits for sidewalk cafc >> the gop is laying out its policy object gives if republicans take back the majority in the house. on friday, president criticized thn the plan. meanwhile, former president trump is making a push push to refer candidates. we have more from the white house. >> reporter: at a political ral, political rally, president biden biden laid out what he believes is a stark choice that is less than 50 days before elections. expect a nation of hope, unity a ar, vi this. >> >> reporter: house republicans led by kevin mccarthy were in the battleground state of pennsylvania to unveil the commitment to america, a roadmar roadmap for gop legislative priorities with four pillars, a
6:35 am
strong economy, public safety, individual freedom and public at public accountant. >> we are going to repeal 87,000 87,000 irs agent. >> reporter: president biden slammed the gop plan which he says is thin with little or no . no details. mccarthy could be pd be poised to take the speaker'sl if republicans can flip just a few house seats. >> let's go across the country in debate what his policies have have done to america and our plan for a new direction. >> reporter: >> reporter: former president trump continues across the country and also launching a new new political action committee or pack to give trump endorsed s endorsed candidates a multimillion dollar boost
6:36 am
heading into the final campaign. campaign stretch. cbs news, wasn news, washington. > >> sir elton john was moved to s to tears as president biden surprised the icon with a metal. he performed at the white house house for a night of hope and history, and event hosted by the the history channel and for the, the performance, the president spoke about elton john's globall global appeal. >> on behalf of the american pe, american people, thank you for moving the soul of our nation. >> elton john has had a long ans and illustrious career as a singer, pianist and composer. the rocket man has sold 300 million records. he has receivex grammy awards, two oscars and a. > >> thousands of bikers gatheriny gathering today to celebrate the the life of the leader of one of of the most notorious biker gam. biker games. the founding member member of the hells angels
6:37 am
oakland chapter. he died in june of cancer at the age of 83. authorities in san joaquin county say they are taking stepo keep the event from becoming to. too rowdy. >> we have been working hand-ind working hand-in-hand with our neighbors should they need additional resources and manpowr and manpower from the violence that may spread after this event. >> today's event at 99 sedwa y will run from 3:00 until 8:00 p.m.. up to 10,000 people are expected to attend. > >> lori was a recent graduate of of auburn university when she suddenly vanished in 2006. her disappearance remained a mystery mystery until this year when her her friend went on trial for her her murder at turns out that this is not the first time he is is accused. in 1920, he murdered murdered his parents and spent nine years in juvenile detention detention before meeting lori.
6:38 am
after she disappeared, he moved to virginia and it took 12 years years before they could make a case against him but after conng after connecting his dna to the scene of the crime, they were ae to charge him. we talked to peter van sant. >> a dna test was done in 2006 and it was slow technology, bac. back then. in that envelope was dna confirmation that rick ennis 's dna was in her bedroom. that was crucial. >> authorities also found a cigarette with his dna near her abandoned car and that gave the jury enough to charge him with . with murder. you can see that tt that tonight right here on kpix 5 on "24 hours." > >> a woman uses her experience with racism to help.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> the san francisco symphony kicked off its new season last night with a performance to bent the artistic community. betty yu yu was there for the one-of-a-kind celebration . > >> the opening-night gala is bak is back and with a very special concert collaboration. the sounds of the san francisco sym. francisco symphony. >> you have her father's love, . love, demetrius. >> reporter: in the season opener performance of a midsummr night's dream, a first-ever col. first-ever collaboration. peter calendar directed the actors on stage including guest stars, chris sullivan, from "this is u. is us." we just wanted to bringe
6:43 am
entire community closer to let you know that the company is he, is here, to come and see our work and come d our work to not only support us but to let us know what you would like to see. >> reporter: after a scaled back back event last year, friday nights gala welcomed hundreds os of guests with the blue carpet and different dining experience. dining experiences. armstrong is is this year's chair. >> it is truly overwhelming and. and exciting. my heart is beating faster in the best of w. of ways. midsummer night is whimsical, mystical and magical. >> reporter: and comical. i don't think i have ever heard so so many people laugh. >> we need to laugh. >> reporter: proceeds support the symphony's community and education programs education programs year around
6:44 am
which reach nearly half 1 million concert goers and more than 75,000 bay area students. >> they talk to the musicians and for the first time, they play the violin. a lot of them get into the music because of t. i am the mother of twins, when you are exposed to music such as as this, it helps you do better in math and science. >> reporter: >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5 news . > >> as we head on two jupiter, it it will make -- sorry about tha. about that. darren is going to join us with the weather. we have an exciting forecast and a beautiful week ahead. > >> the weekend is going to be n. be nice. let's not make any mistakes about that but it is going to be 10 degrees above av. above average. we are going to
6:45 am
be in the mid-90s for daytime highs, today. that is the headl. the headlines. let's check in on on the view. that is the scene looking out over the golden gate gate bridge and it is a gorgeous gorgeous start to the day. you can see the drive and the robin williams tunnel. there is no fo. no fog. we don't see any low clouds showing up on the coast and we are in the clear. that is is a live look over san jose, right now. just a gorgeous start start to the day. a few 60s in the city but upper 50s just about everywhere else. today, there are a lot of low 90s. we will top out at 92 in downtown san jose. redwood city, 87. it will be 85 on the east bay.
6:46 am
going to the inland east bay, now we are looking at numbers well into the mid-90s. 93 for d, for danville, 93 for livermore.5 . 95 in concorde and temperatures in the mid-70s. the the city will be in the low 80s. 80s. it will be 83 in alameda and 92 in san rafael, today. 90 and mid-90s as we get up into mendocino county. it is going to to be a little bit cooler on sunday and you can see the pattern change when we watch the the future cast to pick things sunday morning as the marine layer gets pulled back into the bay a little bit more. that is , is tomorrow, about 24 hours fro. from now. we will see a few locs few locales low clouds along th. the coast. it is part of the co. the cooldown. you will see that
6:47 am
as you watch the color shade going into tuesday. the map viss map visualizes where temperatures are above or below. below average. we will see less of that by the time we get to t. to tuesday. you see that in the seven-day forecast. san jose, low 90s today and low 80s by tu. by tuesday. right around 79 will will be the average. mid 70s ind in oakland by the time we get te and for the warmest inland valleys of the east bay, we go from the mid-90s over the weekend to the mid-80s by the middle of next week. the north bay valleys will do the same improvement, low 90s this weekend and mid 80s by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. >> i just see a lot of sunshine. even though we are cooling dow, cooling down, we are going to see the clouds over the next couple of weeks or no? >> we are past the time of year
6:48 am
where that onshore flow of clous of clouds through the golden gate is a daily occurrence. we e we have fund terms for that like no sky july. if we see clouds, that would be about all we get. > >> onto the story i was so excited to tell you about. jupiter is going to make its closest approach to planet earth earth in 59 years on friday night. these are images by the james webb telescope and next w, next week, scar gazers can get a a close-up view of the gas giant . astronomers say a good pair of of binoculars should be enough to catch the details. > >> the u.s. census numbers show eight out of 10 black-owned businesses failed in the first year and a half. nearly 6 out sk disessed. jeffern award win
6:49 am
turn those numbers around. >> reporter: andrea baker was ae student from jamaica studying hl and registration. in florida, she applied for a waitressing job. >> the woman immediately pulled the thing off the door and said, the position has been filled and we are not looking for anybody. >> reporter: one of her white fs white friends applied for the same job. it was andrea's firste first taste of racism. >> i sat on the sidewalk and cried because it seemed so wild. >> reporter: it still stands decades later. >> what i decided then was that i would become an entrepreneur. and i would have a place where
6:50 am
black folks could apply and get a job. >> reporter: she turned her longtime consulting business into a nonprofit at the hunters point shipyard. into action empowers and supports several business owners each year for black indigenous and people of . of color. she uses the nonprofit free commercial kitchen space to make her popular desserts. thanks to andrea, she has transferred her hobby into a bu. a business. >> it feels amazing. it is likea dream come true. >> reporter: the incubator training program helps grow their online presence and sell the products through pop-ups an. and events. >> i live and breathe to serve. >> reporter: he says the food hub she created kept black
6:51 am
fenders like him in business during the pandemic, delivering food boxes to those in need. >> even if it is not her field of expertise, she knows how to find someone to help support you you in that area. it is almost e having another business partner. partner. >> reporter: who is stirring up success just as she hoped. empowering underserved entrepreneurs with free trainin. free training. this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to andrea baker. kpix 5 news . > >> andrea is currently on the board for the shipyard arts and that they association. you can nominate your hero
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>> 6:53. > >> the art of folding paper has been a japanese art form and a family in san francisco has been been keeping this tradition alive for generations. >> this is an amazing piece. >> reporter: >> reporter: this is a story about origami. >> i always find joy in folding your >> reporter: but it is also a story about a grandfather and the gift he left behind for his. his granddaughter. this is the . the granddaughter. linda runs paper tree, the second oldest se oldest store in san francisco's japan town and this is her gran. her grandfather. a man who brought origami to america and taught linda the art of folding. folding paper. he and his famile
6:54 am
among the more than 120,000 japanese-americans forced into concentration camps during world world war ii. during his internt his internment, shortly after hs father died from cancer, the gel the general refused to let the doctor treat his glaucoma so he became blind. then, he lost his job but determined, he created a a new type of japanese rail system which he refined and taught during his internment and and continued after his release. but even then, the army told his family they could not stay n san francisco so they moved to salt lake city. they struggled there. and eventually, they movd they moved back to san francisco francisco and wrote books about origami and braille. from those
6:55 am
books, linda learned her craft starting at 5 years old . >> it top be a really important. important lesson. why this really isn't a handicap. there is a way around it and you can still do all of this amazing stuff so he was the best example . there is no excuse not to do what you want to do. >> reporter: >> reporter: these days, linda keeps the story alive, showcasig her art around the world. even being featured in national geog, national geographic, a tribute to her heritage, one fold at a e a time. >> and every time i do an event, i always bring my grandpas boos for good luck. that is something something that i acknowledge. i guess, that heritage. and i always consider having his bookh me good luck. >> reporter: ryan yamamoto, kpix kpix 5 news . >
6:56 am
>> the next event is october 16th at the japan center peace
6:57 am
>> the seven-day forecast shows us a warm weekend but a nice cooling trend for the upcoming . it will be in the low 90s for san jose. a little cooler on sunday. 87. look at the city, it
6:58 am
it will be 82 in the city, today. mid 70s for the rest of the week and we go from the mid-90s today and tomorrow backo the mid-80s for much of the next coming weeks. > >> bart service returns to norl to normal. > >> the fbi gets involved in the attempted robbery of an armoredk in oakland. police and federal s federal agents are looking for a a possible getaway car.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> live from the bay area studios, this is tran1. >> upset and anger. > >> bart riders stop for more than an hour. > >> a violent week in oakland capped off with an fbi investig. a brinks truck targeted in broad broad daylight and an innocent bystander shot. > >> gas prices are once again trending in california. an explanation and what to expect moving forward. good morning. today is saturday, september 24. september 24th.


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