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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  September 26, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, florida braces for what could be a monster storm, as hurricane ian strengthens and takes aim at the sunshine state. hundreds of thousands are told to evacuate. store shelves emptied, people fighting over bottled water, as tampa prepares for its worst huricane in 100 years. cbs's omar villafranca is in florida tonight, and will have the storm's track. russian revolt. the long lines tonight of men trying to escape vladimir putin's draft, while the u.s. warns of "catastrophic consequences" if russia uses nuclear weapons. cbs's debora patta is in kyiv with president zelenskyy. brett favre fallout. the new questions tonight about the hall of fame football star's alleged involvement in diverting
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pet projects. cbs's nancy chen reports. and, like a scene out of a movie, nasa's plan to deliberately crash a spacecraft into an asteroid at 14,000 miles per hour. cbs's mark strassmann shows us why. >> the threat is very real. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west and thank you for joining us as we start a new week together. tonight, mandatory evacuation orders are already underway for hundreds of thousands of florida residents as hurricane ian gains strength as it bears down on the state's west coast. residents are filling up sandbags and flocking to grocery stores, clearing out the entire inventory of bottled water and other nonperishable food items. outside gas stations, long lines
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of cars wrapped around the block as residents waited for fuel for their vehicles and generators, ahead of expected power outages. tonight, ian is nearing the western tip of cuba as a strong category 2 storm with 100-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to grow in intensity to a category 4 storm with top winds of 140 miles per hour as it moves into the open waters in the gulf of mexico. governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency for the entire state, and the city of tampa is bracing for its first major hurricane in more than a century. the weather channel's chris warren is tracking the storm, but cbs's omar villafranca will start us off from clearwater, florida. good evening, omar. >> reporter: good evening. even if ian doesn't make landfall here in clearwater, meteorologists are expecting a powerful storm surge. i'm talking water over my head, flooding this entire area. and that's why they're telling people to get out while they
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can. >> for all practical purposes, get out. right now, okay? everybody needs to go. >> reporter: florida officials are sounding the alarm, ordering evacuations for nearly half a million residents in low-lying areas of hillsborough and pinellas counties. today, hurricane ian lashed the cayman islands with 85-mile- an-hour winds. it is expected to intensify rapidly over warm waters as it approaches the florida coast, bringing a storm surge of up to 10 feet. governor ron desantis has already declared a state of emergency. >> we will see on the gulf coast of florida, heavy rains, strong winds, flash flooding, storm surge, and perhaps isolated tornado activity. >> reporter: in clearwater, residents are stocking up on plywood and water. at one of several sandbag sites, it was bring-your-own shovel. gabriel alley, who moved here from california, filled his allotment of 15 bags. >> we're going to get these sandbags in front of the garage, in front of the garage door,
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in front of the front door, you know? and pray we're good. >> reporter: farther north, a weakened fiona still packed a punch, as extreme storm surge tore apart homes on canada's east coast on saturday. >> anyways, we survived, i guess, is all we can say. >> reporter: back in florida, residents are already finding some essentials hard to find. >> there is yellow things on the gas nozzles, so i'm like, i guess it's out of gas already? being out of gas, that's just crazy. >> reporter: to clarify, mandatory evacuation doesn't mean officers are going door- to-door, removing people from their homes. in fact, some people plan to ride it out at home. but deputies say, if you call them during the storm, they might not be able to get to you. norah. >> o'donnell: a good point. omar villafranca, thank you. and for more on when hurricane ian is expected to make landfall, let's bring in meteorologist chris warren from our partners at the weather channel. chris, good evening. >> good evening, norah. hurricane ian is a very
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dangerous storm, and it is getting stronger. it is now a category 2 hurricane with 100-mile-per-hour winds. it is expected to get even stronger, become a major hurricane, category 3, possibly even a category 4 hurricane as it approaches florida. some of the stronger winds will begin to move into the southern part of the state during the day tomorrow. here is one of the huge dangers with this storm surge: ocean water coming inland. reasonable worst case scenario, could be about 5 to 10 feet in some places. then the storm is going to slow down. and that means there is going to be a lot of heavy rain. so there is going to be a very serious flood threat, flash flood, small stream and rivers throughout much of florida, even going up into the northern part of the state. >> o'donnell: chris, thank you. tonight, there is growing backlash inside russia tothhe warnemoow
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nuclear weapons are used." cbs's debora patta is in kyiv, where she spoke with president zelenskyy about putin's threats. >> reporter: a draft so unpopular, this man opened fire on a recruiting station in russia, wounding its commanding officer. "it's not our war," these russians shout, "we're not stupid meat"-- met with police firing gunshots in the air. the fighting in ukraine has led to a revolt on russia's streets, and a frantic flight out of the country as young men dodge the draft. an estimated quarter of a million have already fled. >> i didn't want to kill ukrainian people. >> reporter: these men did not escape-- ragtag soldiers sent to staunch putin's losses. the war has come home to bite. they will face battle-hardened ukraine forces who have passion and purpose on their side,
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side, believing their freedom is worth the fight.ansidentho refuses to be intimidated, even if putin is not bluffing with his nuclear threats. he told us, at his office- turned-bunker, ukraine is standing firm. >> reporter: putin needs a win in his war. he's desperately trying to ram through a vote to annex occupied ukrainian territory-- vote to an ex occ staged polls amid the ruins of devastated cities. election officials accompanied by armed soldiers bang on doors, searching for voters. the residents of towns seized with bullets, now asked to rubber-stamp ballots. the results of these polls-- slammed as illegal, by the way-- could be out as early as tomorrow. they are certain to go russia's way, and putin is expected to
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annex occupied land by the end of this week, norah. >> o'donnell: debora patta, thank you. back here in washington, we are learning new information about that phone call from inside the white house to a rioter on january 6th, which was first revealed on "60 minutes." here's cbs's scott macfarlane. >> reporter: tonight, we're learning new details about this man, 26-year-old anton lunyk of brooklyn, seen here on january 6th. turns out, he was the man who allegedly received a call via the white house switchboard on the day of the attack. the news of such a call was revealed sunday night on "60 minutes" by former january 6th committee investigator denver riggleman. >> that was a pretty big "a-ha" moment. >> wait a minute-- someone in the white house was calling one of the rioters, while the riot was going on? >> on january 6th, absolutely. >> and you know who, both ends of that call? >> we only know one end of that call. i don't know the white house end, which i believe is more important. >> reporter: cbs news has
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learned that lunyk traveled to d.c. the night before the capitol attack with two friends. the call allegedly lasted just nine seconds. it was made to lunyk's phone at about 4:30 p.m. it's not known whether there was an exchange, or if the call was sent straight to voicemail. a cbs news review of lunyk's case finds he left the capitol more than an hour earlier, at 3:18 p.m., after about ten minutes inside. illinois democrat raja krishnamoorthi is one of riggleman's former u.s. house colleagues. >> i think it's fair to say we all knew the white house was somehow involved with january 6th on the very day the insurrection was happening. any information about this particular phone call would help to develop that narrative further. >> reporter: we reached out to anton lunyk through his attorney to get more details about that call, but didn't get a response. a spokesman for the january 6th select committee didn't directly address riggleman's claims about the call, but said riggleman left the panel in april and has
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limited knowledge of the committee's work. norah. >> o'donnell: scott macfarlane on capitol hill, thank you. cbs news will have full coverage of the january 6th committee hearing on wednesday, september 28, starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. well, on wall street, the recent slide in stocks showed no signs of slowing, as the dow dropped more than 300 points and entered into a bear market, down 20% from its high in january. elsewhere, the british pound dropped to an all-time low against the dollar after the u.k.'s finance minister announced plans for the largest tax cut in 50 years, in an effort to boost their economic growth. all right, overseas now to iran, where the largest anti-government protests in years are growing even louder. daily uprisings, mostly led by women, have been taking place for more than a week, since the death of 22-year-old masha amini while in custody of the morality police. cbs's ramy inocencio spoke to one of amini's relatives. >> reporter: women, raging against rigid iranian law, illegally removing their
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head coverings and burning them. men, joining them to protest a regime they all denounce as oppressive. these are the biggest riots to rock iran since 2019. at least 75 people have been killed, says a human rights watchdog. that number, expected to rise. these demonstrations driven by the death of 22-year-old masha amini. the country awaits a final coroner's report. her father says she was beaten by morality police, enforcers of iran's strict dress code-- her head covering, reportedly, too loose. "she was tortured, according to eyewitnesses," says erfan mortezaei, masha's cousin living in self-exile in iraq. "she was tortured in the van after her arrest, then tortured at the police station for half an hour, then hit on her head, and she collapsed." this was her burial in western iran. thousands paid respects.
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protestors have even stoned images of the supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei. if you could tell the ayatollah one thing, what would it be? "the old dictator is in his last days," he said. iran's government is also accusing the west, especially the united states, of fueling protester fury. the foreign ministry says tehran will respond to so-called american violations of its sovereignty. norah. >> o'donnell: ramy inocencio, thank you. well, in a move that will further worsen relations between washington and moscow, president vladimir putin has granted russian citizenship to former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. remember, snowden, who leaked thousands of classified documents online in 2013, is wanted by the u.s. on espionage charges and faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. the fallout from the largest public fraud case in mississippi history is growing. former n.f.l. quarterback brett
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favre's weekly radio show and podcast have been suspended by sirius xm and espn after he was linked to the welfare scandal. cbs's nancy chen has the new details. >> reporter: new text messages show the pressure former n.f.l. quarterback brett favre was putting on then-mississippi governor phil bryant. favre requested money for an indoor football practice facility to help recruit a player for his college alma mater, the university of southern mississippi, in 2019. the funding in question? from a grant program intended for low-income families. the governor responded to favre's request: "use of the funds is tightly controlled. any improper use could result in violation of federal law." the new texts, revealed in a court filing, followed a similar request favre made two years earlier, for a u.s.m. volleyball facility. his daughter was on the team. the former governor wrote him, "i am too old for federal prison."
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state auditor shad white uncovered the alleged corruption. he's still investigating, alongside the f.b.i. >> i think the people who get their hands on big grants-- typically big grants for poor folks-- they think nobody's watching. >> reporter: favre is facing a civil suit and has paid back the $1.1 million, but still owes the state interest. >> it's just this general idea that this money was supposed to go to the poorest people in the state. it has eroded people's faith in government, it's eroded people's faith in the idea that these programs can work, and-- and it has wasted taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: favre denies knowing where the money came from, and has not been charged with a crime. a top state official and two others have pleaded guilty to misuse of the funds. norah. >> o'donnell: nancy chen, thank you. straight out of hollywood, nasa tonight crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid, in a test that could one day be used to prevent a doomsday collision with planet
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earth. cbs's mark strassmann has the out-of-this-world story. >> reporter: first images of a suicide image, nasa's spacecraft streaking towards its target, then impact. >> fantastic. >> what i moment. >> reprter: back in november, nasa launched the spacecraft called dart, the double asteroid redirection test. this dart's target-- a harmless asteroid about the size of the washington monument, a moon to a larger asteroid. its mission-- not seek and destroy but seek and deflect. >> it's going to hit it head on which is going to change how it orbits around ever so slicely in the future. >> reporter: but enough to make a hypothetical asteroid threat miss earth. >> the threat is real. >> the nasa team has identified nearly 10,000 near-earth asteroids large enough to cause damage if they crashed into our
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planet. but no known threats for at least a century. in the skiify thriller "armageddon," earth nukes an incoming asteroid. >> you don't want to blow it up. it's still coming at you. it's buck shot instead of a rifle bullet. >> reporter: dart is a deep-space nudge, not a nuke, an in a couple of months, nasa will know whether it worked. mark strassmann, cbs news, laurel, maryland. >> o'donnell: pretty cool. well, still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," an update on the investigation of the deadly shooting on alec baldwin's movie set, and what the actor's lawyer is saying tonight. movie set ande actor's lawyer is saying actor's lawyer is saying tonight. ne of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause status. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe,
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prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> o'donnell: nearly a year after that deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's western movie, "rust," the actor and others could possibly face criminal charges. the district attorney in santa fe, new mexico, recently requested more money to pursue four potential criminal trials. baldwin says a prop gun accidentally went off in his hand, killing cinematographer halyna hutchins. in a statement today, his lawyer said the d.a.'s office must be given the space to review this matter without unfounded speculation and innuendo. well, tonight, officials are investigating a deadly mass shooting in a school in central russia. at least 17 people were killed, including 11 children; two dozen others were wounded. the 34-year-old gunman, who once attended this school, took his own life at the scene. he was wearing a t-shirt with nazi symbols.
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>> o'donnell: the biden administration is planning a crackdown on hidden airline fees. they want customers to see the true cost of airline tickets, requiring airlines to post extra costs, like baggage and change fees, with their prices. the proposed rule, which still needs final approval, would also apply to third-party websites like kayak and expedia. we'll be right back, with the artist who helped create one of the most famous logos in history. flo, you're here. this pipe just burst on me. well, you bundled home and auto with progressive, so you have round-the-clock protection on all your stuff. like that cardboard tv. i told props to switch that out. okay, everyone, that's a wrap. [ bell rings ] wait, you faked this whole thing? i knew it was the quickest way to see you.
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take aim at ckd by asking your doctor for your kidney numbers and how farxiga can help. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ >> o'donnell: as we celebrate hispanic heritage month, we want to highlight an artist whose name you may not know, but whose work is instantly recognizable. here's mary lee from our san francisco affiliate, kpix. >> reporter: his works are bold, striking, imaginative. carlos perez david is renowned as a latino artist. he's in the mexican-american hall of fame. less known is that he's the guy... >> instantly, has to say, that's an apple. >> reporter: ...who drew what
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may be the world's most iconic logo, personally approved by steve jobs. >> if i would have known that apple would become a $2 trillion company, i would have said, "steve, i'll do your work for free, just give me some stock!" >> reporter: throughout the san francisco bay area, you can see perez david's celebration of his heritage. this mural depicts indigenous cultures. most of his drawings honor his family. >> this is my tia. very proud. it gave me the life to get me where i am today, right. it gave me that foundation, the roots of myself and my culture. >> reporter: all in a career both stunning and biting. mary lee, cbs news. >> o'donnell: hope at least he gets a free phone every year. well, that's the "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell in the nation's capitol. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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