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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 26, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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look, darren? >> captioning sponsored by cbs haberman's forthcoming book, "confidence man," donald trump appears to say he ran for president for the fame. "the question i get asked more than any other question, 'if you had to do it again, would you have done it?' the answer is, 'yeah, i think so.' because here's the way i look at it-- i have so many rich friends, and nobody knows who they are. ( "friends" theme song )
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i don't even know who they are. i never even heard of some of them-- most of them. >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight: plus, stephen welcomes: sigourney weaver and zeeko zaki featuring louis cato and the late show band. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: come on! come on! go to see you. happy monday. hello, hello, hello! hello, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome! i'm sorry. the rhythm is going to get you. please have a seat, everybody. welcome, one and all, to "the late show." i am your host, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) and it's rosh hashanah! l'shana tovah! happy new year to all my jewish viewers. it's gonna be a great year. ( applause )
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it's gonna be a great year. 5783-- that's a prime number. that's always lucky. 5763 is an interesting start. because this evening a nasa spacecraft deliberately hit an asteroid head on at 15,000 miles per hour. this is to see whether space rocks can be deflected. now, before you start having panic sex with strangers on the sidewalk, i hope it's not because of this asteroid. ( laughter ) its sn't a big, civilionder be. it wasn't even headed for earth. this was all just a test to see if nasa could push a potentially dangerous asteroid off course with earth. the mission is called the "the double asteroid redirection test," or "dart." not to be confused with the mission to stop a real asteroid that's going to destroy the
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earth: the spacial hybrid astronaut redirection technique, or "shart." i think that's what it's called. ( applause ) of we recorded this show earlier, so we don't know how the impact went. but, on the slim chance that the asteroid was not accidentally redirected into a collision course with earth, and we're now all clinging to chunks of continental shelf, drifting toward the sun, that does not but, on the slim chance that the happen, there will be another january 6 hearing on wednesday. and we got the inside dope on some of the committee's findings last night on "60 minutes"-- or as i've been told not to call ( ug
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( applause ) correspondent bill whitaker sat down with former senior technical adviser for the january 6 committee and six-year-old who was allowed to choose their own first and last name, denver riggleman. ( laughter ) riggleman revealed just how closely connected the administration was to the rioters on january 6th: >> you get a real ah-ha moment when you see that the white house switchboard had connected to a rioter's phone while it's happening. that's a pretty big ah-ha moment. >> stephen: an ah-ha moment? well, maybe the "ha" will come eventually, but right now, i'm stuck on the ahhhh! ( laughter ) aaahhh! aahhh! ha. we don't know who made the call, but we do know that the call lasted for only nine seconds. so, probably a prank call. ( as trump )
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"is your refrigerator running ( laughter ) ( applause ) well, then you better catch mike pence and hang him." ( laughter ) the hearings-- speaking of which-- ( applause ) it's rare. speaking of which, the hearings are clearly getting under the skin of former president pillsbury duh boy. in a new tell-all from the "new york times'" maggie haberman, the former president tries to set the record straight about his behavior during the insurrection, saying: "i was not watching television on january 6th." really? really? ( laughter ) you're accused of inciting an angry mob to storm the capitol to prevent the peaceful transfer of power for the first in our nation's history, and that's the part of the testimony you're taking issue with? ( as criminal ) "your honor, i stand here accused of killing that drifter
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last september, but i categorically deny i was wearing white pants. it was after labor day. i'm a murderer, not a monster." ( applause ) how dare you-- how-- how dare you!" ( laughter ) the former president also said other things to haberman, including this anecdote about running for president: "the question i get asked more than any other question: 'if you had it to do again, would you have done it?'" okay, that's clearly a lie. the question he gets asked more than any other is "do you want fries with that?" the answer is yes. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ he conditioned: "the answer is, yeah, i think so. because here's the way i look at it-- i have so many rich friends, and nobody knows who they are." yep. the real presidency is the rich friends we made along the way.
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also, i love that she didn't even ask him that. he asked himself that, and then answered himself. "a lot of times i'm asked what's the main question i get asked. that's a good question. well, i tend to ask myself the thing people are asking the most, which is what question about which questions i get asked. any questions?" and-- and-- ( applause ) thank you. thank you. haberman met with the former president in march of 2021 in mar-a-lago, which at the time was shut down due to the covid outbreak. which leads to this stunning conclusion, covid-- turns out, not good. march of 2021. a year nhalf a million americans dead, but what really sold this dingus on a pandemic not being good was he had to shut down his
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special clubhouse where well-to-orthodontists clap for him when he eating chocolate cake. here's another section of the book-- "not good." ( applause ) over in not-america, yesterday, italy held an election, and the big winner was ultra-conservative member of parliament and stage mom who needs you to do the dance like we practiced-- giorgia meloni. meloni's victory has a lot of foks worried, because she's set to be italy's most far-right prime minister since mussolini. yikers. explains why stanley tucci's changing the name of his show to "maybe i'll search for belgium for a while." ( laughter ) ( applause ) "i like waffles. they have waffles, right? that's it. they have waffles. but the part that hurts the most
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for me personally is that meloni, who leads a party that has been often described as neo-fascist, claims to be a big tolkien fan, who used to dress up as a hobbit. no! no! or as they say in italian, "no! ( laughter ) don't you ruin "the lord of the rings"! no self-respecting adult dresses like a hobbit! unless they're on the cover of "entertainment weekly"! now, i get, i get why an italian politician might love tolkien. the trilogy is full of italian characters. >> mama mia! >> stephen: and you gotta love the soundtrack by howard shore. ( to tune of "amore" ) ♪ when you see a big eye flaming up in the sky that's a-sauron! ♪ ( applause ) all right.
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♪ when you see a short guy, that's a-elron ♪ but meloni takes her fandom to the extreme, saying, "i don't consider 'the lord of the rings' fantasy." adding that, to her, it's "a sacred text." i have neverth anyone, but i think you're taking "the lord of the rings," even worse, this isn't just confined to meloni. apparently, in italy, "the lord of the rings" has been a central pillar of the hard-right identity. no. no, fascists. "lord of the rings" is not some sacred text for the far right. that's totally misunderstanding the words of ulmo, lord of the waters, who chose tuor as his instrument to tell the elven king turgon after the founding of the great kingdom of gondolin: "love not too well the work of thy hands and the devices of thy heart." hey!
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hey! you get back here! you get back here! ( applause ) i work hard! i'm allowed to have hobbies! ( laughter ) hold on. hold on. i've felt a great a disturbance in the force, because we just learned that james earl jones is retiring from the role of darth vader in "star wars." he will now be playing baby yoda. ( laughter ) but don't worre darther lives becae jones has reportly signed over the rights to his archival voice work. and now disney has hired an a.i. firm to build vader's voice from jones' library of work. okay, that is creepy. due to all this technology, hollywood will now be able to use artificial intelligence to make stars act from beyond the grave. luckily, this only applies to people who have been recorded
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for thousands and thousands of oh, my god. listen, if they try to do this to me, please know that... >> i love parmoint. they are america's favorite media conglomerate and have my permission to do whatever they want. >> stephen: and i mean that! we've got a great show for you tonight. my guests are sigourney weaver and "fbi" star zeeko zaki. but when we come back, meanwhile! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ♪ it's a family affair. >> stephen: give it up for the band, everybody, kayleigh mcenany and the late show band! ♪ it's a family affair. >> stephen: louis, louis, my friend. >> louis: hey, stephen. >> stephen: louis, my friend we have a couple of delightful guests tonight from the cbs hit
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now "fbi" zeeko zaki is going to be here. and we've had her on the before, a delightful guest, i'm an enormous fan from way back, sigourney weaver is going to be here. ( applause ) yeah. you see that, you see that "avatar" movie. >> louis: i never saw it. >> stephen: it's back in the theaters right now. they re-released it, in anticipation of the sequels for "avatar." she turns into a tree at the end. >> louis: does she really? is that a spoiler? >> stephen: it's not that much of a spoiler. it's been out for 15 years, or something like that. you really need to get out more, louis. she kind of turns into a tree, but, evidently, she's in the new movie, too. i don't upon. we'll ask her about it tonight. we call that an exclusive in the
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business. folks, if you watch the show,i spend most of my time, right over there, combing the fish market of the day's top stories, selecting only the finest news clams and most- topical halibut, then simmering them in a seafood stock with tomatoes, fennel fronds, and saffron to create the james beard award- winning bouillabaisse that is my monologue. but sometimes, just sometimes, folks, i crash my stolen golf cart into the day room of the sunset pines retirement community, then scrape everyone's ensure, creamed corn, mashed banana, and all of mrs. abramowitz's pills into mr. buford's orthotic shoe to create the geriatric psycho porridge of news that is my segment: meanwhile! ( cheers and applause ) why do we do it? we do it because of love. meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that rihanna will perform at the next super bowl halftime. ( cheering ) i get you. i get you. i feel on that one.
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it has been six years since her last album, but fans will have to wait for more music until after she's done with her duties at the super bowl, her makeup brand "fenty," her lingerie venture "savage x fenty," "fenty skincare," and her cannabis line, "mari-rihanna." ( laughter ) we made one of those up. ( laughter ) you want to guess which one it was? write it on a card, send it to jimmie fallon at 30 rockefeller center. he'll get it to me. we're friends. ( applause ) meanwhile, bad news from the dairy aisle. due to supply issues and rising costs, the country is experiencing a butter shortage. you can't take away america's butter! it's the perfect food! it's good in a cookie, it's good in a cake, it's great by itself! get a stick of butter, slap a
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little butter on it, a cup of dipping butter on the side. it's keto! it's gotten so bad that the amount of butter in the cold- storage facilities is at its lowest since 2017. well, of course, we all remember how hot butter was in 2017, when "moonlight" was beaten for best picture by "la la land o' lakes." ( laughter ) i know. i know. it's the other way around. meanwhile, drama at the martinsville speedway this weekend, where race car man andrew grady got mad at another race car man and went ballistic on him right there on the track until he was removed via human baby bjorn. guy cut him off in traffic, is what happened, cut him off. tried to take a left turn from the right lane on maple street bee the arbease. can't do that. they have that sign there, "no left turn."
11:58 pm
( applause ) meanwhile, there's baby diet news. which is good, because babies are so fat. ( laughter ) new research shows that the taste of kale makes unborn babies grimace. ( hter ) ( applause ) you know-- you know who else grimaces when they eat kale? born babies. according to reports, while testing the effects of mothers' diets on their children, "researchers have observed fetuses making a crying expression when exposed to the greens in the womb. who is funding that research? ( as two scientists ) "what should we do with this grant money? cancer? no. diabetes? no. ooh! what about making fetuses cry by serving them salad?"
11:59 pm
( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile, meta c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has taken up m.m.a., or mixed martial arts, training. and because there is a god, we have video. here is zuck bringin' the pain: e! nice! nice! again. go! >> stephen: i swear to god, i think they were making their own fight noises. oh, no! oh, no, he's attacking him on a horse! now, now they're fighting in the rain! now they're fighting in the rain! oh, no. one of them fell into a bottomless pit.
12:00 am
( slide whistle ) now he's coming out. ( slide whistle ) he's going back down again. ( slide whistle ) ( applause ) ( laughter ) meanwhile, a florida highway had to close when it got covered in coors light beer after a semi crash. what a shame to waste so much delicious highway. meanwhile, in rapper penis news, curtis jackson-- a.k.a. 50 cent-- is suing a miami spa for allegedly suggesting he had penis lawye, "jon al-enhancementcedure for his part, curtis has released a new song completely repudiating the outrageous claim. jim?
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>> stephen: we'll be right back with sigourney weaver. ♪ ♪ ♪ with sigourney weaver. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ooh, the chewy app. had we have enough to splurge on catnip toys! i feel so accomplished. pet me please! great prices. happy pets. chewy. i've been telling everyone... the secret to great teeth is having healthy gums. pets. crest advanced gum restore. detoxifies below the gumline... and restores by helping heal gums in as little as 7 days. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome back, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, you know my first guest tonight as the three-time academy-award nominee who has starred in "alien," "ghostbusters," and "avatar." she now stars in "the good house. s">> um, frank. you want to come over for dinner, help me eat these? >> dinner? >> yeah. it's this meal people eat at the end of the day. it's pretty popular. >> sure. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> stephen please welcome back to "the late show," sigourney weaver!
12:07 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) look at that! sigourney weaver. how delightful. nice to see you again. >> it's been too long. >> stephen: it what-- it has been-- it has been too long. >> stupid covid. >> stephen: covid got in the middle. covid got in the way. it's nice to see you again. i was just telling louis at the top of the last act. she's never seen the "avatar." >> what? the one person who has not seen it is here tonight? >> stephen: yes. he didn't know you turn into a tree at the end, or you kind of get absorbed by a tree. >> is that what happened to me? i was never sure. >> stephen: the thing it kind
12:08 am
of coils you-- >> a kind of psychedelic thing. >> stephen: you become one with the tree. you know how they have ponytail sex with each other. i think you have ponytail sex with a tree. >> i don't remember that. >> stephen: i'm just trying to sell some tickets, baby. >> keep going, keep going. >> stephen: here's the thing, you're in the new one, i found out. >> i am. >> stephen: so you're not a tree. >> no. no. i-- i'm a 14-year-old girl. >> stephen: you're a 14-year-old girl? >> yeah. >> stephen: you play a teenager? >> yeah. >> stephen: this this? >> i do. >> stephen: you are a good actress. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> jim cameron says i'm very immature and this should be right up my alley. >> stephen: did you draw on your own 14-ness to play this part? >> i'm afraid i had to, yes, yes. >> stephen: what were you like as a teenager? >> oh, oh... >> stephen: no. >> i don't want to go back. i was this tall when i was 11. >> stephen: oh, wow. >> so i was like this giant
12:09 am
spired. i mean, i was just like... i bumped into everything and everyone. if anyone was getting in trouble in class, it would be me, because that's who the teacher would see, i was so big. >> stephen: right, because you couldn't hide when there was trouble. >> i couldn't hide under my desk. >> stephen: wow. >> i remember it as an rather excruciating time, but i did start to clown around so i could make fun of myself before anyone else did. >> stephen: that works out. and that turns you into a performer-- or were you already a performer? >> i don't think i was a performer. i was very shy. like a lot of performers are. >> stephen: back to "avatar," what's going on here? is this you in that-- everybody see that? is that you in that-- >> in that concontraption. that is my 14-year-old girl, kiri, who has just riched a ride on an elu, which is being -- >> stephen: is that a water dragop or something. >> ... by chris our fantastic diver who is holding some sort
12:10 am
of machine. and together, they form an elu, which is a creature in "avatar 2" that becomes my friend. >> stephen: okay, quick question: why-- are you actually under water? >> yes, that's me. >> stephen: and why did he do this to you? because they have the computers that can do all this stuff, and you don't actually have to do this. >> i'm not sure he knows that. ( laughter ) >> stephen: are you-- you're not wearing a tank or anything? >> no, no. he actually had a great guy, kirk crack, who -- >> stephen: kirk crack? ( laughter ) that poor man. that poor-- talking about a rough teenage years. ( laughter ). >> kirk crack is a canadian who teaches -- >> stephen: that doesn't-- that doesn't help. that doesn't help at all. >> he teaches the navy seals. and i don't know what the navy seals did when we were doing this, because it took 18 months to train us.
12:11 am
but -- >> stephen: what did he train you to do? >> free dive. >> stephen: so, wait a second, james cameron has you under water and isn't giving you air. he's like, "we'll get you some navy seal training." >> yes. and we did tra we trained, and ilemateoold y br six and a half minutes. ( applause ) >> stephen: wow. >> well, but, i wasn't moving when i did that. >> stephen: okay. >> there's a big difference between holding your brother and moving, and holding your breath and lying in what they call a static breath hold. >> stephen: okay. >> so i was doing a static breath hold to get rid of my mamailian instinct, which is the instinct we all have,s which is get your face out of the water and get on dry land. >> stephen: it's called a survival instinct. >> yes. we had to get rid of that. >> stephen: we have to take a quick break. stick around, we'll be right back with more sigourney weaver, everybody.
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>> stephen: oh, hey, everybody. look who it is. the star of the new movie "the good house," sigourney weaver. the new movie is out this friday, "the good house." you play hildy good. who is hildy? >> hildy good is a descendant of sarah good, who was one of the
12:17 am
salem witches. but this story is about-- it was the chance for me to tell a story of an older woman from her point of view, who is very funny, who we meet at a very delicate time in her life when her husband has left her, kids have sent her to rehab, she's losing her business, and she's feeling very pissed off. so she looks at the camera, and she tells you exactly what she's thinking. >> stephen: in the middle of scene, she breaks the fourth wall. >> yes. and it felt very natural, because hildy-- like we all do-- has a public face, keeping it all together, successful, taking care of ther family. and every now and then she just lets her hair down, and she says, "can you believe the ( bleep )-- i'm so sorry. "can you believe what's going on with my life?" she's great company. it's sort of like being in a bar with someone you really like, you know. >> stephen: it was filmed in nova scotia. was there any water work in this
12:18 am
one? >> actually, there was, now that you mention >> sphen: did you hae to hold your breat and. t wasth just ak where they were tagging these great chinatown sharks that were right off shore, like 50 feet off shore. they tagged about 12 of them. that happened to be the week they got to go in the water at about 5:00 in the morning. they'd run out of water-- the tide had gone down -- >> stephen: that's shark feeding time. >> exactly. so they were going to have to take me out in a boat and have me do the swimming scene. i'm a little drunk. i whip my bra off and swing it around. and, you know, i'm just enjoying myself in the water. >> stephen: sure, yeah. >> and, anyway, luckily, they found a kind of pool with some very large lobsters in it. they removed the lobsters, so i was able to dive and do the the scene -- >> stephen: or else the lobsters would have dragged you down. >> the lobsters would have
12:19 am
definitely gotten me. >> stephen: dipped you in drawn better. ( laughter ) if they could find any. ( laughter ) this is-- kevin kline is, as we saw in that driving the truck, he's-- love interest, is that fair? what have you guys done together? >> we did "dave." >> stephen: sure. >> "ice storm." "ice storm" we're not really frengdz, although we're sleeping together. and this one is sort of our most satisfying love story, i think. >> stephen: why is this more-- obviously, "ice storm" is not the most satisfying love story. >> he plays the most wonderful garbage man. >> stephen: who is your, like, high school crush. >> he is my high school sweetheart, and i finally have come to my senses and i realize that, you know, frank is pretty special. anyway, it's a wonderful love story. also a comedy. also a story about a woman who comes home at the end of a day and kicks back and opens a
12:20 am
bottle of forbidden pino noir that she's not spoked to drink and gets loaded and talks to her dogs and the audience. it's a wonderful part for me. i'm very, very lucky. >> stephen: speaking of, you know, youthful crushes, saturday is your 38th anniversary-- >> oh, that's true. >> stephen: with your husband, jim. here you are a few years back. ( applause ) a few years back. you once said this about marriage, it's very beautiful. "it is like an energy, a wonderful fire that never goes out underneath you to help you go out into the world and do your damnest." how does that-- you did say something well, didn't you? >> i guess so, yeah. >> stephen: it's very beautiful, and very true, you know. a good-- a good marriage lets you have courage out there in the world. >> well, i think that's very true, yeah. >> stephen: how did it start? how did you guys meet? >> it didn't start well.
12:21 am
i actually was-- i was at the williamstown theater festival, and i was-- i went to this place called the zoo, which is the bar, and i was there with chris fer walken. we were colleagues. i wanted to take my shoes off. there was a very cute bartender, and he said, "don't take your shoes off." i said, "why not?" he said, "because the floor is dirt and you shouldn't-- there are things in there." so i gave him my shoes to put behind the bar, and at the end of the night i couldn't-- i had to ask him to give me my shoes back, which he had put up on a pole somewhere. anyway, i then republican invited him to a birthday party of mine, and he came. and i asked him out to dinner. he was a few years younger than i was, so i had to play the aggressive person. ( laughter ) are ( applause ) so... i'm glad i -- >> stephen: it worked out.
12:22 am
>> yeah. >> stephen: sigourney, it's lovely to see you. >> thank you. >> stephen: "the good house" is in theaters this friday. sigourney weaver, everybody! we'll be right back with star of "fbi," zeeko zaki. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those... ...or even worse. too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at when you can't sleep... try zzzquil pure zzzs gummies. from the world's #1 sleep aid brand. its special formula helps you fall asleep naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before. i have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.
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12:27 am
my next guest is an actor who stars in the hit cbs show "fbi." >> two days ago you said it was 15. things have changed. what things, curt? demand is strong. supply is weak. it's economics 101, my brother. >> 100% bump in two days. that is not economics. that is robbery. >> this inflation thing is real. supply chain issues, labor shortages, prices are skyrocketing. >> a bomb broker and economist. >> worth every penny. >> take a look for yourself. >> snapped that earlier today. 25 blocks of c4, two trigger mechanisms. listen, i could go on and on. but the only thing that really matters this damn thing can blow up an entire city block. >> is he bluffing? >> i sure hope so. >> 25 and we've got a deal. >> 20's the highest i'm willing to go. and i have it all right here
12:28 am
with me, too. >> cool. >> stephen: please welcome to "the late show," zeeko zaki. ♪ it's a family affair it's a family affair ♪ it's a family affair ( applause ) >> stephen: zeeko zaki, it is lovely to meet you. welcome. this is your first late-night appearance on this show. >> this is. >> stephen: i just had sigourney weaver out here. >> yes. >> stephen: and i found out something unusual which is you have met her before? >> i have. >> stephen: but not professionally. >> correct. >> stephen: how so? >> so i got signed about 10, 11 years ago, and one month after that was new year's. i went home to wilmington, delaware, an area my buddy has a
12:29 am
farm there where they shot "the village." sigourney supposedly became friends with the owner of that farm. i met her at that new year's and told her i got signed a month ago and i asked her for any advice. she said, "if you want to make money, go to l.a. if you want to act, come to new york." >> stephen: so where did you go? >> i went to l.a. for a little bit, and here we are. ( applause ) i needed some. >> stephen: you play special agent o.a. on the "fbi." i learned that dick wolf originally wrote the part as a latino character, but when you-- you went in and auditioned, they decided to change the character. >> they did. >> stephen: when did you discover that, was it in the middle of the audition? wen did you find out? >> no, it wasn't. so it actually was when they sent me new words, new lines, a new script for the screen test, which is the level after a producer session when i auditioned in front of dick
12:30 am
wolf. there was arabic in the new sides, and i thought for myself, are they going a whole different direction? are there going to be a bunch of arab actors in the room. and we got to be on the set of "s.v.u.," which was really exciting. i was the only one there and that was the moment. and it was kind of my chance not to mess up. and here we are. >> stephen: you seem like a fairly fit young man. >> it's been a journey. >> stephen: did you do this? did you get fit to play the part or did you come pre-ripped? ( laughter ). >> i was part of the way there when i got the part. >> stephen: uh-huh. they wouldn't have called you in if you hadn't been a few steps towards rip-come om. >> i had potential. >> stephen: good bones. >> i didn't want the cake to be fully baked. i wanted to see if anyone else, you know, could help me out. >> stephen: was there-- so, what's your situation? what do you do? are we doing paleo? what are we doing? >> we start offside with p90"x."
12:31 am
it's under the original. >> stephen: it's muscle confusion. >> it is, absolutely. with tony horton. >> stephen: i start off with the confusion and never get to the muscle. >> i'm still confused. >> stephen: yeah, okay. >> so i lost 120 pounds. >> stephen: holy cow! >> thank you. >> stephen: is this an infomercial. we're on late enough. ( laughter ). >> but, yeah, so i lost about 100 pounds before i got the role, and then, you know, the journey, give or take 20. >> stephen: how long did it take you to lose the 100-plus? >> i did it about i think 11 years, 12 years. yeah, it took a while. >> stephen: that's not a crash diet. 10 bucks a year. >> for me, the quicker it leaves the quicker it comes back is the idea. so i wanted to do it very slowly which was interesting to kind of line up with acting because i would be a different actor every year, new head shots every year, and kind of evolved that way. which is exciting. we landed on a physique and face
12:32 am
i'd like to keep for a while. >> stephen: good luck with that. >> if everyone's okay with that. >> stephen: everybody wants to keep it. ( applause ) it's hard to be a-- i stawm for the 11 years you weren't working all the time. >> correct. >> stephen: what did you do? what was your side hustle? i did a lot of weird stuff. >> my side hustle, funny enough, was in the industry, when i moved to atlanta about, let's say, seven years ago, my plan "b" was of course waiting tables at restaurants, things like that. but i decided to open up an audition taping service called "atlanta for actors." i figured if i could have my plan "b" and "a" in the world. >> stephen: you bought a camera? >> i bought a camera. i had my buddy parker davis from back home and he would read with them, because his reading skills were better than mine. and i would tape the auditions. we would take kids, people like 80 years old. and that whole spectrum is kind of how i got my training.
12:33 am
>> stephen: did you ever throw yourself on the table and say i can do better at this. >> thanks, man, keep it rolling. no, y enough, my manager sent me the audition for "fbi" from one of his latino clients, because it was a latino role. in the same i way i did it, put on tape, and he said i had a call-back that they never asked me to do in the first place. and he put the audition into a drop box, sent it off to casting. >> stephen: and here you are. >> here we are, yes. >> stephen: lovely to meet you. thank you for coming by. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: "fbi" airs tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on cbs! zeeko zaki, everybody. we'll be right back.
12:34 am
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>> stephen: that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be samuel l. jackson and cnn's clarissa ward. stick around for james corden. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ are you ready, y'all to have some fun ♪ on the show tonight don't you worry ♪ where it is you come from it'll be all right ♪ it's l


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