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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  September 27, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: we visit the emergency command center here in tampa and speak with the city's mayor. >> you will not ride out this hurricane. >> o'donnell: plus the forecast and the latest details on the storm's new path and when ian could make land fall. gas pipelines saab staged. european leaders blame russia
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after explosions damage nord stream. plus the cbs exclusive with the director of the c.i.a. do you see any signs that putin is moving towards using those nuclear weapons? >> o'donnell: and america's fentanyl crisis. the rainbow pills made to look like candy infiltrating u.s. streets. jeff pegues on the battle to combat the deadly opioid. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. florida is a state on the edge tonight, as it prepares for what could be the biggest storm in years. the major news tonight is that the path of the hurricane has shifted, pushing the storm to an earlier landfall and further south than where we are tonight.
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2.5 million residents are under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders as the outer bands of hurricane ian reach the southern parts of the state. florida's director of emergency management said more than 100 nursing homes and hospitals in the tampa area have been evacuated. grocery store up and down the coast are packed, as residents rush to grab last-minute supplies, but many are finding nothing but empty shelves. hurricane ian slammed into cuba as a category 3 storm with winds of 125 miles per hour, knockic out power to more than a million people, and the storm is gaining strength in the open waters of the gulf of mexico. check out these satellite images, showing the eye of the storm packed with lightning. one of the biggest concerns is that ian could dump record amounts of rain and cause dangerous storm surge across 60. we have got team coverage tonight and want to begin with
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cbs's omar villafranca right here in tampa with us. good evening, omar. >> reporter: good evening. tampa hasn't taken a direct hit from a, h since 1921. even though the city may dodge ian's bullet, people aren't taking chances. floridians are on the move. >> they say mandatory evacuation. it's time to go. >> reporter: all along florida's gulf coast, thousands of residents are heading inland, heeding the call to evacuate as hurricane ian inches closer. it is a big storm, it is going to kick up a lot of water as it comes in and you're going to end up with really significant storm surge, you're going to end up with really significant flood events, and this is the type of storm surge that is life-threatening. >> reporter: ian is expected to make landfall in florida in the next 36 hours, after battering western cuba with 125-mile an hour winds. the florida keys will feel the early edges of the storm this evening with high winds and
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heavy rain. president joe biden said his administration has already sent aid to the region ahead of the storm. >> fema is also proposing and prepositioning 3.5 million liters of water, 3.7 million meals and hundred of generators. >> reporter: residents are rushing to fill sandbags and stock up on emergency splice. some shelves are already running bear. jason hood, the owner of a tennis equipment shop in clearwater is boarding up. >> you can't prepare enough really. so we're just out here getting ready. better safe than sorry. i just hope everyone takes the right precautions to do watt they need to do to stay safe. >> reporter: it is also a scramble for tampaiary hospitals which started airlifting patients out of the danger zone. >> none of us know what we're going to get as far as the hurricane is concerned. >> reporter: ian' massive size was captured by the international space station. n.a.s.a. postponed the part
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mismoon launch again. overnight the rocket was rolled back into the hangar for safety. the tampa airport is closed. the fort meyers airport will close this evening. the orlando airport, which rarely shuts down, will cease operations tomorrow. even disney world will shut down their parks wednesday and thursday because of the storm. norah. >> o'donnell: state of emergency here in florida. omar villafranca, thank you. well, the latest track we got in just a few hours ago shows the storm is shifting. it now puts fort meyers in the bulls-eye of this strengthening hurricane. that's where manuel bojorquez is. good evening, mani. >> reporter: good evening, norah. we are starting to see some of those initial signs of ian here in the fort meyers area. one indication of the level of concern for floridaas west coast is the amount of resources that have already been deployed. we're talking about 5,000 of the state's national guard troopser are activated as well as 2,000 more from georgia, tennessee and north carolina. also as we drove into
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fort meyers, we noticed a caravan of power crews coming down i-75. we're told nearly 26,000 utility workers will be staging at more than 20 sites, and the american red cross is staging in orlando, where volunteers are prepping shrsins likets, fashlits. boom line is ths --hey, of course, want to get all those resource out of harm's way but still close enough to what will be the affected areas because come tomorrow, placekehere i'm standing near the water could be underwater. norah. >> o'donnell: manny bojorquez, thank you very much. there is new information tonight on hurricane ian's expected landfall. let's bring in meteorologist jackie jarvis with our partners at the weather channel. hey there, jackie. >> reporter: good evening, norah. ian remains a major hurricane and very powerful after making landfall over cuba. it's been intensifying once
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again and will continue to do so all the way up to landfall. there you can see the current wind speed, 120 miles per hour, a category 3 storm, and it's moving in a northerly direction. now, this is the latest track, and today we've had a little bit of an adjustment to the right or to the south of the previous track, so that brings us in as a more powerful hurricane, and it comes in a little bit sooner. so any preparations need to be rushed to completion, and that will continue to move up to the north. storm surge is the deadliest part of the storm. here's our storm specialist dr. greg with the exclusive reality to show you what the storm surge will look like. >> extremely dangerous hurricane ian continues to close in on florida's west coast. we know there will be destructive winds, but also a life-threatening storm surge. we can see water rises above normally dry ground, in some cases up to ten feet. let me show you what that looks like as we bring the water levels up to three feet.
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by the time the water gets this high, it's oftentimes too late to evacuate. who knows what's in the water -- floating objects, bad chemicals. cars can float away easily in this kind of water. we know the water will rise above that in some cases, perhaps nine feet or above that. homes and businesses can be completely submerged and, clearly, in many cases, this is just not survivable. please, this is exactly why we tell you to follow the advice from the officials with the national weather service and the local officials to u ease dso ifded. reamorhst updates o o: at stormh kiou well, eaer, wepoke with tampa mayor jane castor about the dangers the city faces from hurricane ian and what she's telling residents tonight. what have you learned about the track of the storm? >> it seems to be taking
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somewhat of a more easterly trajectory, which means landfall possibly a little bit south of us. >> o'donnell: are people heeding the call for these mandatory evacuations? >> yes, people i have talked to, you know, used to have the old we can just wait this out and see what happens, and we're talking 10 to 15-foot tidal surge. nobody can withstand that. there's no waiting that out. >> o'donnell: based on the latest track, could that mean no electricity for this whole area? >> yes, the electricity, electric power will probably go out. nothing can really sustain or survive through saltwater intrusion, and that's the worst thing that can happen with our electric grids. >> o'donnell: how are you feeling about the latest track? well,i'm ing better about the lawant wh anhing orceof hurricane ian stalling right
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outside of tampa bay is the worst case. >> o'donnell: so are you shutting down tampa in advance as a precautionary measure? >> yes, without a doubt. we always use the adage, you can hide from the wind, but you need to run from that water. >> o'donnell: tampa has not had a hurricane like this in 100 years. >> mm-hmm, 100 years, and my wish is 100 more, i'll take it. >> o'donnell: our interview with tampa's mayor tonight. because of this hurricane, tomorrow's january 6th committee hearing was postponed, but the highest profile trial in the january 6th investigation did get underway today. the head of the right wing group the oath keepers and four others are facing charges of seditious conspiracy, rare charges and among the most serious in the investigation into the assault on the capitol. here's cbs's scott macfarlane. >> reporter: on trial in federal court in washington, just steps away from the site of the january 6th attack, a group of five oath keepers
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including leader stewart rhodes charged with seditious conspiracy for allegedly plotting to block the peaceful transfer of power, staging rifles and ammunition across the river in virginia and helping coordinate the attack on the capitol. defense attorneys plan to argue rhodes, who was not in the capitol, and subordinates were only preparing to act on trch's behalf waiting for him to invoke the insurrection act. pramila jayapal hid inside the chamber during the terrifiesing act. >> the part of the puzzle is the affiliationas direct cording and affiliation between the trump white house, donald trump himself potentially but certainly his top people and these extremist -- violent extremist groups. >> reporter: according to court documents text messages show rhodes spent months after donald trump's loss cawlings for action from his members. two days after the election warning, we aren't getting through this without a civil war.
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trump ally roger stone, allegedly protected by oath keepers, is under scrutiny. >> ( bleep ) violence. >> reporter: he's arguing trump's team should declare victory before the results are counted. >> the key thing to claim victory. possession is nine tenths of the law. we won. >> reporter: roger stone's video clips say nay prove he had nothing to do. two dozen cell phones were collected from act and given to an inspecialty as they probe missing text messages from smith. norah. >> o'donnell: scott macfarlane on the hill for us. thank you, scott. tonight european leaders are accusing russia of abtajing two underwater gas pipelines in the baltic sea. ukraine is calling it a terrorist attack. authorities are investigating the felix the nord stream 1 and
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2 pipelines, a vital source of natural gas for yiewmplet there was a sudden drop in pressure monday, videos show bubbles where leaks occurred after underwater explosions were detected. tonight pro russian officials in several occupied territories in ukraine claim residents have voted to join russia, but the referendums are being dismissed by officials as a shavment we want to turn to our exclusive interview with c.i.a. director bill burns, the last u.s. official to have met with vladimir putin, and he told us the russian dictator is making reckless decisions in the war on ukraine. based on your analysis, do you think he'll be able to mobilize 300,000 troops? >> it remains to be seen. even if he's able to mobilize 300,000 troops, it's not as if throwing people like cannon fodder to the front, many of whom will not be well trained or have the kind of equipment they need or logistical support they need as well, his military has a
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lot of other problems, manpower is only one of them. >> o'donnell: do you see any signs that putin is moving towards using those nuclear weapons? >> well, we have to take very seriously his kind of threats given everything that's at stake. you know, the rhetoric that he and other senior russian leaders have used is reckless and deeply irresponsible. we don't see any practical evidence today in the u.s. intelligence community. he's moving closer to actual use, that there's an imminent threat of using tactical nuclear weapons, but, as i said, we have to take it very seriously. >> o'donnell: so is he bluffing? >> it's very hard to say at this point, and as i said, what we have to do is take it very seriously, watch for signs of actual preparations and also -- and this is the role of policy-maker, and i'm no longer a policy-maker -- but to communicate very directly the severe consequences that would flow from any use of nuclear
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weapons. >> o'donnell: much more of our interview with c.i.a. director bill burns will air here and this weekend on cbs "sunday morning." we turn to the poisoning of america and the major crackdown on fentanyl tracking in the u.s. the u.s. department of justice revealed 36 million doses of fentanyl have been taken off the streets in recent months. more from cbs's jeff pegues. >> reporter: fentanyl overdoses cause violent convulsions. that in this case stopped after officers administered the drug narcan. but the number of dead is spiking, despite what attorney general merrick garland says are record d.e.a. seizures over the last four months. >> we seized over 10 million fake pills and 982 pounds of fentanyl powder, enough to kill 36 million americans. >> reporter: no matter how much is taken off the streets,
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the mexican cartels pump up their shipments across borders. it's almost like the floodgates are open. why is that? >> what we're trying to do is to take down the cartels. >> reporter: increasingly, fentanyl is rainbow colored and appeal to younger americans. >> when you just look at it, you can see it's meant to look like it is safer, like it's candy, like it's more of a toy. >> reporter: the cartels are showing no mercy in states like colorado, where there has been a 70% increase in deaths, more than 900 last year. fentanyl killed max osterman, a smart and athletic 19-year-old who became addicted to drugs. his mother kim says law enforcement hasn't cut off the supply, nor has it held enough people accountable. >> they're not prosecuting these drug dealers, and they have no incentive to stop. >> reporter: the d.e.a. says it formed two counterthreat
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teams whose mission to take down the cartels, but u.s. investigators have been trying to accomplish that for years. norah. >> o'donnell: jeff pegues, thank you. and still ahead on the cbs evening news, the search for an american ski mountaineer who disappeared on one of the world's highest mountains. wow, you can hustle when you need to. (vo) get a new iphone 14 pro, on us. and get it with one unlimited for iphone. only on the network america relies on. verizon. who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done. we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're on it with jardiance.
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extreme skier hilaree nelson. she disappeared on monday while skiing near the summit of mount manaslu in nepal, nearly 27,000 feet up. the 49-year-old mountaineer from telluride, colorado is a team captain for the north face. the outdoor gear company says it is supporting the search and rescue effort. coming up next, the incredible views as a spaceship slams into an steroid millions of miles away. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. peaceful state. full plate.
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3:58 pm
lit. >> reporter: the philadelphia polo classic is a dream come true for chafer anyone kareem rosser. he learned the sport for free through a local program called worko ride, which took him from rough neighborhoods to ritzy polo grounds. >> i've participated in so many polo events around the world, i'm, like, it's finally time to bring something to our own neighborhood. >> reporter: he brought friends, too, like nacho figueras, dubbed the david beckham of polo. and shariah harris, a work to ride alum and former polo captain add cornell university, along with her mom. >> can philly be a polo town? oh, most definitely. we do it philly style. >> reporter: in your dreams when people think of philly and sport, will they think about eagles and the phillies and the flyers and polo. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: polo, an old sport with a w hiladelphia. >> o'donnell: and that is tonight's "cbs evening news."
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i'm norah o'donnell in tampa, florida where we'll conti nue >> judge judy: pictures! >> announcer: the destruction was documented. >> she actually had kicked in my passenger door. >> and she took out a couple windows in our house, also. >> judge judy: i see it. >> announcer: and for the mother of his child... >> we just have not had a very great relationship. >> announcer: ...every picture tells a story. >> judge judy: who is this? >> her, your honor. >> judge judy: at the car. >> yeah. >> judge judy: yeah. oh, you're a cutie. oh, you're a cutie. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 22-year-old katelyn rose is suing her fiancé's ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old paige brasher, for vandalizing her house and car. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number
4:00 pm
489 on the calendar in the matter of rose vs. brasher. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: mm-hmm. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. rose, i assume this is your fiancé? >> yes. >> judge judy: your last name is...? >> bader. >> judge judy: mr. bader and ms. brasher have a child together. >> correct. >> judge judy: how old is that child, ms. brasher? >> 5. >> judge judy: your lawsuit claims that, at some point -- you'll give me the details of the date and time -- ms. brasher vandalized your house and your car. >> yes. >> judge judy: and you want her to be responsible for paying for repairs of your car and your house. >> that's correct. >> judge judy: and this all started as a result of a custody exchange. ms. brasher, i'm going to start with you. did you and mr. bader ever live together? >> yes, we have. >> judge judy: from when to when? >> 2010 to 2015. >> judge judy: and your son was born when? >> 2011. >> judge judy: when you separated in 2015, did you have a custody arrangement with mr. bader? >> it was 2016,
4:01 pm
our custody agreement. >>


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