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tv   The Late News  CBS  September 27, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this issue. >> this has persisted with our party for some years. we have been on the defense. we allow cultural wars to take these. i'm optimistic about our ability to turn this around if we go on the offensive. that's why i'm putting the bill forward. that's what i'm doing these ads and tv commercials and other states. >> the california issues the statement, with gavin newsom signing 13 bills from the future of abortion councils, newsom hopes to secure his spot in the white house at the expense of women and their unborn children. the state is also taking steps to make male birth control more affordable, starting in 2024. california will require health
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plans to cover vasectomies. still ahead tonight, targeting the south bay store that helps people with disabilities, brazen thieves. plus, the incident aboard sfo, pumping fighter just to follow. and an entire island without power tonight, while people brace crashing waves, despite warnings. we are tracking the path of hurricane ian. have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath...
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tonight, a san jose shop owner wants to know if you recognize this man in the security video. he smashed his way into the immobilizers on west henne and took off with an electric scooter. the's store specializes in mobile devices for seniors and the disabled. a live look at sfo, where a flight that took off from --
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for asia -- ended up landing with an escort of fighter guests. the singapore airport says, it scribbled 2f-16s to a company, to the airport, after a passenger made a bomb threat. channel news asia sent, the man also attacked a crewmember and was arrested. investigators say, he was on drugs. meanwhile, travelers out of sfo will have limited food options until further notice. about 1000 union food workers will be on the picket lines for the third straight day tomorrow. they say, they averaged just over $17 an hour, and haven't had a raise in years. they've been in negotiations with the airport's restaurant employer counsel for months. a live look at the florida coast, where hurricane ian could make landfall as soon as 12 hours from now.
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tonight, 2.5 million people are being told to get out of the way. the storm is gathering steam after knocking out power to all of cuba, where it hit as a category-3 storm. back in florida, they're already seeing damage, and an apparent tornado flipped several small planes and damaged hangers at a small airport just outside of miami. meanwhile, in key west, people ignored warnings about dangerous surf to take these selfies. parts of the keys are already seeing 50 mile an hour wind gusts. >> not really. we just out here getting ready. better safe than sorry. >> further north, tampa area, hospitals, airlifting patients out of the region before the airports closed. meteorologist, darren peck, tracking this path of ian. darren, you do not just want to take selfies as this approaches. >> they were in 50 mile an hour
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winds, you sent. 120 mile an hour winds in the center of the storm tomorrow, when it comes on shore. that's only gonna be in the eye, but that's going pretty much right for fort myers tomorrow. here's what the storm looks like now. this is the way we've been looking at it the past few days on the satellite. but this is close enough now, we can look at it a couple different ways. first off, his the easy takeaway. where is it going? pretty much right into fort myers. the times on here, by the way, these are eastern standard time. that's how we've been showing it to you over the course of the storm. now, it's time to start thinking about when will this happen for us on our tvs and for our from of reference tomorrow.that landfall is going to be somewhere in between, say, 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, our time, even though it would obviously be three hours later for them, for the time that we see on that. let's come back for a wider view. this is live radar. you're actually going to see the structure of the storm,
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from the way the rain's getting wrapped around the center of the hurricane. if we take it from liberator, put it into the futurecast, we get an idea for how the eye wall comes on shore, and where it's directed. we put that forward using the high-resolution futurecast to maintain the structure. there's fort myers. so, this is tomorrow, our time now. that's pacific. by 9:30, 10:00, 11:00 or 12:00, that's when it comes on shore. the location matters so much for the storm surge. at this point, looks like a direct hit. the storms have such low pressure in the center of them, it actually picks up the ocean and drags it on shore. that's why storm surge becomes so problematic the areas in red here, fort myer, is where the surface of the ocean will be thrown on shore into these days, which is very low. so, as of 120 mile an hour winds weren't enough, there's a storm surge, then nearly a foot of rain.
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>> a lot for florida the next two days. it will be a huge story. but here at home, things will be quiet. a little less marine layer tomorrow? >> yeah. we'll wake up with less clouds. some, but not as great tomorrow as it's been. morning low's at home, upper- 50s. daytime highs, right on the mark for average. in fact, these numbers for wednesday are identical to what we did today. very little difference. we'll be a little bit cooler than the average in the city. everybody else is doing what it should this time of year. that's gonna change by friday, though. inland east bay dallas, 84, the average. 91 is coming friday. here's the seven-day forecast. you see the warm up for san jose? mid-80s by friday. then, calling back down again for next weekend. san francisco, low-70s, with a lot of people in golden gate park for the blue grass this weekend. it will be fantastic weather. it cools down to the mid-80s by next weekend. back over to you, vernon. straight ahead in sports, birthday time for a coach you know well. the giants, front and center! a little olive of an n.l. west foe this season. logan webb, a season to
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remember. after decades in the public eye and public service, this mother-daughter two, now talking about destiny with something you may have never done. we go person-to-person with secretary clinton and chelsea clinton.
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levi friendly face-off between mexico and colombia's national soccer team. dedicated fans showed up hours before the game to fire up that tailgate grill. chopper 5 was overhead. fans streamed into the parking lot. many, decked out with flags. tonight was the last chance for fans of team mexico to see them in action in the u.s. ahead of the world cup. they came up just short, losing to columbia 3-2. now, the giants, if they could have avoided a few games with the dodgers and played more with the rockies, they might actually be really in contention, vernon. >> tonight, they took that passion, the spirit they have for the mexican soccer game. eight regular-season games left. mathematically, for the rockies in town? still alive for a playoff spot. >> so, you telling me, there is a chance. >> portugal president, marcella rebello the sosa, throwing out the first pitch.
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nice arm. bottom one, joc pederson, one out of the playing field. his 23rd homer this year tied the game at one. also had an rbi triple. now, 2-1 san francisco. bottom for j.d. davis, 234 feet. logan webb got to 15 wins. giants, 15-4 against the rockies this season. 5-2 final tonight. giants, 7 1/2 games back of a wild-card spot. marcus aponte and the a's, final trip of the season at anaheim. but, if, alan, sometimes it holds. former giant, matt duffy, the baserunner that just beat the throw home. the next batter, soto, watch this catch from tony kemp. a twisting, and diving one that he gloved! we'll take the high road. a 4-3 loss.
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that's the 98 of the season. nba, the warriors, happy birthday, steve kerr. he spent most of it on a flight for tokyo for exhibition games. in fact, draymond green, steph curry, the nba champs may have landed by now. a nice run. fourth championship. nba finals mvp, curry, will ucsf this season . but the birthday boy, head coach, doesn't anticipate steph to slow down. >> one of the greatest athletes on earth . steph's ability to keep himself at such a high level, it's not an accident. he's both kind of gifted, naturally, but also totally committed. i fully expect him to have a lot more great years. nfl. the 49ers, a record of 1-2. that can produce some debbie downer's among the faithful. a big story today, lip readers. accusing jimmy garoppolo of taking shots at kyle shanahan.
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after garoppolo threw an interception sunday, some thought he said, all your please suck, man. but another look, he said, the draw please suck, man. we'll continue to monitor that story. read my lips. san jose sharks hosted and beat the anaheim ducks 5-4 in preseason hockey. >> i love you said much better. all right, vern. thanks. still ahead, gearing up for fleet week, we celebrate the oldest living veteran in sonoma county. a world war ii hero that just turned 107.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment,
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better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. san francisco fleet feet week gets underway monday.
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kpix 5 is proud to be this year's broadcast sponsor, as we celebrate our service members. tonight, donald introduces us to a world war ii hero that's also been a lifelong hero to the sonoma county community. >> reporter: a swingman, celebrating this man, and his 100 and seventh birthday. still the groove. only gave up driving three years ago. >> that was a terrible day of my life. they gave up my porsche. i had a black porsche. that puppy was a great, great automobile. oh. >> reporter: mentally sharp, healthy, and relatively mobile, he started using the walker this year.i asked about his secret to longevity. >> well, first, martinis.
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they helped. but i've been just lucky. >> reporter: lucky, he says, because he survived world war ii. he flew 35 combat missions as a navigator in the b-17 bombers over germany, and had a lot of close calls. but his service didn't end with the military. he survived local college and hospital boards for decades. santa rosa leaders say, the lifelong philanthropist helped raise millions of dollars from local charities. >> raised over $200 million. >> reporter: had a lot of connections since being a stockbroker and retired in his 90s finally. >> his entire life is about service to the community. >> people like to have sobre al is something positive to celebrate. >> reporter: he says, no birthday wish. just thankful for the gift of
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time. >> now, the only question we can ask you, what will you do for your 110th? >> i will celebrate tomorrow. but you get to this stage, some nights, you're not feeling well. you think, this is the end of the road. then, you wake up in the morning, you feel good and go, well, maybe i will go a few more. >> reporter: friends and supporters say, he can do it. >> just wanted to wish him happy birthday. >> hope you are long-lived. >> see you next year. >> reporter: they'll be back for the next milestone. >> just flattered. it's so nice. >> reporter: in san francisco, donna lynne, kpix 5 . >> we have a link to the events scheduled on, as well .
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up next, invited to the library of congress. how former president james madison played a role in her performance. we'll be right back.
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>> [ screaming ] tonight, musical sensation, lizzo, performed in a very unusual venue, the library of congress. she was invited to play for her president, james madison's dating back to 1813. linda was the first to play it in nearly 200 years. >> we just made history tonight! >> that is amazing.
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lizzo once had dreams of attending the paris conservatory as a flautist. once she started her singing career, she incorporated her flute in solos. a bay area animal shelter is overflowing with dependable dog lovers needed. peninsula humane society has 15 eyes and husky mixes. this accounts for half of their adoptable dogs. the shelter thinks this bike is due to "game of thrones" fans who first got them because they resembled the show's dire wolves, only to learn huskies can really be a handful. and an update on the journey of two mountain lions we've been following for a long while now. they are settling well in their new southern california homes. they recently moved to a zoo in palm desert after rehabbing in auckland. zookeepers say, the pair are active throughout the day, and
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they are playing at night. so, so good to see them prosper there. >> they know their names? >> maybe. if you say, rose, kitty, kitty? thank you so much for watching. "lake shore" is next. h a bunch f hidden fees at check out and are you like ughh. well, that may be coming to an end. today the biden administration announced a new proposal that would require airlines and online travel agencies to show the additional fees up front. that includes fees for seats with exta leg room, change or cancel a flight, or bring on checked or carryon bags. >> we here at the airline industry believe it's important to comply with the transportation department's call for transparent prices. and if you have ever flown a commercial jet you know that the real cost of flying isn't just financial, it's emotional. that's why the airlines are teaming up with we


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