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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  September 28, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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evacuate from nordstrom rack. > >> oaklands top cop says he wilo whatever it takes to make the city safer. the question this morning is, where will the manpower come from? > >> hurricane ian will intensify. [ technical difficulties ] > >> if you are getting ready, your travel times. ] > >> pushing boundaries, a grammyd singer bringing folk music to f, worldwide. how she is keeping her family's legacy alive. > >> pleasant hill police have been in a standoff since last night with a suspect at the
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nordstrom rack near sun valley mall. these are live pictures of of the scene. we can see police are also working on a barricade. . shoppers were forced to evacue the store last night as police d the place. we are waiting to get get some updates. > >> let's get to this morning's top stories. governor newsom is taking on the states housing crisis. he will be in san francisco later this morning. he morning. he is said to sign a package of housing bills. right now, in florida, millions are bracing for the impact of hurricane ian. the storm has spd tornadoes and flooding. 2.5 million people were advised to evacuate ahead of the storm. it is expected to take down power lines and bring a 10 to 12 foot storm surge. > >> the final january sixth
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hearing scheduled for later today has been postponed because because of hurricane ian. leaders are praying for safety for everyone in the storm's path . the final date has not been r. been released. > >> good morning and thank you so so much for joining us on this wednesday. we are halfway through the work week and not at going on. very calm and everyone everyone is keeping an eye on fa on florida. > >> i want to talk about this hurricane because, yesterday, we we were expecting it to hit category 4. look at the wind speeds. it is currently 155 miles an hour. that is a strong category 4. it is to miles an hr away from upgrading to a category five. that would be 157. so this is a massive storm making impact, shortly. as he gets closer and closer to the tampa bay area. as it passes
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over florida, it maintains category 1 until it pushes past florida into the atlantic. backn the coast, our local forecast, mild conditions. yesterday's forecast is exactly today. we are dealing with below average s from san francisco down to san jose as that onshore flow gives us a nice pacific breeze. we are are expected to warm-up as we wrap up this work week. we will see temperatures ranging above e above average as the high temperature sits offshore. it changes the direction of the wind and brings a nice warming trend for next week. we will keep you updated. > >> we are already busy. if you are getting ready to head over to the altamont pass, we have those brake lights. no surprise. surprise. that is what we pretty pretty much the for that area coming out of tracy. adding to that, it is windy. we are
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getting reports of windy conditions. a wind advisory in effect and your travel time is just about 37 minutes from 205 over to the dublin in change. the san mateo bridge, looking great, so far. it will only take take you about 12 minutes between 880 and 101. the bay bridge toll plaza, same story. off to a great start. pretty quiet, so far, over into san francisco. the golden gate bridge, they did have some early-morning roadwork. that looks like it is all wrapped up? up. justin? > >> oaklands police chief vowing to do whatever it takes to make the city safe for his officers working there night homicide in just over a week. that marks 96 homicides so far this year. the chief wants to deploy officers to the biggest trouble spots but but the police union wants to
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know where that extra help is sd to come from. andrea with that part of the story. >> reporter: we are going all hands on deck to address gun violence in the city of oakland seven days a week and increase . increase staff. officers work on on their days off last weekend and were called in on saturday night in order to enhance our es our efforts. >> reporter: according to the a, the association, the president, officers have already been working maximum overtime hours. >> burnout is a real cause for concern. >> reporter: currently, the department is working with 680 officers, already six fewer thay are authorized to have on the ss the streets. >> police officers diligently served this community and they are tired. every weekend, they are on deployment. pound for pound, they work harder than anr police officers in america. in extremely difficult environments
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. >> reporter: the chief says graduates have provided some re. some relief. it has made it possible to divert eight officers into the criminal investigations department in hopes of solving homicides and making arrests. the chief is fuy aware of the stress his plan will put on the department. >> this is something that we have to do and i don't think you you put a cost on loss of life. i am ready to deal with whatever whatever fallout there may be and what it costs us to make this city a bit safer. >> reporter: kpix 5 . > >> and update out of san francisco, a marathon session for the board of supervisors just ended seconds ago. the board hoping to find a resolution to a labor dispute affecting more than 80 food vendors at the airport. about 1000 food workers are expected to be on the picket lines for the third straight day, this mo.
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over $17 an hour and have not had a raise in years. they have been in negotiations with the restaurants for months. travelers out of sfo will have limited food options until further notice. >> san francisco fleet week gets gets underway on monday and we are proud to be this year's brot year's broadcast sponsor. as we celebrate our servicemen and wo, and women, don introduces us to a world war ii hero but to his sonoma county community, he has been a lifelong hero. music ] well-wishers are celebrg are celebrating this man and his and his 107th birthday. he still still has the groove and a lot
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of energy. the only gave up driving three years ago. >> that was a terrible thing in my life. i had a black porsche. that puppy was a great, great a. great automobile. oh! >> reporter: healthy and relatiy mobile, he started using the walker this year. i asked about his secret to longevity. >> first was martinis. they hel. they helped. but i have been just lucky. >> reporter: lucky, he says, because he survived world war ii after 35 combat missions over , germany. as a navigator over b-17 bombers and had a lot of close calls. the san jose resident is known to be the oldest living veteran in sonoma.
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veterans came to shake his hand but his service did not come with the military, he served on local college and hospital boards for decades. the lifelong lifelong philanthropist helped raise millions of dollars for charities. he had a lot of connections since he was a stock stock worker and finally retired retired in his 90s. >> his entire life is about service to the community and he is fine. >> reporter: his niece says he outlived his younger siblings be than six decades. >> people like to have something something positive to celebrate and i'll is something positive to celebrate. >> reporter: he says no birthdah birthday wish. just thankful for for the gift of time. [ applaus] applause ] >> now the only question we have have to ask you is what do you t for your 110th? >> when you get to this stage, some nights, you are not feelinl feeling well and you think, this this is the end of the road. and and then you wake up in the
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morning and you feel good. maybe maybe i will go a few more. >> reporter: friends and supporters say he can do it. >> i hope to see you again next. >> reporter: they will be back to dance to his next milestone. >> the platters, they are so nice. >> reporter: al has seen a little bit of everything in the his 107 years so we asked him what kind of wisdom he wants to share with the public. he said, simple. be honest. not just with with others but be honest with yourself. in santa rosa, kpix 5. 5 . > >> our special fleet week continues to next week. we also have links on our website at event central. that is on .
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>> honesty and martinis. >> and a really cool porsche. [ laughter ] an amazing life that he lived. >> and it is not just about that that world war ii hero celebrating big this morning, there is someone else celebrating big. there is this lady in contra costa county turning 101. she is expected to join some students this morning for festivities
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>> on our bay area beat, police are hoping someone will recognize a scooter thief caught scooter thief caught on camera in san jose. he had re-mobilizes re-mobilize her's. the man is shown smashing his way into the shop and then taking off with an an electric scooter. > >> today, middle school will beg its namesake, trailblazing the park ranger, the oldest living park ranger celebrating her 100d 100 and 31st birthday. she will visit classrooms, meet with students and also give a birthday cake. > >> we are tracking something ses something serious that is heading over florida. pretty intense and potentially a destructive storm. >
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>> it is already starting to make landfall. hurricane ian is pushing its way to the south of. of florida. this is a major storm in many ways. current winds at 155. do you know what it takes to become a category five hurricane? 157 miles an hour and we are two miles away from becoming a category five. nonetheless, this is an impactful storm and it is tracking toward florida. once it it makes its way to daytona bea, daytona beach, that will go back back into a depression. let's talk about the rainfall totals because here in the bay area, our rainfall totals are around 25 ines r year. with this storm, orlando is expected to gt over half of that. this morning, morning, we are waking up with a a marine layer in the bay. it ig
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us, this morning, keeping us nice and cool as we head into te afternoon and to add to that, we we will not be seeing it too much longer. high pressure will warm us up as we wrap up the week. we are still sitting around average. even cooler conditions along the coast. average conditions for the eastd hills. we will see a warming trd over the next couple of days and and then it drops that down to average. microclimates getting into the 90s by friday. sunshine, too. we cool down as we get into the weekend. > >> if you are getting ready to make that track into the altamont pass, it is not an easy easy one by any means. it is slowing for supercomputers and you can see all of that backup with caltrans bumper-to-bumper. right around mount house and extends all the way to 580, at least all the way to north
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flynn. winds are reported in the the area, as well. a high wind . wind advisory. just be careful if you are in a high-profile vehicle. that is your travel time over to 680. if you are heading along the nimitz freewa, nimitz freeway, this looks great, so far. mo oufreeways are moving nicely. no delays on. on 880. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are f are off. things are moving smoothly. so far, so good. 19 minutes from 37 as you head over over into san francisco. > >> jimmy garoppolo wasn't the only player to have an embarrassing moment on sunday. the former 49ers was involved. vern glenn shows us the niners were not alone, this week. > >> this is the volkswagen red and gold report. > >> time for the red and gold re. gold report. the 49ers get an
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extra day to prepare for the ra, this week. that is a good thing for jimmy garoppolo because they they have a lot to clean up. social media, sunday night just blew up with garoppolo stepping out of the end zone for a safety safety but it was worse than what happened in miami? the dolphins punch or kick the ball out of the end zone. miami won the game. the 49ers laughing about it saying my chiefs have a a big w tatted on them. now req, now required, charmin toilet paper. those chicks are going td something soft. i am vern glenn. glenn. [ laughter ] > >> we are going to be talking about a different sport. > >> we take you to the international friendly that brought many people to the south south bank.
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mexico and the colombian nationl colombian national soccer team. they brought the festivities out to levi stadium. they were there for hours to tailgate. having a good old time on a tuesday. chopper five and many are decked out with the colombian or mexican flags. this this was the last chance for mexico to see action ahead of te world cup. columbia ended up winning, 3-2. > >> your time is 5:19. calling i. it quits. why a longtime teacher teacher left her job but is still volunteering without pay. > >> reimagining a classic dollho. classic dollhouse.
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>> welcome back. it is your brunch time. i fixed this for j. fost > >> we are seeing the 60s in the forecast on the coast h it warp as we te t 75inoncord by noon.a toward napa. as for our friends on the peninsula, it is nice an. and cool. a little cooler into
5:23 am
the afternoon hours and we will see more sunshine, today. that l continue as we wrap up the week. week. > >> just to be clear, justin is the king of brunch. we are looking for invites. >> it is coming. it is coming. it is coming. >> we will see! > >> the roster typically but gone belongs to justin poole. this photo showing him holding the custom workers jersey and it received over 1 million likes. we also got a response from none from none other than steph curr. steph curry. the warriors will y will play two preseason games in in japan this weekend. we will wait to see if he is going to attend the game. >> he tweeted and said, we wille you soon. >> i want a personal jersey. >> we can make that happen, joc. happen, jocelyn. >
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>> maroon five is going to be spending a lot of time in sin city, next year. ] >> adam levine and his band is the latest musical act to announce a residency in las veg. las vegas. the news comes amid claims that he cheated on his wife with an instagram model. it it will kickoff in march and run run through august. tickets go on sale on monday. >> good timing for that family. > >> i just read that he and his e actually just flew to vegas, tor vegas, together. >> they are showing a united fr. united front. >> she is sticking beside him. >> i am not in that relationship . they have got to work it out.
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> >> toymaker, mattel, is taking r step to diversify its stalls offering barbie and ken with a variety of skin types and disabilities. the company hopes the move will help kids see themselves in a new light. those d proseticscan fi dolls ok a lo with more than 175 looks. mattel mattel consulted with experts to to make sure it accurately portrayed these cool new access. new accessories. >> i am so glad they are doing . doing this. in real life, everyone is not skinny. you know ? just a collection of differen, you know, personalities, skin colors, sizes. it is good to bee because that is the real world. >> and think about when you grew grew up and you did not see tha. see that. >> when i grew up, what barbie s barbie was was very unattainable
5:26 am
unattainable and unrealistic. but i think it is great. you are are right, there are people of all shapes, colors and sizes and and they deserve to be recognizd be recognized. > >> the cost of farm, there is a new program aimed at helping california growers to become eco-friendly but some say it comes at an expensive price tag. price tag. we will explain, coming up. > >> your time is 5:26. hurricane ian is on course to make landfal make landfall.
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♪♪ it's macy's vip sale... with an extra 30% off top designer looks. plus 15% off fragrances, skincare, makeup and more... now at macy's. >> welcome back. > >> let's go to a developing story. pleasant hill police have have been in a standoff since lt night with a substantive act
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suspect near the mall. police are still working on a barricade. shoppers were forced to evacuate the store last night night as police surrounded the place. we will have more updates more updates as we get them from from police. > >> taking a live look at fort myers, florida, where hurricane ian is on course to be a destructive and deadly storm. it it has now grown into a category category four hurricane and it is set to make landfall early this afternoon. we are in tampa with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. let me just tell you that, right now, we have seen a little bit f bit of wind and rain but certainly not the conditions we were anticipating. why is that ? that happening? the hurricane has shifted about 100 miles to
5:30 am
the south where it is expected to make a direct impact. the tampa bay area was ready to receive the worst of the storm. but, now, it is slated to make l in southwest florida. the question is, how prepared are w? are we? as in turns to florida, it is already showing the potential for destruction. on tuesday, it ripped into westerna western cuba g at t power to the entire country. key key west with flooded streets. it snapped this palm tree in half and pushed high waters into into this home. >> there will be catastrophic flooding and a life-threatening storm surge on the gulf coast rn coast region. >> reporter: across large parts of florida, people are not only preparing for flooding and waves waves that could reach 130 milen hour but for widespread power outages, officials warn it could
5:31 am
could take crews days to reach downed lines after the storm pa. storm passes. meanwhile, the outer bands are already likely to blame for spawning several suspected tornadoes that touched touched down in south florida toppling small planes at this broward county airport. the change of the track also means that hurricane ian is slated to make landfall early this morning . we originally thought it would would happen late overnight or early tomorrow but it certainly has changed. live in tampa, kpix kpix 5 . > >> officials are telling people to take all warnings very serio. are people doing that where you are at, now? >> reporter: i grew up in florida and i know floridians gt a lot of flak for whether or not not they prepared. i can tell you the vast majority of
5:32 am
floridians in those areas, they have gotten out and they are prepared. the big concern, once again, is this shift in the track. just to take a step back, the original track when it was t seen that hurricane ian would hit or was likely to hit florid, hit florida, we showed that the truck was heading to fort myers but then it completely changed and went to panama city and the panhandle. after that, it started moving more east to the tampa bay area. now, it is back to fort myers so the concern is that people have sort of let their guard down. we will have to see what happens. > >> we do have our meteorologist, meteorologist, jessica burch, he burch, here. how strong are we talking when it comes to this h? this hurricane? >> it is a category 4 but it is so close to being a category five. it takes 157 mile an hours
5:33 am
hour winds for it to be a category five so this is a massive storm making its way ino way into florida. here in san francisco, our total rainfall count for the whole year is usually 25 inches. they are expecting to get 16 just near orlando from this one storm. back in the bay area, we are still seeing that marine layer blanketing us, this morning. it is impacting a lot of us, keeping us nice and cool. as we take a look at our daytime high, daytime highs, we are below average from san jose all the wy up into san francisco. we are warming up just a little bit more. high-pressure building in and that will dry us up and warm warm us up. low 90s in the east inland hills. we will talk about about that coming up an hour full forecast. > >> let's start off with a troube
5:34 am
spot. walnut creek, there is an accident reported on 680 southbound and traffic is startg to backup. this is the same place we had a crash yesterday. it is interesting to see anothee spot in that area with the backup all the way to 242. pleasant hill all the way down into walnut creek. the boulevard boulevard might be a good option, instead. mass transit, t transit, bart is about 10 minutes behind schedule. the direction due to scheduled maine scheduled maintenance and let's get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering ligs te get turned on in in about 10 minutes but it is fairly quiet for your wednesday morning commute. as you work yor way over to san francisco. > >> now to a look at our other top stories. governor newsom has has signed a new law. nearly 200,000 california companies
5:35 am
with 15 or more employees will be required to share salary ranges with potential hires andy must also submit democratic demographic data. > >> flight attendants at united and southwest airlines staged demonstrations at more than 20 airports across the country, calling for better pay and incrd and increased staffing levels. staffing shortages have played e a role in thousands of cancellations and delays. the industry is down more than 50,000 workers since the pandemc the pandemic. > >> the senate voted to move forward with a stopgap funding bill to avoid a government shut. government shutdown. 72-23 after a controversial proposal was cut. congress is set to pass the pass the extension before friday friday at midnight. justin? > >> back here, the federal government is offering support to farmers, pushing them to go .
5:36 am
go green. >> we spoke to an almond grower who says the federal grant will shift her techniques into more sustainable ones. >> reporter: california farmers will tell you they feed the word the world. >> and if we take all of that off, inside, we have the actuald actual almond. >> reporter: when it comes to the almond, that is mostly true. true. >> california grows 80% of the world's almonds. >> reporter: according to kevin, , his family has grown the nuts for decades. >> our family has been farming since 1948. it is amazing how every generation sees differenc. sees differences. >> reporter: almond growers havd have worked to upgrade their sys to become eco-friendly including including the way they water crs water crops. instead of flooding flooding the orchard, she controls how much water crops get and when. >> this will show me where my water levels are. we use
5:37 am
moisture sensors to tell us how much water. >> reporter: but there is one problem with eco-friendly practices. >> they are extremely expensive. . >> reporter: that is where the federal government comes in. a grant will go to farmers to develop or continue using eco-friendly farming strategies including lowering water usage and capturing carbon. >> we are helping with greenhouse emissions. >> reporter: new irrigation sys, environmentally friendly tractors and capturing emissions emissions are great for the environment but tough on the po. the pockets. >> this grant is really going to going to help drive and create that industry. >> reporter: blue diamond, the company that controls a large share of california's almond crp almond crop. it could make a mar difference for california as a whole. > >> that was more of reporting. it is unclear how or when the grant money will be funneled to
5:38 am
farmers. it will be necessary in in the long term for evans farming to continue growing almonds in a sustainable way. > >> we are just weeks into the school year and districts across districts across the bay area are still struggling to fill teacher positions. the state could lose more teachers due to burnout. more than 68% of teachs of teachers describe their jobs as exhausting. according to then the association at ucla, one out out of five say they will likele the profession in the next thre. one of the biggest problems was finding affordable housing. sano takion. the city is celebrating is celebrating the groundbreaking of its very first very first affordable housing project for teachers. the building will be on 43rd avenue and it will provide 135 new homes for district employees and and educators and their families
5:39 am
families earning between 35,000 and $150,000. jocelyn, that is just one of the pieces of puzzles why many educators are calling it quits. it has been difficult for teachers especially after the pandemic. >> we found a teacher in south san francisco who reached a turning point that cannot seem to leave her students behind. >> >> everyone thinks i am crazy and guess what? they are right. >> reporter: jackie walks into the classroom. even when she is. is no-nonsense. >> you have to be responsible. >> reporter: it doesn't take very long to realize how popular she is. everywhere she goes, she gets a hero's welcome with high-fives, shout outs. their smiling faces say it all. >> she is always happy. she is always positive. >> everybody! oh my god!
5:40 am
>> reporter: >> reporter: teaching sustainability and earth science. she just received donations to keep it growing. r her commitment, jackie doesn't get paid a single penny. she res to work almost every day as a volunteer after feeling burnout. burnout. she retired earlier than she really wanted a few months ago. >> i did not leave because of te children. i left for bureaucratic reasons and not enough support for the teachers and for what we do. >> reporter: teachers like jackie are leaving because of their workload, more responsibilities, student behavl student behavioral issues exasperated by the pandemic and student-teacher ratios making the job more difficult. >> it is stressful being a teacher and having a classroom that is overpopulated. >> it was time for me to go and
5:41 am
time for me to get out. that is why i went back to be with my ks my kids. >> reporter: 80% of districts se districts statewide report staffing difficulties. all full-time teacher positions at bruce elementary have been filld to start the academic year but acknowledges staffing issues pe. issues persist. >> it remains about the same. post covered, it has been diffi. been difficult. we work together together and help each other out. >> reporter: the ongoing challenge for years to come is r is for school officials, parents parents and state leaders to somehow convince teachers like jackie to return or retain them longer. >> this is my home! my second home. >> reporter: kenny choi, kpix 5. 5 . >> we continue our celebration f celebration of hispanic heritage heritage month with a singer tht has deep california roots. she
5:42 am
shares with us how she draws from her heritage to make beautiful music. [ music ] [ mc ] with every note she belts out , she continues to keep her family's legacy alive. >> there are just so many layer. many layers. even having the ley with my grandfather and singing his songs. >> reporter: her grandfather was was the beloved iconic singer. he died tragically in a plane crash in 1957. her father also following in his father's footsteps started over 80 films as an actor before he passed away in 2009. >> i grew up watching my dad perform on stage and watching my my grandfather on film, hearing his recordings. so every time ir
5:43 am
i hear mariachi, that takes me to a special place with my family >> reporter: now, she is making her own way, singing songs of her heritage. >> i saw my dad do that. i think think that is what inspired me . me most. how he could take themo a place like family. and back tr back together. you can cry together and celebrate together and it is such a good feeling. >> reporter: she was born and rd in southern california and gradd from ucla in 2017 with a degreen f no music. she has been performing traditional folk music across the country ever s. ever sent. [ singing ] >> reporter: >> reporter: in 2019, her debut was nominated for a grammy awar. grammy award. in 2020, her son
5:44 am
was nominated for a latin gramm. grammy award. in celebration of hispanic heritage month, she recently performed with the symy the symphony at symphony hall. >> those are my parents and grandparents songs. i cannot even express what it was. there is just this feeling that comes over you. >> reporter: this included a bilingual performance. [ music ] performance. [ music ] [ music] would you crush your heart ande and promise [ music ] [ music ] >> she will spend the rest of the year performing all over california and always looking to to what is next. >> i think i could be like the o the latino michael to play bringing those classics. and now, i can kind of see that vision coming true. >> reporter: with this music so close to her heart, she hopes to to keep the genre alive and in the forefront for the next gene.
5:45 am
next generation. >> i really love that conversation i had with her. we always have limited time. she was a really beautiful and sweet sweet person and she loves the fact that she is a role model. so well educated smart and just keeping that heritage alive. >> and a phenomenal artist. >> the fact that she says she wants to keep the genre alive. i i will ask you more about her i. i want to know more. > >> ahead on our money watch headlines, saving some cash. the the doctor visits will soon cause list for medicare. > >> coming up on the drew barrymore show,
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>> let's take a look at this mos money watch report. millions of americans covered by medicare will pay less for the part b pl. b plan. that covers routine doctors visits and other outpatient care. president biden biden tell that the lower premiums during the rose garden speech with the annual rate at a four decade high. the increase will bring some welcome relief.
5:49 am
it is expected to be coupled with the high cost of living increase and social security benefits. > >> san francisco lyft has put the brakes amid an economic downturn. stocks tumbled 86%, ts year. and after the hiring freeze, shares fell 3.8%. uber also said it was lowering in mat has not announced a freeze. lyft has nearly 5000 employees in t. in total. that is a look at your your money watch report. > >> hurricane ian has everyone is in america's eyes on it, right w right now. wind gusts are up to 155 miles an hour and it takes 157 miles an hour to make this a a category 5. nonetheless, it is is expected to make landfall, this morning, as it pushes through the whole state of flor.
5:50 am
of florida. category 1 as it moves closer to orlando. this ia massive storm bringing a lot of storm surge. back in the bay, this is a dark area but you can see that marine layer sitting over the city, right now. the tower camera. numbering layer is is going to stick around but notice how it dissipates. we will see sunny skies across thed the board, virtually everywhere in the bay area and it last as we head into the afternoon and not making an impact until tomorrow morning. high pressure is going to start building its way in. this will change the forecast for us and the afternoon daytime highs. as then sets over us, we will be dealing dealing with warmer and drier conditions. relative humidity will drop off. it will be very dry out there. friday's
5:51 am
forecast. as we take a look at the daytime highs, we are still sitting in the 80s. 90s by friday. 60s along the coast and 70s for tomorrow. san francisco, francisco, upper 60s, now. 70s for friday. a very similar trend no matter which microclimate you live in. low 80s for now and and low 90s by friday. we will get back down to normal as we are heading into the weekend. > >> let's take a look at the roadways. we've got a bit of a g a snag causing delays as you are are heading into walnut creek. that is where we have got a crah a crash walking at least three . speeds at eight miles an hour and slow-and-go. that traffic backing up into concord. all the the way out to 342. valley boulevard might be a good alternate for you. hopefully, that helps your commute. if you
5:52 am
are taking 80, it is slow in both directions right around airbase parkway. the eastbound side, especially. we have a crash walking two lanes. it is w is slow whether you're going west or east on 80. taking a look at traffic along the bay b, bay bridge, metering lights are on and we are starting to see a few bright lights. a little slower heading into san francisco. other than that, this are quiet on most of the bay ara bridges. > >> coming up, a peninsula animal animal shelter is blaming an hbt for a spike in dogs at the cent. the center. what we are learning are
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5:55 am
>> welcome back. the weather is mild, this week. we needed a break and it finally happened. all along the coastline, even into the east bay, nothing too crazy but do you know what really helps this? that onshore. onshore flow. this is the wind expected as we extend into the 1:00 hour all the way into the evening. 20 miles an hour along the coastline. it gets gusty in the east inland hills. as we head into our forecast tomorrow, we will talk more about those numbers in just a bit. >
5:56 am
>> the bay area animal shelter s overflowing with huskies in hopes that dog lovers will adopm adopt them. the humane society has 15 huskies and husky mixes accounting for half of the adoptable dogs. the shelter thinks the spike is due to the e of thrones fans who first got them because they resembled the dire wolves only to learn that huskies can be a handful. > >> 5:56. an historic plane takes takes to the sky and we look at what could be the future of flying with this new technology. . > >> we celebrate our servicemembers as fleet week gets underway. we introduce you to a world war ii veteran making veteran making a difference rigt here in the bay area. > >> we are tracking hurricane ian. landfall. > >> you are looking at the city by the bay. a cool start to you.
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>> right now on kpix 5 news at , taking a live look from fort myers . all eyes on hurricane ian and we are tracking the storm before it makes landfall. > >> we are going all hands on dek on deck to address gun violence in the city of oakland. > >> a strong message coming from the police chief. a new plan to make the city safer. > >> the global outrage after a controversial death in iran and people are making their voices heard here at home. > >> this fight is for the women in iran and the women around the the world for them to be free, . free, finally. >> the show of solidarity


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