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tv   CBS News Bay Area Afternoon Edition  CBS  September 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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> >> breaking news. flood waters g in florida as hurricane ian brings a dangerous storm surge and powerful winds onshore. good onshore. good afternoon, i'm ryan yamimoto. ian is one of the the strongest hurricanes to hit florida ever, and its impacts are wide. this is a live look near tampa. more than 100 miles away from the eye of the storm.e ian's winds near category 5 strength, sitting at 155 miles per hour. you can see in some of see in some of these images of the monster storm here bringing flooding along with it. jason allen has the latest report fro. >> reporter: downed power linesd a fire and flooded streets in naples, florida, as the powerful powerful storm pummeled the stae with strong winds and heavy rains. >> it is going to have major, mr
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impacts in terms of wind and rain and flooding. so this is going to be a nasty, nasty day, two days. >> be prepared. storm warnings are real. the evacuation notices notices are real. >> reporter: the storm damaged , including in poem broke pines, north of miami. in davy, florida, residents woke up to downed trees and other debris. e than 2.5 million people were under mandatory evacuation orde. but by law, no one could be ford to leave. >> reporter: i urge those who he sheltered in place to stay indos and stay off the roads. >> reporter: the national hurrie center warned of storm centers raising the level more than 12 feet for some coastal areas. ofs in charlotte county braced for a a direct hit. >> we are beginning to see sustd tropical storm force winds, which means emergency crews frol of our emergency response agencies have been pulled from the road and are no longer able to respond. >> there are already reports ofr outages and officials warned
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people in ian's path electricitd be out for days. the state and fema say they are ready to help as soon as the storm moves out. >> we have moved in a variety os of all sizes and types. >> and the suits coast guard urd people to be cautious as it answers several calls for help this morning for people in key west. caught in the storm. jason storm. jason allen. cbs news, t. >> reporter: and florida governr ron desantis says the state has0 linemen and 7000 national guard troops on standby to help with e recovery once the storm moves t. we want to bring in first alertt jessica burch on this storm. this is a catastrophic storm. nw the winds are even bigger. >> i mean when we are talking at the wind, that is how we breakdn categories and hurricanes. 157ms per hour winds would mean it is a category 5 hurricane. current conditions we are sitting at 155. you see how we are flirting flirting with upper numbers. mu, as we look, this is about a 35 s
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per hour gap right there with that eye. so it is a very strong very strong system just making landfall there. we are keeping a a close eye on the weather center. > >> the storm ratched up its int. how does that happen? rapid intensification. that is the study of stronger storms when ty become a major storm category 4 or 5. a lot of things played into this. the sea surface temperatures are well above average. allowing it to fuel thg system once it popped off cuba.r that, wind shear would destroy e system right now. but we are nog that play a factor to. it is ramping up as it pushes its way into florida. > >> the question we all want to r is to our friends in florida, when is going to got this system to got this system to finally weaken. > >> exactly. i would say three big things making landfall that inevitably weakened that systemo add to that wind shear was a big was a big factor. >> one last thing like i penced,
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cooler sea surface temperaturese are coming off the summer month. the temperatures are warm that t hurricane pushed a little bit away from this correction, so it correction, so it didn't impacte sea just in the gulf of mexico.o we are seeing this continue to rapidly intensify as it pushes its way all into florida. >> thank you, jessica for that . just to give you a picture whate florida is dealing with, as youk at the images of ian right heree 155 miles per hour winds do hold. this will be the fifth stt storm on record to hit the u.s.y 14 category 4 or 5 hurricanes he hit florida since 1851. this is the second strongest storm in florida history. hurricane andrew as we remember caused 23 deaths back in 1992. we have to and you can watch coverage live from cbs miami. > >> if you live in san joor livee
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valley, you may earthquake. a quake hit just after 10:00 a.m. the epicenter s 15 miles northeast of san jose.o far 50 people have reported feeg it to the usgs locally. no one or no reports of any inyour ries ries or damage. governor gavin newsom signed a bill package today, expediting instruction in in housing in california. it wil allow for more affordable housing to be built in underused underused commercial areas. in addition the new bills would cre thousands of high paying jobs. h a state program called the california housing accelerator.n will provide funding to 30 housing development projects that will build around 2700 new homes. > >> but this is a big package. te bills matter. they go across the the spectrum. not just what we have talked about. it goes to te issue of farm worker housing. gs
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to the issue of transparency, ad accountability. >> reporter: those bills are pat of a housing package of more thn 40 other housing related proposs that the governor has approved. >> san francisco is billing houg for teachers, crews breaking ground. that will sit along 4 3rd eve in the outer sunset. the sunset. the complex will provide provide 3500 new homes for district employees, educators and their families. $150,000 will be eligible and constructin is expected to be finished by 2024. one of the biggest problems teachers cited in wanting to leave the profession was finding affordable housing.y educators are calling it quits for other reasons. found a teacr in san francisco who reached a turning point but can't seem to leave her students behind. >> everyone thinks i'm crazy ans
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what? they are right. >> >> even when she is no nonsenset doesn't take very considering te how popular miss d, is. everywhe the long time third grade teacher goes, she gets a hero's welcome with high fives, hugs and shoutouts from former stude. their smiling faces say it all. >> she is always happy. she is always positive. >> it is just the joy of schoolk everybody. miss d. miss d. >> reporter: then it is off to e school garden, jackie and studes dug up a decade ago to teach sustainability and earth scienc. they have just received donations to keep it growing an. but for all this work and counts hours, jackie doesn't get paid a paid a single penny. she returns returns to work almost every day every day now as a volunteer, after feeling burnout. she retired earlier than she really wanted, a few months ago. >> i did not leave because of te
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children. i left because of bureaucratic reasons, not enough enough support for the teachers and for what we do. >> reporter: teachers like jacke are leaving because of their work load, more responsibilitie, student behavioral issues exacerbated by the pandemic and increasing student to teacher ratios, in part because of staffing issues that make the job more difficult. >> it is stressful being a teacr and having a class that is overpopulated. >> sadly enough, it was time foe to go and get out. that is why i i go back and be with my kids. >> reporter: extensive surveys w 80% of districts state wide rept staffing difficulties. a first year principal says all first time teacher positions have been been filled to start the academc year, but acknowledges staffing issues within the district pers. >> they remain about the same. t covid, it has been difficult. bt we have a wonderful school distt where we work together to help
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each other out and we'll move f. >> reporter: the ongoing and dag challenge of the years to come is for school officials, parents officials, parents and state leaders to somehow convince teachers like jackie to return.r retain them longer. >> this is my home. my second h. >> reporter: if south san franc, kenny choi, kpix 5. > >> a world war ii hero who spens life leaving a lasting impressi. we are going to introduce you ta
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> >> let's take a live look at thg board after some roller coaster days in the last couple of week, it is in plus territory right atthe oakland international ve airport, where officials are nog off the completed and ongoing is on the airport's infrastructureo biggest improvements are the red taxi ways that connect different different parts of the airport.e work on these two are being fund mostly by the faa. a $30 million million project will impact almt every flight at the airport. the airport. the faa says projects like these are important to thel economy. >> extemporaneously i want to sy we have heard repeatedly this is is a crateical infrastructure vl
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to our nation's transportation,, you are not a global community, and economy without airports. ad we at airports support that and feel that. >> officials also added that mot of the renovation work came from work came from local support giving a boost to alameda county's job growth. > >> okay, san francisco's fleet k gets underway on monday. and here at kpix 5 we are proud to be a sponsor as we celebrate our celebrate our service members. o his sonoma county community, he has been already a life long he. > >> a swing back and well wisherg this man albert and his 107th b. he still has the groove and a lt of energy. he only gave up driving three years ago.
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>> that was a terrible thing iny life. i gave up my porsche. i had a black porsche. oh my, that that puppy was a great, great automobile. >> mentally sharp, healthy and y mobile, he started using the walker this year. i asked about his secret to longevity. >> first was martinis. and they. but i have been just lucky. >> reporter: lucky, he says, bee he survived world war ii. al flew 35 combat missions over gey and had a lot of close calls. te santa rosa resident is known to be the oldest living veteran in sonoma county. veterans of different branches and wars came came to shake his hand. but hise didn't end with the military. he military. he served on local coe and hospital boards for decadesa
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rosa leaders say the lifelong philanthropist helped raise millions of dollars for chariti. he had a lot of connections sine he was a stockbroker and finally stockbroker and finally retired in his 90s. >> his entire life is about sere to the community. and he is fun. is fun. >> reporter: his niece, carol, s he out lived his younger siblins and his wife of more than six decades. she passed away 20 years ago. >> people like to have somethine to celebrate. and al is something positive to celebrate. positive to celebrate. >> reporter: he says no birthda. just thankful. thankful for the gift of time. >> al the only question we are g is what do you want on your cake cake for your 1 10th? >> i'll be lucky if i celebrate. when you get to this stage, soms you are not feeling well, and you think well this is the end of the road. and then you wake up in the morning and you feel
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good and well, maybe i'll go a few more. >> reporter: friends and suppors say he can do it. >> i just wanted to wish him hay birthday. >> one vet to another, i hope te you again next year. >> reporter: they will be back o dance to his next milestone. >> just flattered. it is so nic. >> reporter: al has seen a litte bit of everything in his 107 years. so i asked him what kindf wisdom he wants to share with te public. he said simple, be honest. not just honesty with others, but be honest with your. >> reporter: in santa rosa, kpi. > >> our special fleet week covere continues next week on air and online. > >> okay let's check in with thet alert meteorologist jessica. tht marine layer is still sticking ? >> reporter: it is still stickig around. i am stressed about it.i
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was supposed to go flying this . look at the golden gate bridge. the marine layer dense as we hed into the evening hours. it will be a cloudy night. but you know what? high pressure is starting to build its way in for the nexe of days. that is going to warm us up and dry us up as we head into a beautiful weekend. 80s fr us today off in the eastland hills. this is great dog walkin, getting out there. just enjoying there. just enjoying trail weather along our coastline. we are right around average thanks to that pacific breeze pushing in all afternoon. it will be a gusty afternoon anywhere down into bodega. high pressure pushing its way in from the south. that is warm air from thr drying us up. we'll see more sunshine in place, especially off in the eastland hills. > >> as we look at your 7-day, wee 70s from thursday and friday in
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san francisco. nothing too crazy. but it will warm up. even up. even just enjoying the poolt sounds like an amazing way to enjoy your friday. but once we head into the weekend we get right back down to normal. 80s and upper 70s in sight. we'll kp you updated on that here in the weather center. for now, back over to you. > >> thanks, jess. > >> the 49ers want to win the sle clean before next week's game against the rams. that might be
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> >> jimmy garoppolo wasn't the oy player to have an embarrassing moment on sunday. a former 49er was involved in a blunder of his his own. vern glenn has your red red and gold report. > >> > >> time now for the red and gold and gold report. the 49ers get an extra day to prepare for the rams this week. that is a good thing for jimmy garoppolo and the offense, because they have a a lot to clean up.
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>> social media, sunday night, just blew up when garoppolo sted out of the end zone for a safety. but it was worse than what happened in miami. the dolphins punter kicked it rightf trent's fap any out of the end . miami won the game. so he could laugh about it. he tweeted my cs have a big w, tatted on them. d they were man reported those chs are going to need something soft. with the red and gold report, i'm vern glenn. > >> thanks, vern. > >> a bay area pioneer of the pas honored for turning 101 today. a 101 today. a special birthday celebration for betty suskin, right after this. > >> and join us every weekday for new live newscast at 7:00 and 8:00 on our sister station kbc w w and streaming on cbs news bay. you can find us on channel 397 d
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> >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> today president biden hosting >> tod a conference on hunger and food insecurity for all americans. cg up at 3:00, we talk with a bay a food bank about the growing needs here at home. > >> > >> let's get one last check of e forecast. >> reporter: well that marine lr still staying strong right now just at the bridge. looks like it is sunny everywhere else, th,
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here in the bay area. one thing i want to mention is we extendeo the next couple of days, we areg to see a mini heat wave push ine are experiencing a warming trens high pressure starts settling in. today we are sitting above e and right at average for our frs off in the east bay. cooler temperatures along the coast, but daytime highs today still beautiful across-the-board. > >> thanks, jess. > >> we want to wish a very happyy to betty reese suskin who turned suskin who turned 100 last thursday. today she got to celebrate with kids at the middle school. the school was renamed in her honor last year in celebration of her 100th birthday. out of everything she has accomplished, the school shs is her biggest legacy. >> it means the children who coe here, in the long-distance assit future, are going to know who i
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was. even if i don't. >> she grew up in oakland and worked as a clerk for the all black boilerms union during world war ii. she was active in the civil rights movement and was crucial in devg the rosie the riveter home front front park in richmond. that is where she served until earlier this year when she retired as the oldest park ranger in the country. that is if for news at. we'll see you back here at 3:00. at 3:00.
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>> thomas: you're from child protective services? >> cps agent: yes, we are. does the child douglas forrester reside at this address? >> thomas: yeah, it's my son. >> cps agent 2: is he here? we need to check on his well-being. >> ridge: why? he's fine. >> cps agent: that's what we're here to determine. >> thomas: did someone file a complaint? [ music fades ] >> brooke: it's better to talk here. i'm not comfortable discussing this at the office. >> liam: yeah, i mean, it's not exactly a secret that you're unhappy about douglas staying with thomas. >> hope: i have been very careful not to escalate things. >> liam: yeah, okay, but here's the thing. if your mom is right, and is seeing this... change in thomas for the worst,


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