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tv   The Late News  CBS  September 29, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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>> we heard like six gunshots. >> i saw the bullets, they were going everywhere. >> gunfire erupted an oakland sl oakland school, sending parents and students into a panic. >
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>> tonight, new details on the win in the search for possibly more than one shooter. > >> waist deep water and nearly 2 2 million without power, live, in florida, as it is walloped by by one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the u.s. > >> good evening. we begin with g a terrifying ordeal for hundreds hundreds of parents and students students in east oakland. the mass shooting, winning six and sending a school complex into a lockdown as police swarm the co. the complex. tonight, they are looking for at least one shooter, possibly more. meanwhile, classes are canceled tomorrow at the king estate campus. the site, on fontaine street, serves more than three students at the schools. and continuing and newcomer high sc. high schools. in the past couple couple of hours, we have learned
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, four of the victims are expected to recover, but two are are still fighting for their lives tonight. kpix 5's katie nielsen joins us live , from the the hospital. katie? >> reporter: three of the six shooting victims were brought here to highland hospital in oakland, we had a chance to talk talk with some of the eyewitnesses to this afternoon's afternoon's shooting, as they told us what they saw and heard. >> i went to the window, and i saw, like, the bullets going ev. going everywhere. i was like, is is this some kind of, you know, someone is playing, i saw my coworkers running away and i saw saw the sky giving up and he was was bleeding, i was like, this is not a game, this is real. >> reporter: henry did not want to give us his last name, but says he is an employee at rexdale, he says he was eating his lunch, when here at the gunshots at the campus around 15 around 12:45, wednesday afternoon. >> i was thinking about my life,
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life, i was like, let's go, let's run away, i said, let's go go to the bathroom, let's go and and hide ourselves. >> we were in our class, just doing our work and we heard six gunshots, seven gunshots. >> reporter: all three schools were locked down for an hour and and half. parents anxiously waited to pick up their children children at a reunification center about an hour away. >> i was thinking the worst. >> you are just scared, you just just want to see your kids. >> reporter: according to the school district, all people who were shot were affiliated with the school in some way. law enforcement tells kpix 5 this could have been a targeted shooting, targeting possibly one of the students. >> i completely understand the fear, the emotion, the panic when shootings are occurring at our schools, with our young children, and it is completely and wholly unacceptable. >> reporter: >> reporter: the oakland school district no longer has its police department. the department was disbanded in 2020 2020 in favor of culture keepers, unarmed staff members who were supposed to help with
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nonviolent conflict resolution. >> when this happens, there is going to be a period where we are going to have to work through, because we don't have our own police department. >> reporter: oakland police have have not released information about suspect, but according to law enforcement, there could be up to three gunman. katie niels, katie nielsen, kpix 5. > >> the school shooting comes a day after oakland locked its nine, cited nine days. there have been nearly 100 so far this this year, and the city has seen seen three shootings at schools in just the past 60 days. no one one has died, but a six-year-old six-year-old girl, and a 13-year-old boy were among the . the wounded. > >> we go to florida, where hurricane ian has been churning its way across the state for 12 hours now, bringing with it winds over 150 miles per hour and a storm surge nearly as high high as a two story building. check out this video out of naples about 45 minutes south of of fort myers. both cities got
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hit hard. the water getting up so high it almost completely covers the truck. for a better perspective, take a look at this this time-lapse video out of santa bell, showing the waters rising and the town disappearin. town disappearing. > >> nearly 2 million people in florida lost power at some point point today. cbs correspondent, jason allen, joins us live, from tampa, jason? >> reporter: andrea, thankfully the rain here, in tampa, is lesson tonight. the backside of the storm though, even though it it is a little more dry, it is still just as powerful. at times, the wind gusts, 60 miles per hour punching through the downtown area. the concern, shifting to central florida. they could get possibly a foot, maybe 18 inches of rain as this storm continues to move very slowly across the state. >> reporter: much of florida is hunkered down for what may be one of the most severe weather events in u.s. history.
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hurricane ian's churning its way way across the state, after making landfall as a category four storm on wednesday. ian came ashore just west of fort myers. peak wind speeds are measured at 150 miles per hour, tying it as the fifth strongest hurricane to ever had the country. as night fell, more than 1 million homes and businesses were without power. a a number officials feared would grow much higher. they also said said emergency services had been been suspended in some areas. >> >> first responders will deploy as soon as it is safe to do so. >> reporter: more than two and half million people were under evacuation orders as ian approa. ian approached. it is unclear how many state put to ride it out. >> if it comes outside you may be in the eye of the storm. >> reporter: forecasters predicted severe flooding, as it it creeps inland. >> it will take 24 hours or so as it makes landfall to make it to the other side of the state across the peninsula. 24 hours of rainfall, 24 hours of wind. >> reporter: he and is expected
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to lose some of its intensity overnight, but the national hurricane center says it will likely inundate georgia and south carolina through the week. the weekend. >> and with the wind starting to to drop just a little bit here along the west coast we have seen over the past couple of hours more of those stage west p west group rescue crews, taking some of those inundated areas taking the search there, we know know in some areas tonight, south of where we are, south of tampa, we expect those to continue well into the day tomo. day tomorrow. >> thank you so much, jason, stay safe out there and hopefully you have a chance to dry off now. > >> well, cbs news is partnering with the red cross on florida relief efforts. you can donate, by following the link on your s. your screen. > >> we are going to take a look at where that storm is now, and what it means for tomorrow, and where it comes back on shore again, because it will come back back on shore again for parts of of the eastern united states. >
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>> plus we need to talk about our warm up going into friday. we will do that coming up next. > >> plus, will the hurricane mean mean more at the pump? the prest the president to oil and got gas gas companies tonight. > >> the 49ers took to the gridiron to tackle cancer.
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>> new video out of san leandro tonight, where a fire surrounded fire surrounded this house, where it burned to the ground. luckily the property was vacant. here is what is left of it tonight. by the time the fire crews douse the flames, only the the charred frame was still standing. no word tonight on the the cause of that fire. > >> tonight, residents of one of san jose's largest homeless in camp minces on notice. about 100 100 people relocated to columbuk columbus park earlier this month month after the city forced them them out from under the nearby minetta flightpath. the city says columbus camp will be cleared by mid-november. > >> meanwhile, homeless advocacy group is suing san francisco to stop its encampment sweeps. the suit calls them unconstitutional, adding that the policy only punishes the on housed, rather than helping them. a spokesperson for the city attorney's office tells
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kpix 5, quote, the city is acutely focused on expanding our our temporary shelter and permanent housing options to alleviate the homelessness crisis. > >> back to hurricane ian. we have new video out of naples, florida, where fire crews rescued a woman trapped inside her car, as floodwaters rose around her. across town, firefighters waited through waist deep water in their flooded station trying to reach their trucks. the storm made landfall with 150 mile-per-hour winds causing this traffic light in tampa to smash the ground, and tonight president biden's warning oil and gas companies to to not use the storm as a way to to jacked up prices at the pump. he says the storm has had almost no impact on production and if companies do raise prices prices he will take action. > >> new video into the newsroom minutes ago, destructive whipping winds when ian made landfall at port charlotte. it is going to be a tough recovery
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process there, and it is really not over yet, it is moving east. east. >> this is still a classified h. classified hurricane. i just got got the 11:00 update from the hurricane center. the sustained winds inside ian r 75 miles per hour. 74 is what you need to be a hurricane. that means this thing has about an hour left. by by the next update it will likely get downgraded. just for context we will go back to noon today. when it came on shore as a category four at 150 mile-per-hour winds sustained. the progress of the storm now moving across the state. the speed with which it is moving now is nine miles per hour, it has covered a lot of ground at that speed, but it is moving sl. moving slowly. there's still a lot of rain here, so, certainly the strong winds and the storm surge are the headlines from the the impact, but what we have now now is a storm dropping a lot on of rain and it will continue to do that as the truck takes it, believe it or not, back on
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shore. into the carolinas as a tropical storm. this will not restrengthen into another hurricane, but all of that rain has got to go somewhere, a lot of rain moving into the southeastern united dates, and many new pictures tomorrow in the light of day coming from fort myers and we will certainly certainly keep you updated as we we learn more on the impact fro. from ian. > >> okay, here at home, smooth sailing. if you look at the daytime highs today, they are right on the mark for average except for one location in the , the city, 71 and 72 would be the the average, so you are kind of missing out on september weather right now. but everybody else is doing september. low to mid 80s on monday. tomorrow morning we are starting out in the upper upper 50s and for the daytime highs tomorrow we warm up just a a little bit, which means you have got to go a little above average if you are inland, but you finally warm-up to just about average in the city. here is what that looks like, south bay, low to mid 80s, peninsula, 76, hayward will be right there with you on the east bay, we get get into the midland east bay, 72 degrees, two degrees above
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average, but there is that 71 for the city, and if you look at at the east bay sort shoreline again, san leandro will be in the 70s, 85 in santa rosa, and the numbers in mendocino county will also be in the mid-80s. by the way, if 84 is the average for this inland east bay valleys, we were pretty much right there today. tomorrow we are about two or three degrees above it, but by friday we are going into the low 90s, we are not staying there long, so friday is the peak warmth. for san francisco, oakland, and san jose, you see what that means in in san jose, warm-up all the way way to 85. you will not notice this much, that is not a big swing, but in the inland east valleys, you will. for what it is worth we will cool down and be average for most of the seven-day after that. vern, over over to you. > >> straightahead in sports, the giants trying to get even, and all rise, the judge was in session tonight. north of the b. the border.
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>> the 49ers took their game to the runway tonight to help tackle cancer. players escorted 23 cancer survivors, as they strutted their stuff in 49er ge. 49er gear. this is part of the kickoff of the nfl's crucial catch campaign, and vern, you are there and you got to see these kids that have battled so much watch want done that runway. >> i didn't get a chance to go down the runway, but that is okay. what an event. speaking o, of events, the jackets, wow, record of 77 and 78, eight wins in their last nine games. slim playoff hopes alive, which is seven regular-season games left. now, on a row like this, jack peterson, any hairstyle works. they keep beating the rockies home, up two in the sixth, peterson added to it. found a whole. no problem for thai restaurant out to score. joey, from first base. did he hustle ?
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hustle enough? yes, safe. giants giants beat the rockies for the seventh straight time, 6-3 tonight. they are six and half games behind the phillies for that last wild-card spot. > >> 80s in anaheim, and happier times. here's a mood changer. mike trout, home run her. this sparked a three run inning for . for l.a. the 10th big fly of the the month, 4-1 win. the a's look look to avoid a sweep tomorrow. > >> soccer, shea announces he will retire at the end of the season, his 13th was san jose. he is the franchise all-time leader in assists, second only to chris in games played. milestone, wednesday for yankees, aaron judge, the kid from an hour outside of sacrameo of sacramento added a piece of american league history tonight. >> and a 3-2. this could be it!
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see you! he's done it! number 6. number 61. >> judge, in the seventh inning at toronto, tied fellow yankee, roger marist, for the american league season home run record that is stood for 60 years. now, now, that ball, or some money for whoever could grab it, this blue jays fan can close, couldn't squeeze it in. so, judge got the ball, and to give it to his mother, patty. a first first pitch from san francisco , francisco native, jean dolores schmidt, 103 years young, cost one at the cubs game. even got a a bearhug from clark, the bear. how about it, trey? are we going going to be able to do that at 103? >> i don't know if i'm going to
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be able to do that at 103, but that's a pretty good pitch. not bad. >> i will make reservations for 103 to see if i can make it. >> i will be there to watch. > >> thanks. > >> co
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>> new video of vice president, kamala harris, visiting the demd the demilitarized zone that
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divides north and south korea, the visit comes one day after north korea fired two ballistic missiles at the water off of its its east coast. the vice president arrived in asia this week to attend the funeral for former japanese prime minister, shinzo abe. it has long been a destination for u.s. presidents presidents and vice presidents on a visit to south korea. > >> the blue angels are the stars stars from san francisco fleet week, but tonight we want to introduce you to a different group of fighters 6000 miles away. russian president, volodymyr zelenskyy, to draft civilians in ukraine, has sparked large-scale protests, but the move also underscores the military. it comes as no surprise to the california national guard, which has been helping to train ukrainian pilots for years. meteorologist and first lieutenant, jessica burch, is a black hawk pilot with the guard and has this rep.
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this report. >> reporter: early weekend morning, the fresno national guard base is buzzing with that. that every. this is some of the 1/44 fighter wing. >> the 1/44 fighter wing is composed of 1100 airmen all over over the west coast, predominantly california. >> reporter: a training mission, involving one of its units, known as the 1/94 fighter squadron, is about to get underway. overseeing the action, a firefighter himself. >> it is a world greatest air superiority fighter. those of us us who fly it like to sing its praises. >> reporter: as members of the squadron prepare for the training, kpix 5 asked the commander about another group of of pilots thousands of miles away in ukraine, who were engaged in a battle for the skies over their homeland. >> the biggest thing that people people are learning about ukraine's air force is that they they are extremely capable.
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>> reporter: the colonel would know, for almost 30 years, the national guard and ukraine have maintained close ties, under the the u.s. department of defense. the goal, to help the ukrainiany ukrainian military develop best practices and work with in a democracy. >> our partnership is very deep and well-funded. >> reporter: the partnership has has paid off. military experts believe russia would only skies just days after the invasion. against all odds, russia is still unable to grant ukraine's air force. as to why? listen to the ukrainian pilot, andre. >> we have our tactics, we conducted a clear sky exercise with our american friends. we now are using some of the tactics we learned from the ame. the americans. >> in 2008, the clear sky exercise was a join operation t involves personnel from nine nations, including ukraine and the united states. on hand, the 1/44 from fresno, they brought their f-15 eagle fighter jets tr to major military airbase in ukraine for exercises, and later, the ukrainian pilots came
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came to the 1/44 in fresno. >> they compare and contrast with their own, and look for ways to improve the ukrainian air force, and i think they took took a lot of this good information home with them and 2019 and it is showing today. >> >> reporter: the colonel has been to the ukraine about 70 times. in late 2021, he greeted ukrainian president zelinski from moffett field. zelinski posted it on his website and the the ties from california and three ukraine remain an unbreakable bond. >> the game their independence at the foundation of our country country and they are country, with new independence. right now they are fighting for their freedom and independence. >> reporter: in fresno, lieutenant, jessica burch, kpix 5. flt week comer coverage continues next week on air and online. we posted a link to the event schedule on >
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>> tonight, we learned that rapper, coolio, has died. he was was among hip-hop's biggest names of the 1990s, with hits like gangster's paradise and fantastic voyage. he died in his his l.a. home, but no word on the cause. coolio was just 59 years old. > >> up next, a furry family takes takes a cruise through a bay area canal, the fee they were after just under the surface.
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>> finally tonight, take a look at this very family. we spotted this river otter and her two pups today. they were cruising through the contra costa canal in pleasant hill. the canal is full of crawdads at this moment, moment, so we suspect that that is what they were going after. getting some lunch this afternoon. they are so cute. >> so cute. > >> thank you so much for watching to the late show, with stephen colbert, is coming up next. the news will continue streaming on cbs news bay area. good night, everyone. - [announcer] this is a paid advertisement for legal services sponsored by attorney andrew van arsdale. (air whooshes) - hello, my name is brandon keeton. one of the greatest honors of my life was to serve in the united states marine corps for 21 years as both an enlisted marine and as an officer of marines. brave men and women voluntarily put themselves in harm's way


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