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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 29, 2022 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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it's expected to leave t florida peninsula on thursday. president biden will also get york. more than two million people ian pummels florida. streets flooded, homes damaged, more than two million without power. it's not over yet as one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the u.s. continues moving across the state. dramatic rescue. good samaritans pull a man from a flooded vehicle carrying him through waist-high water to safety. >> it was my main focus was getting him to safety. families take cover. we go into two schools turned into emergency shelters for people who evacuated their homes.
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well, odorningand good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning a weakened but still very dangerous hurricane ian is slowly making its way across florida. the now-category-one hurricane is packing 75 mile-per-hour winds, and torrential rain as it moves toward the atlantic coast. ian barrelled into the state yesterday as a catastrophic category-four hurricane with 150 mile-per-hour winds. a storm surge of up to 12 feet and drenching rain near ft. myers. the fifth strongest hurricane to ever hit the u.s. brought heavy flooding, trapping people in their homes, and caused destruction throughout southwest florida. in naples it toppled power lines, sparking a fire. more than two million homes and businesses in the state have no electricity. the storm surge flooded the newsroom and studio of our affiliate in ft. myers. as the hurricane churns toward the atlantic ocean up to 30 inches of rain is expected to fall on parts of central florida.
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cristian benavides is in orlando with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. as we are feeling the -- as the storm starts to move east, we are now feeling the effects of this storm. now we saw the massive destruction that this caused in southwest florida. the concern in central florida is for historic flooding. some good samaritans jumped into action rescuing an elderly man trapped in his car in rising floodwaters. scenes like these somewhat common as ian roared into southwest florida with a vengeance as one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the u.s. this morning ian is still churning its way across the state after making landfall yesterday as a category-four hurricane with 150 mile-per-hour winds. the streets and the sea became one and the same across the region, like in this neighborhood near naples. >> it's been that surge that has
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been the biggest issue and the flooding that has resulted as a result of that. and some areas, we think it hit 12 feet. >> reporter: in tampa strong gusts sent this traffic light crashing to the ground. at its peak, the hurricane knocked out power for some two million people. even with the lights out, this hotel remained open for those escaping the storm. >> i just pulled over, pulled in. no reservation or anything. by that point i was in a panic. i was in tears. >> reporter: flooding forced a cbs affiliate wink-tv to move to another newsroom location until a power outage knocked the station off the air. even though the storm has weakened, the danger has not passed as it moves north and east. the national weather service is warning significant to catastrophic flooding is expected to develop in areas throughout the day like here in orlando. the orlando airport began canceling all flights yesterday until further notice, stranding some passengers. >> now we're going to hang out
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until the -- until the -- until friday. >> reporter: after passing through florida's east coast today, ian is expected to move onto georgia and south carolina's coast tomorrow. in the most effective areas power is out completely. even here in central florida in nearby lee county, power is out at 40%. anne-marie? >> wow. cristian benavides in orlando. thank you so much. so cbs news weather producer david parkinson is here tracking the latest on ian's path. still a clear threat. what's going on with ian this morning? >> yeah. we transition from the biggest threat being the storm surge flooding to the freshwater flooding that we saw overnight and will continue to see today. here's the problem -- the storm is still a category one south/southeast of orlando. it's going to make its way back to the atlantic ocean. you've got a storm surge threat on the atlantic ocean side of things.
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it may strengthen just barely, but likely to stay a strong tropical storm before making landfall again in the afternoon on friday. probably in south carolina. with all the storm surge threat into the low country there, as well, and weakening into a tropical depression. here's the thing -- it's incredibly heavy rain in orlando toward daytona, up to jacksonville is a concern. look at how much rain fell in the span of 12 hours. 19.3 inches near sarasota, 11 inches as you get closer to the space coast. these are all rainfall totals after dark until now. of more than 1 in 1,000-year event. unfortunately we're going to be seeing more of that as these rains continue to pummel the coast. and again, the storm surge threat remains at the coast as this storm makes its way inland by friday and then into the weekend. yes, there is the chance for us up here in the northeast to be
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seeing some really heavy rain. first we want to focus on the amount of rain still in florida. a foot is possible right here along the coast between basically melbourne and then jacksonville. and then the potential for six inches up into the carolinas. this storm system is not over. unfortunately, the good news is it's done for the west coast. the bad news is, daylight is going to bring untold and unimaginable devastation. >> we'll be covering that all morning long. thank you so much. so even rescue crews felt the brunt of hurricane ian. in naples flooding began while ghe storm was sill offshore, fin and inside theire house. of water on its nds.reas aboutot and with 2.5 millieo under evacuation orders, many sought refuge inside shelters. some schools and other
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facilities were quickly converted into emergency shelters. "cbs evening news" anchor and managing editor norah o'donnell visited two schools that housed hundreds. she talked with anita glover who said that she went to a shelter in tampa to keep her son safe. >> reporter: it would be very difficult with a 2-month-old and no electricity. >> yes, you got to bathe them, feed them. i did the right thing coming to the shelter. >> many people riding out the hurricane in shelters brought their own air mattresses and slept in classrooms that served as bedrooms. the streets were relatively empty when ian hit florida. but meteorologist jim cantore from our partners at the weather channel showed how dangerous the storm got near ft. myers. >> reporter: underneath the roofing, maybe in the roof. you see flying by -- all right. you know what -- i think i'm going to come in here for a
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second. give me a second. >> jim, you all right? >> i'm fine. i'm fine. i just -- you can't stand up. all right. i'm just going to -- i'm going to let you guys look at the pictures. i'm going to stand behind this wall because i'm getting blown over. it just got calm. it just got real -- it just got really calm here. it's still gusty, so it's not clean. but this is a big difference. maybe i spoke too soon. >> wow. we're happy to report that jim is okay. hurricane ian has also led to trousz thousands of flights being canceled across the u.s. airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights yesterday and
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closed another 2,000 already today. florida, of course, is hardest hit with airport in orlando, tampa, and other places halting operations due to the storm. >> the flight out of tampa was canceled. i drove to orlando which is ahead of the hurricane. i was checking in for my flight this morning, and as i was checking in, that flight was canceled. >> the orlando airport said it expects to resume passenger flights sometime tomorrow. the one in tampa said that it will be closed through at least today. ahead on "cbs mornings," we'll talk with fema administrator deanne criswell about hurricane response efforts and how the state is preparing for the aftermath. coming up, remembering a cbs news legend. we'll look back at the career of correspondent and anchor bill plante who covered some of the biggest stories of our time. later, chasing baseball history. aaron judge ties a home run record that's been standing for more than six decades. this is the "cbs morning news." six decades. this is the "cbs morning news."
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vice president kamala harris made a visit this morning to the demilitarized zone dividing north and south korea as she wraps up a four-day trip to asia. it came hours after north korea test fired two short-range ballistic missiles. harris joined south korea's president in condemning the missile launches and what they called north korea's provocative nuclear rhetoric. there was a bit of an embarrassing moment for president biden when he asked if a deceased congresswoman was in the audience during a hunger conference yesterday. w tha alle officials like representative governor senator braun, senator booker, representative jackie -- you here? where's jackie? i didn't think -- she must not be here. to help make this a reality. >> well, mr. biden was referring to the late indiana republican representative jackie wilorski
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who died last month in a car accident. she was one of four congressional co-sponsors for the bill to fund the hunger conference. later the white house said that the congresswoman had been, quote, top of mind for the president at the time. at least six adults were wounded at a school shooting in oakland. it happened yesterday at a high school attended by recent immigrants between the ages of 16 and 21. the school's website says the immigrants include those who fled violence and instability in their home countries. authorities did not say if any of the victims were students or teachers. and at least two have life-threatening injuries. police say they are searching for at least one suspect. and this morning we are remembering legendary cbs news white house correspondent bill plante. e ard-winning journalist enatory at cbs news covering some of the biggest stories including the vietnam war, the civil rights movement, and all the presidential elections from 1968 will to 2016.
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in baseball, all rise. aaron judge goes into the record books. >> and the 3-2. drove deep to left field. this could be it -- see ya! he's done it! number 61. >> last night in toronto he tied roger maris' league record of 61 home runs in a season. that was set back in 1961. the homer helped the yankees beat the blue jays 8-3. judge has seven games left to surpass the record now. virgin atlantic is making a big change in its uniform policy, and there's a new character joining the m&m family. dan lieberman has those stories and more in the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: wall street ended sharply higher after the selloff helped by falling treasury yields and an intervention from the bank of england in the bond market. the dow was up 548. the nasdaq gained 222. the s&p 500 added 71. in the latest bid to hold
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gun manufacturers accountable for mass shootings, survivors and families of those killed in this summer's july 4th shooting in highland park, illinois, filed 11 lawsuits wednesday against gun maker smith & wesson aimed at young men at rick of committing violence. the airline virgin atlantic has a new uniform policy announced with a fashion forward video and flight crews will have more choice in what they wear no matter their gender identity or expression. it's one of many steps the airline is taking to reflect the diversity of the work force in an effort to be the most inclusive airline in the skies. m&ms has added a new character to the mix. meet purple, the first new character for the candy maker in ten years. purple will appear in stores and on line but not in peanut m&ms any time soon. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this thursday morning. i'm dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. up next, katie couric's
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former "cbs evening news" anchor katy couric says that she's been treated for breast cancer. the 65-year-old announced the diagnosis on her website yesterday. she says that she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation treatment this summer. her final treatment was on tuesday. she hopes her story will encourage other women to get their annual mammograms. arnold schwarzenegger visited the auschwitz nazi death camp in poland with a message to fight hatred and discrimination. the "terminator" actor viewed the barracks, watch towers, and remains of gas chambers. he also met with a holocaust survivor and the son of holocaust survivors yesterday. >> we have one thing in common that we both fight prejudice and hatred and discrimination. all of the things we are fighting together and working together so this is what unites us here today. >> arnold schwarzenegger's father was a nazi soldier in world war ii. after his visit to auschwitz, he vowed that it would not be his
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>> good morning. it is september september 29. on kpix5 news at 5:00, a shooting in oakland
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school leaves six injured. stud,


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