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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  September 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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and opened fire. >> here it from the people working on the ground to stop it from happening again. a rescue on the bay. >> a jack of all trades unit. >> of these two units of the u.s. coast guard down there calling. >> it was the first time i saved two lives i realize i made the right decision. >> how this teacher is getting national attention for his very unique classroom style. you can call it the remote work revolution it has changed how many of us do our jobs since the pandemic and the biggest bay area companies are rethinking their entire game plan. they had a huge impact on downtown san francisco more than 22% of office space smd in the city this summer that number is expected to soar even
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higher in the next couple of years some companies are leaving san francisco for good. a video game maker moved down the peninsula to the neighborhood of san mateo. max that an inside look of what could be a model for a new hybrid future. >> right now we are right over here in san mateo our new headquarters and then all these folks are remote. >> reporter: he's the vice president of real estate workspace experience. they relocated there had to from san francisco to a much smaller space specifically designed for a hybrid work model. >> during covid as hard as it was, we recognize there are some good components to it. >> reporter: their workstations at the office but stuart says it's now less dedicated to heads down work. >> they as individual teams manage the days they are in the office and it's different for all of them.
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>> reporter: naturally there will be busy days and quiet days at the office. this is one of those days where it's quiet physically at the office that doesn't mean the teams aren't working hard at home. >> i feel like it helps people do their best work and helps them be happier and healthier and with the worklife blend. >> reporter: they benefit from the new space as well. >> it made business sense from the bottom line where we can reduce our footprint and still have an amazing space to support this new strategy. >> a third of the employees we are serving are already making changes. >> the executive director surveyed hundreds of bay area employers that the pandemic to get a better sense of their return to office plans. >> between 50 and 60 companies that they reached the new normal >> reporter: they are embracing the new hybrid work is more than a temporary option. >> company see the benefits of that for lowering their real estate costs and employees see the benefits of that.
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>> now is where the rubber meets the road and we can get people in and learn and grow. >> he's eager to dive into the hybrid future. people are happier and more productive and they put up better products that's how it works. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> another take giant downsizing putting another one of its offices for subleases given up four of its five summer offices including the former headquarters. chevron sold its headquarters as they shift more workers to texas. they flew over 82 acres of the complex that the oil giants sold the site to the developer that owns the massive bishop ranch property next to it. chevron is now leasing office space in bishop ranch for its new headquarters. it's not just real estate shakeups we're talking about facebook's parent company just told its employees it will be hiring and reducing budgets
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across most of its teams that could mean layoffs there been reports they told underperforming employees to reapply for a new role within the company for lee's. >> let's begin the latest on the school shooting in oakland injured six people. we are getting a more detailed picture of how yesterday's violence unfolded. police revealing that the shooters actually entered the school building and opened fire it happened just before 1:00 yesterday and swan of the three schools on the king state campus in the east hills near 580 joining us now with more details and how we are hearing that the shooting is gang- related. >> reporter: police say the shooting was targeted but none of the six people that were shot were the intended target of the shooters yesterday but people are still alive we love them on their conditions coming up at the shooters are still on
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the list police say there was at least two shooters and one accomplice possibly more if they breached the front entrance of the school on that campus and started shooting immediately when they got inside and they fired more than 30 rounds before they took off >> we are not sure at this point how they entered at the door was unlocked or if it was already open those are the things we will confirm with in our investigation but it does not look like they breached the school or use any tools to enter the school. >> reporter: three victims are still in the hospital this evening two are in serious condition one in stable condition the other three have been released they are okay we know that two were students one was a counselor one a security guard and the other two were school staffers. the campus is going to remain closed for a while as they repair the damages. >> there's something about when gun violence violates the sanctity of our children's schools. that rocks us to our core and it should.
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>> the mayor did not mince words it's an unbridled psychosis a violence nationwide a recognized nation of oakland's own dark history of gun violence. >> that really turns my because i didn't realize that physically got inside we thought they were just from the outside. regardless of that we talk about this being embedded in the culture. how do you change that? is there a solution? >> that's the lane dollar question. the organizers say it's about prevention. the violence that happened with youth alive they responded to yesterday shooting to try to support people impacted. cool clashes can escalate very quickly. >> what's happening in our lives
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to prevent them from going to school. getting to the root of the violence gangs regarding credit but there will be a ship to change the mentality of an entire community. >> we did talk to those violence interrupters they are doing it each and every day and they're not giving up. even though they see the statistics >> thank you. let's bring you some other stories around the bay. $177 million settlement over deadly wildfires a few years ago they were sued by the fire victim trust last year the suit says the lack of oversight directly caused the 2017 north face buyers in the 2018 campfire faulty power lines and electrical equipment spark
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those fires 85 people died in the campfire remain california's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. a three day strike by 1000 airport workers restaurant workers are finally over the union employees reached a tentative deal late last night the two sides were at odds over wages and health care benefits workers had a new contract on sunday airport officials operations might be limited as rentals return back to normal. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is back. we saw crew setting up that they are setting up the stages and the free multi-day festival returning from its two-year hiatus we know why pick the headliner this year includes elvis costello and marcus and mumford and sons it kicks off tomorrow and goes through sunday and did you hear me say it's free? all right we are counting down to fleet week and while we are all enjoying the events the coast guard plays a critical
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role protecting the bay. >> one minute we can do law enforcement the next we're doing certain dangerous cargo escorts in and out of the bay and then from that we can jump straight into search unless you. we will introduce you to two guardsmen. >> homes nearly swallowed by flood water bridges washed away a
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by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> hurricane ian has regained its category 1 strength as it heads towards south carolina and now we are seeing the scope of damage left behind in florida. it looks like rivers check out this video right here where a causeway actually split in two and you can see chunks of it that fall into the sea. look at that right there. that the only access to the island that's the only way they can get over there one of the hardest hit boxes fort myers.
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john video shows a trail of damage where the boats washed ashore they were lost between buildings there is also debris all over fort myers beach. people have been trapped in their homes the water was rising so high this family had to take shelter in their attic with their six-month-old baby. the fire district task force is now on standby in case they are needed to help with the hurricane victims. this teams urban search and rescue center has on the equipment and supplies at the ready. >> we can still be sent out there depending on what the conditions are on the ground obviously we have support teams that go out first and set out objectives for the area and depending on what happens after the hurricane makes landfall in the next 24 to 72 hours is determining what the resources needed are. >> you know they are at the ready they will do it.
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we actually have hurricane ian on satellite right.'s lane this this is kind of the view >> this is the view from the international space station weather satellites are much higher up out of the atmosphere this is the international space station flying over the clouds of hurricane ian this is all occurring in the next 10-12 hours. they are part of the atmosphere huge hundred miles of hours across this is still a dangerous storm. not as strong as it was when it made landfall. it still going back to hurricane strength let's look at what we have on the satellite perspective using the weather satellite and the radar images in there as well it's a category one hurricane. is weak as a hurricane can be and still be classified as a hurricane likely to hold onto that strength even as the atmosphere tries to target apart the still going to maintain its rank as a category one hurricane by early afternoon eastern time late morning our time near
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charleston, south carolina. it doesn't bring that type of wind damage that ian brought to florida yesterday but it will still produce a storm surge and produce a lot of rain is in ms. inland it's going to be a huge rainmaker inland for south carolina and north carolina more than six sensors of rain on a widespread basis of course the storm surge threat along because we can zoom in for a closer look at that a lot of yellow and orange in the forecast indicating a storm surge on a widespread basis more than eight feet tall so keep that in mind i'm about six feet tall to feed on top of that is the wall of water that will be moving inland on the right side of the circulation around here, our weather is a different story. it will be com. high pressure means light offshore wind tomorrow not strong enough to boost the fire threat but warmer temperatures could trap some urban pollution but the worst we will see over the next couple of days is our
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air quality dipping into the moderate quality in a few spots most of us will seek good air quality as we head into early next week looking good towards the san francisco area upper 60s and low 70s around the bay down to 77 in san jose other spots still in the low to mid 80s temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer tomorrow that's the warmest day we will experience. some of it developing along the coast and dissipating rapidly. you should see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day mid to upper 50s to start the day on friday temperatures are going to warm up rapidly freeze the map at lunchtime a mix of upper 70s and low 80s around the bay high temperatures are going to be 3- 4 degrees above normal reaching the 70s in france and cisco in oakland but it's a widespread basis with a hotter spot inland in the east bay might exceed 90 degrees 92 for the hotspots of fairfield which is hot for late
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september just not a return to the crazy heat we had at the beginning of the month we can be thankful for that and your furry friends will be thankful for that as well she is a rescue dog who obviously enjoys or treats very greatly a little bit too for a walk in the afternoon with temperatures reaching into the mid-80s but plenty of time in the morning or after you get home in the evening when you get your pets out for a walk and temperatures will return to near average levels as we head into the weekend temperatures popout in the 60s and 70s upper 70s and low 80s right around 80 degrees for the first couple of days of next week but more of a warm-up by wednesday and thursday returning to the middle portion of the 80s and the north bay inland in the east bay wire temperatures due back down from the low 90s tomorrow they will return to the low 90s next week so the month of october not likely to bring as much in the way of relief from the above average temperatures we have been experiencing picks all right thank you.
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>> i love that music the navy tends to be the talk of fleet week but the u.s. coast guard is not only another celebrated branch of service it will be working there as well. a pair of local cardmembers who are very passionate protectors of the bay. w.h.i.p. fleet week is an exciting time and it gets incredibly busy out on the water. the u.s. coast guard is one of the agencies that works hard to keep everyone safe during the week in these guardsmen behind us take a lot of pride in their job. >> there are a lot of steps they have to take in order to
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make sure they are ready for whatever a day on the bay has in store. they are both petty officers with the u.s. coast guard. on this morning the two carried out a rather mundane yet critical tasks. sure the boat is stocked up and in shape. >> we always have y we gesearchd llonboat ruindow reoff so that's not the time to make sure we have all our equipment. >> your jack of all trades unit one minute we can be doing law enforcement the next we are doing certain dangerous cargo escorts in and out of the bay and then from that we can jump straight into search and rescue. >> reporter: it's those calls that confirmed these men had found their purpose. >> it was the first time i saved lives i realized i made the right decision. >> on one of the emts that this unit trained increased levels of specialized care for search and rescue operations. two individuals were gravely wounded and we went in and had
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to medically evacuate them and get them to urgent care and we are able to make a full recovery and and was definitely that this is it moment. >> the san francisco station is one of the coast guard's busiest small boat stations that will certainly be the case during fleet week. >> we are not only out there conducting operations but we get to watch the show as well so it's a fun time. >> reporter: to do that while they have to be prepared highlighting the importance of the little things. >> i love being able to get back to my community and make a difference how bout different groups of people in the excitement that comes with each day. >> reporter: when it's time for the next mission on the bay you know they will be ready. in san francisco, max kpix 5. >> our special fleet week coverage continues through next week on air and online we also posted a link to the event
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schedule on >> you know you're rocking out and a national shout out for thes
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think about that one teacher that one schoolteacher that made a lasting impression on you you could say he's doing just that for students he's getting national attention for
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his unique method in the classroom. remember this? catchy isn't it? that is jordan roscoe a teacher at deer valley high school he uses rap to help his students remember math concepts and he just got some huge props from the drew barrymore show from drew herself and her guest rapper fat joe. >> he's getting rave reviews the rhymes make it easier for them to remember concepts that use to trip them up. thoughts? >> let me tell you i love that guy and he understands his evidence. he's getting to them and he showing them not in a fun and cool way so salute to the teacher. >> i love this. it says that your teaching he's also a graduate of your valley high school we weren't texting this afternoon i said you
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better watch we will give you a shout out and he told me, there's no homework for my students tonight that's a fact. ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we made our way here to fort myers, a city that took the brunt of hurricane ian. and what the president says could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. and tonight, the storm is threatening millions more. the giant swaths of destruction. neighborhoods decimated. bridges washed away. and boats tossed like toys. tonight, the rescue effort still under way. >> this is the orange county sheriff's office. you need to be evacuated. step out of your front door. >> o'donnell: we visit homes nearly swallowed by the flood waters, and meet families who thought they would never see each other again. >> i don't know if we will make it through this. >> o'donnell: still a life- threatening storm. ian takes aim at the carolinas and georgia. major cities prepare for a


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