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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  September 30, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. every other month, and i'm good to go. studios, this is kpix 5 news. > >> hurricane ian makes landfall yet again with powerful winds and storm surge bringing floods. floods. the communities in the
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direct path right now. > >> here in california, you're appearing more for gas once again. governor gavin newsom is is making a move might help you. your wallet. good afternoon, everybody, i'm reed cowan. right at the top at 3:00 hurrice 3:00 hurricane ian is taking another swipe at the united states. right now it's bearing down on the south carolina coastline. in fact, we've got an an opportunity to show you live picture. this is the queen city, city, charlotte, north carolina. carolina. cameras are shaking, and it looks every bit like it's it's getting ready for a storm. winds up to 90 miles per hour in in some areas. storm surge coming in with that tied. meantime, on the right side of your screen, we are mindful of florida, who is now dealing with with the aftermath and devastation after the hurricane slammed there. let's start there there in south carolina at 3:00 where water rushed into the streets, quickly approaching the the top of street signs, if you can imagine. these are photos police tweeted, pictures there of a pier, the end of that pier you can see on the right,
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completely gone and floating south. the storm surge flooding will be most problematic for midafternoon. it could certainly certainly linger through the evening. >> i would ask people don't quit quit yet, because it's still co. still coming. mike still coming, coming, south carolina's governor, urging residents to hang tight, stay inside and stay stay protected. forecasters are warning of storm surge as high as 7 feet in some coastal areas and rainfall up to 8 inches. it's been two days since hurricane ian made landfall in florida. nearly 2 homes million are still in the dark. sanibel island, famous for its sea shells, they are ready to rescue rescue anyone trapped after ian knocked out the only road to get get to the island. and outside, a grocery store in ft. myers, you see the people here, they are lined up to get ice amid the the rubble, power, still out there or it everybody working as as a community just to clean up. . >> this was all set up, table, chairs, and that leather chair over there was sitting right here on the spot. i'm sure it's
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in the pool. it was crystal clear three days ago. >> and he got it lucky. it's not not just the gulf coast, you see see people waiting in the watere water there. seminole county, florida, to the tampa area, all the way to orlando, communities are underwater. first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen, heggen, tracking ian. we are seeing wide-spread impact now. > >> and that will continue as the the remnants of ian make their way further inland. it has been downgraded to a post-tropical sm post-tropical storm. it was a hurricane at landfall though, and that happened a few hours ago. the third landfall for the system. it hit cuba, then southwest florida, then made landfall just up the coast from, from charleston, but plenty of rain associated with the system. system. we showed you pictures from charlotte, which is right about there. they are getting some of the heaviest rain now moving farther west. this entire entire system, even though it'st it's not hurricane anymore, is still going to bring the potential for tornadoes, always the threat with a new tropical system, and abundant rainfall,
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flooding rain when it moves in then. let's track the path of what's left of ian. the hurricane center on issuing advisories about this for another 24 hours. the sustained winds down to about 40 miles per per hour, eventually down to 25 miles per hour by tomorrow afternoon as the system interacts with land, so it just weakens the sustained winds and spreads out. but it's still going to be dropping torrential rain as it slowly makes its way further and further to the north. we will see unfortunately unfortunately more reports of flooding through north carolina and into virginia. talking about about the bay area weather, and the weekend, ingested new minutes. > >> amid the scene of destruction destruction from hurricane ian we are also hearing and celebrating those stories of survival, like the neighbors in one community who got together to help a man who was trapped underneath the rubble. people, getting their loved ones and even strangers to safety. jason allen reports now from northport, florida.
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>> returning to ft. myers after the storm, larry was graded with with this devastating site, her family's new home in pieces. >> this is what we found. we've only been here for six months. >> across the r, s y rdette lost everything. >> i really liked my house, it disappeared with everything in . in it. right before my eyes. >> once he collects what's left of his belongings he plans to leave florida and live somewhere somewhere outside the hurricane zone. water is now starting to rise in neighborhoods well away from the coast. this is northport, where we have been seeing people take boats out to the freeways to escape their ne. their neighborhoods. jimmy finks finks made it out but said for most of his neighbors were waiting for help. >> i've never been through anything like this. i have pretty much lived in florida my whole life. so this is the worst worst i've ever seen. make a few
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few miles south on san carlos island residents of this trailer trailer park are sharing stories stories of survival. mckay was banging on the ceiling so they could hear me, they came out on the steps and saw me trapped. they got a hamer to bang for that. >> they underestimated the power power of the storm. >> the wind was going everywhere, the rain was coming down. and it was flooding coast one of the the stroedhomes and shattered lives. jason allen, cbs news, northport, flo. northport, florida. toy, presid laid out the steps his a demonstration will take to help the people who are caught in the the impacts of hurricane ian. he he also asked people who are still in the storm's path to take caution. >> please listen to all the warnings and directions from local officials and directed that every possible action be taken to save lives and get help to survivors. because every single minute cou. minute counts.
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>> the president issued an emergency decoration for south carolina, and he has approved federal disaster funding for more than a dozen florida count. florida counties. 2000 federal response workers are in florida right now. president biden has pledged to visit that area and also puerto rico, which is still still recovering from hurricane. hurricane fiona. we want to let you know cbs news is partnering with the red cross and hurricane hurricane relief efforts in florida and the people who were affected. to help out and join us in this community effort goao goat to > >> we know filling up your gas tank in the california area is . is painful. >> awfully this is going to be unless we can get some help, reed. we are seeing six dollars anars in some
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areas, higher than the state average, which is $6.29 a gallo. a gallon.mpare that to the national average of just $3.80. check out these prices at a shell station on sharon park drive and sand hill drive at menlo park. $7.89 for regular and more than eight dollars for plus and premium. this was among among the highest prices in that that area. experts say it's all about supply. some of our refins our refineries have been down for maintenance on the west coast. the governor is directing directing the air resources board to start distributing winter blend gas early, and here's why. >> the refiners can make more gas with a winter blend end they they can in the summer. because this is a supply problem this is is the quickest way to increase supply. but it implements it will likely cut spot price by a dollar which takes the steam out out of the retail, and a dollar a gallon on 1 billion gallons of of consumers using california is is $1 billion for the next month.
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>> we should also mention experts say hurricane ian will likely not impact our gas prices, because it didn't touch any refinery centers on the gulf gulf coast, only in florida itsf florida itself, reed. >> anne, thank you. > >> the dow fell 500 points to end the month, down nearly 9%. intsthe s&0 fell 54 are cuure community in san francisco's mission district. we will go inside a business that's drivin. that's driving.
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>> welcome back, the stage is set for hardly strictly bluegrass, the festival of bluegrass back after the pandemic hiatus. it has been a staple in the city for two decades. it combines folk, soul, soul, blues, rock, and jazz performances. we have a link with information and schedules and what you can bring and what you cannot bring into the venue on > >> welcome to this part of our broadcast, where we want to remind you that for the past few few weeks we've celebrated hispanic heritage month with stories that really capture our latino culture and community in the bay area. today kpix 5's justin andrews introduces you to to a business settled in san francisco's latino cultural dist cultural district, explaining how the owners are creating
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space to keep hispanic are thri. are thriving. >> a quick walk in the mission district and it's clear culture is not concealed. >> 24th street, there are so many talented artists, so many talented people. >> fernando and dalia went to sl to school around the corner and are now using their art to inspire and heal. >> the evolve is just to try to develop yourself and improve yourself to improve your situation, to improve your environment, to meet that is what evolve means. >> that is what they are doing exactly, exactly evolved is more more than a clothing store. for the last four years they are addressing the community with art, creating and nurturing a space for people who look like them. >> some ink on the screen, and we use a squeegee right here, and we pretty much swipe the screen. >> fernando began his day screenprinting one of his
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favorite designs. it says abund. says abundance. mike that is a design we made, because that's something we want to manifest. like i said, we want to manifest manifest it for ourselves, our friends, our community. >> this block known as the latino cultural district has the the greatest concentration of art and latino businesses in thy the city as the birthplace of the san francisco mural movement. make the murals and the connection that we feel when when we see our stories being told on the walls. >> their stories, their lives, their culture, often overlooked and overshadowed. >> what we've noticed is there are so many talented and amazing amazing people, and their storis their stories aren't being told. told. >> so instead they are showing . showing them. dust pieces, whether large or small, inside their shop, are from local artists of color, as artists themselves. and they like to get creative, from tie dying to hosting events and gatherings, but they admit it's not easy. >>
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>> they've been encouraging us to keep going. as an entrepreneur you are working pretty hard. >> for this design came from, a reminder for themselves. >> i grew up here, and i've seen seen all the changes, and being able to still hold a spot here in san francisco is really important to me. i'm grateful for it. >> i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. >> when you are stuck in a rut or just feeling off your game, sometimes all you need to do is change up your routine to write? write? > >> that is what the 49ers are hoping to do when they play the rival rams next. here is your running gold reports. >> feels like deja vu. the 49ers 49ers turned the season around on a monday night football game against the rams. can they do it it again? circumstances were slightly different during that game last year in san francisco was a 3-5 when they beat l.a. 3- l.a. 31-10. that was the jumpstart of the run ended by those same rams in the nse
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championship. this monday night it's a little less impactful with the 49ers sitting at just 1-2, and have time to get it do. it done. the team is hoping that that the monday night magic wil. will return. >> they've always had a huge level of importance, and it was a turning point of their season last year, getting the win on monday. i think it was another monday night game. and springing springing what was like 9 out of of 11 run. these have a lot of importance to them. not sure if there is a different approach, but we know each other very well . it's been a lot of the same gs same guys appear and the same core guys down here. so it's always a fun battle. >> with the red and gold reports, i'm charlie walter. > >> the channel 5 sports team getting us all ready for monday nights game. catch the red and d and gold report tonight on 7:30 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. > >> time for a look at our forecast with first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen .
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>> things are looking good into the weekend. it's a whole different story on the east coast dealing with that post tropical storm ian. warm temperatures today, it is back to near normal temperatures as we head into the weekend. the high pressure reducing today's above-average readings is going to weaken a little bit over the weekend. but it will strengthen again as we head for next week. so gradually warming temperatures as we progress to the first full week of october and buy into thursday and friday, temperatures will be a good 5 to 10 degrees higher further inland. the high pressure has the tendency to trap some haze in the area, buty but today air quality was generally okay. just a little bit of yellow sprinkled and around the central bay. tomorrow, similar conditions, it it may be a few moderate readings showing up in the santa santa clara area, but we might see hayes on the horizon. air quality is looking good as we head into the weekend. the fog is getting its act back together
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together lurking along the coast. some of it was streaming to the golden gate earlier. that that will pick back up later on this evening. temperatures are in the 70s around the bay, 70 in in san francisco, below 80 in oakland. temperatures further inland, well into the 80s, upper upper 80s in san jose, concord, and livermore. as the giants kik giants kick off their last hopee hope game against the arizona diamondbacks, game is 7:15. amateurs will be mild, but fog makes its waand of course there's always a breeze around downtown as well. you cast shows it becoming more widespread than last night, spreading across the bay and even a little ways into some of the inland valleys, but not too much of that fog, spreading inland to the east bay. it will really be the north bay and a le a little bit of the santa clara valley. we will see high clouds floating through by midday, but that will be well off the ground ground level. temperatures tonight drop into the mid to upper 50s to around 60, normal for the first week of october.
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normal, but everyone will be within a few degrees of its norl its normal this time of year, below average near the water, and above average further inlan. further inland. mid-60s along the coast as we zoom in, upper 70s down the peninsula, and around the south end of the bay. bay. low 80s in the santa clara valley. up to the mid-80s around around morgan hill did mostly mid 80s inland and the east bay, bay, some of the warmer spots into the 80s, cooler locations are barely cracking 80. averages averages around the bay, 60s in san francisco with a mix of 60s and 70s right along on side, wis temperes innd and the north bay lyt around es thina degree or two on either side, until you go farther north where where it is still going to be warmer. even hotter, around 90 d 90 around 1029. temperatures will stayagthen we warm up as we head for next week back back to those for five to 10 degree above-average temperaturs above-average temperatures friday, especially for inland areas. the hottest areas, inland
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inland in the east bay, likely to reach back to the low 90s by thursday and friday. so the calendar says october, the weather still says summertime. > >> thank you so much. action, comedy, and a nice dose of filipino culture. a big movie premiere changing the landscape of film by a bay area film maker. > >> than a reminder, join us every week day for our new live newscast at 7:00 and 8:00 on our sister station kbcw and cbs news bay area. we want you to find us on pluto channel 397
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naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke
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that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30.
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>> welcome back. a new action comedy by a bay area filipino film maker makes its big debut this weekend. as you can see here behind me, it is called lumpia with a vengeance. >> can you confirm that the restaurant incident is the work of the so-called taquito man? >> it's not a taquito, it's a filipino lumpia. >> it is not a taquito. patricio patricio ginelsa never really saw anyone on the screen that do something about it. ecided >> you cannot leave it up to the the gatekeepers, to hollywood, to tell your stories for you. to
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to put people like me on the screen. >> patricio ginelsa's movie became a miniature cult classic, classic, now lumpia with a vengeance is appearing in select markets in the bay area and southern california. it rolls out throughout october, which is filipino american history month. enjoy. > >> still ahead, unique to say the least, the inspiration behind this home's design and the buzz as it goes up for sale in sacramento. > >> i am in ft. myers florida, coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. the death toll has has risen as rescues continue after hurricane ian devastated this area and two days after the the storm some neighborhoods arl are still
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>> coming up at 5:00, parents are sounding the alarm of her students' safety at uc berkeley. berkeley. the recent incidents that have them so worried and what the school has to say about about that. that story and more with liz cook and ryan yamamoto coming up at 5:00. > >> take a look at this. on the outside it looks like a regular house. it's up for sale in sacramento, but when you look closer you see 2300 square foot four headroom house with a pool and a garage is art on the inside. take a look. the design is inspired by famous spanish architect anthony gaudi. the house is getting a lot of buzz. $825,000, the listing price. the the former owner is probably thinking don't mess with what i created. >> yeah, that's a lot going on
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there, you know. it's cool to look at. would you want to live in it? >> that's right. a lot of people people say that about dating. >> >> [ laughter ] >> thanks
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naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30.
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>> o'donnell: tonight, hurricane ian makes landfall again, this time battering south carolina with strong winds and high storm surge. the threat of flooding continues in major east coast cities. we'll show you where it's heading. the category 1 hurricane slams the east coast, leaving people trapped by floodwaters. cbs' mark strassmann is in myrtle beach, where rescues are under way. >> reporter: that's the atlantic ocean right there, spilling here into the streets. >> o'donnell: the death toll in florida rises, and the miles and miles of devastation as people return to what's left of their homes. our team of correspondents is on the ground as florida begins its long recovery. cbs' meg oliver is in orlando, where sheriff's deputies formed
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