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tv   Mosaic  CBS  October 2, 2022 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> hello. on behalf of the archdiocese of san francisco, welcome to mosaic. we have had a a special place for mary, the mother of jesus, and the love and devotion she had. our cathedral has been named in her honor and other institutions are are as well and she is celebrated by many cultural groups. our attitude is not that that we honor her but that she
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does us the honor of giving us her constant care, love, and protection. she brought us to jesus. the rosary is a form of prayer connected to mary and you you may know in san francisco, it is a sign of the largest religious gathering in the history of the united states. we we will check that fact with our our guest when half 1 million pe million people gathered peacefully to pray with the rosary together. that was in 1961 and we have some grainy photos we hope to share you. they have been revived and renewed in the city. on october 5th, 2019, it will be held again, the ninth year in a row where we gather to pray to mary, mary, to express our faith and communal love. we will talk about the rosary rally and the d the renewed dependence upon the mother of god and her undying love for her children. please, return after this brief break to to meet our special guess and m.
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and mary.
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>> thank you for joining us on mosaic. i have two special guests who will talk about mary, mary, life with mary, and upcoming events like our trend 40. we have christoph sandoval.
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and then we have raymond frost. i want to find out more about you. i know that you are the head of the legion of mary, the local chapter. tell us about that. >> we have a number of catholics, men and women, who are committed to the love of mary, to unite themselves to mary and caring out their daily activities but also in their time, their free time. they are committed to try to bring christ christ to the world and that is our mission at the legion of mary. it is in all countries and and it has been in san francisco francisco since 1933. we are really pleased to be able to be here to talk about the rosary rally. >> deacon christoph sandoval, you work at the parish of the >> i vethministryright here.
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right here. some of the work that i do is very hands on and it is walking the footsteps of the gospel and helping those who who are very sick. i visited 16 skilled nursing homes. i find pe find people who are in crisis, always reaching out to mary. s cathedral. i told the people that this is is that your parish parish is like your bedroom and the cathedral is like your living room within the house of god. >> he has -- in particular, i think you worked as a full-timen full-time sacristan, you told me? a domestic responsibility, taking care of the household of the church. >> that is correct. i looked upon it as the house of mary. mary, in some ways, is the head
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of the church, not taking over for the bishops, but she does have a special place in making sure everything is set for her children, all of us, which are children of mary because we areo are also united to christ by our r bam. so, she detathe church that only she can really notice, just like she did at the the wedding of canaan. mary gives us that continued -- that continues this very day. i have seen that in my work as a sacristan. >> you have your work here. do you find that helping people to reach to mary in their illness and suffering is beneficial? >> it is wonderful and realizing realizing our local church sits in the context of the universal church. i have to .2 a man who
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is no longer with us. he was a great student of mother mary. he he did the dictionary of the operations of the blessed mother. he documents 2600 apparitions of the blessed mothr blessed mother around the world for veneration and prayer throughout the world. i find that people have personal relationships with the blessed mother and the experience are in in her locution's and conversations and -- they articulate the belief in the blessed mother. >> that is what i am getting at. at. i know i am learning that in in my own private life. it is a new practice but what i am -- i will say, you know what? i can go to mary and i can speak to
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her. it calms me so much. i am not giving away my spiritual energy on anxiety. >> if you want to know mary, you you have to really process the great prayer of gabriel, the archangel, who says, hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with you. when you slow down and take take that in and you start to meditate on each of the words of of the great archangel, you hear hear the words of the eternal father coming through the blessed mother and you begin to see her role. for those of us -- -- jesus comes as a baby, right? right? the baby jesus. she brings jesus with her. >> there is no question about that. i find jesus a little intimidating and formidable and
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mary is a hopeful mother, sort f sort of help that i need, a guide that i need. you always had a devotion to mary, always understood her place in your life? >> i was raised in san francisco francisco in a catholic school and a catholic family and we prayed the rosary fairly often together as a family, so, in my high school days, it was more of of a chore, the rosary. before that, it was really a lifeline. there were difficult times in my my family. i believed mary saved saved me from drowning as a young boy, so when i think back to those days, you know, i am very, very grateful. when i turned 21, it was a difficult time. the rosary just came to my my mind and it was a miraculous medal. that encouraged everyone to have a miraculous medal that
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they wear and then the rosary, the secret of the rosary, i read read that and that just had so much inspiration for me, of the history of the rosary and the devotion, praying the rosary as meditation and learning the gospel, as a summary of the gospel. it is like a foundation for my whole life, i would say and ever since then, close to 50 50 years, i felt blessed and we will talk about the rosary rally rally later. that was a key role. we cannot leave that out. >> when we return, we will talk about the history of the rosary rally and the future of the rosary here in san francisco.
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>> thank you for joining us on mosaic. we are talking about the the blessed mother, mary, and talking about the rosary and a special prayer. it happens my guest, ray frost, who looks much much younger thanllyou -- he wa attendance at the 1961 rosary rally in golden gate park, a famous event in san francisco history. we were both there. i was a 12-year-old kid and you were younger, but this was father patrick payton and he came to san francisco and put on on a rally, a rosemary rally. let's look at some photos from it. let's run some slides. what these are are stills from a very very grainy documentary about 15 15 minutes long. you can see this on youtube. this is the family rosary crusade and if we
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can move through these files, there is a gigantic crowd. is that right? >> that is correct. >> and then the same crowd is stretching through the park. here, father peyton's mantra orn or slogan, the family that prays prays together stays together. praying the rosary was a family occupation. and then take it from here for the next slides. patrick pagan was the embassy. >> he had a mission from our lady to travel all around the world to promote the rosary and peace in the world. this was a e after wwii. people were really desirous of peace. we did ask for the rosary. so, he responded responded to that and he held these rallies all over the world world in manila and south africa africa and europe and ireland.
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he was from ireland originally, but he went to the united states states and became a holy cross e cross breeze. he made tv shows that were very famous. many actors were part of it. he was very well known and we had a half-million from all over san francisco. >> this picture is significant. let's see the next one, if we can. it should be the last one. in the recitation of the rosary, rosary, which 500,000 people dead, up on the stage were families. >> right. >> those of different colors and and ethnicities and languages. they led the rosary. we have one one more slide? we are back in the present. that was in 1961 it it was a major event. father patrick peyton had this mission. tell me about this rally in san francisco. >> we know many people have continued to pray the rosary
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individually and families -- we have not had that experience of coming together as a family of families, you might say, in the church. i felt called and others, too, to restart this on the 50th anniversary of that. in in 2011, we gathered together at at the legion of mary and those from the knights of columbus and and individual catholics and sisters and we organized this with the idea we would like to go back -- for practical reasons, it was not possible. we we were there at the civic center. that was very inspiring, inspiring, i think. >> you have had this rosary rally, which includes the gathering of procession. it will will be the ninth year in a row. row. >> yes. >> ice repeat for our viewers,
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that it should be about a week from now, october 5th will be the rosary rally in san francisco. can you tell us something about that and how that will happen? >> we will have masses starting at 10:00 in the cathedral. we will begin with holy mass and that will -- after that, we will will have a pro session to the united nations plaza. in the last several years, the rally has been held at the cathedral but we are going back to a place place where we have been for other rosary rallies to the united nations plaza right alongside market street, near hyde street. and then we will listen to a talk by a priest on the scapular of mary and also have the blessed sacrament and the rosary. they will in -- that
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that will have the induction. we we are looking forward to a spil grace for all. >> that sounds great. everyone is welcome to attend and come. >> we hope as many people can participate and will take advantage of this spiritual opportunity to help our city and and help each other and encourage each other and help our world. >> i hope -- i do not like crowds generally but i find something so uplifting about the the processions and such ceremonies with mary. we have this rosary rally. we had a concentration to the archdioces. the archdiocese. what is the spiritual benefit of these kinds kinds of events? >> remember what a concentration concentration is. it is the entrustment to the blessed mother for protection and for healing and for presence. we go back to our own mothers. when the baby cries, the mother come. comes running. when we cry, this
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this mother comes running. she is always hovering over us, protecting us. they have entrusted the entire archdiocese archdiocese -- it is true. our theme is the family rosary. i like what they are saying. it is is really a family of families, a community of communities and a a people of peoples, all entrusted to our blessed mother poll also -- this is the sign of concentration. i would say given what is going on, we live in perilous times. the idea that that the mother of god can hover hover over us and protect us from whatever storm there is is a beautiful thing. >> very much so. let's take another break. we will talk more more in detail about the rosary rally, coming up.
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>> welcome back. we are talking about the virgin mary and some of the hard work she is doing on on our behalf. i have a quotation from a benedict, the 16th poll we may be sure that from on high, she follows our footsteps with gentle concern ad concern and dispels moments of gloom and darkness and reassures reassures us with her motherly hand. that is how we see her. we we have talked about the rosary rally coming up. we had a flyer
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or a poster from the rally. perhaps we can run that. here is is the family rosary rally, a significant drain name. can you take us through what is on this image and what the meaning of this is? >> this is a very old image from from the 20s and 30s. it was a great quotation from st. dominic and he talks about the fact that by these two signs, the blessed mother will save the wo. the world. we know mary is full of grace and the lord is with her and that is how she does it. it. you can see the heart expose, the immaculate heart of mary, to whom we are renewing the consecration. after her painting, we show we are one in the family of god. we are uniquely universal and we are universally unique as the people people of god. and the interesting thing is we will have -- we have a wonderful speaker that is going to speak
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about the scapular and at the same time, we have the dominicans coming in processionh procession with our lady of the rosary, to show you the two gifts. like the painting, she will have the rosary, and in the the other hand, she will have the scapular, made at this great great monastery. this is a beautiful way of processing down down the streets, to proclaim our son ship and daughter ship to the great mother. >> it is not a readable quite here but there is a website and i invite everyone to go to it. it is the archbishop says mass is at the cathedral. and then the archbishop and the worshipers will take the blessed sacrament and i think there is a statue of of mary and all this company
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travels down to the u.n. plaza? >> i should say one thing before before he leaves the cathedral. he will do the prayer of investiture of the scapular, which has spiritual value, extending the mantle of mary's protection over each and every person. we will do that and thel be blessed by the archbishop and and everyone will be invested in in the scapular. that is a gift from the church to the people of of god. >> i must say, looking from the outside of the procession, it is is touching to see people coming coming out as a group, displaying their faith in such a a gentle and peaceful way. the focus of this is always peaceful peaceful and gentle and always nurturing. am i wrong? >> the rosary, we look upon it as the solution to all our ills. ills. you might say it could be a medicine for the soul. we knot the holy eucharist has a primary primary place in our faith. the
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rosary has been given to us as an extra, this added thing that we can pray day or night to while we are working or playing or riding in our car or running that marathon, like my father used to do. >> is that right? >> he thought at least the people in the marathon were praying the rosary. i do not know if that is true, but he managed to complete in the '60s. >> wow, interesting. >> i think i said before, when i i am anxious and waiting for the the bus and i do not know what i i am doing, i will say it, too. you were talking about how we are promoting the rosary as a theological catechesis. it conts it contains the relationship to mary and prayer to her but it also -- you meditate on the highlights or lowlights of the
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life of her son with these mysteries. >> the life and definitely the resurrection of jesus. the rosary can be called a compendium of the gospel or a summary of the gospel. it can be be a foundation. i know it was a a foundation for my spiritual life, starting when i was young, young, especially when i went into my adult life and all the cares and needs of my life. i found the rosary to be a great help and assistance. >> at the end of the rosary rally, we will do a benediction. benediction. the blessed mother brings us to jesus. i noticed in in my work with end of life cases that i deal with in the hospice care, doing that, people people at the end of life often have the rosary in their hand and they wrap it around their hand and they prepare themselves themselves to receive jesus. the the power of the rosary, we call call it a couple of things. we call it the latter to heaven and and call it the spiritual weapon weapon to protect us from the
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diabolical. we call it the way to jesus as a roadway to jesus, the spirituality being deep and wide and unique across all cultures and all generations. >> >> we have one minute left. would you wish you an invitation, if you will, two people to come to the rosary rally? >> i would ask you to please join us in solidarity as a family of families, lifting up the rosary, inspired with our spiritual father, the archbishop archbishop of san francisco. him him and receive the sacraments of the eucharist and reconciliation and the investiture of the scapular and processing with the blessed mother and coming together as a community united in faith. [ speaking non-english ]
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>> amen. thank you very much for for being here, deacon and ray. it has been nice to have you. him to the rosary rally. thank you very much.
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>> live from the cbs bay area s, this is kpix 5 news. >> this street serves as a powerful reminder that we will not be dismissed. we will not be be overlooked. we will not be footten. we will not stand idly by while the most vulnerable are attacked. >> a deadly bay area tech prompted a national outcry against hate. now the victim's name will endure on the streets seven cisco. >> a change is needed. this is not an environment children should be seeing. > >> parents are upset about prostitutes doing business in their neighborhood. this morning morning more than 120 people are are dead in a am


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