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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 3, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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> >> new surveillance video released the moment a gunman ran on an oakland school campus and started shooting. police want you to take a look at it. > >> mourn two brothers shot and killed in a birthday party in oakland. > >> my son is frightened a lot. so am i. i'm disgusted by this. this. > >> and as fleet week takes off, a world war tradition of leavig of leaving drinks for the servie the service members at the top of the san francisco landmark, the naval officer who brought it back after a long lapse. >> the bottles are for people to have a drink with and represen. as we say, the links in the
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chain. > >> you are watching cbs. > >> we begin with a grim violenc. a deadly shooting this afternoon marked the 100th homicide of the year. it happened just after the police chief fed up made a public call for help. >> we have them, extra officers opt streets, we have them. focd them. focused enforcement. we are doing it. this is a call te to the public to say you got tot to get the guns out of the handf hands of young people. we got to get the guns out of the hands t want to use them in our community, but this violence is at an unacceptable level at this point. >> and around the same time police were called out to invee to investigate the latest shootg latest shooting and showed a
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video of the most recent. guns apparently in hand as students run in terror. a total of 30 rounds were fired, wounding four school staffers and two s. it is hard to make out any identifying details on the shooters, but police released the video in the hope that someone does recognize them. ad them. and there are three schools on that campus tonights tonight. it's unclear when they will reopen. > >> meanwhile, a vigil is being held as we speak for the two brothers. brookey high school students. they were killed saturday night. sara spoke wite who knew the boys. >> reporter: it was an understandably difficult day where students are dealing with the loss of not one, but two of their classmates. >> this is irrational, cruel killing. i feel so much for thy the family of the two kids thate two kids that were killed. it's horrell. >> reporter: caesar eason woult go to school after his
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classmates were killed in oakland. >> just normal kids. playing soccer. my son has been crying a lot. so am i. i'm disgusted t disgusted at this. >> brothers garcia were shot and killed at the birthday party. a parent rented the home in oakland for the party on air b & b and two people showed up after an argument that police believe happened at or around . >> we know that there was a conflict. we know the individuals responsible for this entered the house and begn the house and began to shoot. >> reporter: police say the tws police say the two shooters usea rifle and handgun, shooting multiple rounds, killing two ad two and wounded another who is d to survive. >> we feel like we are getting strong leads and hopefully at some point it will lead to an arrest. >> the counselors were rocked by
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the news and met monday morning. >> never ever should be devastated like this. >> there are counselors and will be a vigil later this evening where both boys attended. > >> thank you. mayor tweeting tonight. stand by to help students with any trauma they e they are experiencing due to the loss of one of their own. ultiy own. ultimately the answer to gun violence isn't more thoughts and prayers. it is prevention and the laws that entable proliferation of weapo. we need to do better for our kids. > >> coming up, one last drink on soil. we are going to introduce you to the official who brought the squad bottle back to the top of the mark. >> oh, my goodness. wow. i had no idea. >> a spectacular sunset after a very nice start to the first full week in october, the start
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of fleet week. the fleet week t week forecast and the
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> >> it is fleet week in san francisco and kpix 5 is prude to be the broadcast partner as we celebrate our service members. the uss gerald were te gerald were the latest ships to sail in the bay and will be open for tours starting wednesday. the harper's ferry at pier 35 and fitzgerald at 3d 30 and 32. and tonight we take a look at a decades old tradition that starts at these very windows. it's the top of the m, top of the mark, the san francisco top of the mark. this was known as actually the weepers -- this used to be a
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window. this is where wives and fiances would get the last glimpse of the ships departingy also met at the top of the mark for one final mark from the squadron bottle. it was a tradition that disappeared untl disappeared until the 1990s, until one brought it to the light. >> stirs his heart. >> when i come to the beach and smell the salty air and hear the waves crashing, all those s come washing back. >> reporter: mike is a veteran of the u.s. navy, a graduate of annapolis. he served as a naval officer for more than six years. he shares a bond, that nobody would know.
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>> they are going to serve years in the future, there is a legacy serving in the united states military that binds us all together. >> reporter: in 2009 while on leave mike decided to partake in a special tradition. it started at the mark hopkins hotel during world war ii. mark went to the top of the mark and asked for the squadron bottle.n would buy and leave bottle in the care of the bartender so the next member of the squadron could have a drink. if you finished the bottle, you would buy another one to leave behind. >> this represents the bonds, te bonds, the teamwork, the camarae that was forged. >> reporter: but in 2009, mike discovered no squadron bottles remained. so he bought one and left it along with a logbook fr logbook for the troops to sign. >> by buying a round for people, for service members, you never
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know. you are acknowledging the sacrifice that they are making >> reporter: mike recently retd to visit the hotel. he pushed the tea button for top of the k the mark and took a short ride o ride to the 19th floor and took a step out. nothing could prepare him for this. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: a display case wih dozens of squadron bottles, on each one a note, many handwritten details who bought it and why. >> i had no idea. wow. >> reporter: the air force pils to infantry battalions, marinesd marines and u.s. rangers, as well as the coast guard. famil, guard. families, friends and perfect strangers, they all bot bottles. the hotel credits mike. mike. >> just having mr. hall here and what he was able to create. we started in world war ii and was
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lost over time. it was nice to bring it back and now make it t it once was. >> reporter: as for mike's log. >> how many people have held this and looked through it and added their own stories. >> there are no several. each one fills up fast. >> not just world war ii, korea, world war ii, korean war, vietnam. >> reporter: packed with stori, letters, notes of appreciation and pgre came home, as well as those who died serving the nation. mike read an entry. >> my father shared a drink at e at the top of the mark when he returned from the pacific during world war ii. for decades he return and shared a drink with his children and friends. this year it would be an honor to share a drink with. we want you to know thank you. k you. thank you for who you are
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and what you are about. cheers to old searg, sergeant pat nef walker, via his son shane walker. >> reporter: and by way of the squadron bottle and the logbooks for years to come, generations will be able to read and reflect on what it means to serve a bigger purposd to help ensure the memories are never forgotten. >> the bottles left there for people to have a drink there represent, as we said, the links in the chain. >> such history. anyone can buya buy a bottle at the top of the mark and leave it for the squadron collection and any ace any active military can take part with a military id. the we special programs to view the be the blue angels over the weekend. > >> all right. chopper 5, look at this, a view from chopper 5
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showing all the squadron planes parked there at the airport ann and in perfect formation. that big c130, that is the team trat team transport plane and the name of that one, fat albert. d fat albert. did you know that, paul? >> i did not. i will not do an impression for you. >> each one has their own name.t name. that one is fat albert. tt albert. that is your jeopardy questions. > >> so obviously looking to skies, how are things? >> it's good. fleet week, you are thinking oh, no, this is the case all week? it is not. s not. let's take a the reason why. because big area of high pressure is building in the upper level of thes a sphere, mean ago big hill of air and suppresses development of cloud cover, should keep the marine layer very close to ground level. it will be shallow and dissipate quickly and warming
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up as we head through the rest of the week. spectacular, temperatures are mostly in the 60s, still 71 degrees right now and in concord, 62, but nice october temperatures. get out and enjoy the last rays of daylight. spreading inland, cloud cover, as opposed to fog sitting at ground level. where it's inland, it's going to precipitate. we have about midmorning through the afternoon warming up to about normal this time of year after we start off. near what's normal, everybody in the 50s, when i say near normal, within a degree or who of what is average for october 4th. more 80s as you look inland. upper 70s down the peninsula and south end of the bay and mostly
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topping out in the 70s and mosy and mostly in the 80s. widespred 80s. widespread 80s inland. nory warm. and 87 in brentwood and right at 70 in san francisco and temperatures north of the n the golden gate mostly topping t mostly topping out in the lower half of the 80s, a little bit warmer the farther you go, new england reach the mid to upper 80s. tied for the warm spots, clever dale and clear lake. we are not talking about a return to what we had a month ago with the labor day heat wave with 110-degree range. able we are g are looking at lower end of the heat risk scale, three-day stretch of high temperatures topping out in the 90s. not going to set a record, but pretty average for this time o.
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everybody's going to peak, mid-70s san francisco and upper 70s oakland and mid-80s for a h a stretch in santa clara. and parts of the north bay as wells well. temperatures running above normal, low 90s for three straight days and start backing down, should be near average ts average temperatures by the beginning of next week. and the good news is plenty of sunshine. i don't think the clouds will be in the way for fleet week. i will be doing one of the service dog events. loog events. looking at some very, very good pups. >> no doubt. take some home. >> i think they are spoken for. they are doing very important jobs. > >> shout out to chef shell. they want to know if they can see the fleet week festivities. you have to come into the bay. >> unless you go top of mount
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tam and look at the dots. > >> some serious news where the death toll of ian has moved to 105. search and rescue efforts in the hard hit areas. more than 50 of those deaths are in lee county alone where some people were questioning whether evacuation orders were given too late. but they are defending their decisions. >> i am confident in our county manager, our leaders, our gove, our governor, all of us in law enforcement that we got that message out at the right time., time. now, whether people listened to it, we can't force people out of their homes, but we can continuously say "look, mandatory evacuation." . >> rescuers have saved thousands of people stranded in their homes, but many more need helpd help. downed power lines and spotty cell service complicating that effort tonight. > >> and hurricane relief efforts,
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to donate go to cross. > >> and an
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> >> checking some headlines around the bay, forensic anthrs bay, forensic anthropologists found bones found do not belong to missing oakley woman. searcs woman. searchers looking for
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gabe found bones near the town of pal ma deer, but the sheriff's office say they belong to an animal. there is a $100,000 reward for informing on her disappearances. > >> meanwhile, iesha curry's store is back open after being hit by thieves. burglars actuay thieves. burglars actually smashed their way in on saturday. so far no arrest. > >> and founder elizabeth holmes is one step closer to potentially get a new trial. ty trial. they allowed them to look into the testimony of a lab director. holmes told them he t he felt guilty about his testimony in the fraud case. hs case. holmes was supposed to be sentence on september 15th. thy will hold that testimony on that date instead. > >> and a california landmark is getting a facelift for its 100th birthday. the secrets
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> >> well, the city of oakland won't be allowed to sue the nfl over the raiders moving to vegas. they blocked the city's anti-trust against the league.y league. they claimed hundreds of millions of lost revenue and referred to them as a cartel. a lower court had already ruled the city failed to make its case. > >> finally tonight, an aging hollywood icon is getting a serious makeover, who is it? ps it? painters are giving the hollywood sign a fresh coat of paint ahead of its 100th anniversary. the chair that pays for its upkeep found at the base letters hidden for 40 years. here it is. >> there is two places in
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hollywood where you see hand prints and signatures in concrete. one is the chinese theater and you have here. >> those were the workers who built the sign in 1923. it said hollywood land to advertise a ritzy real estate development.6 development. 36 years later they removed land and since then it has become a shining em history. i will see you back
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