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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  October 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> a desperate search for answers in the hunt for a serial serial killer that stumped auth. killer that stumped authorities. > >> the market suffering a steep drop in response to the latest jobs report. > >> a live look from san franciso fleet week where the festivities festivities are in full swing. we continue our live fleet week coverage. ryan yamamoto still has one of the best seats in the house. >> we have been out here all dag taking in the sights and soundsr than the windy conditions, it has gone as good as we could hae hoped for. one of the many cool parts of the air show is gettino see a massive united airlines jet flight right over the golden golden great bridge. that is a . that is a 777. max darrow found out more about the demonstration the demonstration from a vetera. from a veteran pilot. >> reporter: getting to see a bg 777 move around iconic landmarks around iconic landmarks is a sie that still inspires the veterant veteran pilot who trains the pis
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the pilots to fly the plane during the fleet week demonstration. >> we want them to say, wow. to see a commercial airliner flyovr a commercial airliner flyover an an iconic setting like san francisco bay, it's amazing. i like the initial pass because it's a little bit of inspiration you see that big airplane at 30. >> we got an up close look at te close look at the maintenance b. maintenance base. >> it is an aerodynamic engineering marvel. >> reporter: the wide-body jet is the largest airplane in thei. >> we are standing inside of a l electric turbo engine. and now, you can get the size of this ine machine. >> reporter: a handful of pilotn handful of pilots train will fle will fly the plane over the golden gate bridge and all over the bay. and then turn around alcatraz and passed by again. when you and i fly on these
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planes as passengers, there's typically around 300 people on board. but during the fleet week week air show, they will be three pilots, and that is it. >> >> reporter: the thrust to weight ratio is better. you are getting a more responsive performance. >> the diamond name are not different from what you would fly when you are on the plane as as a passenger. it just happens to be lower. you have the fixedt of the bay, alcatraz, and it los , and it looks amazing. >> he hopes the show will amazing this fire future generation of pilots. >> there is a pilot shortage inl pilot shortage in commercial aviation. we hope, like so many young men and women that look up up and say, i want to do that, you can do that. >> reporter: the united 777 will be flying in the the air show twice a day througt the weekend. max darrow, kpix 5. 5. >> in addition to the big boeing 777, we got fighter jets
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buzzing around the bay. if you want to feel what it's like to be flying upside down while pulling ge's in a jet, you can n kpix 5 in meteorologist and pallet virtually on a ride. ifus vtual reality, goggles, you will be in the cockpit to go our cbs news bay area youtube channel. list, it's been amazing amazing out here to see the plas to see the plains as they are cg over alcatraz. you can feel the jazz as a flyby. that's the best of being right here. i know we d to deal with a little bit of the the elements. what an experience an experience to be front and c, front row, the seat for fleet w. fleet week. >> earlier today, the parade of ships, i love how they would come to the golden gate bridge. there is a curtain of fog that d open if they came through. i tht that was so majestic and wonderful to see, our men and
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women aboard though ships, waving to the crowd, seeing the beautiful skyline. lauren toms g on board one of those ships. >> she had the best of you. >> it was. it was spectacular. i i hope everybody at home can go and enjoy some part of fleet week this year because it is sog it is something that you will nr forget. it was wonderful. get bk was wonderful. get back and hopefully get nice and warm. i l for you. i think i am still falling out from earlier today. all right. see you soon. > >> stocks making a big plunge to to end the week on the heels ofe latest jobs report. it shows the the market remains strong, but there are signs, hiring is slowg down. reporter elise preston hae details. >> reporter: the worker shortage has companies in austin, texas, texas, searching for a new crop of candidates. this job very specifically for seniors. carlo has been retired for five years, , but is now looking for part-te
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work. >> something just to get us out of the house, get us involved wh people, and put a little money n our pocket. met many employees are still hiring, but it appears appears the job market is coolig down. facebook's company, meta, recently announced a hiring freeze. apple announced plans to to slow hiring. the labor marked the labor market said 263,000 js were added in september. the unt september. the unemployment rate rate ticked down to 3.5%. >> what's good is that job growth is decelerating at a pretty good pace, meaning that it's not jumping off of the cliff. >> reporter: this analyst says the hiring slowdown was expected . the federal reserve is looking looking for signs of weakness ie job market before it has been raising interest rates to fightn rates to fight inflation, but ps remain high. >> that probably leaves them on a path towards raising rates again in november and december.
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>> reporter: if the fed sees hiring slow dramatically, it may may cause them to ease the intet rate hikes. elise preston, cbs news, new york. > >> a rough day on wall street. without losing 630 points today. today. a 2% drop. the nasdaq down nearly 4%, and the s&p drog almost 3%. > >> authorities doing everythingy can to track down the stocktonl ll that is believed to be responsible for six murders in that area. the only public lead that city leaders have shared is video. there is. a person of int a person of interest. a man in all black with a specific type of walk that investigators hope someone will recognize. the vicm will recognize. the victim's ags 's ages range from 21 to 54. the the only survivor, a woman who s the attacker wore black clothes, a black face mask, and said nothing while shooting her multe times. >> we have spared a resource. we
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vigorously pursuing this indivi. pursuing this individual. >> investigators are currently getting between 75 and 100 tipsr day. > >> texas school district has suspended its entire police fore its entire police force and plad two administrators on leave in the wake of the massacre at roby school. the uvalde school distrt the uvalde school district made the announcement today under pressure from parents outraged over the response toe shooting. on may 24th, 19 children and two teachers were d two teachers were killed while hundreds of law enforcement offs waited outside. the district sas . the district says its officers officers will fill other roles for a period of time. school ofs have asked the state to provide more troopers will keep us and r activities. > >> still ahead, fighting for human rights. we will introduce you to this years nobel peace pe winners. > >> california's first ever college
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>> this year's nobel peace prizs nobel peace prize was awarded to to people in groups helping those impacted by the war in ukraine. specifically, a jailedn rights activists. the russian g, human rights greene memorial,
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and the ukrainian organization r the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organization centr the ukrainian organ for civil liberties. >> they have made an outstanding effort to ds to documents war crimes, human s , human rights abuses, and the abuse of power. together, they e , they demonstrate the significe the significance of civil sociey of civil society for peace and . for peace and democracy. >> giving >> giving the award to these groups in particular is seen asa strong rebuke by the nobel committee to russian president r putin. the award follows a tradn of highlighting groups and actis trying to prevent conflicts, ale hardship, and protect human rights. > >> let's take a live look at the the state capital. the first class of the californians for all college corps fellows have been sorted by governor newsom. it's a new program that allow students to earn $10,000 for thr education in exchange for volunteer work focusing on three three key issues in the state, n
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in the state, education, climat, and food insecurity. more than 0 . more than 3200 fellows were hd today. undergrads from 46 different colleges and universities across california,g a difference in communities through volunteer work. > >> santa clara county leaders are tackling the growing amount of litter they say is plaguing its streets. a major funding boost is now on the way to helpn up communities. targeting the cs 15 cities, state senator dave cortez the secure $2 million ton up freeway ramps and areas along capital expressway. >> litter and debris are plaguing our streetsy streets. frankly, it's really overwhelming. our quality of life, people are mad about it. y are done missing our community o dirty. >> the $2 million comes from the
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the budget act of 2021, passed by the state legislature. > >> still ahead, we will hear from a bay area astronaut just moments after she made history at the international space stat. the international space station. > >> in sports, we are getting ino some skating. the san jose shars are back. the big news of the dy news of the day, it may be the biggest in all of sports, the video of draymond green's
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>> petaluma-born nicole mann had at the space station. she's the first native american woman to ever travel to space. >> the first one the hatch is going to be nicole mann. >> she was the first to come toe
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hatch from the space x castle and meet the space station crew after a 29-hour trek. she was also committing the mission. man sent this message back home. >> is incredible to be. mom, look! i'y in space! >> the trip also marked the fitime i20 years that a wre to the space station from affecs kennedy space center. >> zero gravity hair. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> you had that was when you came back from the wind. >> i kind of still do. >> we will see how ryan comes te door a little later. >> he is going to be frozen. we all came back a little blue. >> even downtown where it has been sunny. > >> the temperature is only 58 degrees. the fog is going to
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spread out later tonight. it is a similar pattern compared to what we have seen the last sevel days. it is more reminiscent of june. warm to hot conditions ind tomorrow. the october weather is is going to continue happy coasd at the golden gate. there is thg there is the fog spilling in frm the west. temperatures today, all over the place. this is what what i mean by june weather pat. usually, in october, temperatures downtown make it to to the 70s. today, we had 50s, , 70s, 80s, and 90s.87 in pacifica to 95 degrees in livermore. check out the current temperatue in fairfield. it is 101 degreesa 46-degree spread from half moony to fairfield. that is remarkabl. fairfield. that is remarkable. 80s, 90s, a few 70s further inld with the hot weather in solano county. let's take a look chat.
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the far fullback up from the ind valleys. but that around the cot around the coast with a narrow region of fog picking through the golden gate as we head into the afternoon. similar conditions for the blue angels w and sunday that we had today. te tonight, dropping down into the 50s. high temperatures tomorrown san francisco, mid to upper 60s morning, but we manage to reacho manage to reach into 4 or 5 degrees of normal. santa rosa will be a few degrees above normal, low 80s in the afternoo. 80s in the afternoon. fog in thh bay valleys. plenty of sunshine with above average readings. concord in the mid to upper 80sn jose reaching back into the 80sd out at 82 degrees today. pretty close to your high temperature tomorrow. might even be a degree degree warmer. 60s along the coast and in san francisco. oth, 70s. temperatures further inland in the east bay, upper 80s and
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low 90s for one more day. well into the 90s for other inland parts of the bay area. even the hottest spots not dangerously h. moderate he screws. it could be worse. temperatures are going tn are going to remain near steady around the bay. no major changes changes for san francisco and o. temperatures further inland are going to drop back to near average on monday, tuesday, andy monday, tuesday, and wednesday, for all inland parts of the bay area, before we start to warm backup. not dramatic warming tr, but noticeable by thursday and friday of next week. i will havs i will have tomorrow's dog walking forecast at 6:00. > >> time for a check of what is ahead at 6:00. we switch over te goodrich. >> tomorrow marks five years since the wildfires of 2017. weo back to some of the hardest hit neighborhoods to see how some ss are rebuilding their lives. for some, the trauma was too much ty in the bay area. >> those are not memories i ever i ever would want anyone else to to ever have to experience. so,
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my heart goes out to all of thoe to all of those who have stuck h it. >> we look at what is change in the last five years, the laws that will help california betted the threat of wildfires. the news is coming up in about 10 minutes. let's head over to charlie for some sports. > >> the big stories in the nba, taking place in the bay. the original report came out saying draymond green cross the line wn he forcefully hit jordan poole pick if you are wondering what y struck entailed, while the evid. of course, tmz got their hands n the face. green with the right d with the right hand, punch righo , punch right to poole's face. golden state is now investigating who leaked the vio to tmz because this was a closed a closed practice. yesterday, gn apologized to the team, then let the team, then left the facility facility and did not practice wh the team. green expected to return tomorrow. no word from te
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warriors since the video was le. the video was leaked. > >> to the czech republic. a newa . a new era of sharks hopping gt underway against the predators n prague. san jose is the first came an new head coach david qu. head coach david quinn. first period, nashville up 1-0. he ths it. the prague negative in his home country putting the sharks on the board for the first time this year. early second period, tolvanen puts nashville up 2-1. predators win, 4-1. the two teas the two teams come back from pre tomorrow night. > >> 49ers injury updates, defense 49ers injury updates, defensive lineman eric bostic and jumahnee will not play in sunday's game against the panthers due to inj. head coach kyle shanahan said ad kyle shanahan said armistead could be put on injured reserve. reserve. this game against the s game against the panthers could
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have been a matchup against jimmy garoppolo. carolina was seen as one of the favorites asa trade destination. day, said, opted to make a deal for baker . >> things were advancing with a couple of different things. knu, of different things. knuckling, honestly, came to fruition. they they were at the top of the lis. top of the list. what are the tp what are the top couple. i'm glad the way things worked out.i am here. i am focused on this sf now. > >> cardinals and phillies wavine rally towels. that is when you know it is october. they lead pa 2-0. now, 2-1. two runs coming o score. philly had the lead, and they held on. philly scored six times in the ninth. six times tn 6-3. they take a one-zero seried a one-zero series lead in the be wildcard series. > >> to the american league wildcard series, mariners' first playoff game in 21 years. talk about a return to the postseaso.
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two-shot made it 3-0. four batters into the game. seattle s the shut out, 4-0. they are one win away to moving on. that doet for sports. > >> still ahead at 5:00, turning waste into food. the unique ownership between the oakland zo and
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>> have you ever wondered where tree trimmings and up? at the od zoo, they are being recycled. katie nielsen shows us how. >> reporter: >> reporter: rex donovan owns bonavista tree service. today, his crews were trimming dozens f trees. >> they are working. >> reporter: that is creating hundreds of ths of pages and trees that have to go somewhere. he was an eagle scout growing up, and he is nowa scout leader. he believes in beg a steward of the land. for his , that means keeping tree debris out of landfills. most of the branches are turned into composting and ground cover. >> i would much rather help out our ecosystem by trying to recycle, reuse, and repurpose. >> reporter: there is a second e of branches set aside, loaded
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into the back of the truck. allf it about to be recycled and repd be recycled and repurposed by te five gentle giants. the giraffes at the oakland zoo. >> they get that every hour to two hours or so because they eat eat so much in the wild. matt presley is a senior keeper of the giraffes. she says each one can eat up to 75 pounds of food each day. the zoo relies on treg relies on tree trimming companies to keep the giraffes fed. >> it is the key to providing the best care possible. we can't we can't sustainably grow that n property for us to cut and offer offer them their diet. >> reporter: the two cubic yards of branches will keep the giraffes for about a day and a half. just enough time to gather gather up more branches and bring over another load. >> nice to see the and eating in to see them strip the leaves off off the branches. it's kind of cool. it's to be a part of it. >> reporter: the oakland zoo
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partners with a handful of companies, including buena vista, to help feed the giraffes. for a full list, you n find them on her website, in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. > >> cbs news with juliette goodrh juliette goodrich starts now. > >> five years of rebuilding homs and lives. the north they marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a significant anniversay marking a . we revisit the neighborhoods changed forever by the wine couy wildfires. >> i can honestly say i still feel the emotion. >> there is a story behind each one of these houses. >> rising for the ashes. the eml scars remain. >> what is changed? >> what life is like five years later. the neighbors who rebuilt and some who couldn't bear to . couldn't bear to stay. >> my heart goes out to all those who have stuck with it. >> >> the government makes a big at
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makes a big announcement to tace soaring gas prices. >> they used to bring $20. >> already >> already signs of a steep dro. > >> daredevil acrobatics in this. acrobatics in this guy. apparatus ships on the bay. we are covering the excitement from from all angles as the bay area comes together for fleet week. >> the blue angels are always a staple of san francisco. you can can teach your kids. you can be in the sky sunday. > >> an east bay middle school tradition as hundreds of students jump and jive in a swing dance competition. > >> this is cbs news bay area wih news bay area with juliette goodrich. > >> five years since the north bay fire that killed 40 people, destroying 6200 homes across na,
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