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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 14, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it's friday, october 14th it's friday, october 14th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." >> you must seek the testimony under oath of january 6th central player. >> a vote to subpoena. the january 6th to hear from former president trump as it shows never-before-seen video of the capitol riot. breaking overnight, five people killed in a mass shooting in raleigh, north carolina. what police are saying about the suspect and the investigation. inflation acceleration. prices are up everywhere for groceries to pet care. how much more you're now paying compared to last year.
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i'm wendy gillette in for anne-marie green. the house committee investigating the capitol riot wrapped up what could be its final public hearing with a unanimous vote to subpoena former president trump to ptest. trump wrote on social media that he will respond to the committee later today. members presented more evidence yesterday trying to prove that trump was responsible for the insurrection as he tried to hold onto power. the committee also showed never-before-seen video of both democratic and republican lawmakers frantically calling state and federal officials pleading for help during the attack. natalie brand is on capitol hill with the latest. natalie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, wendy. the nine members of the select committee took turns presenting what could be closing arguments for their case, but they also made clear that their work is not done, as you mentioned. they want to hear directly from the former president, the chair
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saying this is about accountability. >> the resolution is agreed to. >> reporter: the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack ended what could be its final public hearing with a unanimous vote to subpoena testimony from former president trump himself. >> we have sufficient information to consider criminal referrals for multiple individuals. a key task remains. we must seek the testimony under oath of january 6th central player. >> reporter: afterwards the former president lashed out on social media asking why he wasn't asked months ago and saying the committee is, quote, a total bust that has only served to further divide the country. the hearing featured more video testimony from former top white house aides who recalled trump's private acknowledgements that he lost the 2020 election. >> he said something to the effect of i don't want people to know we lost, mark, this is embarrassing. >> reporter: and also never-seen-before footage of congressional leaders pleading
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for help as the chaos unfolded. >> why don't you get the president to tell them to leave the capitol, mr. attorney general. >> reporter: lawmakers also put the spotlight on the u.s. secret service, presenting new evidence that they say shows agents were aware of threats of violence before the capitol assault. california democrat adam schiff agents were getting as much as a week and a half before the attack. >> they think that they will have a large enough group to march into d.c. armed and will outnumber the police so they can't be stopped. their plan is to literally kill people. >> reporter: a final report of the panel's findings is expected by the end of the year. now following yesterday's hearing, the chair, bennie thompson, told reporters that he hopes trump testifies before the panel in person when asked what happens if this turns into a legal fight with the former president, he says let's wait and see what happens. the committee also saying it may still subpoena additional
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witnesses including members of the u.s. secret service. but again, there's this deadline by the end of the year to wrap up this committee's work. >> natalie brand on capitol hill. thanks. breaking overnight, five people were killed including an off-duty police officer in a shooting in raleigh, north carolina. authorities say a shooter opened fire along a walking trail in a residential neighborhood yesterday. police swarmed the area, closing roads and warning residents to stay inside as they searched for the shooter. a suspect described as a male juvenile was taken into custody in a house after alluding police for several hours. >> tonight terror has reached our doorstep. this is a senseless, horrific, and infuriating act of violence that has been committed. >> two people including another
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officer were wounded. there's no word on a motive for the shooting. an emotional vigil was held last night in bristol, connecticut, for two officers killed in what police are calling an apparent ambush. investigators say sergeant dustin demonte and officer alex hamzy were shot wednesday night responding to a possible fake 911 call about a domestic dispute between brothers. police say it was apparently a deliberate act to lure law enforcement to the scene. a third officer was shot and wounded. he was released from a hospital yesterday. authorities say the gunman was shot dead. his brother was wounded. vermont senator patrick leahy is in a washington area hospital. his office says he was taken there yesterday as a precaution after not feeling well at his virginia home. he was expected to undergo tests and remain overnight for observation. the 82-year-old democrat is the longest serving current senator. last year he announced he would not seek re-election to the seat he's held since 1975. inflation remains near a
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record high this morning, up 8.5% compared to one year ago. but there's some relief for tens of millions of seniors. nancy cordes explains. >> reporter: almost everything in your grocery cart got more expensive again last month. apples up another 2%, lettuce up nearly 7%. the price of eggs is now more than 30% higher than last year. >> americans are squeezed by the cost of living. >> reporter: the new figures reveal that inflation has barely budged even after the fed hiked interest rates for a fifth time in a bid to cool the economy. more startling was the spike in the so-called core index, the cost of everything but food and energy. after slowing this summer, it's now zooming back up to its highest rate of increase since 1982. >> why is this so important?
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because the core rate really reflects a lot of the things that we actually deal with, the big parts of our budget like housing. >> reporter: rent, which typically grows about 3% a year is up 7% this year. furniture, up 10%. pet care, up 11%. retirees will get some relief next year, an 8.7% increase in social security payments. the largest hike in four decades. >> so the combination of medicare premiums dropping, the cost of living adjustment being bigger should help these 52 million seniors who are relying on the system. >> reporter: they're going to need that extra cash. according to new figures americans who rely on natural gas to heat their homes, about half the country, they are going to pay up to 30% more this winter than they did last year. nancy cordes, cbs news, marina del rey. some relatives of the victims of the parkland school
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shooting reacted in disbelief when a florida jury spared the life of convicted shooter nikolas cruz. some family members cried, others shook their heads yesterday when a jury recommended that cruz be sentenced to life in prison and not the death penalty. cruz pleaded guilty to killing 14 students and three staff members at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in 2018. >> 17 victims that did not receive justice today. >> but i wait and welcome the day that i get that call that tells me that that murderer was murdered in prison. and that's going to be a very happy day in my life. >> florida law requires a unanimous decision for the death penalty. the jury foreman said 3 of the 12 jurors had concerns about cruz's mental health and voted for life in prison. cruz will be formally sentenced next month. the judge cannot change the recommendation.
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the two candidates in a key senate race in the battleground state of georgia square off tonight in what could be their one and only debate. former football star-turned-republican senate nominee herschel walker faces questions about recent allegations he paid for a former girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009. he says it's a lie. he faces democratic incumbent senator raphael warnock. the first black male senator in the state's history was elected in 2020. a cbs battleground tracker poll from last month showed warnock leading walker by 2% points. coming up, adderall shortage. why a drug to treat adhd is in such short supply. and later, stream and save. netflix is offering a lower cost option. we'll tell you how much you can pay. this is the "cbs morning news." i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi.
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ukraine is getting more air defense help from its allies. it comes as russia continues to fire missiles and launch iranian-made kamikaze drones at civilian targets. responding to president volodymyr zelenskyy's pleas, britain announced it would provide missiles for advanced anti-aircraft systems that the u.s. plans to send to ukraine. the uk is also providing hundreds of aerial drones. the u.s. has advice amid a shortage of adderall, and there's a new development in the case of a missing georgia boy. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the atlanta journal constitution" reports police in georgia believe a missing toddler is dead, and his mother is the prime suspect. the mother of 20-month-old quentin simon reported him missing last month. lelani simon told officers he was in his playpen before she discovered he was done. police say they've gathered enough evidence to conclude the
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boy is dead, but they're not yet ready to arrest or charge his mother. >> our search and our investigation will continue, and it will continue with every available resource we have in order to get quentin's family closure and see that justice is served in this case. >> police say there are no other suspects at this time. "the new york times" says the fda confirmed a nationwide shortage of the drug adderall. there's been a surging demand in recent years for the medication used to treat adhd. the fda said one maker of the drug has this manufacturing delays. other companies that make generic versions or alternatives have also reported problems meeting demand. the fda recommended patients taking adderall talk to their doctors to find alternative treatments. still to come, a new song from freddie mercury. a previously unheard track by the queen singer was up veiled. we'll take a listen.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ this morning, a warning from the world wildlife fund. the conservation group said animal populations across the globe have dropped nearly 70% over the past 50 years. the biggest declines are in latin america. the wwf says the main culprit is clearing forests to grow food. >> 80% of all the deforestation happening in the world are driven by the way we produce and consume food. >> in december, governments from around the world will gather for a summit to set new targets to protect animals and their habitats. starting next month, there will be a less expensive netflix option with ads, and mattel is
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celebrating tina turner with her own barbie. dan lieberman has more in the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: wall street made a comeback thursday surging from its lows as traders focused on strong earnings as part of a broad-based rally despite continued inflation pressures and fears of future rate hikes from the federal reserve. the dow was up 827. the nasdaq gained 232. s&p 500 added 92. netflix announced its new ad-supported subscription plan will cost $7 a month, a steep discount from its ad-free plan. netflix will launch the service november 3rd as the company tries to reverse a drop it's seen in subscribers. the hope is to attract cost-conscious viewers who don't mortgage rates rose again moving closer to the 7% mark according to freddie mac. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 6.92% this week. the highest in 20 years. and music legend tina turner
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is getting her own barbie doll made in her likeness. mattel released the new doll as the latest addition to the brand's barbie signature music series. turner said in a statement that, quote, she's honored to welcome my barbie into the group of trailblazing women already represented and introduce more kids to my journey. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this friday morning. i'm dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. up next, medical marvel. we'll show you a brain surgery patients playing the saxophone while undergoing surgery.
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he here's a loo t ♪ queen is releasing new music featuring the late freddie mercury. ♪ in the end in the end you have to face it all alone ♪ >> "face it alone" was recorded in 1988 during sessions for the album "the miracle" but was not released. it was discovered when the group
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began working on an upcoming box set reissue of the album that will be out next month. mercury died in 1991. it's hard enough to play the saxophone, but imagine doing it while you're undergoing brain surgery. ♪ a 35-year-old italian musician had a brain tumor removed on monday while playing the sax at a rome hospital. the operation was led by a brain surgeon who's an expert in wake surgery. the man played the sax throughout to the nine-hour procedure. he was discharged from the hospital yesterday. and it turns out elephants are really into smashing pumpkins. the oregon zoo hosted its annual squishing of the squash yesterday. extra large pumpkins were served up for romping, stomping, and even chewing. great gourds weighing up to 800 pounds were child's play for the asian elephants. the tradition dates back to 1999 and leads up to halloween. coming up on "cbs mornings,"
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actress zooey deschanel joins us in the times square studio to discuss a new app she co-founded to promote healthy grocery shopping. i'm wendy gillette. this is the "cbs morning news." shopping. i'm wendy gillette. this is the "cbs morning news." [soft music] ♪♪ ♪♪ irresistibly smooth chocolate. ♪♪ to put the world on pause. lindor almond butter. made to melt you by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪♪ can a cream really reduce wrinkles?
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>> good morning. it is friday october 14. on kpix5, oakland pe hoping to stop violent carjackings. message to drivers
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worried about being targeted. > >> a community in mourning. fris and family gather to honor a memory. their plea after losing him to gun violence. > >> we look at how latino represn in the comic book world is growing. > >> it's another great start tod. fog-tober has everybody. we'll e what the rest of the weekend forecast looks like coming up. > >> it is friday light. so far, o good. a complete look at the freeways coming up. first, top stories. investigators near sacramento have reached conclusion on how a truckee teen teen who went missing for two weeks died. the sheriffs department says 16-year-old rodney accidentally drowned after leaving a large party at a a camp ground in august. her body was found in her car that crashed into a reservoir a few yards from the shore. her


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