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tv   CBS News Bay Area 7pm  CBS  October 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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demonstrator setting up camp at oakland city hall on behalf of those who have nowher to go. a veto getting a second chance. a man accused in a string o deadly shootings bases a judge for the first time. just as one bay area health worker strike appears to be ending, another one might be beginning. you are watching cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich good evening , i am sara donchey in for juliette . some have been forced out of oakland's encampment. they want to cut the red tape they say is holding up meaningful change. >> whenever an and came it is cleaned out, there was always the question of where people
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should go. the protesters have an idea. now, it is just a matter of getting the city to g along with it. the wood street encampment was home for more than 300 unhoused people , with some living there up to eight years . it's cause its share of problems, including a couple of serious buyers . last month, th city moved in, clearing out the property owned i caltrans, and scattering the community to th wind. >> you come in and dismantle a community that is self-sufficient. you want to dismantle that and scatter everyone around the bay area. what does that do? it doesn't help anyone. >> reporter: this money, supporters of the campers set u tents outside oakland city hall to put pressure on city leaders to come up with a more stable solution. >> we need to actually allocate land so that people have a place to go, place to call thei own. >> reporter: basing this property would work, known as they get north gateway parcel. the land is next to the water treatment plant. the proposal i to the boat eight acres to an
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established camp, with garbage pickup and sanitation facilitie . but the protesters are frustrated by bureaucratic roadblocks they are getting it city hall. >> it seems like every time we had this conversation, it is pushed off to another agenda. i gets tiresome asking the same thing over and over. you can se the need. all you have to do is walk to work, drive to work, an you see homeless people scattered all over the place. >> reporter: the homeless advocates say the city of put off solutions for a long time, and they are appealing to new members of the council to take the lead before they are left holding the bag. >> homelessness is set to rise in oakland by nearly 40% in the coming years. the people that are coming into office in this next time are going to have eve more of a challenge on their hands. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramose, kpix 5. >> a bill to allow for plexus is moving ahead. the board of supervisors voted after may abrade vetoed a similar one th
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summer. it would allow four to six buildings to be on any land the mayor of antioch to find new rent control rules int law. rent increase is now cappe at 3% or 260% of the bay area for consumer price index, whichever number is lower. that will save tens of thousands of dollars a year and help keep people off the streets. >> because of this policy, families will have relief. rent will be in line with wages. communities will stay intact , and antioch can stay diverse and strong. >> the ordinance limits landlords to only one written increase every 12 months. san francisco is almost -- almost the most expensive plac to rent in the country. that ar a report from the apartment listing site. second only to
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new york city . san jose in oakland also made the top 10 . the report found rental prices have been going up here for the past nine months straight . it says rising interest rates and cooling housing market are to blame. hundreds of doctors could walk off the job next month. their union plans to issue a 10-day strike notice tomorrow because of a contract dispute. was shut down most nonemergency and outpatient services at county hospitals an clinics, most notably, valley medical center rick meanwhile, kaiser mental health workers could be on the urge of ending their strike after two months. hundreds of employees walked off the job back in august . they say they are just overworked and understaffed. today , the union announced a tentative agreement saying, quote, the new four-your agreement will benefit patients and drive collaborative efforts into improving access to mental health care while at the same time recognizing and bette supporting mental health therapists in the most importan work.
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the oakland city council? tonight to expand the use of license plate readers. the mayo is saying plate reader makes upper opd employee shortages. the privacy commission wants use of the readers to stop. the council could vote to do one o the other tonight. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the tenderloin pickets have about the market turk street split after midnight. the victi died in the street. at this point, no word on any suspects or what led up to the shooting. the man accused of killing five people in stockton and on right here in the bay area face a judge for the first time today. wesley brownlee was arraigned on murder and other charges. but , as michelle medina reports, he could soon face even more. >> you have the right to an attorney. >> reporter: wesley brownlee nodded his head before a judge as he was charged with three counts of murder in stockton, california.
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>> you do not get to come into our house and do this kind of crime. >> reporter: prosecutors allege the 43-year-old is a suspected serial killer who recently move to the city. investigators say he shot and killed six men and women woman over the last year and a half before he was finally captured saturday. >> this investigation is ongoing. and in no oucharging determination today end or conclude this investigation. >> reporter: authorities used ballistics and self updated to connect brownlee to the crimes. >> there are some people who are just simply too dangerous t share the streets with you and i. >> reporter: the brother of larissa lopez, one of brownlee' alleged victims, reacted. >> it's going to be hard. it's going to be something we have to go through every day. >> reporter: authorities they brownlee has a criminal history that includes traffic violation and convictions for drug crimes it's still unclear why he targeted his victims , but prosecutors say they are
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looking into whether the attack were hate crimes. michelle medina, cbs news, los angeles >> brownlee did not enter a ple today. he is scheduled back in court in november. there was one conviction an one acquittal today in the 1996 murder of cal poly student kristin smart. the jury found paul flores guilty of killing the college freshman who was last seen with him. in a separate trial, his father, ruben, was acquitted that the verdicts were read in the st. courtroom moments apart. >> it's hard for me to describe all that stuff they say is evidence . you look through it, and there is no evidence agains anybody, me or paul. there wasn't any time. just too muc made up stuff. that's all i ca say. >> smart was 19 years old when she vanished after a party. he body was never found, but she was legally declared dead in
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2002. coming up, not your typica day at the beach. why san francisco politicians were rallying out of the sand. more restrictions coming to homeowners in san mateo county. they could help keep your home green. warm temperatures across th bay area today as we look out a the last of tuesday's daylight mid to upper 80s in santa rosa. warm temperatures again tomorrow. some big changes in store.
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san francisco's city leader gathered on the sand and ocean beach to push back against proposition i. it would open to traffic. opponents, like mayor london breed , say that would threaten the ocean beach climate annotation project .
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>> if the road is kept, we wil need a seawall to stabilize. we will be moving a ton of sand u and down the beach. and then, all of that accelerates erosion . it reduces access and destabilizes the bluff. >> on the other side of the issue, supporters of prop i include some disability and elderly rights groups and the city's labor council. they are arguing that reopening the great highway and jfk drive makes the city more accessible for everyone. on the peninsula, san mateo city leaders are taking bold steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions . the council approved new codes requiring certain types of renovation projects to move toward electric appliances and away from natural gas. we are talking about things like stove the water heaters, and air conditioners. is estimating that buildings account for nearly 38% of greenhouse gas emissions in the city. the new
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codes go into effect on january 1st. parts of the pacific ocean in northern california are actually going on the auction block. the biden administratio is selling leases for offshore wind energy development. these are pictures from an offshore wind farm on the east coast run by danish company. five locations off california will be available for lease in early december. they are expected to generate enough energy to power 1.5 million homes. the biden administration has set a goal to produce 10 times that much wind energy by 2030. >> if you are near the coast, you know, there is plenty wind to go around. >> i was going to say. there is more than enough. if only we could harness the fog as well. >> that is something we could aspire to. >> very windy. today, offshore wind. not strong enough to boost the fir threat. all sorts of changes as we head for the next several days. let's take a look.
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tonight, the fog is not going t be a major factor. a few patche near the coast. otherwise, mostly clear skies. a few high clouds pulled floating through. temperatures will be warmest tomorrow. it will feel like what labor day should have felt like instead of the 110-degree temperatures we had on that holiday. the cooling trend starts on thursday. most noticeable near the water. the cooling trend will be noticeabl everywhere by the end of the work week. below average temperatures by saturday and sunday. a pretty look for the golden gate . the last of the daylight, making the most of it temperatures are still warm. everybody in the low to mid-70s 70 is a lowest spot in oakland temperatures will continue to back down into the 50s by earl tomorrow morning. the warmest spots around 60 degrees. these numbers are about 5 degrees above average. valley hi are jumping off point. without much fog to burn off, the son's energy is going to go to warmin up the temperature. temperature by lunchtime well into the 70s around the bay. into the 80s
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further inland. temperatures around the coast or even going to reach the upper half of the 70s tomorrow afternoon. upper 70s and low 80s with and lunch orders -- look at all these 90 degree readings. temperatures are going to reach the upper 80 if not the low to mid-90s for highs tomorrow afternoon. just short of record territory . there might be a record or two tied here or there. the temperature not quite warm enough to be dangerously hot. i will help elevate the fire threat. that is something we will have to monitor. the temperature from normal , 10 t 20 degrees above normal. watch what happens as we wind the clock to saturday. 15 to 20 degrees above normal to about to 10 degrees below average on saturday. it is not going to happen back to back days. you have ursdayand to g used to arril of oito feel lik november by the time the weekend rolls around. eventually, it's going to feel appropriate for this time of
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year. the fire danger, we can evaluate that without fire danger index. it combines of al the different factors the temperature, humidity, fire field. we want to be as close t zero as possible , which is where we will still be at lunchtime. as we head into the afternoon, a little higher than some of the numbers we have seen recently. the one thing keeping these numbers from bein even higher of the scale, the lack of strong offshore winds . the winds will be offshore, but they are not going to be very gusty. that is the limiting factor. what we need is some rain. there are signals toward that in the data. there is an outside chance on saturday. th outlook points to a decent signal for wetter than normal conditions into the pacific northwest. eventually, we will get the shower chance . it look like it will be just beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast at this point. maybe next tuesday night into wednesday. we will keep you updated. in th short-term, get ready for
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someone to meters tomorrow , an down the other side of the temperature roller coaster thursday and friday, hitting th valley on the roller coaster saturday and sunday, when even the warmest locations are only going to reach the low to mid-70s inland in the east bay. we will see passing clouds overhead. and again, our chance of getting a shower or a few sprinkles aren't technically's zero. i would not count on fre lawn watering , but maybe by th end of next week. fingers crossed. knock on wood. >> good to hear about the possibility , a sprinkle of a chance. >> that is the october phrasing we are grasping at anything . it's got to happen. >> it has been a weird october. >> a weird october. maybe spring will bring us normal. a warning about where mosquitoes fans in santa cruz county. county officials say that they are the yellow fever mosquito. it's large . you can transmit diseases like thick and yellow fever. none of thos
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diseases have been found in california thus far, the county officials are trying to catch and kill those mosquitoes. stil ahead, why global supply chain issues are causing some new problems for b.a.r.t. riders. and why the 49ers are hoping brandon can build on sunday's performance.
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president biden says he will release 15 million barrel of oil from u.s. strategic reserve in response to recent opec production cuts. the reserve ently holdrrs about 400 million levels. that is it lowest level since 1984. this a fears of a global recession hav led to a $7.00 drop in oil prices. those savings or something up at the gas pump in california. the average cost of regular fuel is $6.00 a gallon, still very high. but $0.28 cheaper than last week. supply chain problems have been impacting just about ever thing we buy and use, and now they are coming for your clippe card. b.a.r.t. officials are urging people to use the clipper app . if this sounds familiar , it's because the sam
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morning was issued back in the summer. right now, the three dollars fee for adding a card is being waved. the shortage does not affect cards for seniors, discounted cards for disabled riders. those are made with a different material. another big event in san francisco, the tech crunch disrupt conference back since 2019. it is geared towards in charging their startups during three days of events. 49ers did not score in the second half of sunday's loss to atlanta. that was a little painful. as of right now, there was at least one player who ha a breakout game. >> this is the volkswagen red and gold report. >> 49ers hose the kansas city chiefs sunday. help could be o the way.'s kyle shanahan said there is a decent chance nick bosa will return. brandon
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aiyuk had a breakout game on sunday. if that wasn't enough, aiyuk had his first career gam with two touchdowns. with the red and gold report , i am ryan runner moto. track coming up, the oakland zoo to the rescue. how these tortoises came to liv in the bay area.
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tow . regular footed tortoise and leopard portis are now being treated at the veterinary hospital. they were among 60 animals found neglected and abused at a roadside zoo in maryland . oakland workers joined peta in a five-day rescue operation, and they helped transport animals across the country to sanctuaries. thanks for watching. the news continue streaming on cbs news bay area. we will see you right back here at 11:00.
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