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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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for more news, download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. it's tuesday, october it's tuesday, october 25th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." >> this is a heartbreaking day for all of us. it's going to be tough. >> tragedy in st. louis. two people are killed and seven others wounded after a gunman opened fire at a high school. how a security guard acted quickly after seeing the shooter. florida showdown. governor ron desantis and his challenger charlie crist meet in a contentious debate. the key takeaways with just 14 days left until the midterm elections. paying tribute. hollywood remembers leslie jordan. how colleagues are honoring his legacy. good morning and good to be
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with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with the deadly school shooting in st. louis. the fbi has joined the investigation after a gunman killed a teenage girl and teacher. seven others were wounded. the all-too-familiar site of terrified students running from a school played out again yesterday. the suspected shooter, a former student at the high school, died in an exchange of gunfire with police, but his motive remains unclear. astrid martinez is in new york with the latest on this story. astrid, good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, the tragedy happened at the central visual and performing arts high school. students say the shooter entered the school with a long gun and opened fire. as the community mourns, there are questions about safety at the school where authorities say seven security personnel were on duty at the time. community members and students in st. louis gathered for a vigil hours after a tragic high school shooting killed a 16-year-old student and a
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teacher, jean kirk kuczka. >> why? why us? why would somebody do this? >> reporter: police say they are still trying to determine a motive why a gunman, who they identified as 19-year-old recent graduate orlando harris, went to central visual and performing arts high school and opened fire. investigators say they're looking into whether mental health played a role. police say they exchanged gunfire with harris after the call came in. he later died at the hospital. >> the individual had almost a does en30-round high-capacity magazines on him. it could have been a whole lot worse. >> reporter: some students who were forced to run from the school wonder how they'll ever return. >> i seen my friend had all blood on her hand. the shooter came to her and said, are you ready to die? >> reporter: police say there were several security guards at locked entry points around the building. one of the guards noticed the shooter was trying to get in
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through a locked door but couldn't. he notified officials and ensured police were contacted. the school is closed today while the investigation continues. and this latest st. louis school shooting was the 40th this year resulting in injuries or death, according to a tally by "education week." anne-marie? >> astrid martinez in new york. astrid, thank you very much. a russian court is hearing an appeal today from brittney griner over her conviction and not on a nine-year prison sentence on drug charges. her lawyers say griner does not expect miracles at her hearing. officials say they found vape canisters containing cannabis in her luggage at a moscow airport in february. the biden administration has proposed a prisoner swap to bring her and fellow jailed american paul whelan home. turning to the midterm elections, in the race for senate in the key state of
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pennsylvania, democratic governor john fetterman faces off with republican dr. mehmet oz in their debate tonight. fetterman who has effects from a stroke he suffered in may will used a closed captioning device to help him understand what was said. last night two governors squared off. ron desantis and charlie crist had several clashes including on the issue of abortion rights. earlier in the year desantis signed a law with no abortion at 15 weeks regardless of rape or insert. >> i would like to see everybody have a shot. i'm proud of the 15 weeks that we did. >> i don't want to ban abortion. i want to make sure we keep a woman's right to choose available to the women of the state of florida, and i want to make sure we don't have a governor in the future who wouldn't even allow exceptions for rape and incest. >> desantis, who is considered a
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likely presidential candidate in 20 24, refused to commit to serving a full four-year term if he is re-elected as governor. the white house says president biden will speak with the new prime minister of britain, ricci sunak, in the coming days. the 42-year-old former finance minister was chosen by the ruling conservative party yesterday to replace liz truss. sunak will officially be named prime minister today after meeting with king charles. he takes over after truss's now scrapped economic program led to a financial crisis. >> we now need stability and unity, and i will make it my utmost priority to bring my party and our country together. >> sunak is the first person of color to become britain's prime minister. he's also the youngest person to lead the country in more than two centuries. a new report shows covid's devastating impact on america's school children. math scores saw their biggest
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decline on record, and reading scores hit their lowest level in three decades. nikki battiste has more on the nation's report card. >> a new york city mother says her son struggled during the pandemic. he's now in eighth grade. >> before the pandemic, he was always on the honor roll. after that he couldn't get his grades back up. >>orter: the 2022 national assessment of educational progress reports math scores for fourth and eighth graders plummeted since the last test in 2019. it was the largest decline in math since testing began in 1990 with nearly four in ten eighth graders failing to grasp basic math concepts and only one in three students meeting reading proficiency standards. >> the results were sobering. >> reporter: peggy carr is the commissioner for the national
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center firefighter education statistics. the results showed black and hispanic students fell further behind than their white and asian peers, and girls die inclined faster than boys. >> why is that? >> well, we don't know precisely, but we think it has to do with socialization. maybe they were differentially impacted by being isolated during this time. >> reporter: carr says while schools should focus on boosting math scores, parents can help their children make up lost ground simply by reading together. >> the message to parents is that this is serious. it will take all hands on deck, and they're one of those hands. >> reporter: madden told me he was easily distracted during remote learning, but he says now that he's back in class in person school has gotten easier. his mom says being face-to-face with his teachers have helped his grades improve. nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. well, the entertainment world is paying tribute to
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emmy-winning actor leslie jordan who died yesterday after he crashe his kcar in hollywood. police are looking into whether he had a medical attack before the crash. he was best known for his work on the tv series "will & grace" and actors on the show are mourning his loss. sean hayes tweeted, my heart is broken. he was one of the funniest people i ever worked with. eric mccormack wrote, the joy and laughter he brought to every one of his "will & grace" episodes was palpable. you were loved, sweet man. leslie jordan was 67 years old. well, coming up, kanye west controversy. adidas is facing boycott threats over their ties to the rapper. and did you check your powerball numbers at all? we're going to tell you if there was a win over last night's huge jackpot. this is the "cbs morning news." was a win over last night's huge jackpot. this is the "cbs morning news." i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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ukraine is touting its success at shooting down drones launched by russia. they were used to attack ukraine's infrastructure and civilian areas. ukraine says it's shot down 70% of the drones fired as of this saturday. adidas is under pressure to cut ties with kanye west. and another trial over george floyd has been averted. the "minneapolis star tribune" reports two former minneapolis police officers reached agreements with prosecutors to avoid state trials for aiding and abetting the 2020 killing of george floyd. j. alexander king pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge yeterday just before jury selection was about to begin. he knelt on floyd's back while former officer derek chauvin knelt on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. former officer tou thao agreed to let a judge decide his fate.
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he helped by blocking floyd. two officers were charged with attempting to on strength a criminal investigation into the giant tech company huawei. they paid bribes to an american official they thought would provide information, but the authorities say the official was actually a double agent working for the fbi. >> beijing may think our adherence to the rule of law is a weakness, but they're wrong. we're does erupting chinese government criminality and aggression. >> 11 other chinese men accused of working on behalf of beijing have also been charged with crimes in the last week. and npr says calls to boycott adidas is growing as the company stays silent on kanye west's anti-semitism. the german footwear giant's collaboration with west's easy fashion brand is said to be worth billions of dollars. west who now goes by the name of
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ye has come under fire for anti-semitic remarks and wearing a shirt with a slogan associated with white supremacists. adidas says it's under review. more than 150,000 have signed a petition urging the company to cut ties. and still to come, beyonce's summer surprise, how the superstar may have accidentally revealed plans that she's going on tour next year. have acciden revealed plans that she's going on tour next year. and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive, don't wait. ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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keeping leaks off her mind. comfortable in shapeware fabric she moves with ease. confident on nights like these. depend silhouette. the only thing stronger than us, is you. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. so if you didn't buy a ticket for the massive powerball jackpot, you are still in luck. no one matched all the numbers from last night's drawing. the jackpot is now $680 million. if you won, the cash payout
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would be $326 million, and the next drawing is tomorrow night. there's a major shampoo recall, and a popular breakfast snack just got spicier. dan liebermann has those stories and more in today's "moneywatch" report. >> stocks closed higher in the hopes that the federal reserve would slow interest rate increases. the dow is up 417. nasdaq added 92. s&p gained 44 pointed. unilever is recalling dry shampoo aerosol products that may contain elevated levels of benzine, the human carcinogen. it's one of half a dozen recalls this year showing up in deoderants, hand sanitizers, and sunscreen. companies like brand, suave, and tray say may made before 2021 are affected. apple on monday announced price increases for its music and streaming video services.
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apple music will now cost a dollar more and family plans are up $2. the biggest increase is apple tv plus up 40% to $6.99 a month. the latest example of streaming proucts getting more expensive in recent months. pop-tarts has a new collabern tajin, a popular fruit and spice. it's only available online until thursday while supplies last. each package includes three pop-tart favorers, tajin seasoning, and hot sauce. that's your "cbs moneywatch" report for this tuesday morning. i'm dan liebermann, cbs news, new york. up next, serena williams leaving the door open. what the tennis great said about a possible return to competition. said about a possible return to competition. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. beyonce will be hitting the road with her renaissance tour. on saturday the singer announced the upcoming concerts by surprising attendees at a los angeles auction benefiting a theater youth membership toreship program run by her mother and stepfather. beyonce auctioned off two tickets to see her live from anywhere around the world, including first-class airfare
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and a backstage tour. and do not call serena williams retired. the 23-time grand slam champion told a conference in san francisco that the chances of her returning to competitive tennis are very high. this, of course, comes after she wrote an essay in "vogue's" august edition saying that she was evolving away from tennis. williams, who's 41 and hitting the court said -- said hitting the court and realizing she's not preparing for the next tournament felt really weird. well, actor henry cavill is confirming some rumors after his cameo in the new superhero movie "black adam." >> i am back as superman, and the image you see on this post and what you saw in "black adam" are just a very small taste of thinking to come. >> the actor posting that video on instagram said he's donning the red cape again.
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cavill first hit the big screen as superman in "man of steel" in 2013. no word on when a new superman movie is due out though. president biden and the first lady honored a man they say is a superhero at the white house. the first couple helped plant an elm sapling in honor of dale haney, the chief white house groundskeeper. haney has spent 50 years taking care of the white house grounds and the pets of ten first families. he also picks out the official white house christmas tree each year, and he's already chosen this year. and a man in the philippines has jumped to a second guinness world record. ryan alonzo set a record for skipping rope. the 35-year-old completed 3,731 consecutive crossovers while skipping.
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good morning, it is tuesday, october 25. we have a
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rake up call this morning. we are looking at test scores giving us a startling look at the pandemics input on education. >> what are we doing to keep shoppers safe this season? harnessing the power of the dog, what people are doing to use dogs to promote democracy? we will see a constant trend in temperatures this week, before getting to a small chance of rain this weekend. we are looking at the roadways, we are busy in the altamont pass. we will look at the bay area bridges, coming up. have you seen this trike ? we have a creative marketing campaign that hasn't bay area folks singing. i look forward to that story. first, let's look at today's top stories. scot peterson is off death row. this is his new mug shot. he is now east of sacramento. back in 2020, the state supreme court overturned his death sentence for killing his pregnant wife


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