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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  October 31, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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program are arts, music, theater and dance. proposition 28's goal is to make arts and music education a priority for california schools. it would require the state to set aside 1% of revenue from the general fund for creative arts and a- 12 public schools. no proposition has been filed, but that doesn't mean everyone agrees this is the best way to use those funds. >> what i have found is that everybody loves arts music. >> reporter: he is running for state superintendent of public instruction and a former fourth grade teacher. >> i want our school to have the best arts using dance and theater that they could possibly have. what i don't want is for them to be constrained by a budget -- ballot box budgeting that requires them to use a certain threshold of money. >> reporter: something to consider with the recession
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living. from him having music and is classed class is a must. nonprofit organization donates instruments. >> with eight-year-old, there is a lot of turnover instruments. the association has been amazing. they have a budget for repairs. >> reporter: getting them into the hands of students and no-cost appearance. >> i was so excited when she brought a violin. now, we are all losing our minds. she will stop playing. that is the best, because that is a kid who is really into it. >> reporter: and sparing the third and fourth graders to learn something new. the universal language of music. jeana franco, kpix. >>'s first group of students are juniors in high school and some of them still play in a band together at different festivals and events. we've
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got you covered on election night with three ways to watch as the boats come in. our coverage starts at 5:00 on election day here on kpix, cbs news bay area and our sister station, --. affirmative action in college admissions. high court's conservative majority could end the use of race as a factor when considering students at public and private universities. >> i have heard the word diversity quite a few times. i don't have a clue what it means. >> reporter: affirmative action is on the line at colleges and universities across the nation. supreme court justice had heard arguments from harvard and the university of north carolina. both schools consider race among other factors when it ending students. >> when does it end? >> reporter: the attorney arguing against the policy well culture could be theoretically considered admissions, race should not. liberal justice responded. >> it is part of the race, isn't it? that is slicing the baloney thin. >> reporter: conservative
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justice had this exchange with the attorney defending the policy. about when an applicant can identify as part of a minority group. >> let's say the student has one grandparent who falls within that class . can the student claim to be a member of an underrepresented party? >> yes, we rely on self reporting. >> one great great grandparent? you will make me continue to go on? >> reporter: has upheld affirmative action twice and most recently in 2016. the courts you solidly conservative majority could lead to a ruling. >> the supreme court is going to end race-based affirmative action as certain as it was they were going to reverse roe v. wade. >> the first black woman to serve on the court and emphasize race was just one factor. >> when you give your race, you are not getting special points. it is on par with other
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factors in the system. >> reporter: expected to make a decision next spring. justice jackson will sit out on the harvard case, because she was a member of the school's advisory governing for it. california spotted back in 1996 to outlaw considerations of priest in state college admissions. two years ago, voters rejected proposition to bring it back. eight other states have outlawed it. supreme court case could affect private schools and state, like stanford, usf and usc. storm system moving into northern california that will bring the first real snow in the sierra. cruiser going into high alert and getting ready . it will be all hands on deck for the next 48 hours. >> we are just getting our appointment in order, so that is the number one thing. making sure that we are appropriately staffed , especially with the storm and being the first storm of the season. >> set to close when the snow starts, which includes the pass on highway 108 and monitor
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pass on 89. >> we want to bring darren back. what kind of snowfall are we talking about here it is here exactly? >> almost a foot at donner pass oracle summit. that is what would matter to the majority of us if we have to drive. starting tomorrow into wednesday, we can see more than . this is what it looks like a diamond peak. just wanted to show you the very dry landscape, because we haven't gotten significant snow. this would be the first of the season. it starts late tomorrow afternoon and goes through wednesday afternoon. by the time we are done, we've got 9 to 10 inches of the past. some of the models have been higher than it. anybody who has ever taken that drive, like so many have , when the snow gets that low, that is your in the snow for a good stretch of that drive. that is why the national weather service has put out a storm warning. that west slope is where you've got to be mindful of it. there's got to
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be delays. it could be a mess. it does mean rain for us. we look at that in more detail. >> thank you so much. state officials have pushed back crab season. it is the fourth season in a row that this has happened. it is to protect whales from getting entangled in top lines. supplies to all commercial, crab fishing and all the way down to the mexican border. officials will reassess that situation of number 23 to decide when the season could start. when we come back, how one self-pay families puts on a show for the entire neighborhood. spooky season turns into a season of love for newlyweds.
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the fog is rolling in over the city and it's perfect for spooky day like today. speaking of that, you probably think of valentine's day when it comes to dates that couples pick to get married, but some are opting for something different. today for halloween, officiated a few weddings. >> look at this. officials and the people getting married are all dressed in costume. we ran into jeff foster and jessica went. they are just married. this holiday meant a lot to them and it will stay that way. >> halloween is the day after our anniversary. it is an opportunity to dress up every
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year to celebrate. >> make people come to a costume party every year and be radical about our love. >> be radical. while it can be scary, we are glad that couple didn't catch the fretful feeling. one of south boys most visited houses start getting ready a full year in advance. >> takes that level of effort and their decorations could not be possible without the help of the community. kpix mary lee gives us a peek. >> i love halloween a lot. when i was a kid, i used to draw halloween houses as my -- that was a fun thing to do. >> every halloween, the albertson family goes all out for the spooky holiday transforming their downtown san jose home for trick-or-treaters. >> every year, we think that it
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is a bit much, but after the night of having everyone here, we are excited. >> i will have random classmates who i have never talked to and they will say they know where i live. >> reporter: they started decorating their home when they first moved into the neighborhood back in 2010. every year, it has gotten bigger and better. this year's theme is pixar. >> with pixar, we thought it would be perfect, but the problem was that there is so many cool things to do, so we will limit it and focus on a couple of movies. that extended back out to about five movies. >> the community stepped in to help. 20 volunteers came out to their painting parties on three different weekends to lend a hand. >> pixar logo that we have was painted by a couple of elementary school kids and just down the street. when they come by, they will say that it is theirs. that makes it more of a fun community event. >> reporter: there halloween
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house is a fan favorite and more than 1000 trick-or-treaters come to their house on halloween night every year. >> everybody knows it. it is really cool to do something to bring everybody together. i love seeing all of the kids faces. it is so cute seeing everybody so happy. i love that about it. >> reporter: there halloween house will be open through the weekend and on halloween night. complete with lights, music and costume characters. with the albertson's who definitely have the halloween spirit, mary lee, kpix five. >> obviously, check out the house tonight. that is from 6:00 to 9:00. it is on north 16th street in downtown san jose. there are still to come from halloween house to a house in need of the left, will introduce you to a blind woman getting a much-needed home makeover from her local community. 49ers are back in
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business. they usually handle the rams in the regular season, but like this ? the fbi reveals shocking new details about the attack on speaker pelosi's husband, including zip ties found at the scene and the intruders
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the sun lights up our world is now sliding up social media by joining in on the trend for fun. >> cut this picture and looking like a jack-o'-lantern. they called it at smiling son and some other people saw the marshmallow man from ghostbusters. others saw a lion. where is the line? yeah, okay. there is the nose. some saw a fish or different types of snack foods. >> i just see a burnt pizza.
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that is me projecting. >> we are hungry. a look at the weather and some changes heading our way. i will start off with the daytime highs, because i want us all to have our chance for our farewell to daytime highs in the low 70s. they can highs made it to 72 in livermore, 71 in santa rosa. it wasn't 70s everywhere. it was low 60s in the bay . to go along with the idea of this rain, which was getting her tomorrow , the colder air will start filtering in. we turn the calendar to tomorrow and it's november. it is right on the money. it will start looking and acting like it. it is the morning lows that will be the bigger deal. here are tomorrow's daytime highs. i am close to 70 here and we are pretty much going to keep it in line with this for the next seven days, but it is
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wednesday and thursday morning when we are going to start getting down into the low 30s and some of the northbay valley. here is what is causing that cooldown. this is the storm tomorrow and we will bring those first lines of showers get into the northbay in time for the late morning commute tomorrow. 8:00 and 9:00, northbay commuters, that is or rain. if you are in early commuter, you might miss it. then on the roads being slick tomorrow morning and by the late morning, it gets down to the golden gate. this is when the majority of us notice the rain. this is round 10:00 or 11:00 or noon tomorrow. it takes it down to about 3:00 before it's clearing the south bay. they are going to be stragglers. some light rain and they want to get on into the south bay on wednesday. there is a chance for a stray shower. will see a drop of rain on there. wednesday is not really a major rain event if we get much at all. this quarter of an inch of rain is almost 99.5% of that will happen between 8:00 and 3:00 tomorrow as it goes
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from north to south. morning lows, we start out okay. this is the warmer morning , because we are still in front of a cold front tomorrow. tomorrow morning is going to be in the 50s, but yeah let's use the northbay. 43 would be an average love for us. this is where we always get our culture slows. santa rosa, and this will apply to you guys. look at thursday and friday. got 32 and 33. while the northbay is doing this, the majority of us will be low 40s, which is still cold. it won't be as cold as a peer. these week at the most. we are going to have a pretty active pattern. the storm is coming tomorrow and part of an atmospheric river that delivered a lot of rain to the pacific northwest. here comes the next one by sunday. that is going to do the same thing only looking ahead to next sunday . that might hold together a little bit better. when we get to the seven-day forecast, we
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will see a chance of rain on sunday. on monday looking out that far, we are not going to get too specific, but we can already see the possibility there towards the second half of this weekend and into early next week. might be back in the rain business again. we could use it, so we will let you know how that plays out. back to you. no thanks. what's ahead at 6:00 . coming up at 6:00, we just got an updated statement from nancy pelosi after her attack on paul. we are delving further into the documents that reveal the suspects alleged plot to kidnap and harm nancy pelosi herself. >> reporter: i am at twitter headquarters in san francisco. elon musk now owns the social media platform, so what is the comfort level on that? >> it will be interesting to see how twitter comes out of all of this. whether it loses its most avid users, we shall see. >> the news at 6:00 is coming
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in 10 minutes. let's head up to vern glenn for sports. the 49ers , is there anything running back, that transfer the five can't do? about him coming into sunday's game against the rams. >> thursday night, we were doing the red zone and the rooms . does anyone know if kristen can throw? >> reporter: one of his assistants showed this clip from 2018. he threw a touchdown pass with carolina. before that, he threw two touchdowns with stanford in 2015. christian mccaffrey is ready for any more chances to air it out. >> you've got to get the elbow up. get release and get the elbow up. it helps when someone is wide open, as well. i used to always want to play quarterback because it was the best position, but anyone back since i was seven. >> as for the actual
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quarterback, jimmy and his performance , he threw two touchdowns, 12 christian mccaffrey, george kittle and completed his final 12 passes. 84% completion percentage yesterday and fifth best in franchise history trailing only joe montana, john brody and steve young. pretty good company. nicholas and the defense made life miserable for lance quebec matthew stafford. picked up his eighth sack of the season , but was disappointed. he didn't get a chance for more after l.a. waved the white flag. >> i was surprised when they gave up a little early. i think it is maybe six or seven minutes left and they ran the ball on third down. i was hoping for some more pass rushers, but they didn't have confidence in coming back. >> it is halloween. why not bring up a top-five halloween costumes around the nfl this
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weekend ? let's go. let's start with the fence of detroit. baby shark with average joe's and the lion's number one fan . couple in indianapolis dressed up as harry and lloyd from dumb and dumber. while skerritt arrived to the stadium as fact now from the netflix series stranger things. that is pretty good. cleveland received as a black power ranger . i want to face him. how about number one? equals offensive lineman jason kelce wiring the batman mask on the sideline during phillies when against the steelers. what you think? so many to choose from. that is what the sports staff went with. >> i never get tired of those, by the way. >> you can get all of them on amazon.
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>> thank you. at 5:00 . >> i am the one who is blessed. >> vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2% to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change.
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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october is blindness awareness month. in sacrament of, one community came together to fix a blind woman's home. >> shows you how that project came along. >> reporter: from the front yard to the back, this community got it covered. >> i have been stunned. it is like all of a sudden , i've got a whole family. >> reporter: blind from the time she was a baby, she didn't realize how run down her home of 30+ years has become. that is when her neighbor paul bridge rounded up the community to fix it up for free. >> we all did the -- what you call this? bring hands together. >> the deal was sealed. >> these last two years, there
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was a lot of separation and divisiveness. not only in our country, but in our neighborhood. we just didn't know each other. >> reporter: they know each other now weeks working side-by-side and everyone here is volunteering. >> i feel blessed to live in a community where we can put all of our differences aside and help our fellow neighbor. >> i am the one who is blessed by what they are doing. >> it's okay. >> reporter: the workout here is immense. from all of the painting, sanding, replacing paneling and all of the sighting, but that is not all. they will be adding a personal touch. she asked if her doors can be painted pink. >> i am thrilled about those doors. i like pink. i can't see it, but i like the feel of it. colors have feel. >> reporter: she doesn't need to see all of the work, but she can feel it. >> this is beyond anything i would have imagined. i am so
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thankful. >> reporter: marlee ginter, cbs news, sacramento. >> that is it for the news at 5:00. cbs news bay area starts right now. new charges filed against the suspect accused of breaking into nancy pelosi's home and attacking her husband paul . disturbing details on his alleged threats to the hospital. >> this house and speaker herself or specifically targets of the defendant. shocking details of the alleged hostage plot and plans to harm nancy pelosi. federal prosecutors reveal what was in the suspects backpack and why the house speaker may not have been the only target. elon musk tightening control over twitter days in his takeover. how the billionaire is already raising concerns about the spread of conspiracies on the platform.
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>> i find him interesting. >> is unpredictable. i don't understand why he wants twitter. its forecast for the tuesday morning commute and we will take a look at who needs to be aware of wet roads for tomorrow morning strength. the self-proclaimed underdog trying to unseat california's governor. >> i am giving californians a different option. they haven't seen for a long time. >> brian dolly and where he stands on the state's top issues from crime to homelessness. >> this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. we are learning chilling new details about the suspect in the paul pelosi attack in his alleged plans to kidnap and assault the house speaker herself. federal charges have been filed against david depape. there is a copy of the federal complaint. it reveals the plans to hold nancy pelosi hostage and if she lied, he was going to break her kneecaps.


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