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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  November 2, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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capitol police security cameras. why was nobody watching? the victim of another violent assault is out of the hospital. why the entrepreneur is now speaking out? this morning, we are looking at one race that normally does not generate a lot of buzz. the cold front has pushed through the bay area. we have more rain on the way. we will talk about when that is expected to come in just a bit. we will introduce you to a four leg ed member of the das office. how is he helping to get justice for the youngest victims of crimes? new details this morning on the vicious attack of paul pelosi. the suspect , david depape, was on a mission to kill. it was caught on camera . >> reporter: the attacker
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barely spoke . he issued a not guilty plea. his right arm is in a sling. his public defender said he dislocated his shoulder when officers tackled and arrested his client at the pelosi home. the public defender said that he had just met his client. you would not go to details about his mental state. he did hint at a potential defense strategy. >> reporter: what i will say, there has been a lot of speculation regarding david depape's vulnerability to misinformation . that is certainly something that we
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will look into. that is something we will delve into as his defense team. >> reporter: the subject is on the prosecution's mind as well. the district attorney insists that her office is trying to set the record straight, mid swirling conspiracy theories about the attacker that was out to kidnap and harm the house speaker. >> this case is vulnerable to misinformation. we have seen this spread across all platforms. we need to ensure that the record is ea what pped r all parties. >> reporter: a key piece of evidence, the 911 call the paul pelosi made. his family love a chance to review that, along with body camera footage of officers that responded to his house the night of the attack. jenkins says she made a decision not to release the 911 call from the pelosi home. >> we will make a choice on whether that is something that should be played during the preliminary hearing and a later trial. that is when that would be made available. >> there were cameras outside the household that capture the
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break-in. the police did not realize something was amiss until after an officer in the command center a police car in their driveway. the capitol police are able to access 1800 live camera feeds monitoring sensitive locations according to this report in the washington post. the police chief explained that he was on a mission to kill . >> what was going on in his mind ? i cannot speak to that. what is very clear to me, from viewing the camera is that he tried to kill paul pelosi. david depape will be back in court to schedule a preliminary hearing. >> a san francisco operative entrepreneur was a victim of a violent assault. betty yu spoke with him after he was released from the hospital. >> reporter: richard titus, an entrepreneur and longtime san francisco resident showed us his head injury from a violent
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assault. he said he had just parked his car. he took a short walk to a friend's home around 9:30. he believes the suspects were after his rare rolex daytona. >> i heard footsteps behind me, then bam, i got hit in the back of the head . i went down on all fours. when i got up and turned around, there were two assailants. one was holding a bar, and the other was not. i took a swing at one. >> reporter: the suspects ran away. he was left with what turned out to be a sub severe concussion and fragmented memories. >> i did not know how bad the injury was. i was standing in the cold. my head was hurting and i was bleeding, i wanted to get home. >> reporter: he shared photos of the blood from his injuries. it was the next day, on halloween, that he went to the hospital to get checked out. it was there that staff members called police to take a report. no one showed up during his 10
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hour stay. he was later told to go to the station and completed. >> i was very happy today. i was disappointed they did not come for the police report. >> reporter: he believes an officer visited him to initially report on tuesday, after he received social media attention. >> i always feel safe in san francisco. it feels more menacing. the police response seems low. >> reporter: he is sharing his story to ensure people are more careful in their surroundings. >> reporter: there needs to be a tighter relationship between the mayor's office and enforcement. >> reporter: i would like criminals to be held to account. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. a suspected hitman in an alleged murder for hire plot , with a $12 million motive, has been charged with murder and conspiracy. the suspect is in jail, without bail for his role in the august murder of a
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doctor in oakland. he is accused of conspiring with the boyfriend of the doctor. he planned to kill her and live off of her estate. he killed himself last week, while in custody. cell phone records show they began talking in july, one month before the deadly shooting. cover california will hold an event at 10:00 a.m. to kick off open enrollment, and a decade of progress made in expanding healthcare access across the state. more families can access coverage. a recent rule change allows workers to obtain subsidies for their families. if their employers plan cost more than 9.12% of their income. midterm elections are less than a month away. barack obama is in arizona to support democrats and the races for senate and governor. former president donald trump will be
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in iowa later this week. let's check in on the weather. we got a lot of rain yesterday., should we get? >> we got about a quarter of an inch in the east bay. in the south bay, we got half an inch. it was a fast-moving storm. we had impressive numbers with that. on thursday and friday, it will be dry. once we hit the weekend, i swear it is a roller coaster effect. you will understand what i mean in a second. we are zooming in a bit closer to home. the offshore showers are pressing in. let's get closer to that. in livermore and fremont, do not be shocked if you seen scattered showers this morning. we got half an inch of rain that fell over happy bay. we have impressive numbers on the east bay and san francisco as well. the system went through in a couple of hours. like i
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said, we are seeing a big change as we go to the rest of the week. we will talk about what i mean when it comes to that in just a bit. let's look at how the roadways are looking this morning. it is not too bad overall. we do have the exception of the super commuters at the altamont pass. it is getting busy out there. it is a 36 minute drive from 205 to 680. we have a high wind advisory in effect. let's look at the nimitz freeway. things are good in both directions. at the bay bridge, the metering lights are off. it is a seven minute drive into the city. you can see the high when advisory in effect. be extra careful as you are driving over the bridge. at the golden gate bridge, we have a clear drive with not many cars out there. it is a 19 minute drive over the bridge. it can be scary for children to testify in court,
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especially those that experience trauma or violent crime. the contra costa county district attorney's office has a new tool to make the court process easier for them. we introduce you to a dog with a very important job, helping to put kids at ease. this is there. he is a 5-year-old black lab golden retriever cross. >> he picks up on things that i would not pick up on. we humans don't realize how anxious people are. >> reporter: janet is bears handler. he is handler in the district attorneys office, interviewing children after crimes have occurred. often, they are victims of sexual assault, or they witness violent crimes like domestic violence, involving their parents. >> is most important job is to get victims through , likely the most uncomfortable times in their lives. >> reporter: she was skeptical about how bringing a dog to the
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interviews good help. >> are dealing with, there is nothing you could say or do would make a victim feel any better. >> reporter: bear was donated to the das office by canine companions for independence, a nonprofit organization based in santa rosa, providing service dogs to adults, and veterans with disabilities. >> i have had children that don't want to testify. i bring in bear, and your entire demeanor changes. >> reporter: he also goes to court, supporting children as they testify on the witness stand. they often curl up. the deputy district attorney says the first case he won with bear in the courtroom was a home invasion robbery case. >> was in 8-year-old that was hogtied with zip ties with a gun to his head. that child was terrified of coming to court , or being in the same room as the person that did it to him. >> reporter: that changed when
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baird joined him on the witness stand. >> he testified any loaded the person that did it to him and identified him. >> reporter: the da has won every case that where they have used air. the testimony from children is critical to making their case. city mecca speaks wonders to his ability to work with children. >> reporter: that does not mean that he has to be serious all the time. he often helps employees blow off a little steam. >> people are stressed out about a bunch of things. he just wanders the halls and visits people. what a cool dog. he did a good job. think about what dogs do for everyone every day. we talk about our dogs all the time. they help with anxiety. it is good to have him in the courtroom. middle schoolers at one bay area district will enjoy healthier meals. the new feature added to their campus, and how it will help local vendors? races are tightening. we
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bring you a new poll showing th
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge.
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now open in northern california. welcome back. a police and died icid and his family is suing the city for wrongful death. his family accuses the city of causing him emotional distress, that allegedly contributed to his death. an
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arbitrator ruled last year that the previous city manager and police chief violated the retaliation policy after a tense exchange during a closed-door meeting over police union negotiations. the city has yet to be served without complaint, adding the copy of the lawsuit linked in a recent press article miss categorizes the facts and substantial inaccuracies about the direct roles of the current city manager. the police chief, and the mayor. san francisco students will now be enjoying healthier meals for us to lunch. it all comes straight from the school's brand-new kitchen. the district officials say the kids will eat fresher foods, made with more local and sustainable s. the school is showing off some of the new items, including sandwiches . this is a good day to stay inside and bundle up.
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>> i have been needing to do that for quite some time. >> this is the day to do it. >> it is so chill. for those along the coast, we are not seeing much of a difference in temperatures. for those in the north bay, this is the big game changer for us. we are taking a live look at the salesforce tower. it is clear today. it is completely different from yesterday now that the cold front push through. we have lingering scattered showers. temperatures are feeling chilly for us this afternoon. bundle up in antioch and concorde, down to fremont. once we get closer to san francisco, we are in the upper 50s. let's look at where we are heading this afternoon. lingering showers are expected round 7:00 a.m. we have heavy pockets of storms pushing through the peninsula. we have scattered showers in the afternoon. it will be ready quick moving. nonetheless , we are increasing
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rain totals. yesterday, we got about half an inch of rain in the south bay. we got a quarter of an inch in the east bay. this is a good set up for us over the weekend. we have more rain on the way. as we go to the next couple of days, we have a new cold front approaching . that will dip temperatures into the low 50s in san francisco. we have more rain on the way. we are seeing more rain in the inland east bay , as early as saturday. keep a close eye on that. i know we have a lot going on. with the half marathon in san francisco. it will be wet. we'll take a quick look at what we can expect next week . temperatures are jumping all the way down into the 50s on monday and tuesday in the east and north bays. do not forget to set back the clock. on sunday, turn your clocks back. we do expect a very chilly start. it is a good opportunity to bundle up and
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enjoy the extra hour. we will keep you updated in the weather center. >> i am always happy when i hear chilly temperatures. we will look at the roadways. we start off at the dublin interchange. we are seeing a lot of cars and headlights out there. give yourself extra time. it is busy out there. we will look at how things are looking on the bay bridge. the metering lights are still off. we do have a high wind advisory. be extra careful as you make your way across the bridge. over at the san mateo bridge, it is not too bad. we don't have many cars out there now. we can expect them to get busy as it progresses in the morning. we have a 12 minute drive over to 101. we have a high wind advisory there in effect it is 5:18. do you see
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anything goofy about this image? people are going crazy on social media. that is next on our morning mix. coming up at 7:00, mexican american residents join us to talk about the process of making the bread for the dead. we are looking at the first chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine.
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because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
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welcome back. we're going into the afternoon hours, and thinking ahead to what you want to eat, you might want but something warm in your lunchbox. we have chilly conditions on the coast and in the bay. we are just expecting scattered showers here and there. do not be shocked if you see them in the south bay this afternoon. we will see dry conditions into the late evening hours. on thursday and friday, we have sunny skies. the 50s are happening across the board, even as we hit 2:00. it is chilly this afternoon. will keep you updated here in the weather center. bundle up, and stay warm. it is time for the morning mix. did you enjoy the rain yesterday? >> it was awesome, it was everything. >> i stayed bundled up and i love that. let's talk about the warriors. the reigning champions look strong enough to be contenders this year. there was clear frustration during last night's game against the miami heat. >> this is a monster call.
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butler whacked him after the ball was released. >> with 1:39 remaining, the warriors were trailing by three points. steph curry attempted a three pointer, only to have a jimmy butler knock his hand down. a foul was called on butler. the call was overturned. butler was credited with a block. this would have given them the chance to shoot three. in the post game, steph curry said he was frustrated by the awful call. there was a lot of reaction on twitter about this. as a warriors fan, i am biased. it felt like there was contact. steph curry said he felt contact. >> it definitely was. >> i wonder what they sought to overturn it . >> i was like, what are you
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doing? you make there has to be something with the different angles. >> steph curry says he feels like you should be able to finish the shooting motion. >> it's okay, it is early in the season. we have time to turn things around. >> i saw people talking about this yesterday. one of your favorite artist passes away, and this is sad. the rapper is fliaweare take off. celebriti from all over are reacting online to the fatal shooting of takeoff. many share their thoughts on how much he meant to them. the 28-year-old was killed in a shooting in houston early yesterday morning. no suspects have been arrested. i did see a lot of people reacting to this. just friends on instagram posting it on their stories, talking about all of the rappers we have lost.
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>> the chief mention this, he said he took so many calls outside of houston, just people saying how much takeoff was. the chief says he has no prior record, and normally they get a bad rap when it comes to crime. none of that. enforcing, he was a great guy. they're trying to figure out who is behind this. it is a big loss to the hip-hop industry. >> let's talk about this. people were posting about this, how often can the son shows anthropomorphic features. these are humanlike features. nasa found this to be a little silly. this is the sunshine smiling at us. they took an image of the glowing gas ball with cooler patches
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that formed a smile. the spots are regions where fast solar wind extends into space as the open field. they appear in the sunshine's image and ultraviolet light, or certain x-ray images. some say it looks like a jack-o'-lantern. some say's it looks like the stay pup marshmallow man. they make it looks like a chip. what about teletubbies? >> it is kind of creepy . >> this was captured on october 26. that is why capture the attention of some new people. i did read this happen in 2014 as well. >> cool stuff. the time is 5:26. the 49ers have a bye week. they have one running back that will not return for the teams next
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game. we
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welcome back. happy wednesday. we are halfway through your week. we have confirmed part of the washington post report that cameras outside of the home of house speaker nancy pelosi capture the moment that david depape allegedly broken before attacking her husband. a capitol police officer noticed the break-in thousands of miles away on remote surveillance camera , only after the attack. one officer saw the san francisco police cruiser in the driveway. the suspect is charged with attempted murder, burglary, and elder abuse. pfizer is working on a vaccine for newborns against rsv . the company says they
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have enough data to seek approval from the fda. the experiment of vaccine to protect newborns for at least six months after birth. it would be administered to pregnant women that produce antibodies that are passed on to their newborns. are you feeling lucky? it's time to snag the powerball ticket. the grand prize tonight has grown to $1.2 billion. it is the second largest powerball jackpot ever. the popular cash option payout is nearly $600 million before taxes. the odds to win the powerball are one in 290 million. >> it could be to me or you. i am a glass half-full kind of person. >> i am too, i just do not believe it. stewing stick to your day job. >> i know, let's look outside. that cold front pushed its way
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through yesterday. we all saw and felt it in these areas. the daytime highs were really chilly. those numbers were matching the coast. we will see a bit of a dry break over the next couple of days. do not be shocked if you see lingering scattered showers in the bay area this afternoon. we have clear skies now in san francisco. it is light as it pushes an offshore. we have showers lingering near tracy in stockton. the bay area is pretty light. this is north of san jose with heavy pockets. if you're going north along 680, be careful. as we extend into the next couple of days, things will change. we have more rain on the way over the weekend. i saturday and sunday, we have a big game changer again. the temperatures will stay chilly. we'll talk about when the rain will hit your local area. i was afforded the rain. we will look at how things are
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looking on the roadway. this is a look at the nimitz freeway. things are looking good in both directions. people are starting their morning commutes, will look at how things are looking over the bay bridge. metering lights are still off. we do have a high wind advisory . be extra careful as you go over the bridge. over at the san mateo bridge, we are seeing more cars on the roadway. we are seeing brake lights here. we are looking at a 12 minute drive over to 101. things are looking pretty good with the exception of the super commuters. it is about a 45 minute drive over to 680. in the final push toward next week's midterm elections, president biden was in florida while former president barack
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obama pushed voters to go to the polls in nevada. debra alfarone is in washington with more. >> reporter: president biden told a florida crown, the midterm election is the most important in our lifetime. to make the decisions you make over the next two or 3 years will determine the fate of this country. that is not a joke. >> reporter: there was a similar message where john legend and former president barack obama campaigned for nevada democrats. >> democracy is on the ballot. we mackey visited wisconsin to push for mandela barnes, a long shot to unseat senator ron johnson. is fema he is lying about me. it is the left that divides us. >> reporter: in the tightly contested georgia, herschel walker is on the defensive , after a second woman went public with accusations that
5:34 am
walker, and antiabortion candidate paid for her abortion. >> i went alone, and he waited in the car. >> reporter: he is locked in a close race with raphael warnock. >> this is something that demonstrated that not only is he not ready for the job, he is not fit. >> reporter: pennsylvania is neck and neck. >> this campaign is all about anybody who has ever been knocked down and had to get back up. >> i want to go to washington and bring balance , see you have the partisan bickering follow way. >> reporter: they consider five senate races to the tossup's. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington. voters will decide on the new state controller, the person in control of finances. this is a race that excites many people. a policy expert defeats the state board this in my chair. you'd be the first
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republican to win estate office since 2006. the state of california collected $250 billion in tax revenue , including at the pump. he does believe many are wasting this . he says it is his mission to change how your money is watched and spent. even at the bread aisle, lonnie chen is aware of rising prices. it is not inflation crippling consumers that he is zeroing in on, but wasted tax dollars in the tens of billions. >> where is the money going? we are restoring some confidence that people are watching a set of just spending the money without effort at demanding results. >> he is a policy expert that started taught at stanford, and served on the administrative board under obama. >> reporter: he is running for political office for the first time. to make people are talking about the tough time they are having with gas prices
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, or why schools are not better? how can they afford to get a house? >> this is the one statewide race that has a chance of being competitive. >> reporter: this is a political science professor. leading up to the general election, there is a stark difference in what they are talking about. >> the reproductive health funding, like planned parenthood. she will focus on core issues that are motivating democrats this year, abortion rights, and donald trump. >> i will probably have to do it again. >> reporter: she expressed concerns about what the former president did and his governing style. and what happened on january 6. i don't think the election was stolen. >> reporter: he climbed the world of academia politics. he believes that how this happens, it can impact social
5:37 am
mobility for working families. >> when i was growing up, felt like limitless opportunity. people could grow a business, and raise a family. nowadays, it is much more challenging. >> reporter: he has emerged as the top vote getter ahead of a pack of democrats, including:, that spent less, leaving a healthy coffer ahead of the election. spirit we talk about losing up. you might not win in your first race, just like barack obama lost his first race. as voters get to know you and here you are all about, they might become more comfortable with you. if the gop can creep back to relevance, he could be one of the new faces of the california republican party. >> reporter: you need somebody that will be politically independent. they will watch out for taxpayers first , not politicians. >> reporter: a democrat has held this position for nearly 50 years. in the north bay,
5:38 am
kenny choi, kpix 5. he challenges opponent to a debate. we did ask why an official face-off has not happened? >> there is not been a debate, largely because there has not been a strong one organized. we have decided to take our message to the voters. we have been crisscrossing the state of california. that is one of the best ways to utilize our resources and our time. the choices are stark. i am a democrat and he is a trump republican. i am pro-choice, he is not. i have experience, i am doing part of the functions of the job as we sit. i think the choice is pretty clear. >> let's get to the gas attacks. your point was to audit the gas tax, where you stand on that? >> auditing is reasonable. it
5:39 am
certainly falls within the scope of the state controller. saying you will call an audit is not news, you are supposed to do that. it goes without saying. >> it is no secret how much money has been put into each campaign. your campaign opponent has put a number of dollars into this. will it make a difference? will it change things? where do you stand on that? how much money has been poured into the race? >> good question. california has a history of rejecting the wealthiest of the wealthy that poor personal money into their campaigns. i am baffled as to why candidates still continue to put their own money into a race . i think when it comes down to, people want to elect someone that will resonate with them, that they can trust. someone they have confidence knowing that they will reach
5:40 am
out for help and they will be there. >> reporter: we have you covered on election night with three ways to watch as the votes come in. our coverage begins at 5:00 on election day here on kpix 5 , and our at switching over to sports. the 49ers have a bye week. that does not mean they are not busy. in the red and gold reports, the 49ers just made another running back transaction. this is the volts wagon red and gold report. >> reporter: this will not include jeff wilson junior when they return from the bye week. wilson was traded to the miami dolphins for a fifth-round draft pick. his role was reduced when christian mccaffrey was brought into the mix. eliza mitchell will return this month. i will miss his personality in the locker room. >> we have a little saying, now is the time.
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>> my wife so they need to do that with the trash and the laundry. [ laughter ] >> i like to go original stickers. i don't like all of that other stuff. >> nothing with the almonds or the dark chocolate, give me the original brown packed snicker label with the recipe on the back. >> with the red and gold report, i am vern glenn. the day of the dead is being celebrated worldwide. it is traditionally a two day holiday that originated in mexico. yesterday was a celebration of children that passed away. today, it is for the adults. mexican tradition and catholic countries around the world also honor those that have passed on. here we see the guatemalan community of santiago commemorating day of the dead today. guatemalans fly kites made of paper, with
5:42 am
different designs . the belief is that kites are led by winds and guided by spirits until 4 pm when they calmed down and families meet at home to wait for the arrival of the spirits. festivities happened in san francisco last night . the holiday is a celebration of life , and reconnecting with family and friends that have passed on. >> the idea of knowing that there would be a time that you could be with your loved ones for just a single day to celebrate with them and drink with them, to dance with them, and welcome them back. it means a lot to me. >> it is celebrated a lot in latin american countries. that tradition has been passed on here in the united states. we
5:43 am
are seeing it locally. if you have any pictures or videos you want to share, share them on social media. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] that song you just heard is a traditional song play during day of the dead. we have a makeup artist that will transform one of her team a members . if you have seen coco, using the space paint. the meaning behind this is one hour from now.
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is time for the money watch report , a baby formula production is recovering from shortages. manufacturer , company says they are purchasing the nestl÷ brand and company that makes it. the deal is expected to have the company better meet demand after shortages led families scrambling to find infant formula. in recent months, the shortage has improved. spotify is lashing out at apple saying the music
5:47 am
streamers unable to sell audiobooks on the app without forking over a 30% cut of the profits to apple. the streaming service billed three workarounds that they thought were consistent with apple policies. all three were rejected . a lawyer for spotify says the issue is reflective of their anti-competitive practices across the board. let's get a look at the forecast. we have rain yesterday, and we all loved it. is there more on the way? >> we have scattered showers from the system the purser yesterday. let's look outside. it doesn't look like it is raining, but we are seeing scattered showers on doppler. we have upper 50s and low 60s expected today. keep that in mind as you dress this morning. bundle up. it will be a chilly day on wednesday. as we look at doppler, we are zooming in a bit closer to home, we have light , scattered showers near san jose and
5:48 am
fremont. it will pushoff into the east this afternoon. it looks like it is staying dense. we have light, scattered showers. nothing too crazy. if you see a heavy cloud coming your way , just drive slow. be careful during the afternoon. just when we think we are done with the rain, there is more on the way. in the next seven days, we will see a bit of a break as we go into thursday and friday. once saturday rolls around, that is when the next cold front pushes in, bringing us a long time scattered showers. we have daytime highs sitting well below average. it is always interesting when the east bay and the coast match temperatures hand in hand. that will continue as we continue through the next workweek. do not forget to setback your clock. back over to you. for many, yesterday's rain was a reminder of how dry things have been around here.
5:49 am
is changing attitudes with how we think about a resource that we once took for granted. a new generation of buildings are coming to san francisco that reimagine how water is used. >> there is no reason we should take freshwater to flush our toilets in downtown from san francisco. >> reporter: that is not happening here. this 40 story apartment building , known as 1550, opened in 2020. it was the first to comply with the 2016 law, requiring large new buildings to have a water reuse system. the founder of a company called epic cleantech , says after 2 years of testing, his system has become a model for what is possible in water conservation. >> i reusing 7000 gallons per day , that is 2.5 million gallons of less fresh drinking water there to bring in.
5:50 am
>> reporter: the water is carried into a separate pipe system to a 10,000 gallon holding tank in the basement. from there, the water is piped to the filter room, where it sits in an aeration tank to let microbes digest organic matter. that water is pushed under pressure through permeable membranes , where it is disinfected with bleach and uv light. when it is finished, the ultraclean water is sent back up into the building to flush toilets and urinals. >> the water that enters into people's toilets, you would never know the difference. >> reporter: waterfront toilets is collected. after filtering the solids, it is sent to a facility across the street, where composting system turns it into a sweet smelling fertilizer for the courtyard garden. they are experimenting with capturing energy from warm wastewater. it is an entirely new way of thinking about what we have been sending down the drain. >> buildings bring water in and send water out, it is called wastewater. we are showing the
5:51 am
waste in wastewater is not waste at all. we can turn this into clean water and soil. we can turn into all of these amazing things that we typically do not think of. >> reporter: it is happening now at 1550 the trickle will become a flood as builders include treatment and recycling systems to meet changing laws and changing attitudes. the reuse revolution has begun. in san francisco, john ramose, kpix 5. the state could lose 10% of its water by 2040 . in response, the governor called on the state to increase water recycling by 60%. what do the roads look like this morning? it is not bad. we are looking at the east bay on highway 4. it is a 30 minute drive over to interstate 80. let's look at the bay bridge. metering lights are on now.
5:52 am
people are making their way through. we are 10 minutes getting from the maze to the city. the san mateo bridge is not too bad. it is a 12 minute drive. we do want to talk about mass transit on arch. if you plan to take part, expect delays up to 20 minutes in both directions. that is due to earthquake retrofit work. keep that in mind if you plan on taking b.a.r.t.. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] does a song bring you back? can you believe it has been more than 15 years since this it was topping chart? when stephani is stepping by. everyone is dancing in studio. that is this morning at
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some of us will see clear skies today. some of us have a little bit of leftover rain from yesterday's cold front. this is a live look over san francisco with clear conditions as high pressure starts to creep back in. one thing i do want to mention, coming over the next hours, we could see lingering showers off in the south bay near san jose and fremont in the afternoon. do not be shocked if you see a bit left over from yesterday. that will help with rain totals
5:56 am
. in the south bay, we have half an inch of rain from yesterday. we have a court of an inch in the east bay in the north bay. we are looking at the numbers, it is impressive. we have a new cold front pushing in, bringing in more rain and cooler temperatures. we will keep you updated on this in the weather center. now, over to you. the district attorney's office is getting canine assistance. how this dog is helping investigators with young victims? we have a warning from an entrepreneur. his message to stay alert after he was attacked in the city. disturbing details about the attack on paul pelosi. what we are learning from the capitol police? let's go outside before we go to a break. this is our exclusive camera looking across the bay. we are waiting for the sunshine to come up on this wednesday morning. we will be right back.
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it is very clear to me , he tried to kill mr. pelosi. >> where new details about the man accused of attacking paul pelosi in san francisco. but we are also learning about the moments leading up to the assault. an entrepreneur has a warning this morning after being the victim of a violent assault as well, in the city. they make it feels more menacing. the police response seems slower. >> what he wants done in the future? courthouse comfort, the district attorney's office is introducing a friend.


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