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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 6am  CBS  November 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it is very clear to me , he tried to kill mr. pelosi. >> where new details about the man accused of attacking paul pelosi in san francisco. but we are also learning about the moments leading up to the assault. an entrepreneur has a warning this morning after being the victim of a violent assault as well, in the city. they make it feels more menacing. the police response seems slower. >> what he wants done in the future? courthouse comfort, the district attorney's office is introducing a friend.
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>> it speaks wonders to his ability to work with children. >> will of of the dog helping investigators connect with young witnesses. the chili cold front is pushed through the bay area. we have impressive rain totals. we have more on that coming up in the full forcast. with new information on the attacking paul pelosi should test the moments leading to the assault were caught on camera. capitol police accessed 1800 camera feeds , that monitor sensitive locations, including the cameras outside of the pelosi house. a captured the breaking of david depape. authorities said they do not realize something was happening until after an officer in the command center saw please car in the pelosi's driveway. >> why he did that , i cannot speak to that. what is clear to me, by viewing the camera as he tried to kill mr. pelosi.
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>> yesterday was his arraignment where he entered a not guilty plea. he will be in court for bail discussions and the scheduling of a preliminary hearing. political heavyweights are campaigning with midterm elections a week away. barack obama is in arizona to support democrats in the races for senate and governor. warmer president donald trump will be in iowa later this week. devious news considers five senate races to be tossup's. every vote will make a difference as both parties try to take control of congress. please go make sure you vote. 6.0 earthquake struck in the pacific ocean, centered less than 700 miles from the bay area. luckily, there are no tsunami warnings this morning. did we see anything because of that earthquake? >> not that i have seen. let's look at what we can expect over
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the coming days. it was chilly yesterday. a major cold front settled its way in. things will change as we go to the next couple of days. we will see a drying trend on thursday and friday. once we got to the weekend, we have more rain around the corner. that will last over the next work week. as we look at first alert doppler, we are seeing lightly scattered showers pushing in from offshore. nothing overly crazy appeared to be shocked if you see this , as heat rises and the atmosphere. we are seeing the bulk of the action here. it is a chilly set up. that cold front really brought in chilly temperatures from the north. we are expecting 60s and upper 50s from livermore on north. we have upper 50s here as well. we have a mild forecast along the coast. as we go to the coming days, we will not see too much for change. bring your bundled up jackets everywhere you go. for now, over to you. it is cool out there , as
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you have been talking about. you want to keep in mind, we have high winds when you're out on the road. including at the ultima pass. it is busy out there. it is a 48 minute drive over to 680. at the san mateo bridge, we have a wind advisory in effect. we have cars out on the roadway. we have a 12 minute drive from 880 over 2101. at the bay bridge, metering lights are on and a backup is happening. be careful as you are heading over the bridge. we have a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. we are looking at the drive times this morning. a san francisco entrepreneur is speaking out after being evicted and of a violent assault. he says he is sharing his story to her my people to stay alert even in these familiar surroundings.
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betty yu spoke with the victim after he was released from the haas . >> reporter: richard titus, an entrepreneur and longtime san francisco resident showed us his head injury from a violent assault. he said he had just parked his car , took a short walk to a friend's home around 9:30. he believes the suspects were after his rare rolex daytona. >> i heard footsteps behind me. then suddenly, bam, i got hit in the back of the head with something metal. i went down on all fours. i got up and turned around and there were two assailants. one was holding a bar, and whatnot. the one not holding anything was closer to me, so i took a swing at him. >> reporter: the suspects ran away. he had a severe concussion. he had fragmented memories around the event. >> i did not realize how bad the injury was. standing on a street corner in the cold, my head was hurting and i was bleeding. >> reporter: and he shared
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photos of the blood from injuries. it was the next day, on halloween, that he went to the hospital to get checked out. the staff members called police to a report. no one showed up during his 10 hour stay. he was later told to go to the station and completed. >> i was happy today. i was disappointed that they did not come. >> reporter: a police officer eventually visited him to finish the report on tuesday, after he received social media attention. >> i have always felt safe in san francisco. it feels more menacing. the police respon >> reporter: hearinhis orto are careful in their surroundings. >> i like to see action from law enforcement. there needs to be a tighter relationship between the mayor's office in enforcement. i would also like criminals to be held accountable. he did describe the suspects as being around five feet tall, wearing hoodies , and one had a baseball cap on.
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officers told us that they took note of buildings that were in that area that may have surveillance video. we want to keep on the subject of crime. it can be scary for children to testify in court, especially those that have experienced violent crime. the contra costa county district attorney's office have a tool to make this easier. we introduce you to a dog with a very important job, helping to put kids at ease. >> let's go to work , good boy. >> reporter: this is a bear. he is a 5-year-old, black lab , golden retriever cross. >> he picks up on things that i would never pick up on. you don't realize how nervous someone is. bear does. >> reporter: janet is bears handler. she is an investigator with the district attorney's office. she is part of the team interviews children after crimes have occurred. often, they are victims of sexual assault, or they witnessed violent crimes like domestic violence involving
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their parents. >> reporter: is most important job is to get victims through probably the most uncomfortable time in their lives. >> reporter: she was skeptical at first , about hovering a dog to the interviews could help. >> these types of cases we're dealing with, nothing you could bring, say, or do, would make a victim feeling better. >> reporter: he was donated in 2019 by the canine companions for independence, nonprofit organization based in santa rosa, providing service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities at no cost to the recipient. >> i have ilwho refuse to speak to law enforcement do not want to testify. they bring in bear, and their whole attitude changes. >> reporter: bear goes to court to support children as they testify on the witness stand. they often see him curling up at their feet, or he puts his head in their lap if he senses i'm getting upset. the district attorney said the first case he won with bear in the
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courtroom was a domestic case. >> the child was hogtied with a gun to his head. the child was terrified of coming to court , or being in the same room as the person that did it to him. >> reporter: that changed when baird joined him on the witness stand. >> he not only testified, but he looked at the person that did it to him and identified him. >> reporter: the das office has won every case with the use bear. the testimony from trial witnesses is often dakota making their case. >> is speaks wonders to his ability to work with children. >> reporter: that does not mean he has to be serious all the time. he often helps employees at the das office to blow off a little steam. >> reporter: people are stressed out about a bunch of different jobs. he visits people. >> reporter: reporting for kpix 5. he is cute as well. a first edition copy of the u.s. constitution will go up for auction next month. so the bees
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auction house says they are expecting bids up to $30 million for the document. it was produced in 1787. they say only 13 of the original printed text are known to exist. last year, privately held copy was put up for auction fetching $43.2 million. that is a lot of money. this one is going up for auction, the last time it was put up for auction was in 1894. >> i bet it did not get that much. >> and i think the last one , it was bought out by someone, and it is not in a museum. it would be great for this one to be on public display. it is part of our history. we will see what happens. coming up here on kpix 5, raising questions about the effectiveness of the housing program. what a recent audit
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is revealing about the city?
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thank you for sticking with us. on the bay area bead, oakland officials called on the administration to do a better job at tracking which homeless programs are helping people. this after oakland spent $69 million on homeless service providers over 3 years, having mixed results in moving the homeless into permanent housing. the audit recommends improving data collection, and establishing greater oversight on contractors. san jose limited speed limits are busy shopping districts. jackson street, and other roads will now have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour, instead of the normal 25. the city has been combating traffic safety issues, including pedestrian deaths
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this year. a new report finds a area roads are in rough shape. for the last 6 years , the six euro, the metropolitan transportation commission gave the roadways a score of 67 out of 100. the scores are based on payment quality and conditions. cities in the 80s are considered very good, but anything below 25 is a failure. pacifica and petaluma had some of the lowest scores. we are expecting another round of rain over the weekend. >> you be shocked if we see lingering showers today. we have not ruled that out just yet. we will look outside. it looks clear in san francisco. that is the case as we look at first alert doppler this morning. we will zoom in closer to the bay. we don't have a lot of activity here. let's go to the south. we have been seeing activity near san jose. that will continue to track off to the east this afternoon. we have seen really impressive number so far. half moon bay
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has half an inch of rain. concord is looking at a quarter of an inch. we will see scattered showers pushing in from offshore this afternoon. notice how most of this is isolated in the south bay in the morning. we could see heavy pockets at times, associated with that. once we extended to the east bay, we could see a light trickle or two. with that in mind, daytime highs after the cold front pushes in our city well below average. we have 60s in the eastland hills. that is chilly. we have upper 50s near san jose. we have upper 50s here. yes, we do have more rain ahead. as we extended to the weekend, we have a new cold front pushing him. the jet stream is getting lower. we are see the cold air pushing in from the north. that will be the case as we wrap up this week. do not forget to set your clock back on sunday. i
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will forget. i will wake up all confused, i promise you. next week and the east bay, it is a similar trend. notice how temperatures go hand in hand on monday, from the east bay to the coast. that is the set up as we kick off the next work week. we will keep a close eye on this in the weather center. i did enjoy the rain yesterday. we will look at how the roads are looking this wednesday morning. we have the bay bridge here. we have backup here. metering lights are on. it is a 13 minute drive into the city. we have a high wind advisory in effect. at the san mateo bridge, we have a wind advisory in effect. be careful making your way over the bridges. we have a 13 minute drive over to 101. we are seeing cars on the roadways. let's look at the dublin interchange. we have headlights out there. it is busy as the morning progresses. we will look at how the drive is out
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of the east bay on highway 4. it is a 30s seven minute drive. it is getting busy out there. we are seeing how things are looking out there. everything is in the green. it is not too bad. the astros are spending a lot of time in philly for the world series. why could be hard for them to grab some grub. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> i don't know how to say her name, we have been mispronouncing her name ? >> how the singer is setting the record straight. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do,
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welcome back, it is time for the morning mix. we are halfway through the week. >> let's talk about the celebrity . celebrity divorces are always odd. it is a private matter, but because they are in the spotlight, there is nowhere to go. everything gets put under a magnifying glass. tom brady is opening up about his recent divorce from his wife of 13 years . on his podcast, he said he is focusing on his family and football in the middle of this amicable situation. he did add that when he is at work, he is only trying to win games. when he is at home, he is only taking care of his family. that is what being a professional is, and he is doing his best. >> he had it all. >> i think he knew it. he said he was willing to make the marriage work, to go to
6:23 am
therapy and counseling, and she was the breadwinner in that relationship.[ laughter ] >> i cannot believe you just said that. [ laughter ] >> she has more followers. >> at the same time, football is his passion. he retired and came back. >> i know we have not heard much from her. i think there are things, like his retirement. yeah, like you said, football is his passion. >> you got to follow that. >> the phillies beat the astros in a historic win to grab game three of the world series. the phillies fans got strong spirits. can you blame them? if you have a team, you back them up and to the end. are you willing to put allegiance of her money? the astros are in philadelphia for the coming days. they have been shut down by two popular restaurants .
6:24 am
most restaurants jump on the opportunity to impede a professional sports team, but not angelo's pizzeria or mike's barbecue. they laughed it off. i'm trying to think, if the dodgers came into town, and i owned a restaurant, what i want to feed the doctors? probably not. >> really? >> that is money. is fema just to clear the air on this, when they reached out to the barbecue, they asked for latin food. they don't have latin food. they reached out to the wrong company. i want to know who they are trying to reach out to. >> the astros are not loved by many baseball fans, due to their past with cheating. also, you are playing against the phillies . i can understand, there is hometown pride. >> give me my money. [ laughter ]
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on paper, names can be spelled one-way and pronounced totally differently. it blows your mind when you find out you have been pronouncing something wrong for so long. >> [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> rumor has it the artist and grammy winning singer says many fans the son there is an emphasis on the second syllable. are there other celebrity names or friend names they can think of we say, i have been pronouncing the name wrong? >> you guys, it is amanda. >> i knew it, we have pronounced it wrong the whole time. >> my name is justin. we are not celebrities. >> you know, others of talk about this. you speak to fans,
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you think about other names, it's like i have been pronouncing that wrong. i have a friend, named gianna. >> that is not ours here. >> i don't know what ago with this now? >> the fan who said her name correctly is from london. she has had accent. there is the accent on it. she was like, where are you from? we don't have that cute accent. it is not our fault. we will get it together. >> right, it is 6:26. the dream of becoming a millionaire, and much more as the powerball drawing is set for tonight. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> you are listening to the power of love . we are looking
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at how the band is cashing in,
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welcome back, here is a look at our top stories. we did confirm that cameras outside of the home of house speaker nancy pelosi captured the moment that david depape allegedly broken after
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attacking her husband. an officer noticed a break in thousands of miles away on a remote surveillance camera, only after the attack, when an officer saw us a san francisco police cruiser in the dray attempted murder, burglary, and elder abuse. suspected hitman , driven by a multimillion dollar motive is charged with murder and conspiracy in the death of an oakland dentist. he is in jail without bail for his role in august murder of dr. lillie hsu. in oakland, he is accused of conspiring with her boyfriend. court documents reveal that he was a trustee for her estate, worth $14 million. he admitted that he stood to receive about $1 million from her life insurance policies. he killed himself
6:31 am
last week, while in custody. cell phone records show the two began talking in july, one month for the deadly shooting. job openings in the u.s. rose unexpectedly in september despite the best efforts of the federal reserve. researchers suggest the labor market is not lining up with the feds expectations. they do believe job openings would drop below 10 million. the labor department estimated that job vacancies rose from 10.2 million in august to 10.7 million in september. are you feeling lucky? buy yourself a powerball ticket, the grand prize has grown to $1.2 billion. this is the second largest powerball jackpot ever. it is the largest in more than 6 years. the popular cash option payout is nearly $600 million before taxes. the odds to win the powerball are wanted 290 million. >> wrap your head around that.
6:32 am
>> it would be great if we have more rain on the way. >> fine, i will give it to you. >> well, at least i can win something today. >> we have more rain on the way. if you like we had yesterday, there's more that came from. that came from a major cold front yesterday. it rolled through, ringing cooler temperatures and much-needed rain. you can add to that, windy conditions. we have daytime highs today. it is not that warm, it is chilly. concord is getting up to 60 today. we have 58 near san rafael. as we take a quick look at doppler, we don't have a lot of activity going on today. that is not to say that things are not changing over the weekend. new cold front will settle in by saturday and sunday, bringing in more scattered showers. as we zoom in a bit closer to home, we are seeing activity in the south bay. we will see how things are
6:33 am
looking on the road this morning. we will start off with how things are looking for the super commuters. we have a 54 minute drive over to 680. as we have talked about this all morning, we have a high wind advisory in effect. we have a high wind advisory at the bay bridge. we have a lot of backups. we have a 13 minute drive into the city. the metering lights are on. over to the golden gate bridge, you are seeing cars on the roadway. we have a 20 minute drive from highway 37 over to the bridge. on the nimitz freeway, doesn't look too bad. we are seeing more cars on the freeway as we get later in the morning. overall, it is looking good in both directions. in six days, you will decide on a new state controller. the person in charge of the state's finances. this is not normally a race that excites people. this year could be different. we report that if lonnie chen defeats
6:34 am
cohen, he would be the first republican to win estate officer since 2006. >> reporter: the state of california collected $250 billion in tax revenue last year, including at the pump. he does believe a lot of this is wasted by agencies led by democrats. he says it is his mission to change how your money is watched and bent. >> reporter: even in the bread aisle, he is keenly aware of rising prices. it is not inflation crippling consumers, but rather wasted tax dollars in the tens of billions. >> where is the money going in our state? we need to restore some confidence that somebody is watching out for them , instead of just spending the money without any effort at restoring accountability or demanding results. >> reporter: he is a policy expert that has taught at stanford university and has served on the security board under the obama administration. he is running for political office for the first time.
6:35 am
>> we are talking about the tough time people are having with gas prices, or why schools are not better? or how can they afford to get a house? >> reporter: this is one state race that has a chance of being competitive. >> reporter: leading up to the general election, there is a stark difference in what these two are talking about. >> the controller oversees funding for reproductive health organizations like planned parenthood. >> she will focus on core issues motivating democrats like abortion and donald trump. >> she has expressed concerns about what the former president did , and his governing style, and what happened on january 6 is an abomination. i don't think the election was stolen. >> reporter: he has climbed the world of academia and politics. he believes that the
6:36 am
controller audits hundreds of billions in tax revenue now can impact social and economic ability for working families. >> it felt like a place of limitless opportunity growing up , you could come by a house, grow a business, raise a family . nowadays, it is much more challenging. >> reporter: he has out raised his opponent ahead of the pack of democrats, including cohen. he has spent less, leaving a healthy copper ahead of the two person general election. >> we talk about losing up. you may not win in your first race just like barack obama lost his first race. as voters get to know you , and they hear what you are about, they might become more comfortable with you . if the gop can creep back to relevance, he could be one of the new faces of the california republican party. >> you want somebody that will be politically independent. they will watch out for taxpayers first. >> reporter: a democrat has held the office of take
6:37 am
control of nearly 50 years. in the north bay, kenny choi, kpix 5. he has challenges opponent to a debate. we spoke with: yesterday, asking her why an official face-off has not happened. >> reporter: there has not been a debate because there has not been a strong one organized. we have decided to take our message to the voters . we have been crisscrossing the state of california. that is one of the best ways to utilize our resources and our time. the choices are stark. i am a democrat, he is a trump republican. i am pro-choice, he is not. i have experience, i am doing part of the function of the controller's job right now, as i sit on the board of equalization. i think the choice is pretty clear. >> let's get to the gas attacks. your opponent wants
6:38 am
to audit the gas tax, where you stand on that? >> auditing any tax overspending is reasonable, and falls within the scope of the state controller. saying that you are going to call an audit is not news, you are supposed to do that. that goes without saying. >> it is no secret how much money has been put into each campaign. your opponent has put in a number of dollars into this. will that make a difference? where do you stand on that in terms of how much money has been poured into the race ? systemic that is good question. california has a history of rejecting the wealthiest of the wealthy that poor in personal money into their campaigns. i am baffled as to why candidate would continue to put their own particular money into a race. i think what it comes down to, people want to elect someone that will resonate with them, that they can trust. someone they have confidence in.
6:39 am
summary with the skill set that is applicable to the job they are running for. >> we have you covered on election night with three ways to watch as the votes come in. coverage begins at 5:00 on election day here on kpix 5, cbsn bay area live, and our sister station. we are 20 minutes away from cbs openings. tony joins us live from new york. what are you working on this morning. we have good stuff coming up. david has a very personal story. this is a story don't want to mess, about living with tourette's. he sits with professionals, talking about living with it and thriving with it. david also shares his own experience. on top of that, we have christine with us to talk about the final season of her hit series, the good fight. this will close the chapter in
6:40 am
her life , lasting more than a decade, 13 years in all. christina joins us to talk about her latest book called all about cookies. it is all the cookies. she brought cookies, and it is fantastic. they have expended my waistline a lot , including this morning. we have all of that and more coming up at 7:00. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] huey lewis and the news have sold the bulk of their catalog to primary wave music for around $20 million. the deal encompasses all of their music through 1994, including hits like the power of love, and heart of rock 'n roll. the rock band will get access to the music marketing team and publishing infrastructure.
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>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ] it is 6:40, and we are grooving through this wednesday. it is a wired wednesday. we talk about what the elon musk twitter takeover means for the future. and the weather center, we are keeping a close eye on doppler. we have more rain on the way over the weekend. the market opened 11 minutes go. we are looking at the big board. the dow is down. we will look at that in just a bit. we will be right back.
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welcome back, it is 6:44, we will look at your money watch report. we will take a live look at the big board for you. the dow is in the red about 115 points. the federal reserve is on track to boost its benchmark interest rate again to fight inflation. the jump would be the fourth consecutive hike on that size. they're hoping this could be the final move. we will watch closely to see if they signal a possible shift to slow rate increases next month. it has been less than a week since elon musk took over twitter. there is an exodus of executives, advertisers, and hate speech is up. everyone is asking, what now? that is our focus. usa today columnist is here with a look at what is next, and the biggest technology story of the year.
6:46 am
hello, what you have to say about this? >> so, so much. you know all of the chaos and confusion, and the on-again, off-again debacle? that has just gotten worse. in just a few days and twitter, elon musk has fired most of the top managers, and the entire board. he tweeted and deleted a very hateful conspiracy theory, from unknown fake news site about the attack on paul pelosi. he knows charging eight dollars a month for the blue checkmark verification , and he has threatened to fire engineers that cannot make this happen in a week. to add insult to injury, he cannot seem to help himself. he has tweeted more not funny jokes then is even remotely okay for somebody who is not the world's richest man
6:47 am
in charge of one of the largest social media sites on the planet. he is, and he needs to step up. he just isn't. >> there is a lot to unpack here. people have feelings about this. when it comes to the blue checkmark, do you have one? >> i do have one. i was verified on twitter in around 2011, when i reached 10,000 followers. i did not pay for that. it has not helped or hurt me. is one of those things that came with having a lot of followers. now, it will come with the se tweets to let e world wi soon eight dollars a month for the blue service. that will include the verified badge. he did change his own title, that was interesting to the twitter complaint hotline operator. he says he wants to make social media less reliant on ads. he
6:48 am
tweeted that subscribers will get priority in replies, mentions, and the ability to post long a/v. half of the ads, i quote his tweet saying, the lord's and peasants system for who doesn't have a blue checkmark is bs. power to the people, for eight dollars per month. i know i am coming across pretty strongly here in my opinion , i don't understand how this helps democratize a site, forcing people to pay for your vacation that you are not dealing with a bot. i don't have very many positive things to say. i do like that you can opt in right now for five dollars for the blue badge. you are given a chance to test new features before they are released. it does not include the blue checkmark verification. it will let you edit your tweets . for someone like me who's thumbs are
6:49 am
clumsy, i do like that. >> there are a lot of good things that come with this. for the blue checkmark, it is a business he is trying to do. you cannot rely on advertisers. it is interesting to see how this obstruction stuff pans out. we have a lot of questions about that. i know i don't want to pay for that. to each their own. this subscription news comes at the same time that he will be meeting with advertisers in new york. is that a coincidence? >> i do not think this is a coincidence. this is a typical move to say to advertisers, many that have pauses bending to see how the drama unfolds, i think he is trying to say, look, i don't need you as much as you think i do. right now, he does. that is 90% of twitter's income. remember last week when he posted a letter to advertisers saying he doesn't want the platform to become a free-for-all housekeeper anything can be said with no consequences ? so far, that is not working out.
6:50 am
there has been a wave of hate speech on the site. this has shown a 1700 percent search. then he shared the conspiracy theory about the attack on beaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul , from a well-known fake new site. the article claimed, without a shred of evidence that pelosi was drunk at the time of the assault. he said this was an assault after a dispute with a male prostitute. even if he said it was a joke, it is a horrible joke, it is not funny. he shared it to more than 100 million followers. he later deleted it, but not before it was shared tens of thousands of times. he has one of the largest audiences of any public figure on twitter. he is now completely in charge of it. he called the new york times fake news. this morning, he tweeted a glowing review of his work so far. this is the future of
6:51 am
twitter, advertisers, i don't want any part of this. this is the bro culture. this is the worst that has come out of society in general. it will not go down well in the world at large. >> we are seeing a lot of opinions on this. thank you for your insight. you can watch and read more with her weekly columns for usa today. we have a lot of opinions about wanting more rain. i know i do. >> we have opinions on twitter, bundle up. we have a cold from bringing showers across the bay area , and snow in the sierra. it is a perfect timing for ski resorts. >> it makes me want to play christmas music. it's like okay, we are close. we have a good atmosphere. >> you said we have another round of rain this weekend? >> yes, we are dealing with the
6:52 am
winter storm warning through the bay area. things are mild. we will see this pick up as we go into the weekend. we have a new cold front settling into the bay. this is a live look right now. we have clear skies and scattered showers pushing in from offshore. we have light activity today. the bulk of the action will be in the south bay. let's talk about the south bay. half moon bay , only into the southern portions of the mountain range got up to half an inch with that quick moving system yesterday. we are continuing to see the numbers increase during the afternoon. showers continue to push throughout the south bay. even into the coastline at times. cannot be shocked if you live in redwood city and you see a trickle or two of rain. heavy pockets are expected during the afternoon. heat is trying to rise with daytime highs sitting in the 50s and 60s throughout the bay. read this, and the skies will weep. by
6:53 am
saturday and sunday, new cold front pushes in. it is dropping temperatures back to below average conditions in san francisco. bring out your jackets, san francisco. as we look in the north bay, we have a very similar trend. the numbers are hand in hand as we go to the next couple of days. we have a close eye in the weather center. do not forget, set your clock back and get your extra hour of sleep. daylight savings time is right around the corner. is people out the door, it is getting busy. we start off at the altamont pass. we have a wind advisory here. things are busy. it is 53 minutes from 205 over two 680. this is a 46 minute drive over to the airport access road. you have a 46 minute drive from the south bay. let's look at the san mateo bridge. we are
6:54 am
seeing more cars out there. you are saying that things are pretty busy here. we have a high wind advisory that has been canceled of the bridge. we will see how things are looking as we go to the bridge. the metering lights are on. we have the 20 minute drive going into the city. we will get a quick look at the main drive times. things are not looking too bad. things are busy for the super commuters. >> the 49ers have a bye week this week. that does not mean they are not busy. in the reticle report, vern glenn tells us that they just made another running back transaction. this is the volkswagen reticle report. this will not include jeff wilson junior, when they return from the bye week. wilson was traded to the dolphins for a fifth-round draft pick on tuesday. his role was reduced when christian mccaffrey came into the mix. elisha mitchell
6:55 am
will return this month. selfishly, i will miss his personality in the locker room. >> we have a little saying , now is the time. >> i said that my wife, she says yes, that is the case with the trash. we have the shoes on the shoe rack, >> i let go of original snickers. none of that almond stuff. >> we don't need the peanut butter or the mix, with the dark chocolate. traditional brown pack, snicker label on the front with the original recipe on the back. with the reticle report, i am vern glenn. coming up, peer of mexican american residents join us to talk about making bread for the dead. this red is sold at latino bakeries during 1 november
6:56 am
chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked,
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they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
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welcome back. we want to start with a crash at the bay bridge causing slowdowns at the toll plaza. if you're going in that direction, things are busy. give yourself extra time. there is a wind advisory in effect. this is a 22 minute drive , you can see the back up there. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge. things are busy. we have a 16 minute drive over here. let's start with a look at the first alert doppler. showers are lightly trickling in this morning. it is nothing like the major cold front yesterday. we have more rain on the way . by saturday and sunday, and monday and tuesday, it will be a wet set up. temperatures are staying chilly. it looks like the south bay will get a lot more rain . we will keep you updated
7:00 am
here in the weather center. you can watch us after this newscast on our sister station, cable 12, and cbsn bay area live. we will be live


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