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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  November 2, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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different personal stories related to absolutely everything. >> that is what i would ask the public. how long would you expect teachers to work without getting paid, health insurance, not understanding of their benefits are going through, with having to take our own time to check our paychecks all the time? >> reporter: teachers say they are running out of patience and financial options as the payroll troubles drag on, and they are asking the district to abandon the new system altogether. >> we know this has been very difficult and frustrating for employees who have had an issue with their paper questions about their benefits or need something addressed. we have learned it is impacting a significant number of employees. >> reporter: last week, the district acknowledged that it is still calling behind clearing all the problems being reported, and a call center has been opened so teachers can report their issues directly. >> so, we hope this is a measure that will help our staff be able to no and trust that we are addressing their
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concerns. >> reporter: for a lot of educators, the ongoing paycheck glitches are deeply personal, and the frustration is growing. >> it's insane how long it has taken them to figure it out. people can't it help. i don't have time to analyze every paycheck to figure out if there are mistakes. >> reporter: the letter e-empower payroll system cost $14 million. the consultant to find a fixed cost nearly $3 million. they have just come back with their first round of suggestions , and still, no timeline for when the problems might be resolved. we are here in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. let's take a live look at capitol hill were senator brian feinstein is celebrating a pair of major milestones. it's her 30th anniversary serving in the u.s. senate. that makes her the longest serving female senator in history. a press release, feinstein said she knows that number will keep climbing adding, quote, i will continue to advocate for
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women's rights in all specs of life. i will continue to advocate for all women leaders, and i will continue to do all i can to represent the people of california. with threats of political violence on the rise, elections officials are working day and night to make sure americans can make their voices heard safely and securely. reporter will natalie brand has a closer look. >> reporter: helicopters flew low over the u.s. capitol for a security exercise just six days ahead of midterm elections. capitol police chief tom major is calling for more security resources to protect lawmakers fighting today's political climate. >> demonizing rhetoric , false claims of election fraud, paired with calls for action against other parties , individuals , or what can combine to cause real harm. >> reporter: shannon hillard tracks political violence at princeton university. she says,
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despite concerning rhetoric, people should feel safe going to vote. >> it's a period of heightened tension, that there so many groups, whether it's poll workers, administrators, community groups , who have been able to prepare a long time for this day. >> reporter: a federal intelligence bulletin warned that extremist across the analogical spectrum pose a heightened threat, though there are no specific threats currently. as fritz and get members of congress have increased, capitol police say they are continuing to monitor thousands of cases nationwide and coordinating with state and local agencies. cbs news has confirmed, cameras capture the break in at house speaker nancy pelosi's san francisco home. video accessible to capital officers monitoring high-interest locations. suspect david depape accused of assaulting paul pelosi has pleaded not guilty to charges, including attempted murder. >> someone who was willing to enact violence that was
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politically motivated. >> reporter: prosecutors say he had a list of politicians he was targeting. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. >> security says foreign adversaries are actively spreading misinformation online in hopes of stoking political violence here on u.s. soil. with energy bills expected to be 28% more expensive this winter , the biden administration is making $13.5 million now available to help low income households pay those bills and have greater energy systems. the money is coming from the inflation reduction act, and the low income home energy assistance program . more uncertainty expected in the housing market to tell you about tonight after the feds' decision to raise the cost of borrowing. they are doing it again. nancy chen on the impact to you, the buyer, and the seller. >> reporter: for about a year him a andrew tried to sell his new jersey home in search of more space.
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>> we've had a lot of activity and a lot of offers on the house when we had it on the market. >> reporter: even after 10 lucrative office, he and his family took it off the market. he says there are few options for them to buy a new house , especially after refinancing their mortgage in march 2 below 3%. you have been looking to sell. >> our interest rate that we have walked in is very low. our borrowing costs would more than double. >> reporter: with today's rate , a monthly mortgage rating on the $400,000 home would cost you about $750 more than the start of the year. >> so, i would describe the housing market as a tug-of-war between buyer and seller. that tug-of-war is almost creating a shutdown. >> reporter: she is a realtor in the new jersey area. >> it's not that we haven't seen 7% interest rates. we have not seen interest rates and when you go from 2.5% to 7%. >> reporter: about 60,000 deals have been canceled so far this
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year, the highest on record since the start of the pandemic. new listings are down about 19%. what is the endgame? >> i think will see less transactions in 2023. i think people are going to be sitting on the sidelines until things settle down. >> reporter: the housing market is a leading indicator of whether the nation is heading into a recession, and it could contribute to one. fewer homes being purchased also means less construction, as well as people buying fewer items like appliances, and that all have huge ripple effects throughout the economy. nancy chen, cbs news, new york. >> we can tell you, sales of existing homes have dropped for eight straight months. this was the sce san mateo county today as local official raised the kpix 5 to flag over the redwood city hall of justice . they will do this every november ahead of the transgender day of remembrance. officials say is more important than ever to make sure all people are recognized with dignity and respect as well as received by some to be
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anti-trans are passed across the country. >> the trans community faces considerable stigma in axis is to services, harassment, and bullying. that is by the board of supervisors, we take the time each year to honor those who have tragically lost their lives to anti-trans violence , but also to uplift the voices of the transgender community. >> since 1999, the transgender day of remembrance has been observed on november 20 two memorialize victims. the two largest pharmacy chains in the united states agreed to pay billions for their role in the opioid crisis. an emotional day in court as a gunman responsible for a deadly school shooting is
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within the last three hours, north korea testfired another missile. this all comes after they shot more than 20 missiles toward south korea on tuesday that was their largest ever missile test for a single day. pyongyang claimed it was in response to the u.s. and south korea running military air drills all week long . seoul, meanwhile, responded saying, by launching its own missile tests , kim jong-un
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responded with veiled threats of nuclear force. diplomatic sources tell cbs news that kim jong-un is likely to follow through on those threats with another underground nuclear test in the near future. cvs and walgreens each agreed to pay $5 million to settle lawsuits for the opioid crisis. the suit alleged that pharmacies have been carelessly filling prescriptions . this brings the total value of opioids latest elements two $50 billion . most of the money is going to state and local governments to combat opioid addiction. a portion will go to native american tribes . nikolas cruz has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. he is the person responsible for killing 17 people and injuring others at marjory stoneman's douglas high school in parkland, florida, back in 2018. many of the victims' family and friends are upset
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that cruz did not get the death penalty. >> it is heartbreaking how any person who heard and saw all this did not give this killer the worst punishment possible. >> we are sad, hurt, lonely , empty , and horrified . yet, we are strong. >> cruz could not get the death penalty due to a 2016 florida law that requires a unanimous jury decision to sentence someone to death. crews 's jury voted not having free for life in prison. nfl honors for the 49ers newest back. warriors getting carried away. lookout! turns out bay area basketball is big enough for another sharpshooting
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clear skies right now. earlier today, the kind of depended on for you were on whether or not you got rain. >> we have those hit or miss showers, which is what we expected, but it came down at a good clip for some parts of the bay area. the skies are clearing out again. looking westward from salesforce tell, that is what it is going to look like about 4:45 in the afternoon this time last week as we drop back from daylight time to standard time. get an extra area of sleep. a few showers have become fewer and further between good things are going to quiet down over the next couple of hours. we settle into a little dry break for the next couple of days. that's going to q to the end of the work week on friday. temperatures are still going to be cool as northerly winds are going to continue reinforcing the coolness in place. we are getting back into an unsettled weather pattern as we head into the weekend , potentially already during the daylight hours on saturday. i think a better chance of rain showers
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areawide saturday. not going to be a washout , but it does look like the running pattern will continue through next week. a wetter than normal pattern from the climate prediction center, which takes us through most of next week. let's talk about how much we could potentially pick up . a couple of different forecast models, the first of which shows we could get anywhere from a half an inch to inch and a half through the middle of next week. another forecast model that is even more optimistic. they have actually traded places. the wettest one today was the driest one yesterday and vice versa. this one saying anywhere from three quarters of an inch too close to 2 inches of rain. there is outlier forecast models that are even higher than that. take all of this with a grain of salt. we are looking at a generally wet pattern, but the civic amounts are eligible for revision. anywhere between 2 and 4 feet of snow . looking outside,
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temperatures today topped out in the upper 50s and low 60s. that's as far as we went. a good 10 to 12 degrees below average. temperatures tonight are going to drop down to the low to mid 30s in the north bay valleys. everyone else, chilly, but not that cold pick up are led . high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s along the coast. mix of upper 50s and low 60s around the us out into the bay. low to mid-60s, still below normal inland in the east bay. 60 degrees in san francisco, oakland, and the east bay with temperatures north of the golden gate . temperatures will ibb a degree or two more on friday. the rain chances arrive potentially as early as saturday . saturday does look the drier half of the weekend. some hit or miss showers on sunday. the most widespread and heaviest rain is in store for
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us on monday. still lingering showers tuesday and wednesday. we will take this pattern for as long it it wants to stick with us. >> thanks, paul. time for a chance for what's ahead at 6:00. new developments on the hit and run that injured a grandmother . the tip that led to the suspect. we are going to take a look at the city's plan to keep streets safe, and will it work ? new measure could give one bay area city it's first pot dispensary. but there is a cash. white voters need to know. we will have all of that coming up at 6:00. let's head over to vern with football. i will throw it to you. >> i am catching it. nfl and the 49ers. by the way, happy birthday, jimmy garoppolo. a lot of players have gone home for the bye week. they will be spending a
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lot of time in santa clara when they get back. six of the final nine games are at levi s stadium. the nfl is taking notice. running back christian mccaffrey was named the nfc offensive offensive player of the week, well-deserved after he became the fourth player since 1972 run , pass, and touch a touchdown in the same game. nba and the warriors, they dropped their third straight game last night in miami. let's just say they weren't happy with the officiating. >> i guess i got to start checking my email on game day. >> he said he missed an email . draymond green has some thoughts. >> some of the best ball players in the nba. a point of emphasis. let's see it. i'm not sure how many i have seen
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all year. three in one game on one guy? we are so privileged in the bay area to enjoy steph curry shoot lights out virtually every single night. hold onto something. about 12 miles from chase center, there's another curry . let's take you to cal. >> that's my cousin. typically, i was like, no, that i can play basketball. >> reporter: the name and number might be the same, but jade a curry is making a name for herself in berkeley. her dad put a basketball in her hands when she was four years old , and she hasn't stopped shooting since. >> we had a little hoop on the door. sometimes, we would make a hangar hoop . me and my sister would do it. >> reporter: curry led the
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conference in scoring all season and was named pac-12 freshman of the year. >> she is extremely dynamic. she is a spark. to make things happen. >> reporter: the head coach arranged for her to meet the other curry at a warriors game last season. >> i was starstruck. i grew up loving him. >> reporter: that was only a small taste of curry's world. have you ever used the curry name to get a reservation at a restaurant? >> i should. i should try that. i'm going to try that. i'm little sister to steph curry. lassies and's pac-12 scoring queen kicks off 2022 next monday. the bears host cal scare. ball in her hands. >> the question for you, have you ever used the curry name to get a reservation? >> i throughout any name .
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sorry, we are booked. >> he just uses his own name. him right in , mr. glenn. >> don't you know who i think still ahd here at 5:00, california universities adopting new policies to give students more time to plan for college. why critics worry it could widen the gap between the haves and have-nots. >> i think moving
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if you are a mom or dad, you know this. it is that time of year where high school students are working hard on their college applications. one of the first deadlines is coming up. >> we are talking about early action admission. kpix 5's shawn chitnis reports, some hope the option will allow some to plan for college, while others worry about students being left behind. >> reporter: casey's like many high school students right now. the demands of high school while also applying to college. >> for me, finding that balance has been allotting time to college applications on the weekends. during the week trying to get homework done. >> reporter: casey is trying to apply early action. that lets students submit their applications in november and find out if they got into the
5:57 pm
college at the beginning of the new year. several schools in california offer early action, and college counselors say more students are cementing their applications in time for that deadline. so casey is challenging himself with a rigorous course load, which means solving plenty of math problems and having a good mix of extracurriculars, including playing the saxophone as a member of his high school band. >> with the deadlines approaching, it has been stressful. for me personally, i work well under pressure. >> reporter: casey is applying to about 15 colleges. that's a lot. but becoming more common for students as the process gets more competitive. most of his choices are here in california, and his family has already spent time visiting campuses. >> for me, i'm not really worrying about other people. i want to focus on myself and make myself the best applicant i can be. >> reporter: he has two applications to finish for the early application deadline is november. knowing he got into a certain school before the spring would be a relief and
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help his family start planning for his first year of college. >> i have nothing to lose. no harm, no foul. >> reporter: college counselors say early action not only gives more students time to figure out such a big decision, it also reduces the time they are stressing over what schools accepted them. but early access brings its own challenges. >> you have to have been working on this over the summer and possibly in the spring of your junior year. i think moving the timeline up in that way creates a lot of pressure and a lot of anxiety. >> reporter: casey did start his applications over the summer, but for some students, early action can feel out of reach because they are barely able to make time for the regular deadline. >> it absolutely advantages students that have greater resources, greater access to support from people like me, from the school counselor, from parents who have been through the process before. >> reporter: casey says he is focused on what he needs to do as he gets ready to submit his
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applications. >> this is my one chance to prove who i am as a person is. >> reporter: shawn chitnis. >> most schools with early action have used the met by the beginning of november. >> i just have flashbacks of those applications. the regular deadline for many schools is not until the end of the year or in january. you still have time for those. time to get on it. it that's it for the news at 5:00. >> we do have some breaking news. police just announcing a major break in the case of a shocking hit and run in the south bay. grandmother run down while pushing a child in a stroller. new tonight how san jose police say they just tracked the hit and run driver down. >> we need the public to slow down. >> reporter: this is as san jose is reporting a record number of pedestrian deaths. the city's new plan to make the streets safer.
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>> all hands on deck to figure out how to reduce these numbers. and we still have two months left in this year. >> new questions in the following the attack on paul pelosi. the changes san francisco's mayor is making to her own security tonight. >> someone showed up with protesters with a pitchfork in front of my home. others who have been very aggressive . so yeah, i'm definitely concerned. i'm john ramis in sausalito. is it democracy in action? one cannabis dispensary here has written a measure that would give them a monopoly on the business in the city. we will have a story coming up. this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. we have a lot to cover tonight. san jose police telling kpix 5 tonight they have arrested a hit-and-run driver accused of plowing into a grandmother who was pushing a child in a stroller. we first showed you this shocking video -- pretty hard to watch. you can see the woman


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