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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  November 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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out how to reduce these numbers. and we still have two months left in this year. >> new questions in the following the attack on paul pelosi. the changes san francisco's mayor is making to her own security tonight. >> someone showed up with protesters with a pitchfork in front of my home. others who have been very aggressive . so yeah, i'm definitely concerned. i'm john ramis in sausalito. is it democracy in action? one cannabis dispensary here has written a measure that would give them a monopoly on the business in the city. we will have a story coming up. this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. we have a lot to cover tonight. san jose police telling kpix 5 tonight they have arrested a hit-and-run driver accused of plowing into a grandmother who was pushing a child in a stroller. we first showed you this shocking video -- pretty hard to watch. you can see the woman entering a marked crosswalk when a car
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knocks her in the 3-year-old to the ground. both survived. that was on october 25th. now, police say, two days later, a community member called in a tip about seeing the suspect's car. 20-year-old alexa was later taken into custody and says she admitted she was behind the wheel that day. now, news of the arrest comes just hours after the city reported another pedestrian fatality . it is the 30th in san jose just this year. that is an all-time high for the city with two months left in 2022 . overall, san jose has seen traffic fatalities this year just shy of the all-time record of 60. kpix 5's katie nielsen has more on the latest move to make the city streets safer and why police say they are going to need a lot more help. >> reporter: the city's
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transportation department reduced speed limits along some business corridors, but san jose police say due to staffing issues, they might not have enough officers to enforce them. this morning's fatal pedestrian accident marks a grim milestone for the city . 30 people hit and killed by cars so far this year , an all-time high for san jose. >> we know that crossing the street is a big challenge in san jose. the city was built to be convenient to get around fast in a car. >> reporter: collin haney is a spokesperson for the transportation department this is the number one factor in fatal crashes is speed. that is why the city recently reduced speed limits from 25 to 20 miles per hour and six of the business districts. >> these quarters, with the exception of santa clara street, are not high crash, high fatality corridors. any tool we can take advantage of to lower speed limits , anywhere in san jose, we are going to do it. >> reporter: police say lowering speed limits is a good first step but question how
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effective it will be without much enforcement. >> the challenge for us is that 10 years ago we had 50 traffic officers. today, we have 14. sometimes, fighting people for violation is what's needed to strange some was driving behavior. >> reporter: police staffing has been a major talking point during this year's mayoral race with both candidates saying the department needs more officers. until changes are made, the hope is drivers will get the message and slow down. >> i hope that not every driver out there needs to have the threat of citation in order to get them to obey the speed limit. >> reporter: today, the city of jose announced it is getting a $120,000 grant from the california office of traffic safety and the national highway traffic safety administration to try to help reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5. nearby in santa clara, a tesla driver walked away with only minor injuries after being hit by a train. chopper 5 was over the area on martin avenue
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as crews were looking into the crash this morning . no one it off by the car was on the tracks. san francisco da, brooke jenkins, said she has invited members of the pelosi county to review body camera video . that would include footage of the actual hammer strike that sent paul pelosi into surgery. no word on where or when that might happen. meantime, we have new details on the type your court documents show that paul pelosi woke up that night to david depape standing over his bed with zip ties and a hammer in hand, asking him, quote, are you paul pelosi ? and demanding to know where the speaker was . when he was told that she was out of town, depape allegedly said he had to, quote, take them all out because she was second in line to the presidency. after depape realized mr. pelosi had called the police for the
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bathroom the two men started . depape reportedly hit pelosi several times in the head after police arrived. >> this is a person who was willing to go to extreme lengths to plan out this attack , to figure out how to get in her house , and then to enact violence, even in the presence of the police. and so, we know he presents a level of danger that's really, you know, as high as it gets. >> depape has pleaded not guilty, including attempted murder. he is being held without bail tonight. meanwhile, san francisco mayor london breed says she is stepping up her own personal security in light of the attack and a general rise in threats against political figures. >> i've had a number of death threats. i've had someone show up with protesters with a pitchfork in front of my home. and others who have been very aggressive. so yeah, i'm definitely concerned.
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>> we also wanted to get to some other news happening on the bay area. san francisco is celebrating one year of the city's welcome ambassadors program. it focuses on community safety and neighborhood engagement. the overall goal is to prevent safer neighborhoods. community ambassadors offer services like wellness checks , providing safety escorts , reporting emergencies, and much more. >> many people visit our great city because of the diversity and because we are the heart of the bay area. rain or shine, our orange still is bright. a new navigation center is coming to vallejo. the city council gave the green light to build the site on broadway and commercial street. the proposed navigation center will have 125 beds and will be a place to help people who are experiencing homelessness. head of this month transgender day of remembrance, san mateo county held their
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annual transgender flag raising ceremony today in front of the redwood city hall of justice. officials say these events are becoming more important than ever, especially as more laws are passed viewed by many as anti-trans. >> i challenge you to take a stand on bringing more visibility, safety , jitter diversity programming to this community. as a gender diverse community , we are targeted . we are usually victimized just for embracing our identity. >> transgender remembrance day was established in 1999 and observed every november 20th to memorialize those killed as a result of transphobia . san mateo's transgender remember status tomorrow, and national remembrance day is november 20th. still ahead on kpix 5 , a new measure could give one bay area city its first pot shot. but critics say it's a bit of a hazy situation. what voters,
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all of us need to know. elon musk's message to users who got kicked off twitter . how soon they might be allowed back.
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with less than a week to go until election day, early voting is in its final stretch. edison research and catalyst says nearly 28 million people in the state have already cast a ballot, outpacing early voting numbers from the 2018 midterms. so far in california, 2.7 million votes have already been cast. in marin county, we will take you there. the measure on a sausalito ballot would actually give the city its first cannabis dispensary. so, is a democracy in action or an abuse of the initiative process? kpix
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5's john ramos has both sides. >> reporter: like a lot of cities, sausalito has moved slowly in approving cannabis dispensaries in their community. but now, when frustrated vendor has put the issue on the ballot , and it is the details of the measure that have people talking. all the signs are there. measure k is a political race people in this marin county town are watching closely., johnston helped write the initiative. >> when collecting signatures, we said two people, this is an opportunity to vote on whether or not sausalito should have a cannabis dispensary and a delivery company. >> reporter: johnson is co-owner of a company. he says he is frustrating by how long it is taking cities to adopt cannabis sales rules, even a city like sausalito that voted 77% for legalization. >> local minister polities have not approved regulated outlets , so you don't have regulated gross. you don't have regulated stores. as a
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consequence, we have an illicit moment. >> reporter: opponents they measure k goes way beyond getting the ball rolling. the initiative dictates specific vendor , making them the only ones eligible. >> a monopoly is a monopoly. there is a reason why we don't support and allow monopolies in our country. all the reasons a monopoly is wrong for our country is why this measure k is wrong for our town. >> reporter: in exporting pages, and lays out in detail how the dispensary must operate. councilmember ian says that's dangerous because it would lock in one company's business model as a matter of law. >> the reason we have local government is to react to the details of problems and their solutions. measure k lays out all the details about how retail cannabis will be executed , and it can only be changed by another ballot initiative.
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>> reporter: johnson dismisses the opposition as simply people who want to prohibit any cannabis at all. >> it doesn't reflect a majority or even a large portion of the electric. there is always that one contingent. >> it is not a battle about cannabis. it is a battle about having a monopoly versus a democratic process to determine what site of approach we should have on retail cannabis in our town. >> reporter:, ramus, kpix 5. recreational cannabis was approved statewide in 2016, but gave local governments control of its implementation. so, each jurisdiction can develop its own rules. tonight on the streaming service, cbs news bay area, we will take a deeper dive into some of the biggest races. catch our hour-long election special starting at 7:30 on the cbs news app or on pluto tv, channel 397. people kicked off twitter will not have their accounts
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restored before election day, but it could happen relatively soon. today, new twitter boss, elon musk , said the company is setting up new protocols for reinstating accounts , something that will take at least a few weeks . only then will the company re-evaluate accounts that were banned for violating twitter rules relating to harassment, violence , or misinformation. a few lingering showers across the bay area earlier today, but now, a spectacular sunset .
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a blanket of snow covering the sierra this evening. this is what it looks like along interstate 80. there are currently no chain controls, however, they are in effect along highway 50. check the head. caltrans is urging people to take it slow. truck drivers on i-80 had to have changes
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told under ties earlier today, some opting to put the chains on themselves. others went to the professionals. >> every year, it's my job . i have to do it. >> i had to humble myself a little bit. a hotel, paying for the chains. extra 30 on top of these nice guys. >> check out the snowfall . they say it has snowed 12 ounces in the past 24 hours, and expect 2 to 5 which is more by the end of the day. look at that. san jose seeing a burst of rain, heavy rain earlier today. check out how hard it was pouring. look at that. the cloudburst came with some hail . our mary lee synthesis video of the hailstones hitting the ground. paul heggen joins me. you are so quick. you know what i'm going to say? what is it called? a hail mary. [
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laughter ] bad. >> i'm going to go over here. >> i had to. >> you chose to. that's on you. thank you, mary . we did have a number of showers, even a few thunderstorms today. those are writing down. a couple of sprinkles left on the radar. it's going to be chilly overnight . we will take a look at those with temperatures momentarily. a dry break will continue through friday and much of the day on saturday before rain chances are back up as we head for the weekend irwin early next week. here is the radar loop. we had numerous hours, even a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. now, we are down to a couple of leftover sprinkles over solano county. the rest of it is largely dissipating . a trend that is going to continue over the next few hours. by 9:00, we should be sprinkled three. clear skies for the rest of the night. the cold air tends to settle into the low-lying spot specifically the north bay village where
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temperatures are going to be a little chilly by early tomorrow morning. there are more rain chances. the rain chances will ramp up by saturday night with off and on showers by sunday. be flexible with any outdoor plans. the best chance, the most widespread rain is going to be monday of next week with lingering showers into at least to take and maybe even into wednesday. how much rain is the million dollar question. a little too much . averaging out the forecast model data, and we are looking at maybe a half an inch. there will be spots that overachieved. we are looking at plenty of snow for the high sierra. 2 to 4 feet to the end of next week. outside, beautiful sunset. the last of the light on the horizon . the temperature is 57. that's not very warm, that is the warmest spot on the map. today's temperature is a good 10 to 12 degrees below average. with clear skies overhead, temperatures will drop quickly
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tonight out to the low to mid 30s in the north bay valleys . everybody else in the upper 30s to low to mid 40s. that's cold enough in the north bay valleys for frost advisory in effect for midnight for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures getting close to freezing, so cover up any outdoor plans you don't want to lose into the outdoor animals, make sure they have a warm spot to snuggle up and stay warm. speaking of animals, taking a break from dogs in costumes , a kitty in a hostile. he looks markedly patient. we don't know what happened directly after. maybe he can get rewarded with outside time tomorrow. temperatures warming up into the low 60s, which is below average still. warmer than today, but tomorrow high temperatures are a good 5 to 10 degrees below normal. upper 50s along the coast. everybody else in the low to mid-60s. we will warm up a few more degrees by the end of the work week friday. that's it for the warming trend it we will be back to substantially cooler than average temperatures with wetter than average pattern
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beginning potentially during the daylight hours saturday . saturday night brings us the best chance of the waiver showers with the most widespread rain in the forecast. by monday of next week, lingering shower chance . tuesday, a good soaking rain is what we need. while this last round of rain wasn't enough to put an end to the fire season, the next one might achieve that for us. fingers crossed. >> seeing the snow with the sierra, that's a good thing to have. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> good evening. tonight on the cbs evening news after kpix 5 news at 6:00, the cost of heating oil for your home this winter could nearly double that we have important tips to help you save. that's all tonight on the cbs evening news. feeling lucky? you still have time to buy
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festivities continue this evening. people gathering at the park in san francisco's mission district to celebrate where they set out in the members of loved ones. the altar suffered as the people who passed away and are decorated with marigolds and other mementos. one person tells us what today means to them. >> it's a celebration , but at the same time, you miss your loved ones. we celebrate the life and remember them because
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you love them. they are still here with us. always. >> always in your heart. today's event is called festival of altars. it has been a tradition in the mission for the last 30 years. if you don't have your tickets for tonight's massive powerball draw, you have about 30 minutes to get to the store. the draw is at 8:00. the 1.2 billion -- with a b, billion-dollar jackpot is the second biggest in power for district and the fourth largest u.s. jackpot ever. a lot of people say you have to throw your hat into the ring. >> i play when it gets real high. i don't play when it's low. a play when is high because somebody has to win. >> somebody will eventually, but the odds are astronomical . 1 292 million. cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is up next. we are back at 7:00. we will see you
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we've got a lot of news to cover. with less than a week to go before election day, president biden making a surprise speech tonight, saying the future of democracy depends on your vote. >> you have the power. it's your choice. it's your decision. >> o'donnell: president biden >> o'donnell: president biden and former president obama argue the future of america is at stake. cbs' nancy cordes reports on why the attack on nancy pelosi's husband inspired the speech. heartbreaking 911 calls. for the first time, we hear one of the desperate calls from a 10-year-old from inside robb elementary. cbs' omar villafranca is in uvalde with a father who wants justice.3 the fed's jumbo hike, raising the interest rate for a sixth


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