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tv   CBS News Bay Area Afternoon Edition  CBS  November 4, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . now not a good start to the weekend for some twitter workers working they are being laid off. good afternoon. i am -- the staff was told not to's show up to the office today pending an email deciding their face. justin andrews has a very latest outside twitter headquarters in san francisco. the workers who would normally be walking in the stores here at twitter a companwideilsent ter out yesterdag roug ofthe 7500 workers will be let go. in fact the company-wide email sent out telling them not to show up to work today. as you can understand, frustration and heartbreak for the workers and what better way to sound off then to post , the workers are
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doing just that, tweeting they have been locked out of their work accounts and even removed from slack. one data tweeting he told his young son he might not have a job . let that sink in. so many people in so many families affected by this. we talked to a csu professor about the layoffs. he is not surprised, here is what he said. silicon valley is painted itself as a different type of industry, a new and hip industry that cares about workers. but it really looks like any other industry. it will cut workers jobs in order to maximize profits , the workers are largely up to the whim of whoever is in control of the company and every level of the workplace. some of those workers have even said that email yesterday told them that their work badge would be suspended today. obviously we reached out to twitter to get its response, we have not heard back. in san francisco i am justin andrews, kpix 5. the latest u.s. jobs report is out and shows employers at
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261,000 jobs in october. historically, that is a healthy number. but it is down from the average of 381,000 jobs over the previous three months. the unemployment rate picked up to 3.7%. as we see across the bay area, the we can economy has a lot of companies dialing down. taking a live look at the big bore now, the dow is now up to hundred and two points. preliminary hearing is set for next month -- the man accused of attacking paul pelosi in his san francisco home will stand trial. david depape waived his appearance in court today with the hearing set, he was being held without bail on six counts of including attempted murder picked both sides have a few weeks to prepare their cases. and the two dates were set, the first date is november 28th , that will be for a status up date, there will also update the court as to whether or not they expect to be ready for the
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preliminary hearing which is set for december 14th. >> depape has pleaded not guilty to all charges. the layhill police chief resigned his post, shani williams took the job in the fall of 2019 during his tenure, williams faced a no-confidence vote by the officers association who blamed him for a rise in crime due to understaffing. he says he believes the department has made progress, and he wishes them the best. deputy chief jason taught will serve as interim chief. lied to oakland with the chinatown community celebrates the opening of the renovated park formally known as madison park honoring the legacy of the late alameda county supervisor. this comes a year and a day since jen was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street in alameda . after an investigation the district attorney announced criminal charges will not be filed against the driver of the vehicle. well, the mystery surrounding that car buried deep in the backyard of an atherton mansion is over. landscapers discovered the
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mercedes-benz last month at the stockbridge avenue home. it was buried five feet deep. investigators thought it may have contained a body after cadaver dogs sniffed it out, but they did not find any human remains. now investigators believe the homeowner buried his car to commit insurance fraud , they say in the early 90s he reported the car was stolen and filed an insurance claim. he has since died. let's get the first meteorologist -- it is chilly outside . >> it's pretty cold . >> it is going to get colder. [ laughter ] i should not smile so much when i say that . >> we are not billed for these extreme weather conditions . >> here's what we have to think about do you want to get out of the drop kevin normally these things come along with relatively colder air in the storm i am about to show you that is coming our way from monday and tuesday will effectively and this year's fire season . it is that good. it would be that good in the
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sierra and to the mountains of the coastal range. as far as the temperatures go right now, we are actually going to do okay, we are in the mid-50s but we warm up in the mid 60s today, it just kind of looks great with a little bit of a breeze and feels kind of cool. here's where things get cooler. first the system comes in, tomorrow afternoon, that is going to give us some light rain for the second half of saturday. we do need to talk about saturday since it is your weekend. we will show you that in much more detail coming up. but, with the little time i have left i want you to see the better storm. that one comes in on monday and tuesday. that is the one that will effectively ended the fire season. needs a decent amount of rain for us . i will see with that in a few minutes. a reputation for the filthy streets two years ago voters
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approved a proposition that they thought would help the issue. it established a whole new department to keep the streets and sidewalks clean . now a member measure on the ballot could trash the whole thing. kpix 5's lauren thoms shows us how fed up san franciscans are responding. >> reporter: jean is a third-generation san franciscan, she lives in the house, she grew up in . >> i love this city, and it really makes me sad that it has gone in the direction that it has in so many ways. so, i want to be part of the solution, i want to try to make things better. it is clear to me that the city is not going to address the trash issue, at least not everywhere. i feel like i want to live here and be i want to be part of the team that enjoys it . >> once a month she gathers with neighbors to collect trash in their communities who refuse refuse. she says over the last several years the issue has grown.
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>> the trash, i just notice it more in the street, outside of the garbage cans. sometimes there will be a garbage can there. and trash piled up around the outside of it. san francisco voters approved proposition be that split up the public works department and established the streets department. responsible for litter, trash bins, city sidewalks , but this year -- again on the ballot to reverse the move and sweep away the department. i think they are out of touch with what the citizens really wanted san francisco. and i think that we are not listening to what people want, and what they expect. >> gina says that although the city needs to find a solution to the garbage issue throughout the city, she is proud of the efforts and has no plans to stop . >> it is really disappointing, this is not why we all live here, it's not why we all pay
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the prices that we do. and it is not the right thing for health and safety . >> i think it is a matter of civic pride you know? just keeping it clean makes you feel better, makes you feel in some ways like it is safer. and happier and just more friendly, a better place to live. >> we have you covered on election night, national races and results on kpix 5, local races on kbcw, and streaming on cbs news bay area. our coverage begins tuesday at 5:00. still ahead, a powerball fever was not high enough already, the news that could push even more people to try their luck this weekend. with years and years of california drought built up, why we dive deeper into how the dry conditions are effecting survival of some northern california wildlife. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products.
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yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air.
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prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2% to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. some say we shouldn't act. tell that to our kids. this is about their future. kevin: calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. yes on 30. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products.
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yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. powerball is taking the state and others by storm, the jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing is now an estimated $1.6 billion . that is the largest lottery prize in history. no one has hit the jackpot in more than three months, the odds of winning the top prize are one in 292.2
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million. right now we are between two desperately needed rounds of rain, and years of drought has taken a toll across the state, especially on our watersheds. kpix 5 -- kpix 5's going along with researchers to find out the watershed is responding to all of these dry years. >> survival is impacted by so many things, but only the fish that are in wet, connected areas have a really solid chance of survival in these dry years. >> reporter: the russian river monitoring team are sloshing their way through dutch bill creek in the hills of western sonoma county. >> he knows the stream intimately. >> reporter: that means knowing the stream like a doctor knows a patient , assessing its health in another dry year . >> so, yes. in a sense we are measuring the drought, we are
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measuring what does that really mean for the fish? what conditions are they experiencing? >> i got 12.8 celsius and 9.97. the ones that we are focusing on today are temperature and dissolved oxygen . >> fish don't need just water, they need good oxygen-rich water that is moving . >> water coming in from downstream and all the oxidization that is happening with the bubble curtains and the percolation's and all of that . >> eventually, the fish will need to keep moving as well. >> they are going to need connection so they can move out into the estuary and the ocean . >> if you are a steelhead in dutch bill creek, this is your big interchange on the way to the pacific. they lay into the russian river here , but you have to be able to make it here. this project is about understanding how that creek is changing , and what kind of odds the fish are facing as they try to make it out and back. >> to even has a chance to survive? there are so many factors related to survival
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and it is hard enough for them to survive . >> we see these conditions plummet and disconnected from surface flow . >> disconnection is the real killer in places where the creek simply dries up . >> that was once a pool, as you can see from the scour , as we had downstream there are some very large pools that are completely dry as well. >> year-by-year the team is piecing together a picture of a watershed stressed by drought where disconnected streams and teva conditions, but all of the fish know how to keep trying. and some are actually managing pretty well. >> the fact that we are able to see so many fish, not even in the pool, but standing on the edge of the pool looking in indicates that there was really good successful spawning in this reach of stream . >> the hope is that a better understanding of the creek and how it is changing , can provide better strategies for how to give these fish better odds of surviving . >> also just to kind of
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understand better like what we are facing, what we are potentially losing, what sort of scale of work is going to be needed if we are going to help these fish to survive under climate change conditions. >> reporter: that means keeping a continual watch creeks like dutch bill. in sonoma county, wilson walker kpix 5 . speaking of water we are grateful to every single drop, we want to save and protect it. i know it is not going to be a drought buster but it will make a difference on the fire watch picks i'm so glad you brought that up. you know how there is no official fire season anymore now? you cannot say it officially ends fire season with the storm, but the amount of rain the storm is bringing and the snow in the sierra, we can see this is going to be the unofficial official end of fire season for this year. i will show you why i would say that when we look at the storm. you can see how cloudy it is now from above san jose, that is what it looks like from the top of the hills on the west side of the santa clara valley
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and you see on the post protected land out there , it is getting misted on right now, because the class had just kind of thickened down to the hilltop level there. but everywhere else it is just a great looking day. the rain is coming from that. the first one gets here tomorrow afternoon , then a more meaningful one gets here for monday and tuesday, let's take these in order again. here is the saturday system, this gives us light showers starting in the afternoon, by the time we get to the middle of the day it comes right along through the golden gate , that is actually like evening time, it clears the south bay by midnight on saturday going into sunday. we don't get a lot from that. we are only going to get a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. there is not a lot of rain and not one. there is better rain in this one. we get close enough to it now that we have a high degree of confidence this will play out. this is now monday when the system starts rolling , but wont tell him this goes, we get rain on monday , tuesday it is still
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here and has not budged that much, two good days of steady rain. they area-y, northern california, and consistent snowfall in the sierra. then by that wednesday, it was off to the east, there is the possibility for more to come . @ for rain? for saturday it is only a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. watch what happens when we at monday and tuesday. a lot better. this brings us up to anywhere from a half an inch to maybe three quarters of an inch of rain, the deep red over here is person precipitation, but that is going to be snow because it is a cold system, snow down to about 45 feet , we get perhaps a foot and a half of snow. when you look at the combination of the two, this is a fire season ending kind of system coming at his as it is in november as long as we did not get anything else again , anything could happen. we
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could get fires here in january, this is the kind of storm that does not only the concerns for this season at this point, it is really good news from standpoint. it looks really messy on the seven-day forecast, sunday technically has rain on it, but really it can only be leftovers from saturday morning with a real early stuff coming in on sunday night, most of the sunday you did not get rain, monday and tuesday we will clear it out in time for wednesday, notice how much cooler we get, daytime highs going down to the mid-50s as we get into early next week and we will probably match that as well in the middle of next week we do more of the low 30s for the inland valley. back to you . >> thank you. the 49ers are on a bye week. how are the players taking advantage of the time off? here is vern glenn with the answers. >> this is the volkswagen red and gold report . is by week for the 49ers which means some time off and a nice break from football for the players. so, how exactly are they spending that time off? charlie walker asked
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them. >> we are just going to be chilling, chilling with my girl and having some extra time with her. >> what is chilling involving these days? >> probably going out to san fran and maybe catch a warriors game if they play at home . >> i want to see my family in indiana and spend time with them. my niece just got a scholarship for softball. just use the opportunity to spend time with them before we come back and. >> simply a football, my son is getting ready for playoff action in texas. i am excited to go back there to spend some good, quality time with the family . >> just chilling here. just trying to separate a little bit from football, but not too much, stay active and recuperate . >> with the red and gold report , i am vern glenn. still ahead, he's delivering countless letters and packages for decades, what this bay area postal worker says he will miss the most as
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he retires from his route . you can watch us anytime and anywhere on our streaming service, check all of our live newscast was knew then was whether updates throughout the day. find us on the free ap
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bay area postal worker not delivering his last letters and packages after more than four decades on the job. he started his career back in 1980 as a postal clerk in san francisco, he then transferred where he has been delivering the mail for the past 38 years. he plans to retire and says what he will miss the most are the people in the neighborhood.'s >> i have seen them all and they are little kids, then they grow up and get married and then move out, it just kind of feels regret to leave. >> he says one thing he won't miss, he won't miss waking up early . >> at for him.
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keeping an eye on the progression of this rain, we will watch the first line of showers coming on saturday afternoon, but a better storm gets here for monday and tuesday, this has more rain to work with and we should keep it going for both days. so, saturday we get the rain on the weekend, that is a priority to make sure you are aware , the second half of your saturday will have some light rain on it. but monday and tuesday will be the more meaningful widespread rain . >> thank you. signs the soliday season is popping up everywhere. the
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california capitol christmas tree arrived in sacramento be a a big rig. is 65 feet tall cot lit so it can be on display throughout the holidays . that is a big truck picks have you seen them tepper decorate the tree? they have to get huge letters. it is pretty impressive. very big ornaments. your normal lights won't quite cut it on this one. that is it for the news
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. on . vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny.
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30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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[ gentle music ] [ champagne bottle popping ] [ people cheering ] >> eric: very nice. >> hope: that always scares me for some reason. >> zende: one thing about a forrester celebration, is that we don't stop toasting until we've been through every bottle of champagne. >> ridge: here, here. >> donna: absolutely and the good stuff, right? >> douglas: can i have a little? >> thomas: oh, yeah! >> hope: uh... oh yeah, yes, we have the finest vintage apple cider here, for the finest son. >> eric: everybody. the hope for the future preview was a resounding success, and that's thanks to your terrific talent and your wonderful collaboration.


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