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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 5pm  CBS  November 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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- no, the real name is norman, but don't tell anybody, okay? fighting a potential red wave, governor newsom focuses on the campaign outside our for you. we are on track for more meaningful rain than what we got today. the good stuff is getting her sunday night. we will track it in the details coming up. representation matters because the a woman. i could be a firefighter. absolutely. >> the camp breaking down barriers while training future firefighters. we begin tonight with final push to the midterm election with control of congress up for grabs. da lin reports that democrats in san francisco got some high profile help today.
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>> reporter: instead of campaigning for his own gubernatorial seat, governor gavin newsom used a laptop to text voters in southern california to vote for a democratic candidate running for a house seats. he worries the republicans will take back the house, and then kevin mccarthy , the next speaker. >> in sacramento this morning. i will be in l.a. later this afternoon. orange county. is also campaigning outside of the state for other candidates to help democrats retain both the house and senate. >> look at all these senate races. they are all within the margin of error. seven or eight of them could tip in one direction or the other. vote political experts expect newsom to win a second term as governor by a large margin. that is why he's putting his efforts on national politics. he says the democratic party has failed big time in his messaging to voters. mccue asked me about effective messaging. win or lose, i hope we take a good hard look at what we are up against and how
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we can calibrate to the world around us. >> reporter: the governor joint volunteers to phone bank for the southern california congressional seat. state assembly member, matt haney, and supervisor, rafael also took time away from their own races to volunteer. >> this is a blue state. california should be able to come out and stop at red wave right here. if we do that, we can make sure the democrats continue to hold the house of representatives. >> i definitely don't see kevin mccarthy become speaker of the house of representatives. we all got to try to do everything we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: the owner of manny's left to door lock for a candidate. >> my main concern right now is turnout. if democrats and independent voters turnout, we will win. >> we need a democratic party at the next level. that is something i hope we soberly take a look at as early as midnight on tuesday. >> reporter: while the country
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sees a red wave , as many are predicting, a small splash will find out on late tuesday evening. in the meantime and i, both democrats and republicans are urging people to vote. in san francisco, i am da lin. kpix 5. people rallying on san francisco's jfk drive on election day helping to keep the car free. voters will make that decision. i know vote opens road up to traffic. a yes vote keeps it car free. >> this is so important for our health and safety. we need some safe space. >> voters will weigh in on measure i, a yes vote on i as opposed to j would bring cars back to the jfk , not as well as a great highway on the weekends. if both measures pass, the one that gets the most votes wins. early voting underway. if you don't have your ballot , or if you are not registered yet, it's not too late. devin fehely
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has details. >> i have been using vote by mail since the beginning , since the first day it was available. >> reporter: resilient by birth, naturalized u.s. citizen, isaac visited the santa clara county register of voters this week to verify the signature on his mail-in ballot , wanting to make sure that nothing would prevent his boat from being counted in the upcoming election. >> i always make sure in every case that i was a resident, or citizen, to vote. it's important to be involved in civic life , whatever country you're involved in. >> reporter: election workers in santa clara county and across the bay area are in the middle of a full-court press , final days before tuesday's election, giving voters every conceivable opportunity to get their ballots in. >> this weekend , november 5th, a saturday, we will have all 130 vote centers open. >> reporter: election workers had their hands full with thousands of mail-in ballot
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that have already arrived. each ballot is sorted. signatures verified, envelopes open, and votes counted. if you procrastinated, the good news is, there's still time. >> if you still have your ballot command which mailed about in through the usps, your ballot just needs to be postmarked on election day or before. >> reporter: every registered voter in california automatically receives a mail-in ballot . you can still do it the old-fashioned way and show up to vote in person. the important thing isaac says is to make sure your vote and your voice is heard. >> i'm a naturalized citizen. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. we have you covered on election night. national races and results on kpix 5 . local races on kbcw, and streaming on cbs news bay area our coverage begins tuesday night at 5:00. snow in the sierra causing a roadblock for voters. national weather service of
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snow might be on the way for the sierra, maybe on tuesday. they said travel could be difficult to impossible. to be prepared for whiteout conditions in sub zero wind chills -- >> working with the county roads department . they are piling extra areas to make sure that voters can get it to vote centers and dropboxes. my concern is that he will have an impact on voting. >> the registrar is it encouraging people in the sierra to vote early. it's all because of the snow. you know what? it's better than the heat and fire danger, which we faced a number of times even in november. >> this storm effectively, unofficially, inspire season. >> there is your headline. >> we can't say there is any bracket to fire season anymore, but i am saying it this storm looks so good. look at the light rain we have gotten here on the san mateo bridge. this is nothing. this is leftovers from today's weak system that is kind of like the hors d'oeuvre before we get to the
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main event that's coming late tomorrow night through monday and tuesday. you could see first sought doppler still picking up on some of it. that will fizzle out over the next few hours. we are not too concerned about this. let's go to the wide view and show you ultimate or impressive. this is looking ahead to tomorrow morning. what a very well organized cold front appear off the coast and get here by sunday night. we are going to notice the showers begin in the north bay sunday night. it's going to rain consistently for everybody on monday morning before sunrise . that's probably when we get about half an inch out of the system. we get scattered showers on monday. i think the real concern for this is going to be tuesday morning. look at it on the big thing here it you will see what happens on tuesday morning. the center of the system actually rotates more impressively in our way. that could have a much more significant impact on the tuesday morning commute. let me go over all this again. i will look at the snow as well, complete forecasted of it.
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on the other hand, that agencies do need new recruits . a camp in oakland is helping women and on binary folks take the equipment out for a test drive. john amos has that story. >> reporter: it's the year 2022, it is pretty much been proven that you don't have to be a man to be a firefighter. the challenge now is getting those who are not men to believe in themselves. you never really know what you can do until you give it a try pick >> this is my first time doing anything like this. i love it. >> reporter: on this morning, simone nettles found out she is a surgeon with a chainsaw, even though she had never picked one up before in her life. >> you are so good! >> fantastic work! that is fantastic! you are natural born. >> reporter: raised by single mom , and now a mother herself, simone is looking for a career change, something that helps people in their time of need.
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>> as an only child, i want to be part of the team. i definitely want to be part of the team. as a woman, i never thought i couldn't do it. >> reporter: this skills camp at the oakland cility dned to give women and on binary individuals a chance to see what it's actually like to be working firefighter. from climbing a six-story building with full turnout gear , to operating a fire hose while advancing into a burning building , to handling a 24-foot ladder all by themselves, these women were trying to decide if this is a career for them. >> the fire service, for the longest time, has been male dominated. there were not equitable opportunities for women to have a full part. this camp is breaking down those barriers. >> reporter: lieutenant julie has been with san francisco fire for 20 years. she understands the importance of the example she sets. >> representation matters. i see a woman , i'm thinking, she
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is a firefighter? i can be a firefighter. if she can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: sometimes, the public needs convincing. captain erica remembers the time someone walks into her station and asked to speak with the captain. >> i and mike, yes, how can i help you? they look right past me and my crew and they are like,, i am looking at the captain. i am like, yes, i am -- i'm like, so what can i help you with, sir? >> reporter: breaking through barriers is part of any firefighter's job. but some have more doors open than others. john ramos, kpix 5. >> oakland's fire chief says they are sent to hire 65 new recruits in march. this weekend sparky was -- the day elon musk has warned us about is here.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. elon musk would like a little bit of your money to test out one of the new twitter features that he promise. the app's latest update in the apple store reforms users they can pay them a place of scripted of $7.99 to verify their accounts with a blue check mark. the feature has been long queues to get from the official accounts of
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businesses and government officials, celebrities, and journalist. twitter officials say a full update is still being tweaked. except for the money part. powerball jackpot is now the world's largest lottery prize ever offered. estimated 1.6 billion dollars up for grabs. that beats the last record of $1.58 billion also set by powerball in 2016. project about so big because nobody is win it for three months, which should be a lesson to us all. we stopped by stores in the east they were shoppers hope their tickets are the lucky ones. >> days a lot of people that need help in this 1.6, there's going to be a lot of people that going to get much-deserved help. >> the drawing takes place at 8:00 tonight. hello dartmouth, my old friend , it will soon be dark at 5:00 p.m. time to fall back. daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. i want to remind you to set your clocks back an hour. into the extra hour of
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sleep. >> i'm glad you got the reminder. i don't have time in this forecast. normally it falls to the weather person. we have to move on because i need to use the time in more meaningful ways. let me show you what the store looks like in five this is going to be a good early-season storm. the way is coming together, you can see the satellite now . if he put the futurecast on, you can see were the center of the storm is. watch how quickly this thing digs itself a trench and parks itself of california and stays there for two days. we are going to get all the elements this thing has to offer. we get the steady rain. we get the pop-up thunderstorms. we get plenty of snow in the sierra. it's going to get colder. we are going to look at the beginning, sunday night, 10:00 it's in the north bay. the first opening shot of this happens overnight from sunday into monday. by 1:00 a.m., right over the golden gate by the time we get to
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sunrise, the leading edge will have cleared the south bay. that is one of the more impressive parts of this whole thing. everybody gets in on the act at the same time. widespread steady rain. we get half an inch bay area wide . it is going to happen why you are sleeping. when you wake up on monday, you wanted to get rained on. the streets are going to be real wet. half an inch of rain, you was to get slow down on monday morning by slick roads. monday afternoon, it's isolated pop-up showers and thunderstorms. if you get one of those, it's a good show. tuesday morning is different. tuesday morning, the center of the system rotates. and now, we are going to get heavy rain over widespread area , and is is not going to have the good manners that the initial cold front did for the monday morning commute. this one is coming right on the tuesday morning commute. we are at 7:00 a.m. some of the more impressive cells with heavier rain coming down just about bay area wide. that will be an issue on tuesday morning. as we get into tuesday afternoon, things will start to quiet
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down. let's look at rainfall totals for the whole thing. not bad. about an inch in places but maybe a little more. spread out over the whole period. the ball comes in the first wave while we are sleeping. with a lot more of it comes on tuesday morning when we get the second wave the morning commute. this thing just keeps dropping snow in the sierra. from the moment it starts going up on monday morning , it's just going to continue to snow all the way into by the time we get to wednesday. that's why the national weather service has put out a winter storm warning in the sierra. from 4:00 in the afternoon tomorrow until 4:00 a.m. on wednesday, this is going to be difficult travel . bryan west talking about in the newscast. they are concerned about election day on tuesday, people being able to get two poles. it will be a significant factor for that or any other purpose to have to move around the sierra. okay, sunday , you are not getting rained on. we started with morning lows in the upper 40s. plenty of breaks of blue sky tomorrow. in fact, you will warm up into
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the low 60s. sunday night, that storm gets here, and that is when rain begins. there is the seven-day forecast. i know it is rain on sunday, but that's a technicality. it's sunday night. monday and tuesday are quite impressive. and we get a break. we might have a few left over showers on wednesday. the stragglers will clear out by late wednesday. charlie, over to you. college football saturday. that means we showed you some of the games on the slate. it was the game of the yeaorgitenn teams, at least on paper. the game . no 49ers game tomorrow. san francisco is on the bye. some take advantage of sheet
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i hope you are having a great saturday. welcome into sports. the bye week means players are on the run when it comes to food. no team wheels.
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no dietitians . as for what's on the menu for some of the players, take a look. >> dallas , known for the cuisine. get a little cheat week? >> not a whole cheat week. maybe a cheat day or two. it to enjoy the texas down there. i can't do that right now. i'm excited to get some texas food in my system and enjoy that. >> after 30, they say go straight to the hips. >> that is the honest to god truth. >> i will probably get some good seafood this week. i heard fishermen worse was good out here. >> it's hard to eat bad right now. you get used to eating sort of healthy that we try to get a bunch of bad stuff in your body, you get sick. so, i still try -- i eat spaghetti. i try not to limit myself on pasta. spaghetti is my favorite food. it's hard to find my
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snack food. cheese fries. i'm not going to drive an hour and a half to get good cheese fries. >> you can find cheese fries within an hour. soccer, crazy finish at the mls cup. l.a. down to 10 minutes it needed a goal to force penalty kicks. garrett head to the equalizer. pk as we go pick it was meant to be for l.a. sanchez puts in the clincher. laf the wins the mls cup . what a dramatic finish. just got that one at the horn. college football. should've been bagpipes . stanford got boat raced by washington state. cougars quarterback, nobody open. he does have green grass the head. he will stumble into the end zone. wazzu was up 21-0. rainy day usually means sloppy football. it was extra sloppy. austin daniels bibles. jane hicks , the school, and the
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score. cougars go back up three touchdowns , and they won for more than that. 52-14 in favor of the visiting washington state cougars . the cardinal are 3-6 on the season. georgia/tennessee . winners most likely headed to the s.e.c. championship. bulldogs made a statement early. first quarter, stetson bennett, play action. buyers deep. 37-yard score . 14-3, georgia. mix position, georgia back at it. bennett. this time back in the end zone. connects with marcus rose. georgia wins , georgia covers, and georgia should be the new top ranked team in the country next week. a week removed from returning to gain action, the san jose state the ball program continues to heal after the tragic loss freshman teammate camden it right. the
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spartans take the field against colorado night in what will be another emotional game. >> that was one of the hardest, worst days of my life. >> the fishing running back was -- the freshman was riding his scooter when he was hit by a bus. he was killed at the age of 18. >> before i talked to the team, i talked to the family. that's a phone call you never want to have to make. >> the head coach had to face the team and deliver the more snow as possible. >> it deftly felt fake. we didn't want to believe it. >> the next week, spartans players and coaches leaned on each other in practice tried to navigate the difficult , while also preparing for a crucial football game. >> we all did the best we could and tried to love each other and help each other through a tough time. we are still doing that. make every member of the spartans football team came together and formed the number of the late teammate. us a moment of silence, mick right's family asked for a moment of loudness.
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>> it kind of felt like cam. that is what he was. >> after falling behind, his mentor ended up scoring the game-winning touchdown with one minute remaining. >> i have seen him lean on me at the end. that kind of sums it up. >> i am blessed to be able to say i was his coach. he affected a change in me. >> they will be playing for san jose state, having a really good year. bowl eligible if they win tonight. mountain west conference championship they are coming for. >> good news. good to see you. it has been a while. preparing to take flight. how the oakland zoo helped one condor this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. again condor getting ready to take off into the wild after being treated at the oakland zoo. she was brought in by a tribe in northern california for an infection in her cheek. i didn't know condors had cheeks. i thought they had beaks. the condor underwent surgery at the zoo, spent the last week in the condor recovery center. there are such things. she's back in northern california waiting to be released into the wild in other news, the door birds here are inflatable. the macy's thanksgiving parade is still three weeks away, but the latest inflatable stars were getting a run . the balloons
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were put through the paces and new jersey's metlife stadium. some of the balloons as tall as a five-story building. that is all the time tonight. final push. three presidents past and present sweep through pennsylvania this last weekend before the high stakes midterms. i'm in philadelphia. power players converge in the keystone state ahead of an election with sweeping national consequences. arizona, another critical battlefield. cbs is there. >> the races in arizona appear to be a dead heat. we caught up with the republican candidate for governor lake as she toured the u.s./mexico border. tonight tornados rip across several state and another storm dumps on the west. plus an american show of force as north korea fires off


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