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tv   The Late News  CBS  November 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and the crime caught on camera. >> if you go inside and say i can't deal with this anymore, you're basically just saying you're going to shut your doors. bringing in the big guns, presidents and governors in the campaign trail in a final push before the midterms. have you check your numbers? 1.6 billion up for grabs in tonight's powerball. first, bad luck for a city council candidate, thieves broke into her shop in downtown oakland this morning, and kpix 5 .new video. >> reporter: after cutting the lock on the middle gate, one thief starts grabbing an arm full of pricey sex toys. the
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other heads to the back of the store for the cash register, and lingerie. they ran out of the store within 30 seconds, around 6:00 a.m. saturday and into a waiting black mercedes. near 17th and telegraph avenue, according to owner nina joyner. >> this is never happened my business but it's happened all my business neighbors. one neighbor has four break-ins, another was broken into, they stole three packs of cigarettes, another neighbor stole sodas, and the cash register. >> reporter: joyner is running for oakland city council, the longtime resident and small business owner said they've experienced firsthand the problem they hope to help address, including crime. >> i don't know if it was targeted. i know they are targeting businesses. i know opd is inundated just like everybody else in every other city service. small businesses definitely need to stay open. we are the vibrancy of the city and we have a lot to offer the
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city. >> reporter: joyner spent the day reinforcing the gate, changing locks, and taking inventory of the losses, estimated to be well over $2000. >> our products tend to be wanted $200. >> reporter: joyner credits the alarm system for alerting oakland police, who showed up on scene shortly after the break-in. >> do you feel safe here? >> you don't think about it, you don't think about your safety when your livelihood. >> reporter: joyner wants to encourage other small business owners to install high-quality surveillance cameras and locks. as for the thieves, >> if you need a job, i got a job for you. you don't have to go out there and risk your life to break into someone's business, as they risk their life to be in business. it's a no-win situation. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix 5. tonight in palo alto, police are looking for suspects in the smash and grab that happened at the stanford shopping center hours ago. authorities say at 7:00, five unarmed suspects into the burberry store at the shopping center and stole handbags.
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witnesses say they were wearing gray hooded sweatshirts and black masks. no injuries have been reported, and police are still investigating. we've been looking into some good rain that will eventually make it our way. >> focused on monday and tuesday, we've been getting rain today, so let me show you what's up with that, why that's not the issue. just so we make sure we discussed that those light showers have come to an end. some places a quarter of an inch today, the weather station out of berkeley did, but everybody else was far less 1500, that's not the storm. this is the storm, we are waiting for them to get better organized and watch how that develops. if we play it forward and future cast you will see a well-defined cold front, come through the bay area, this is where it starts. that's tomorrow night. by 8:30 as it approaches the north bay, for most of the day tomorrow you aren't getting rained on, by the evening, that system comes in, it gives us rain overnight
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sunday to monday morning, and then sticks around all the way into tuesday. throughout all of tuesday. there's interesting and important aspects of the system to discuss, not only how much rain we will get out of it for that two day period, but with the snow will look like in the sierra, two feet of snow, winter storm warning, all the details are coming up in the complete first alert forecast, for now, back to you. elon musk wants $7.99 a month to make sure you are you. that's the price of getting a little blue checkmark on twitter. the feature confirms the official accounts of businesses, government officials, celebrities, and journalists. twitter officials say the update is being tweaked and it's not fully live yet. in the meantime, jack dorsey feels bad. he says he's partly to blame for the huge layoffs of the company, he said i own responsibility for why everyone is in this situation, i grew the company size too quickly, i apologize for that. he also
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still owns twitter, he stepped down from the board earlier this year but he is staying involved to the tune of $1 billion. that's how much he pitched into musk's $44 billion twitter purchase, making him one of its largest investors. with the election looming, there's talk of a red wave sweeping the country. that's encouraged republicans but it's worried democrats. like gavin newsom. kpix 5 caught up with the governor, who was busy campaigning. >> reporter: instead of campaigning for the his own gubernatorial seat, governor gavin newsom used a laptop to text voters in southern california to vote for a democratic candidate running for a house seat. he worries republicans will take back the house and make kevin mccarthy the next speaker.
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>> in sacramento this morning, i'll be down in la this afternoon, orange county through the central valley. >> reporter: he is campaigning outside of the state for other candidates to help democrats retain the house and senate. >> you look at the senate races, they are all within the margin of error. seven or eight of them could tip in one direction or the other. >> reporter: political experts except by a large margin. that's why he's putting his efforts on other politics. >> go on the offense, stuff going on the defense. >> reporter: he says the democratic party has failed in its messaging to voters. >> asked me about effective messaging, win or lose next week i hope we take a good hard look at what we are up against, and how we can calibrate to the world around us. >> reporter: the governor joined volunteers to phone bank for the southern california congressional seat. state assemblyman matt haney and san francisco supervisor rafael mandel men also took time away from their own races to volunteer. >> this is a blue state, california should be able to
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come out and stop the red wave right here. if we do that, we can make sure democrats continue to hold the house of representatives. i don't want to see kevin mccarthy becoming speaker of the house of representatives. we all got to try to y.eporr: the owner of mannys left e y to palm springs to door knock for a candidate. >> my concern right now is turnout, if democrats and voters turnout we will win, and there will not be a red wave. >> reporter: will the country see a red wave as many are predicting? or a small splash. we will find it by tuesday evening. in the meantime democrats and republicans are urging people to vote. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> with the balance of power up for grabs in congress, candidates are making final pitches to voters this weekend, and they are getting help from president biden, former president obama, and former president trump. they all campaign in pennsylvania tonight and cbs news correspondent repeat reports.
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>> it's good to be back in pennsylvania. >> reporter: for president barack obama slammed republican senate nominee doctor mehmet oz in the battleground state of pennsylvania. >> if somebody is willing to peddle snake oil to make a buck, he's probably willing to sell snake oil to get elected. >> reporter: campaigning in pittsburgh with democratic candidate john fetterman, mister obama warned of the future of abortion-rights social security, and democracy. later they appeared in philadelphia, with president biden and josh schapiro, the nominee for governor. >> one of the most important elections in our lifetime is going to shape the outcome will shape our country for decades to come. >> reporter: doctor oz rallied in pennsylvania, with former president donald trump, who has signaled he would strongly consider a 2024 white house run. >> if you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the american dream, this tuesday, you must vote
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republican in a giant red wave. >> democrats hold a narrow majority in the house and the senate, but they are worried pressing issues like high inflation and concerns about crime could hurt their chances on tuesday. >> what they are doing to this country right now is a shame and they won't admit it. calling police officers thugs and bullies. georgia republican senate hopeful herschel walker is locked in a heated battle with incumbent democrat raphael warnock. >> someone lower the latter enough to pull myself up. >> reporter: nationwide close to 40 million americans have already cast their ballots in early voting. both by mail and in person. cbs news. >> we have you covered on election night, national races and results on kpix 5, local races on kbcw. streaming on cbs news bay area. our coverage will begin tuesday night at 5:00. for now the numbers are in
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and you didn't win. those are almost the certain odds, the powerball results are coming up next, and hello darkness our old friend, it will be dark by 5:00 p.m. don't miss the end of daylight saving time, a reminder, after a break. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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there are only six numbers separating you from $1.6 billion. and the odds are, we all lost again. the lucky numbers were 28, 45, 53, 56, 69, and the all-important powerball of 20. no winner has yet come forward, the powerball has failed to produce a winner for 3 months, causing the jackpot to set the record for the world's largest ever lottery prize. if you're losing sleep over those powerball numbers, there is good news. you'll have an extra hour, don't forget to set your clocks back tonight, daylight savings time is ending and residence in cooper's say [ indiscernible -- audio cutting in and out ] >> it messes up some of my
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meetings. >> i wouldn't mind not having it. >> it's just annoying in wintertime, we see that it start already at 5:00. >> there is a push in congress to make daylight saving time permanent, but that bill remains stalled. it looks like some rain on the way. >> a couple of days worth, it's the kind of rain and snow in the sierra that will end fire season. but it's going to make for problems on the road, here. let's get into the details on this. tuesday might be one of the more impressive days, but this starts tomorrow night. tomorrow you won't get rained on, and the misty rain we've had today is coming to an end over the next hour or so. let's get a break from the mist and rain, until this really well-organized wonderfully put together cold front arrives. tomorrow night, look at the time there. that has us at 9:00 when it starts, and then like all good cold front it will march across the bay area in lockstep, holding together. and
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just about to make it down for the golden gate, right around midnight, and by the time we get to 5:00 in the morning it clears southbank. in other words, this first part of this to daylong storm, which will be one of the more impressive parts of it, is going to come through well most of us are sleeping, most of us will miss it, but we will get half an inch of rain from this, so when you wake up monday morning even though you won't necessarily be getting rained on for the monday morning commute, there will be ponding of water on the what roadway. the streets will be wet, things will slow down for the monday morning commute, but not terrible. that are isolated showers throughout the day on monday, isolated thunderstorms rolled through, more time on monday when you aren't getting rained on and when you are. and we get to tuesday, two days interesting, that's when the center of the system is going to come right overhead, and that's where you can really see a difference. it's much more widespread, it's not the narrow, confined, organized cold front that moves through in order. this is messy, more widespread, and at
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times heavier. and it comes through tuesday morning, right in the middle of the morning commute. it's friday night now, and we are looking ahead to tuesday. it's possible the timing on this could adjust, we are still far enough out in the forecast window we can't look at that and say it will exactly happened at 7:00 a.m. but since our promising first-order weather is to give us a heads up as soon as we have the best information to do it, this is the way it looks right now, so start thinking about your tuesday morning commute and we will let you know if the timing changes. by tuesday afternoon things clear out and quiet down, but look how much we will get out of this. an inch and a quarter, and you can think of this in terms of half of that coming, with the cold front, overnight sunday night and early morning, and the other half coming on tuesday morning, when the center of the system comes overhead and we get those showers. meantime, there's no break in the sierra, it just starts snowing up there sunday night and doesn't stop until wednesday morning. two feet of new snow, a lot of it centered in the central and southern
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sierra, which is nice to see. it's normally up here, and we really need to get it down here, not only for fire season but to help with long-term conditions from that route down there. but, it's a winter storm warning, this is not going to be a good time to travel in the sierra, it won't be a good day to try and vote on tuesday, so hopefully if you know people and they are making plans now, tuesday will be messy on the roads, from 4000 feet and up, so pog pines, blue canyon, if you know those drives, ÷tienne 50, from those points up it will be a mess. tomorrow we aren't getting rained on for most of the day, we start in the morning with clouds, low to mid 50s, mid 60s, you will get blue sky tomorrow, not the whole day, but plenty of breaks of blue sky tomorrow will look pretty good on the leading edge of the system, so enjoy your sunday, because it will get busy for the next two days after that. wednesday have a chance of rain, but those of the stragglers which should clear out, it shouldn't be much left over on wednesday at this
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point, and thursday and friday, it will get cold back there. morning jackets, heavy jackets in the mornings, it'll get cold by thursday. charlie, to you. >> in sports tonight, we had. chaos, buzzer beaters, two-point conversions, penalty kicks, an incredible day of sports. we are here to show all of it to you. request completed, nobody is having more fun than dusty baker tonight. world series reaction
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world series in the leadoff spot, former giants manager dusty baker would claim his first world series title tonight, biggurs astros had a
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3-2 series lead over the phillies. six thinning, astros alvarez with two runners on, don the second it left the bat. a 450 foot dagger to the phillies, 3-1 astros, they had home-field on their side, dusty can taste it. phillies outfielder nick castellanos, lazy fly ball to right, kyle tucker the squeeze, and the series. houston, we don't have a problem, astros get it done, they are your 2022 world champions for ministry the final score, dusty baker invented the high five, with the victory hug so much sweeter tonight. this 15 is the charm. >> trying to have faith and perseverance knowing that knowing the right team, the right personnel, the right everything that this was going to happen. had this happened years ago i might not have even been here. just extremely happy, hadn't sunk in yet until
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i get back to callie. >> ducks in town at the shark tank, and fight early. overtime wasn't enough for these teams, shootout, timo meier's shot deflected by anthony's, game on the line, now, the ducks for the win, got it. docs win 5-4 in the shootout. crazy finish at the mls cup between the philadelphia union, la down to 10 men in the final seconds of extras needed a goal to force penalty kicks, and they got the goal. garrett vail essentially a buzzer beater, but equalizer, mbk meant to be for la, sanchez, the clincher, lafc wins the mls cup in penalties, dramatic finish, there. best finish of the day in the nba, final seconds, kings and magic tide, de'aaron fox of the kings, from half court, sings
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it. and calls ball game wells he's at it, kings 1861 23 over orlando, now 3-5 on the season. we are just getting started, folks, we have a half-dozen college football games queued up, ready to go, and we will show you the highlights until they tell me to stop. not often do you see alabama fans frowning on game day. brian kelly is a brave man, wait until
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domestic battery. embezzlement. misuse of public funds. lily mei not only stood by fremont's disgraced city manager instead of the victim. behind closed doors, she brokered a deal giving him hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars. we can't trust lily mei. aisha wahab is a leader we can count on to improve public safety, invest in schools, and lower costs for families. she's endorsed by the democratic party and planned parenthood. aisha wahab for state senate.
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lots of college football to get to tonight, started with the cal bears in los angeles taking on the number nine usc trojans in the coliseum. third-quarter trojans of 13, caleb williams quarterback, surrounded by playmakers, michael jackson the third takes that screen pass, and does the rest, 59 yards to the house, but ultimately they fall 41-35 to the trojans, oregon state next week. stanford in washington state from the farm, no bagpipes but it was tough game. sloppy conditions led to forced for first-half fumbles, second-quarter freshman
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quarterback aston daniels can't sit up, jaden hicks of the cougars the other way, 17 yards for the touchdown. 52, stanford 14, the cardinals fall 3-6. san jose state playing in honor of number six, camden mike wright. gone far too soon, fourth quarter, spartans add to their lead, quarterback jeff cordero connects with elijah cook for the 35 yard score, san jose state winners again, 28-16, bowl eligible in the spartans at 6-2. game of the year on paper, georgia tennessee, winter most likely headed to the u.s. easy championship, quarterback stetson bennett connects in the back of the end zone with marcus rose, that is a name, georgia wins 27-13, they should be the number one team in the country next week.
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actual game of the year, in death valley, alabama, lsu, picking up in overtime, tigers quarterback jaden daniels keeps it, and they're t ing to get them, touchdown. cuts alabama's lead to one, and the guts from first-year head coach brian kelly. goes for 2 and it pays off, daniels to mason taylor, ball game, lsu knocks off alabama 32-31, the crimson tide playoff champion chances you would think are done. kelly's former employer, notre dame, hosted number four clemson. fourth quarter irish up three, up three scores, clemson knocking on the door, the irish go the other way, not that fast, but, 96 yards for the touchdown, notre dame wins it 35-14. clemson drops its first game of the season, so wild day all around from college basketball to the world series, good day at sports. >> that guy had wheels. it was
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sped up to 300%. >> still ahead making the journey home after being this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products.
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yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. we eat 10 billion of them a year, no wonder they have a day of their own. today was national doughnut day. 10 billion aware a year works out to about 30 donuts per person per year, the signature hole in the middle is said to have been developed to help the donuts cook more evenly. makes sense. young condor getting ready to take off in the wild after being treated at the oakland zoo brought in by a tribe in northern california for an infection. condor had surgery at the zoo, spent last week recovering, now is in the wild blue yonder ge ing ready
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