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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition Sunday 6am  CBS  November 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a store owned by a woman running for city council in oakland is rob. the crime was caught on camera. what is the candidate saying about the situation? >> if you just cower go inside and say i cannot deal with this anymore, you are saying you are going to shut your doors. bringing in the big guns, presidents and governors are hitting the campaign trail in a
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final push for the midterms. if you want the blue checkmark on twitter, get ready to open your wallet. elon musk promised changes now they are here. good morning it is sunday, november 6, thank you so much for joining us. let's start wit a quick check on our register coming out the rain is goin to be the focus of this visit. this is a live look at the firs alert doppler. you can see the light showers that have cleared the bay area overnight. if we watch what happens, we will kee some clouds around today, maybe a few breaks in the sky but not many. as we get into the afternoon, you might get a ligh shower the northbay. the real start of the next storm is waiting until this evening. tha is 8:00 p.m. the showers will begin in the northbay. there we are at 9:00 p.m. when it is mos noticeable in santa rosa. it is going to rain today but it will not rain until after sunset. when we check back in the first alert forecast, we will look at the showers and march it across the bay area. we need to look a the rest of monday and tuesday in terms of options for thunder storms. back to you.
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thank you. she is a businesswoman, candidate for city council and now regrettabl a victim of crime. a group of thieves broke into her business in oakland in downtown early yesterday. kyrsten sinema has video of the break-in. >> reporter: after cutting the lock on the metal gate, one thieves starts grabbing an arm full of pricey sex toys. the other heads to the back of the store for the cash register and lingerie. they ran out of the store within 30 seconds. around 6:00 am, this happened. they went into a black mercedes near 17th and telegraph avenue. >> this has never happened to m business but is happen to all o my business neighbors. one neighbor has had four break-ins another neighbor got broken into. they just stole sodas and a cash register. >> reporter: joiner is running for oakland city council. a longtime resident and business
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owners said they have experienced firsthand a problem they hope to help address including crime. >> i don't know if it was targeted. they are targeting businesses. the police department is inundated like everybody else and every other city services. small businesses need to stay open. we are the vibrancy of the city. we have a lot to offer the city. >> reporter: she spent the day reinforcing the gate, changing locks, and taking inventory of the losses estimated to be well over $2000. >> our products tend to be one or $200. >> reporter: she credits the alarm system for alerting the police. >> do you feel safe here? you don't think about it. >> you do not think about your safety and your livelihood. >> reporter: joiner wants to encourage other business owners to install high-quality surveillance cameras and locks. as for though thieves -- >> if you need a job, i have a job for you. you do not have to risk your life to break into somebody's business as they ris their life to be in business. i
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is a no-win situation. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix 5 on the peninsula the police are looking for the suspects of a smash and grab last night at shopping center. the police say at about 7:00 pm, five on on suspects entered the burberry store and stole handbags. they were wearing great hooded sweatshirts and black masks. no injuries were reported from the incident. the police are still investigating. elon musk one $799 a month to make sure you are who you sa you are. that is the price of getting the little blue checkmark on twitter. the official accounts of businesses government officials, celebrities and journalists get the check. the full update is not live yet. twitter cofounder and forme ceo jack dorsey feels bad . he says he is partly to blame for the drastic layoffs at the company. he says quote i own th responsibility for why everyone is in the situation. we grew th
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company to quickly. i apologize although he stepped down from twitter's board, he is staying involved in the tune of several billion dollars. that is how much he pitched into musk's purchase. elections are three days away and the snow in the sierra is causing a roadblock for voters. the national weather service is warning about snow o tuesday. they are saying travel could be difficult to impossibl and to be prepared for whiteou conditions and subzero wind chills along the foothills of ridgelines along the sierras. >> we are working with our county roads department. they are plowing extra areas to make sure that people can get to dro boxes. my concern is it will have an impact on voting. >> the registrar is encouraging people to vote early.
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as we get closer to the midterms, there is talk of a re wave sweeping the country. that has encouraged republicans and worry democrats. governor gavin newsom, kpix 5's don lemon caught up with gavin knutson when he was campaigning on saturday. >> reporter: instead of campaigning for his own seat, the governor used a laptop to text voters in southern california to vote for democratic candidate, vying for house seat . he worries the republicans will take back the house and make kevin mccarthy the next speaker. >> i will be down in los angele later this afternoon, orange county back to the central valley. >> reporter: he is campaigning for other candidates to help democrats retain the house and senate. >> look at the senate races, they are all within the margin of error. they could tip in one direction or another. >> reporter: political experts expected newsom to win by a large margin. that is why he is putting his efforts on national politics.
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>> stopping on the defense. >> reporter: he says the democratic party has failed in its messaging to voters. >> win or lose next week, i hop we take a good hard look at wha we are up against. we need to look at how we can calibrate to the world around us. >> reporter: the governor joine volunteers for the southern california congressional seat rally. state assemblyman not haney and the san francisco supervisor also took time away from their own races to volunteer. >> this is a blue state . california should be able to come out and stop the red wave right here. if we do that, we can make sure that democrats continue to hold the house of representatives. >> i do not want to see maccarthy becoming the speaker of the house of representatives we have got to do everything we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: the owner left a palm springs event to door knoc
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for a candidate. >> my main concern is turnout. if democrats and independent voters turnout we will win. >> reporter: the country sees a white rave as many are predicting a small splash. we will find out by late tuesday evening. democrats and republicans are encouraging people to vote. in san francisco, i am donlon, kpix 5. >> advocates are rallying on jf drive once again ahead of election day. they want to keep in car free but voters will mak that decision . the no vote opens up the road to traffic an the keeps a car free. >> this is so important for health and safety. we live in a city where three people a day o hit while walking. we need some save space. >> voters will also weigh in on measure i. i guess vote would bring back cars to jfk promenad as well as the great highway. o both measures pass, the ones that get the most vote prevails. if you need to update your registration you still have
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options. same-day registration also known as conditional registration is available up to and on election day. your ballo will be processed and counted a soon as your county's election office verifies your registration. for full list of sites that offer same-day registration, go to the secretary of state's website which you can see on the screen we got you covered with national elections and results. we have local races as well as streaming on cbs news bay area. coverage begins tuesday at 5:00 pm. the latest on the tornado, somewhat unusual for november. it knocks down buildings in texas and oklahoma. the pope speaks out about human rights as he wraps up a visit to another muslim majorit country. taking alive look outside, we will be
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vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2% to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. some say we shouldn't act. tell that to our kids. this is about their future. kevin: calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. yes on 30.
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wow, look at this selection! tile, wood, stone, laminate, vinyl... and this one is...perfect. at floor and decor, our everyday low pricing on high-quality products and on-trend styles, means you can really bring your room to life. discover floor and decor today! [ music ] welcome back, th time now is 6: 11 am. at least two people were killed, one in oklahoma and one in texas after a tornado hit . dozens of peopl
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were hurt and homes and buildings were destroyed by friday's natural disaster. the national weather service says tornadoes were reported in arkansas with more twisters possible in louisiana. resident have begun assessing the damage to their homes. many said they are thankful just to have survived the storms. >> we got the kids into the bathroom. we got them in the bathtub. within two minutes of us in the back it up, we had to lay over the kids. everything started going crazy. the walls were breathing. it was scary. >> the weather service says tha while the big severe weather season is typically seen in the spring, tornadoes occasionally pop up in october all the way through january. we are in a break right now from the rain. we have light mist for much of yesterday. and now early sunday morning, we have seen those light showers all leave. we are even getting breaks in the sky out there. that is treasure island right now. it is cold as we clear out
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the sky right now. if you are i the north bay valleys, the numbers have gotten into 40. it is low to mid 50s everywhere else. it is comfortable for the majority of us. where we are th coldest, there is a little bit of fog. santa rosa your visibility has dipped down a little over a mile. that is oka but that is lower than it was 2 minutes ago when i looked at it give yourself some extra time o the road. you may encounter fog on the road. let's time-out the arrival of the rain. it is not getting here until the afternoon. so, 80% of today you are not getting rained on. the time we get into the early evening, here we are at 8:00 pm you can see the well-organized line. let's look at it closer and time that out. we will take it from 9:00 p.m. which is where we see the first of the showers make it into sonoma county. look for the well-organized line. that is th cold front. that is where you will get the widespread rain. that marches across the entire band lockstep. here we are before midnight. it has made it down to the golden gate. it starts raining right around midnight as we go over into monday. we get the majority of the rain in the predawn hours o
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monday morning. by the time we get to 5:00 am, the first phase of the storm is done. when you start your morning commute on monday you will not be getting rained on but there will have been a half an inch of rain tha has fallen in that point. there is likely some ponding of water on the roadways. the streets will be what. then we get into the rest of monday. then we see the isolated thunderstorms. the are hit and miss, pop-up showers. some of these have brief downpours. it gets more oppressive on tuesday. we will see the center of the storm rotate in the bay area. that gives us more than just pop up thunder storms. this gives us a widespread scenario where once again on tuesday, during the mmute w, we are getting some of the more impressive rain of the whole system. this does hav an impact on the morning commute. we could get heavy downpours in that scenario on tuesday. as we go through
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tuesday afternoon into wednesday, things quiet down. w are still on track with the rainfall totals. we will get about an inch, and inch and a quarter for some of our rainier spots. that takes into account the whole time period. meanwhil on the other side of the state, the system will keep producing the snow in the sierra. if we watch the snow pile up over her the whole time, we end up with about two feet of snow. there i a winter storm warning. it goes from 4:00 p.m. today until 4:00 am on wednesday. travel will be difficult. if we look at mornin lows and daytime highs, we do not warm up a whole lot. we wil be in the low to mid 60s today. this is good in comparison to much of the seven-day forecast. we will see the daytime highs dip down into the mid-50s. once the storm passes, morning lows will be getting well into the mid-30s for a good period of time. just to give you an idea why the storm is going to be around as long as it is, you ca see the big picture. it is stil developing. this afternoon you can clearly see why there are two distinct phases to the storm. on the one hand we have the edge of it here. that is th cold front which will be responsible for tonight and
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early monday morning's rain. back here, this is the tuesday event. the energy picks up and we see more rain come through. we will have both of those pass through the bay before we are done. that is why the seven-day forecast looks as busy as it does. remember the morning lows by the time we get to the secon half of the week it will be cold. we will be down with the rain soon. we are effectively done by the time we get to wednesday, late morning. >> we get the rain later tonigh but before that, we will have decent weather today. enjoy it. we are not going to have it for a couple of days. >> if you want to do some thing outside where you know you will not get rained on, do it before the late afternoon. it will be pretty busy throughout wednesda afternoon at that point. >> it was not nearly as cold or as overcast or as misty as it was yesterday. you can tell the difference. >> it is a better morning for sure. pope francis ended a
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four-day trip to bahrain. the pope encouraged catholics to keep up their work in the majority muslim country. he spoke about human rights, especially the treatment of prisoners. pope francis renewed his call before that trip to en the death penalty. the trip is part of his efforts to improve types with the with muslim world. coming up, baseball fans in houston are ecstatic after the astros win it all, clinching a victory at home over the phillies. every once in a while the sports world gives you. chaos. that is what we got last night. two point conversions, penalty kicks and a quest completed. nobody is having mo
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means.
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yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. good morning, welcome to sports. i'm charlie walter. the world series in the lead of spot, last night's game six, th former giants manager dusty baker would claim his first world series with a w. baker's astros, one went away against the phillies. sixth inning, the astros have two runners on and gone the second it left the bat 450 foot dagger, 3-1, astros. dusty can tasted, one out away. phillies outfielder nick ison
6:21 am
rifid lierthsqueeze, houston, we do not have a problem. astros, your 2022 worl champions, 4-3, the final score dusty baker invented the high five with a victory hug. so muc sweeter. this 15 is the charm. >> we are trying to have faith and perseverance. we know that with the right team and the right personnel and the right everything, you know, this is going to happen. this happened years ago . i am just extremely happy. it has not really sunk i yet. it will not be until i get back to callie. the ducks are in town to th shark tank. everybody was on their best behavior. overtime was not enough. we go to a shootout. this shot was deflected by anthony. the ducks have a chance to win it. adam scores. the ducks when 5-4. the crazy finish at the mls
6:22 am
cup. the philadelphia union, la was down to 10 men. look at thi penalty kick. essentially the buzzer beater of an equalizer, then we go to pk in l.a. it was a team of destiny. sanchez had the clincher. lasc wins the mls cup. a finish of the day in the nba, the final seconds, the kings, magic type. from the third point center, he has got it . the kings, 126, magic 123. sacramento is 3-5 on the season lots of college foot to get to. we start out with the bears in los angeles. taking on number nine usc in the coliseum. third quarter, the trojans were up 13 caleb williams is the quarterback. you just get on th ball and good things happen.
6:23 am
that is michael jackson the third. 59 yards, into the end zone, touchdown. ultimately, they lose 41-35 to the trojans. cal gets organ state next week. stanford and washington state for the farm. happy pregame. as for the game, it wa not great. sloppy conditions le the former stanford first-half fumbles. freshman quarterback daniels get that there. jaden hicks with the cougars waltzes in 417 the other way. washingto state 52, stanford 14. the cardinals fall 3-6. san jose state play in hono of camden make right, gone too soon. this quarterback throat is connecting cooks for the 50 yard score. san jose state are the winners, 20-16. they are 6- on the season.
6:24 am
tennessee has the win ahead of the fcc championship. the bulldogs qb, back of the end zone, he finds marcus roads. that is a name. georgia is the team. they win 27-13, the bulldogs should be the number one team in the country next week. actual game of the year? it was in death valley. baton rouge, alabama, lsu, picking up and over time. jaden daniels keeps it. they are not going to get him. touchdown. the first year head coach brian kelly decides to go for two. it pays off. mason taylor receives the game-winning touchdown. alabama fans cannot believe it. lsu 32 the other team is 31. this should help alabama's playoff chances. notre dame was hosting the other team. clemson knocked on the door. the irish open the
6:25 am
door and it hit them right in the face. benjamin morrison, yes, that is slightly sped up. he got about 250% on that. 96 yards the other way. notre dame 35-13 winners. clemson drops it first game of the season. all the scripts later, that does it for sports. crazy stuff in the sports world, enjoy your sunday the fans in houston went wild last night. it was their second world series when in the past six years. vindication after the cheating scandal but most importantly dusty baker copy elusive world series win a a manager. the astros love and hate him, they are also in different . congratulations skipper. the candidates for mayor of san jose, they will not make a dent in homelessness without help from the community. we delve into their plans to get
6:26 am
the community on board with emergency housing for the homeless. three u.s. presidents,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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>> welcome back it is 6:28 dam. thank you for joining us. let's start this half hour with a big check on our weather with our first alert meteorologist. we saw the light showers yesterday. they are leaving now you can see them on the first o the doppler. that is a live loo at the scene from treasure island. we have got brakes and the sky out there this morning. with the clearest guys, some of us have gotten colder. santa rosa is 40. everybody else is i the 50s. with the colder temperatures there is fog in th north bay's valles. santa rosa and petaluma, your visibility i down. we are waiting for the rain. i can show you what that looks like for the futurecast. there is the leading edge of it it does not get to the north ba until this evening. the majorit of today, you will notice the clouds, temperatures will warm up into the low 60s. have the umbrella handy for later tonight. we are going to time that out and a lot more detail coming up in the first alert forecast in just a few minutes.
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back to you. voters in san jose will elect a new mayor for the first time in eight years. thsuis and ty councilmember about the issues, specifically homelessness. both of them acknowledge they will have to find ways to persuade and partner with communities if the really want to tackle the crisis. >> this is a place for nature. it should be preserved for that purpose. >> reporter: horrible is an avi photographer. he spends his afternoons in retirement documenting the birds. this is in his neighborhood home. he wa not happy when the city recentl proposed putting a sanctioned homeless encampment near the ponds. he did not think it was the right location. and it happened right before. >> seven years ago they came ou here and said we are going to put a can.. again, the neighborhood rose up and in their indignation, we thought it. we did not want it. >> the plans for the encampment were scrapped for a second time
6:31 am
the battle highlights the friction between the city's aggressive plans to address homelessness which are often at odds with neighborhoods. >> help people understand what we will do to make sure that th neighborhood is better and not worse off as a transitional housing site. >> the city councilmember says his plan makes neighbors a promise. if we build an emergency shelter and drug treatment facility in your community, we will not allow it to become a magnet for other problems and let other homeless encampment spring up nearby. >> there should be a buffer zon on that site. it is one of the biggest concerns we hear. if yo build a treatment center or a transitional site, will the >> it? we need to say to people no. you are taking on a solution. >> the supervisor is taking a different tactic to overcome neighborhood opposition. she wants to create a community benefit fund, extra money for parks, libraries, and programs for areas that greenlight low income housing and emergency
6:32 am
shelters. >> cynics would say you are bribing communities to share in the burden of alleviating homelessness. >> we were able to get the community to work with the developers to get the kinds of amenities that community should need. i do not think that is bribery. i think that is partnership. >> it is not clear if other approach will convince homeowners like carl. >> it will draw the homeless people who do not have outlets. there will be bicycles and tent and they will bring their paraphernalia. >> regardless it is going to be up to the next mayor to figure out a way to help the homeless. it is not at the expense of homeowners like carl and his neighbors. >> chavez once smaller emergenc housing for the homeless. they will finish larger emergency shelters in a central location like the fairgrounds. before the midterm elections, the reach is on to reach voters especially in key battleground states. president biden and former president obam
6:33 am
held a rally in pennsylvania, former president trump campaigned in another part of the same state. bradley blackburn has more. >> reporter: if there is proof lot is on the line this electio day, three presidents campaigne in one state make the case. in philadelphia on saturday, president biden and former president obama stomped for democratic sediment candidate john fetterman. >> i know pennsylvania well and john fetterman is pennsylvania. he is pennsylvania. >> reporter: supporters turned up tuesday as polls show democrats are facing tough headwinds. >> i can tell you from experience that midterms mean a lot. in latrobe pennsylvania former president trump had a rally for dr. moment oz. he hinted at his own potential reelection bid. >> we are going to win a lot. w are going to when it. we are going to win in 22 and 24, we
6:34 am
are taking back the beautiful house. >> the pennsylvania race controls the senate . there are tight races in several battlegrounds like georgia, nevada, and arizona. yesterday first lady jill biden campaigne for the democratic senator mark kelly who is in a dead heat wit republican challenger blake masters. >> in only two years, joe, mark and the democrats up and down the ballot have gotten so much done. >> reporter: republicans need two victories in battleground races to win control of the senate. bradley blackburn, cbs news. >> close to 40 million american have take advantage of early voting either by mail or in person. party leaders and candidates continue to make their closing arguments today o face the nation. margaret takes a look at what they are saying including president biden. >> he made a key speech this week in which he pointed finger directly at what he called
6:35 am
republicans, the republican party is still tied to the former president and raising doubts about the integrity of u.s. elections. we also see republicans making their final arguments on the economy, inflation, and crime. by the way, those three messages are also the top issues on the mind of voters according to our polling. republicans are having their message land. >> you can see face the nation this morning at 8:30 am here on kpix 5. turn in tuesday evenin for america decides, our coverage of the midterm elections. to the war in ukraine, it ran confirms it is providing military drones to russia, something that it previously denied. the drones have become key part of russia's arsenal although ukrainian forces have shot some of them down. we have more in the conflict from holly williams. >> reporter: vladimir putin
6:36 am
suggested yesterday that he was forced to invade ukraine. confrontation with the regime was inevitable said , referrin to the government of president vladimir zelenskyy who is jewis and his grandfather fought against germany. on russian state television, they now clai russia's fighting not just ukraine but the west and its corrupt being liberal values. this commentator says that the tv series friends is a good example of it. on the battlefield, russia suffered a string of embarrassing failures as ukraine recaptured swathes o the territory and moscow has been forced to mobilize 300,000 reservists. yesterday president putin even authorized the conscription of convicted criminals. perhaps in desperation, russia recently began targeting critical infrastructure including the power grid with airstrikes.
6:37 am
with a harsh winter looming, ukraine says 40% of its energy infrastructure has been damaged this week g 7 nations including the u.s. said that they will help with reconstruction. the next major battle could be for the southern city of harris son which is crucial strategically. civilians in the occupied city have evacuated but these ukrainian soldiers say that while russian troops appear to be leading, in reality, they ar reinforcing their positions. >> i guess it is some trick. >> reporter: holly williams, cb news.'s >> more now on the damaged powe grid, the operator of ukraine says in his statement that scheduled blackouts will be taking place in the capital and various other regions around it they have issue did not date saying it is not enough to go dark for a couple of hours, the
6:38 am
outages could last for indefinite periods. a lithium ion battery is th suspected source of a fire in a manhattan high-rise that injure 38 people. this morning two of the victims are in critical condition. dramatic video shows people hanging out of fuming apartment windows while firefighters skilled the buildings with ropes to rescue them. authorities say the lithium battery that ignited it was from an electric icicle. the unit where it started had a least 5e bikes. investigators are working to determine if unauthorized business activity was going on there. they want t know whether building safety regulations were followed. former child pop singer aaron carter has died at the ag of 34. county authorities responded to a call for help i lancaster on saturday. he was dead in the bathtub. and entertainment company that represented him confirmed his death but declined to specify a cause. carter began his recording career and rose to fame with single such as aaron' party and i want candy. he is survived by his 11-month-old so prince. reaching out for a new pool
6:39 am
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reality, california fire agencies need new recruits. a camp in oakland is helping wome and non-binary folks take the equipment for a test drive. kpi 5 reports. >> reporter: it is the year 202 and it has pretty much been proven that you do not have to be a man to be a firefighter. the challenge now is getting those who are not meant to believe in themselves. you neve really know what you can do until you give it a try. >> this is my first time doing anything like this and i love it. >> reporter: in this morning, this woman found out she is a surgeon with a chainsaw. she ha never picked one up before in her life. >> you are so good. >> fantastic. you are a natural
6:43 am
born. >> reporter: simone is me need . wa to be part of the team. i want to be part of the team. is a woman i never though: this skills cam the oakland fire training facility was designed to get women and non-binary individual a chance to see what it is actually like to be a working firefighter. climbing a six story building with full turnou gear to operating a fire hose while advancing into a burning building , to handling a 24 foo ladder all by themselves, these women were trying to decide if this is the career for them. >> the fire service for the longest time has been male-dominated. there was not equitable opportunities for women to have a true part and stake within our profession. this camp is breaking down thos barriers. >> reporter: lieutenant julie has been with san francisco fir
6:44 am
for 20 years. she understands the importance of the example she sets. >> representation matters. i se a woman and i'm thinking she is a firefighter, i could be a firefighter, absolutely. if she can do it, i can do it. >> reporter: the public needs convincing as well. captain erica with sacramento fire remembers the time somebody walked into her station and asked to speak with the captain >> i said yes how can i help yo and they looked past me and my crew sitting at the table. ther like i'm looking for the captai and i'm like yes can i help you he is like no i need to speak t the captain and i am like so what can i help you with sir. >> reporter: breaking through barriers is part of any firefighter's job. some have more doors to open than others. in oakland, kpix 5. >> oakland's fire chief says th department will hire 65 new recruits in march. it will be
6:45 am
calling on oakland women and non-binary firefighters. we are going to start off the first alert forecast by looking at the radar. we had light showers around last night we can still see those exiting the central valley. if we go to our live cameras, you will see we have more breaks for a clearing sky out there now. tha actually has led to some cooler temperatures in the north bay valley. we will show you that i the second. this is the tri-valley. you can see the cloud sitting out there. that i 580 stretching out out towards and past livermore. in the nort it is 51 degrees. you can see the cow clouds. for santa rosa it is 38 degrees and there is fog on the road. the visibility map has been showing of the low numbers up there. give yourself a little extra time on the road this morning. you might encounter fog . let's get into
6:46 am
the details of the rain. we wil see a few clouds today and that is it. the rain does not get here until late afternoon, earl evening. come in for a closer view at that and pull out the details. you can see the organized cold front right there. by 9:00 pm it is working its way into sonoma county. it marshes its way from there in lockstep across the rest of the bay by the time we get to midnight it is down to the golden gate. from there through 5:00 am it marches its way across the majority of the bay area. it is done by sunrise. i the time we start the morning commute on monday morning, most of the rain will have fallen from this first phase. there is a lot more to go. in terms of this forced most organized line of rain, it lets up in time for the morning commute. even thoug you do not have to get rained o on monday morning's commute, there is probably going to be some ponding of water on the roadway. then we get into monda afternoon. things turned a little bit more interesting. there will be more time on monday when you are not getting rained on and when you are.
6:47 am
but, we will see the isolated thunderstorms start to pop up throughout the afternoon. if yo happen to get one of those righ over you, that can be an impressive show. a brief downpour, lightning, thunder, small hail. that is all possibl on monday afternoon. it gets a lot more likely on tuesday. that is when we get into what might be the most impressive part of the whole thing. on tuesday morning we are going to get closer to the center of the storm. that gives us some more of the thunder storms. it gives us more energy and ingredients to work with. we are looking at widespread opportunities for heavier rain during the morning commute on tuesday. this is not the best timing. this does give us some challenges for the tuesday morning drive to work. by tuesday afternoon, the same story is monday, it will turn into more isolated pop up showers and thunderstorms. if you look at the rainfall totals we will come away with over an inch. we get the first half of that overnight, sunday night into early monday. the second half of this rain will fall on tuesday morning with a few scattered showers in between. all the while it just keeps snowing in the sierra. we are
6:48 am
going to pick up about two feet of snow here. this is great new to start building the snowpack. it is excellent news to pretty much effectively and the fire season for this year. not only with the two feet of snow but the cold wet insulating blanket on the sierra will bring enough rain through the mountain to ended as well. it comes with some challenges. there is a winter storm warning in the sierra. that starts at 4:00 pm and it goes until 4:00 am. travel will be difficult. plan ahead and give yourself extra time. the temperatures on sunda will still be in the low 60s. there will be a few breaks but it will be cloudy. just to get the big picture view on the storm, you see a developing in the gulf of alaska. watch how w have two separate phases to get through. we have the first cold front phase right here. you can see how the storm is structured there is a cold front. that gives us the widespread steady rain on monday morning. then we have to get back into the cente of the storm. this is where the excitement shows up on tuesday
6:49 am
morning. the seven-day forecas shows you all of that. we will clear things up by wednesday afternoon and maybe a few leftovers on wednesday. wednesday will be much quieter. no more rain in the forecast after that. daytime highs will struggle to get into the mid-50 for much of this week. the morning lows back here when we clear out on thursday will be getting down into the 30s for many of the inland valley's. >> we have this confluence of the election and we have got th storm and some of those areas. people are probably better off either dropping their vote off today, putting it in the mail today rather than maybe the dice for what the weather may be like on tuesday. >> it is a challenge here in th bay because of the rain, especially the first half of tuesday. is a significant challenge for the communities i the sierra. all day tuesday it will be difficult to get to the polls. a recent study by multiple
6:50 am
researchers finds that magic mushrooms can reduce severe depression. a clinical trial compared the results of 25 milligrams doses and a 10 million gram does and a one milligram dose of synthetic psilocybin. researchers found that a 25 milligram dose was immediate and rapid acting. i the 12th week, the positive effects wind. experts say the results are promising but a number of issues need to be addressed before it can be available for clinical use. the study appears in the new englan journal of medicine. the record powerball jackpo just keeps growing after no winner emerged from the latest drawing. how much is up for
6:51 am
6:52 am
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heart because i forgot to buy ticket yesterday. once again th powerball jackpot is up for grabs. no winner was announced in last night's drawing. the powerball said that last night' $1.6 billion had been the world's largest lotto prize ever. the jackpot is that an estimated 1.9 billion before taxes. this ties the record for the number of consecutive drawings and to the grand prize winner. the next powerball drawing is set for tomorrow. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is three weeks away. yesterday it's inflatable stars were getting a test run. the play's balloons were on stage at the this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids.
6:55 am
yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
6:56 am
this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. it is 6:56 and time for a look at this morning top stories. there has been a robbery at a small business. th criminals took over $2000 worth of products. the resident says crime is one of the issues she wants to address if she is elected to the city council. the blue check are confirming official accounts will now cost $7.99 a month. th full update is not live yet .
6:57 am
this is after elon musk took over ownership of the company 1 days ago. snow is causing roadblocks for people who want to float in person. the national weather service is warning about snow o election day. registrars are encouraging voters to cast ballots early rather than later governor newsom is working to promote democratic house candidates instead of campaigning for his own gubernatorial seat. he is widel expected to win a second term s he is putting more effort into national politics. we will take a look outside at a couple of different views on this day. it is cloudy out there. it is cold in the north bay. we have developed some fog in santa rosa. temperatures are down to 40. that is where the visibility would be an issue. give yourself some extra time o the roads. let's time-out the rain. the showers get here tonight and it will be with us throughout the duration of monday and tuesday. scattered showers throughout both days bu the heaviest rain tomorrow come
6:58 am
in the morning hours
6:59 am
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